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OneRepublic - Better Days MP3 Comments & Reviews

cryptomatt - Nope

This sounds really bad. Like...trash bad. It’s been a steady decline since Dreaming Out Loud which was amazing, but this is a major drop off.

iamprobablyyourfather - This is great

Love the album, all the songs are a-list pop songs and I love the new direction OneRepublic is going!!!!!

🥺Poisonhemlock - OneRep.

Rescue me💪

Robbie Stanton - 👍🎶❤️ 🔥

Can’t wait for this to come out! OneRepublic is the best!

Aartem123 - Human

Every song on OneRepublic's new album has been great so far! Can't wait to see the rest of the tracks!

Chade's Vader - Amazing

This music is awesome!!! Some time you guys should do a song with twenty one pilots!

BrandonR92 - D-List Songs

Poor quality songs- D-List songs no one wants to listen too. Sad. Buy I Love Me instead.

anywho2019 - while walking...

Great music to listen while taking a walk in these times, can't stop feeling better

PeanutStanton - Can’t wait for this to come out! ❤️

You guys should do a song with Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, LIZZO, The Weekend, Doja Cat, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, Post Malone etc. I hope you guys will still continue to put out new music and albums so I can get to play your music if I become a radio personality in the future.

799265 bruh ok - 💔➡️❤️

The best

Rmkh29 - Why was this album delayed ?

Why was the album delayed?

Happy French Fry - Pleasantly Surprised!!

I cannot wait until they release the rest of the album!! ‘Didn’t I’ certainly grew on me after I gave the song a few listens as did the rest of the songs. I instantly took to Somebody to Love and Better Days. I was a bit hesitant because I’m an avid fan of the bands older music, the albums bring back an intense sense of nostalgia and groovy beats, I was worried that the new album wouldn’t be as good. I stand corrected, I absolutely love it so far! (Also, not sure why people who don’t like One Republic are listening to the album and leaving bad reviews.. you already don’t like their music so congrats you played yourself! Lol) Soooo excited and will hopefully make happy memories with this album as well!!!


Bruh really

zany_gurl - Better Days

Thank you for "Better Days"—it's such a beautiful song and has gotten me through seeing such dark times in my city and the world. I feel so much comfort whenever I listen to it, especially the line, "Time will tell you it does," because there are better days ahead, it's just going to take time. We'll put ourselves back together and I believe a better world awaits on the other side.

AaronLove29 - This album is heaven to my ears

I like a few songs from their past releases! But didn’t I, somebody to love, Wanted, Better days! Really speak to me right now! You know it can be hard to be human! Sadly because we make it harder on each other constantly! Music is something that makes being alive so much better! The rhythm and rhyme that makes our hearts beat. Music like this makes me wanna dance, cry, smile & Live! Good job boys you truly have a hit on your hands here! I made these Song my texttone, ringtone, after this crap is over we all need to celebrate this life & each other. Here’s to better days! Aaron L.cohick

spidjivy - What new music

I thought releasing music during a pandemic was beneath Ryan. hmmm!

poiiiio - Be E

This album should be (E)

habrnd - Excited for new music

All 4 tracks are great

Lonect - OneRepublic at Their Best?

OneRepublic is incredible; not many artists consistently improve over time like they do. Based off of these five singles, Human is shaping up to be their greatest album. Not only has the band successfully taken the OneRepublic sound in a fun new direction, but they've gotten more in tune with their passion and lyrical depth than ever before. In these five songs alone, we have heartbreakers like "Apologize" and high-energy anthems like "Counting Stars." We're hearing the cello and Ryan Tedder's magnificent vocals on full display. We're getting the best parts of the band's first four albums in this fifth one, and I can't wait to hear the rest.

Shane73607 - Mixed Feelings

I’m not the type of person to automatically hate a band for embracing a more pop-driven sound, but OneRepublic is losing sight of what made them stand out. If you’re going to make pop music, at least make sure it’s good pop music. These songs are not terrible, in fact this album sounds like a vast improvement from their last album (which was garbage.) I wish they’d spare some of their alternative roots and build off of that. Changing your sound for the sake of staying relevant isn’t worth it if the quality is being sacrificed.

Semi-Sammy - Garbage

Overproduced cheese

ActionJacksonJ7 - Always the go to Band

You guys always make music that will never go out of style! You guys always write the perfect melodies and style that can go with any mood and setting! And you make sure every album is perfect! Keep it up and always write this same style!

BloveD1 - Honestly

Ryan still does his best as a vocalist. Maybe the issue is the actual music- at one point in time they put real instruments in their songs, had their own style; not radio pop. Those who like fresh synthpop (Taylor Swift style) will be happy. Those who want rhythm, soul, timeless classic alt-style masterpieces will have to keep digging up old OneRepublic.

Jerry Bowers - HUMAN (4 years since Oh My My!)

