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Download Tom MacDonald - People So Stupid MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. People So Stupid music file uploaded on August 21st, 2020.

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aidan rog3ers - love this song it’s catchy and speaks the truth

the voice is great 👍🏼

BurshPrairieWA - MORE PLEASE!!!!

Keep up the good work!!!

Good social media app - FACTS AND TRUTH!!

All the 1 star reviews are just triggered people who can’t handle another person's opinion, which proves his point perfectly. But this song is amazing!

Online purchase is 99.99 - Imagine that

Liberals are fascists, they are the Enemy of Humanity. They believe in private ownership, total government control and regulations. Fascism will come in America under the guise of Liberalism. Reagan 1975 Democrats are the Enemy of Democracy

MichaelCody73 - Tom is brilliant!

Dropping truth bombs like hand grenades. Love it!

I'm. So. Confused - ew

fatphobic mf

PeaceOnMidgard - I laugh at this

So much truth🤘 yes these issues are more nuanced but doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Love his music! Share the love

BDWhite1969 - This is...

... FIRE!! And I see you jealous racists hating on the white boy, I see you demons. To you haters, tell everyone how many chart topping number one hits you have? Crickets...

i djdj - Fire

This man speaks straight fax


Finally a rapper and artist that actually speaks the truth. Great to see someone not falling for what all the other artist stupidly do just to get famous. THANK YOU for not being weak and breaking down like the others have.

Elaina - ❤️


mommiesrock - Greatest truth teller ever.

This song cuts out the politicians that divide us. We all live day to day with each other. We know better. Stop listening to the politicians that divide and the media that helps them.

Shelby-sse - :)

Proud of this guy!

EdwardBrO - Fire

Tom got emmm. Haters gunna hate

Sis&Tony - Oops he’s spitting truth again

Tom is simply brilliant

Ehshrrvh - The 1 star reviews is who the song is about


sub to fake clan - Sniff sniff

I smell straight facts

Cntrimomof2grls - Fire!

How did Tom just fall off the charts completely?? He says what everyone’s feeling... You mad? Good! Put him back in the charts.

kightio - Plain Truth

Tom is very creative. More of a poet/writer/common sense activist. I love him!!!

New Snapchat Layout - Truth

Always the best!

TheIrritatingTruth - I just found this dude

But I’m BUYING EVERYTHING Keep it fresh boss!

90's_rap_all_day - TRUTH

This is a perfect example of America rn.

cre Ace - Beast mode

The best besting the rest resting them all in place Tom McDonald bringing the end of days.

tarabeshai - Title says it all!

Keep up the great work Tom! Love your message!

Jhunter2019 - Breathe of Fresh Air

Not a rap fan, but this is definitely a heavy hitter and glad someone has the courage to say what most in public eye are scared to!

ROBLOXIsBetterThenFortnite - Screw haters

People who gave this one star are stupid.

MKEDayTrader - People Dumb

A fan long before iTunes picked it up. Tom is the man.

Aim Shar on YT - Best

Best song ever

Rng325air - Facts

Just facts

Fr. Emmanuel - dissing the media

People are stupid, but Tom thinks for himself. We should too!

JediBettyWhite - This song is amazing

This song shows the truth about what is happening in today’s society. And makes you question some stances that you hold.

btilz - Wah

Couldn’t of been a better song to come out

Ben1422 - Garbage

This song was named after the people 5*ing this trash

Jessortiz6 - The Truth Hurts!

Liberals are triggered! 😂🔥🔥🔥

lindscbby - 🔥


LatinTomate - Facts

Tom is the best out there right now. He raps, spit facts, no one like him!

Runforestrun3352 - Nothing to do with politics he bashes everyone

Saw a review by a liberal bashing conservatives literally nothing to do with either side he’s saying the world today is stupid stop trying to throw politics into it and and either enjoy it or don’t and be quiet.

Brainlight - Chart Fixing.

Why is this song way below the #1 spot now the star ratings seem to be correct at almost 5 stars compaired to the Ratings of Cardi B WAP that is at 3-4 star rating I'm accusing you Apple of fixing your music Charts.

MommaBran30 - Truth!


📍Cristina Conley🔥🔥 - Favorite 😍

Best song out there.. People get so offended by the truth.

379075:$& - Truth 👌🏻

I love the Truth Bombs 🥰🔥🔥🔥

jd w - Epitome of fragile

This dude is the epitome of a joke


He’s speaks the truth in all of he’s song’s amazing glad somebody else feels the same way about stuff!

That Retarded Friend - The truth hurts...


gobravesboy - Fye

🔥🔥🔥keep preachin

zarjmrt - People so stupid...

...and iTunes is full of them.

cutiesenpai1994 - Doesn’t even deserve a star but I want to rate it down

For one his song is about people being stupid and dumb but his title is so grammatically incorrect! He’s trash and so is this song, this is what’s wrong with the world today all these dumb conservatives!

lan zdsn dhdhevfat - Truth

He speaks truth. They’re so stupid

Rjhj121 - Yes

Reading the comments just proved this song right People are truly stupid especially the haters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Licola2900 - Ditto!

