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Issy_lou - Isabelle

An amazing masterpiece, made during a global pandemic. This album lives to prove there’s still magic and art in the music industry.

Pinkie 28 - Incredible

This album is exactly what the world needs right now. It’s refreshing change of pace suites the isolation with a peaceful mood and joyous lyrics.

Pisslelllow - WOW!

Amazing! Her best lyricism yet on an album, the writing is gorgeous. The people calling it boring definitely have the attention span of a 5 year old.

Sarzzzzzza - Folklore

Her best album yet, this is music she was made to make.

MHA_fan - Mmm

It’s good but I have seen better form her.

funktronic - Perfect Album

Have had it on repeat since it came out. Simply stunning, the lyrics, story telling and melodies. Album of the year!

stay beautiful 😊 - stunning

this album is beautiful and stunning. The lyrics and storytelling are perfect and emotional, if you like music with meaning. unlike what is popular these days - this album is for you.

dariadotcom - Stunning album

I’ve been listening to this album over and over. It’s so different to her previous work. Beautiful lyrics, soft tunes and a chilled out vibe. Honestly listening to this album is pure escapism, I drift off to another world, caught up in her lyrics... Highly recommend. My favourite album that she’s released so far.

mantezza - A dive in to the mind of Taylor

Great album. It gives an insight in the mind of Taylor and the journey of who she is.

gabialessandra - really great! especially the lyrics.

I love this album! I love that she was able to focus more on the melodies and lyrics on this album, being more stripped back and less pop. Having said that, the production on these songs are some of my favourite I’ve heard from her!!

Ally Rasmussen - Vibeing

Grab a bottle of wine and sit in the tub with this album 🍷

Caitlin 👩🏽‍💻 - A step in the right direction

Perhaps her best album yet, a lyrical masterpiece and a sound unlike any of her previous work.

kkkkkkkkeeeeeen - Gorgeous masterpiece! 🌟

Deserves every award it’s going to hopefully receive.

Caroline_Mac - Different direction

A gorgeous offering - love it!

cassimus prime 🧼 - 10/10 would recommend

Taylor, I love the album. The aesthetic is top notch. Haven’t listened to yet BUT I know I’ll love it. I hope your having a great week. Love y’all.

MorgaaanAnne. - A wonderful collection of poems and tunes

This album is for romantic intellectuals, great album! I can’t stop listening, listen with ear phones in and enjoy the soft vibes. It’s exactly what I expected from the album art, and what I needed. Thank you Taylor

Laurra13 - Incredible

Once again, incredible work!! I don’t think I could love another album as much until I hear the next one. The LYRICS! and MELODIES are out of this world!! Taylor is truly a genius 💗

Yukle - A successor to Red

This is right up with 1989 as Tay Tay’s best. It’s a lot like Red, in that it has elements of country and rock to it, with a bigger emphasis on the latter. Invisible string is possibly her best song yet.

I'm Linda - Grew On Me

At first I didn’t like it much because I prefer pop Taylor. But, after listening to it a few times and focusing on the lyrics, this album proves she is an amazing lyricist. This album isn’t for the the hits, it’s for people who pay attention to the lyrics and can appreciate real talent.

alyce.. - 10/10 album - cohesive quarantine masterpiece

Storytelling is at the forefront and this album perfectly shows off her skill

Siena Sommadossi - Folkore album

This is the best album ever!!!!!!! I love Taylor swift she is my idol forever By Siena

SkyeVines - This album is #1

This album is my absolute favourite! It’s so amazing lyrically and it’s just so not T.Swift It’s not Pop but it is a little bit Country (Betty) It’s her first Indie album and I think it great! Taylor has wowed me with this. I’ll admit, at first I was like “kinda boring.” But then when I gave it a proper listen is became my favourite instantly. In my opinion it’s sad that this album is so underrated. I see people who obviously haven’t listened to the album and have just rated it poorly because of the artist and frankly I think that’s just sad. Anyways my top picks are: 1. Mad Woman 2. Seven 3. Epiphany 4. Hoax 5. Mirrorball Thank you for reading.

leesha92 - Loving it

Got it today is so calming

♥️Janet - Poetic Brillance

Taylor really can’t write a bad song. This is by far her best work. It is so beautiful, whimsical and certainly cements herself as one of the best story tellers and musicians of our time. Thank you Taylor for making 2020 bearable.