1R has been my favorite band since the start and I can't put into words how excited I am for May 8th, every single so far has been incredible and the blending old and new 1R is exciting! I love this band with all my heart and I'm so grateful for them, and this album HUMAN, is going to be their best yet! Ryan, Zach, Brent, Drew, Eddie, Brian I love you guys thanks for all the wonderful songs!

G'dayhduhsrx - Sad

Idk what happened to one republic, used to be real music not this crap, miss days like dreaming out loud and waking up ;(

NirvanaCrux - Better Days

Thank God for Ryan Tedder and the music of OneRepublic! Better Days is the song of the hour with lyrics that are both a prayer and a prophetic anthem of hope that this current Coronavirus pandemic is not the end. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of this album. I love OneRepublic!

Java_Bolt224 - Rescue me

A very good song, a bit repetitive but overall very good 👏👏

LKlovesmusic - Best is yet to come!!

I am in love with every song released. They literally are on repeat!! I CANT wait for the album!!

Putitat19 - Better Days!

This song describes the current situation and yes there will be better days! hang in there world ❤️❤️❤️

tpres12 - Great


The Yeeting Cow - Oh, my, god.

What happened to these guys. Remember Counting Stars, Apologize, Stop and Stare?! What the hel?

spdgtkt - More, more, more!!!

Great songs released so far!!! 💯Just leaves me wanting more!!! Can hardly wait for the rest of the album!!!🙌🏾

ddh9999 - Their Back!!!

I'm feelin this vibes. Can't wait for the rest of the album. - Inspiring as always

OneRepublic's songs have given me a lot courage to lead a better life

kgenelin - Aahmazing, as always!

Sooo excited for LP5!! Also I have been loving Ryan’s Instagram live mini-concerts and Quarantine Cuisine!

mccullh - Just what I needed!

So glad that One Republic has come back and is releasing more music. This is just what we need during this disconnected time. Enjoyed watching their "concert" on instagram this weekend and can't wait to hear the rest of these songs. Thanks for the new music, guys!!

Tony "The Man" - This sounds sooo fresh. Love it so far

These first four songs are awesome. So different but cool different. Can’t wait for the whole album.

Rambambobam - So good.

Been a fan of OneRepublic for quite a while now. Never disappointed, didn’t I is the best song so good. Very excited for this album

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man) - Awesome

One Republic is one of the best in pop.

FlashLag4 - King of Pop

OneRepublic is what got me into music all those years ago. The people that don’t like them are either children or just not a fan of Ryan Tedder’s voice, even though he wrote like half the pop hits in the last decade. Hopefully this album will give them the recognition and respect they deserve. Great job guys!

MariNYC3 - Awesome

The Band With Heart And Soul !!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

12581321 - "Tell me what you want to hear..."

Something with soul! (not this electro-pop nonsense)

fitt - Alright!

Love all the songs so far on this album. Ryan Tedder & band mates do a good job

GingerSnap737 - Finally!

This is the OneRepublic I know and love! Excited to hear the rest of the songs.


so happy there back to there old roots!

wer yeah - Yasssssssss

I love Didn't I. Cant wait for OneRepublic to public Human. Take your time OneRepublic!

notwithstanding - ok. we get it.

okay. someone put Ryan Tedder in time out. EVERYTHING he does sounds the same. same crappy song over and over. where’s “Secrets”, “All The Right Moves”, “Stop And Stare”...... don’t get me wrong I don’t want them to just keep making the same album over and over again. just want him/them yo write songs that are as passionate as their older stuff. everything from “Native” until now has been drek. sure it might be “hot” and “now” for radio but these songs are already dated and will not be listenable in 20 years. get better guys or give up. the cash cow keeps mooing the same sour song

Clifford Ramos - SO AWESOME


GaryMusicFan - Amazing come back!

Can’t wait to hear the rest 💥🔥

NaClil - perfect

They are back! love onerepublic!😘

woodsy41 - Release date

How the hell has the release now showing 31/12/2020

Bailee1990 - When is the album dropping?

I’ve waiting patiently applemusic has said may now it’s saying 31st December 😢 they keep changing date

beascooby - Amazing

Love all rhe songs so far! I’m sure the rest will be amazing! 🙌❤️🌹

Camerongtfc - excellent

Ryan tedder and the 1R boys never disappoint!!!

Dizzy H - Brilliant so far

Can’t wait for the rest to come out. Promises to be a good one

dasa_masha - 1R Never Disappoint

Simply amazing. This may be the best one yet!

frootfriday - so happy they’re back

i just know this album won’t disappoint

ddebz - Another brill album so far

Live the new music. I can’t wait until the complete album is released

1R Lover - Amazing so far

I am so so excited for this new album! The few songs out so far are amazing and I cannot wait to find out what the rest of the album sounds like. OneRepublic are completely underrated


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