Not only love what you’re saying but it’s just good music and the video is Awesome!

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bkd_116 - Deep. Dope. Giving the world hope!

Ayyeeee This song is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO needed right now. We need more people telling the truth and doing it like this. Insanely catchy and relevant! Tom has my support and my $$$ for telling it like it is and for doing it with swagggg.

frenchiechickie - Truth!!!!

Finally songs with substance!!!

H8RiD - Perfect for the current time we live in

Song is so true. Like most of Tom McDonald’s music.

Jjlyle - Great

I love this song says a lot about the stuff going on today

TheresaMariee - 🤍🙌


Mattvenne - GOAT

Tom your going to the top your the best of the 2020 eras so proud of your team and your work. Continues doing a great job and do your job and do more hits.

RustyGold - Wow

Voice of a generation

gbrigs - Song is so true

Keep up your good content man love it. Finally someone who will speak up

KcRwolf - Meh

It’s kind of whiny... not a good vibe

EthanJ31 - Great

It’s a great song!

shanepriddle - Awesome Tom

Loves the song can’t wait to get my albums!

colaina - Amazing Hit

Authentic & original lyrics shining a spot light on the truth🔥 God is going to take you and your loved ones places, Continue to stay humble & true; enjoy this journey. Great job man!

iAppleDev - 👌😂 nailed it!

Nailed it 👌

Wade1971 - BOOM

Bang on, well done

BrAiNkRaMp - 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

#1 real music

the nuckname is taken - Garbage

I hate Tom because he thinks that he is the only one brave to say anything wrong with the world

Blogo1991 - too good for 0.99 cents

if your looking for a song that spits facts from start to finish, this is the song you want in your life. incredible song. Tom you need to do more songs like this.

Dubs is my jam - HOG

More people need to hear his music, pay attention instead of just bobbing your head to a beat.

D..bag - Looks like we've got all the trump supporters on here


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Pudding9923 - Facts

This guy speaks truth, anyone who rated one star is a ❄️

StevieWondersIsWonderful - Sh*t

Sounds like Eminem 20 year ago. Heard knock off Eminems over and over 🤦🏻‍♂️ make it stop

helesworld333 - People so stupid

Omg brilliant song

louis989 - Such a good song

Very open as normal with he’s music and not disappoint amazing

dazzzzorrrr - great

love this guy! why he speaks the truth ...

RSW93 - This guy is next level 😮🤩

This guy has been rapping the truth in every single one of his songs, this guy needs to be heard worldwide 👍🏻👌

Sparkyca - Tom’s a breath of fresh air!

Only recently found this guy, his songs resonate with a lot of people! Love the honesty!

ceefer8 - #hangovergang

Tom Macdonald is a truthful lyrical genius

Geordie37 - Straight to the point

About time someone spoke the truth-love this guy!!

slothyst - Everyone open your ears

Never heard so much truth in one song! This needs to go world wide

Spooks bristol - The first I tune song ever purchased 🙌🏻💯❤️

The best realist thing I have heard since Eminem

Dustydan81 - Truth

Says what everybody is thinking great track

Gyroscope games - This guy is truly amazing

I love this song straight to point no holding back

ForeverBuckley - Trash

Dreadful lyrics from a dreadful Eminem wannabe

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Dree_98 - Awesome independent artist

Such a real n true song, if you’re offended get over it


Best and realest rapper out there in the world today! He is real, authentic, one of a kind! Totally independent and wasn’t his own way!! He deserves to be number 1 on the charts! HOG fam for life! ❤️ - THE MAN


shotsfired💪 - Hangover Gang for life

Amazing artist speaking the truth 💪💪

KRYPTNITE - Keeping it real again 🔥

This song is epic... awsome work again Tom 👏🏻👍🏻🔥🔥

ItsTheRealJack - too right

get rekt liberal tards

Muz - Utter rubbish

For the dumb generation

Kevtallica92 - He doesn’t give a f#*k and neither should you

Saying what every one is scared to say keep it up tom your amazing

Makeely - Let’s talk about a rubbish song

Oh dear oh dear oh dear pitiful

Crash Matilda - I am scared

Seeing this so high on the charts is legitimately scary. Based on the preview alone, his points about abortion and transgender issues are baffling, and show no sympathy to people who get spat on simply for being who they are. Media like this stokes the politics of division even further, in the guise of presenting the majority as the victim somehow. I am also a white male, but claiming that "gays" are getting more attention when trans people are offing themselves everyday is the most childish thing I've ever heard. As for the music, I don't think there are any actual rhymes in his raps, and the entire beat is just one chord repeated over and over. Just an empty vessel for more "owning the liberals" rhetoric. What is the point.

moppa95 - Respect

Straight out legand. Bout time someone starts sayin somethin

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About People So Stupid [Tom MacDonald] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Tom MacDonald, album People So Stupid - Single, song People So Stupid, released date 21 August 2020. Listening and fast downloading online to People So Stupid - Tom MacDonald mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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