Chili's fangirl - Completely different but GREAT album

Love it!! Definitely more for Taylor swift fans that love safe and sound, haunted and her more emotional and whimsical sounding songs. Perfect for those that were looking for an album full of deep cuts. The more you listen to some of the songs, the more you fall in love with them.

Ozisobe - Taylor at the Piano

This album is simply stunning, stripped back musical and lyrical genius ... our girl has grown up

hennessy101 - Poor


Rasy85 - It’s a masterpiece

So different for our Tay Tay, but beautiful, moving.. enchanting 💙

Daisybaby010 - Her best work yet

So calming, so inventive, loving this whole album.

Richelle Chantelle Zooooo - exactly what I needed

I don’t know how Taylor does it, but she creates music that coincides with my life. This is exactly what I needed at the moment. Thank you

9619samo - sad

While some of the lyrics are good, and I've got to give taylor credit for doing a whole album, after less than a year realeasing 'Lover' 'Folklore' just makes the listener sad and after so many songs, there is a lack of sonic diversity.

beccallp - Best one yet

Favourite album yet - not the usual swift vibes we’re use to but I’m loving it!

courtnuey - magnetic

v nioce. don’t like taylor usually but this is niccee. august is a magical song!

RJ74 - Genius

This L.P helped me on my journey regarding mental illness. THANK YOU. 😘

shaz_lea - Exquisite

I absolutely love it.

Madboy11 - Surprisingly Good

I’m no Taylor Swift fan, in fact I don’t like her music but this album is surprisingly good

Loren1313 - Mind blown

Pure genius. Gets better with every listen. Her best album yet and the album we didn't know we needed.

aRandomGurl16 - ♡

Absolutely incredible I have been listening to this on repeat, this album is so beautiful and different, I love it so much ♡

Stysoe - Amazing

Can’t stop listening.

Signinagainandagainandagain - Quantity killin quality

Queen of droan!

Pejix Music Review - Enjoyable

Her music is definitely maturing in a very listenable way for older audiences.....her younger teenage fans may not be forgiving because this may mark a shift in maturity but this is a solid quality album from her

Born to swing - Boring

Not T Swift at all

😊😊😊😆😆😆 - lovely

something I needed that I never knew I would.. genius artistry at work... I adore

deltagoodremfan86 - Excellent Album

An excellent album from the beautiful Taylor Swift.

Marissa179371542793927 - Taylor Swift shows her vulnerable side with this raw album

Absolutely brilliant. This album is so much better than I thought it would be. It’s Taylor Swift at her best; raw and vulnerable. Her lyrics and song writing ability is far beyond her years. Exile is hauntingly beautiful and constantly on repeat. The 1 is nostalgically thought provoking. I could go on... This isn’t a Taylor Pop album; but give it a chance. You see a completely different side to her and I just think it’s song writing and performance at her absolute best. Five amazing stars.

harts foreva - Brilliant

Brilliantly written

Kliese, K - Absolutely FUCKING amazing

I never knew I needed this album. I was up in the middle of the night waiting for one direction reunion news and taylor posted this and I thought I was dreaming from my lack of sleep. #betty is such a good song

Kachiwza - DAMN GIRL

wowowowowow what a Lana Del Ray/Lorde/chill vibe, very very mature and very very damn good. my tears ricochet and peace are bangers in a way that is appropriate for these times 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. get this album and pop open a glass of wine or scotch and just listen to this.

Williamò L - Just another mesmerising layer of Taylor

Absolutely adore this album and have had it on play non stop. Immediately fell in love with the feel and energy of the album. A big musical nurturing hug so sympathetic to this time we are experiencing.

Cooksister - Not That Great

This is so not T swift I love T Swift but not anymore what’s happened to her 🙁.

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OopsAndHi - folklore combines the best of Taylor while still feeling new.

folklore is fresh yet still feels like a Swift album. The album showcases her songwriting skills to an impressive extent, as well as her ability to create a cohesive theme and paint out a story in each of the songs. The album has upbeat songs, such as Betty, and ballads like exile (featuring Bon Iver), and everything in between. folklore is an incredibly mature album and a highlight in Taylor's career.

KalaEmm - Beautiful Gift

I’m a long time Swiftie so when I heard Taylor was releasing a new album, I was so excited! This album reminds me a lot of ‘Fearless’, many medleys, beautiful lyrics and touching themes in every song. This album is beautifully orchestrated, showing true depth, growth and maturity. It is simplistic, yet complex. An album for everyone, and a beautiful gift from Taylor to her fans.

jaydenewburyyy - AMAZING

so beautiful. the complexity of the lyrics is everything. every song sounds so angelic. just perfect. <33333

fufbjvjgjhvuy - By Emity

Lovely songn

sophsophpoph - Nailed it

She’s done it again. Amazing, just freaking amazing. Lyrics, melodies, harmonies all perfect


This album combines the best of Taylor into an amazing piece of art! 10/10

rileycainx - Pop off Taylor

Lyrically amazing, a beautiful complication of art which captures the best of Swift’s abilities! She really popped off with this one.

StephanieRogers123457689001 - folklore

oh. my. god. this album is beyond my expectations for any artist ever. taylor out did herself in ever aspect of this album the production, lyrics and vocals. it’s so gorgeous, there are no skips or bad songs.

oldtaylorswiftisdead - *Chef kisses*

This is such a different sound for her and so mature, loved every single song 10 outta 10✨

milnerst - Unexpectedly Perfect

I was expecting pop or some sort of folk/atmospheric-pop reminiscent of “Safe and Sound” based on the album cover alone—this was much, much better. Sad Girl Alt is a great sound for Swift, and while some lyrics are decidedly ‘her,’ some lines wouldn’t have felt out of place in the mouths of artists like Lana del Rey, Florence Welch, Hozier, King Princess and Girl In Red. 10/10.

Ikkinpop - Masterpiece

A well written story delivered as 16 beautiful songs. What more can I say. The best thing your ears will ever hear.

ksyesl - Perfection

A great album for sure ! So worth the buy!

seandsmit123456 - Album of the year!!

When Taylor Swift announced “folklore” it made 2020 so much more special ! I’m happy to say this is her best album by far!

PaigeRam - 𝑭𝒐𝒍𝒌𝒍𝒐𝒓𝒆

The next chapter in my life has started 🌿😌

Pantherah - Super wowza!

Really impressed by the sound and what it represents.

mrjcdk - Beautiful!

Absolutely stunning! So personal and intimate!

Wyntuin - Best songwriter of our time

Rare talent. True artist. Great album

Merini20 - STUNNING!!


Rene01B - Masterpiece

I can’t love this album more than I already do!

KirstyB123 - Sheer perfection

This is the album Taylor has been longing to write and release for a long time.

2longofawait - Sarah

Absolutely amazing! Great lyricism and production and overall just perfect 🥰


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@BenhafidhN: Peace ♡ 「 #poyhaz - #ayçalp 」


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@wise_chimp: For your peace of mind, don’t let people know too much about you.


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yes please focus on this and ignore everything shotzi did in peace 🙏🏿


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@npreeko: Detachment is power, let go of anything that doesn't bring you peace


Peace, Love, and Wubz 👀


Yes finally peace and quiet 😌


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