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itsme7581 - what happened

So, I’m going to give this 2 stars because I thought it could have been way better. The only good songs were ‘positions’, ‘off the table’, and ‘motive’. This definitely wasn’t her best, but I can’t wait for more of her music!

arianagrandeisqueen 👑 - Haters bacc off! 😾

Positions, 34+35, My Hair, Pov, Shut up, and Off The Table are all masterpieces!!! Idk why people dislike this album, it’s perfect! (Also congrats on ur engagement! 💍) luv u ari!

Brehndinn - Really

This isn’t it

PurpleHeartssssssssss - don't like

i wish this was better

Catvalentine_ - Y’all pop stans piss me off

If it wasn’t for y’all young pop stans. Y’all tasteless white twinks.

#hatersgonnahate🤩 - Wow

I’ve only heard a few songs but I love them. I’ve heard positions, motive, pov, 34+35, and shut up. But I love them. About motive: I personally do not like Doja cat, but I love motive. About positions: it’s really great I love it! About pov: it's cool my friend recommended it to me and I love it. About shut up: it’s really good and it sounds like something I would say to my sister. About 34+35: it’s ok but kinda, I mean VERY sexual but I kinda like it. UR DA BESTTTT Stay safe and don’t get COVID, The queen of all kangaroos aka I LUV ARI Ps: do you know who Selena Quintanilla is?

eli😂😂😂😂😂 - I hate you and everything you stand for ARIANA


erojneijrijeijejyet - Take me back to thank u next

Yeah not her best


I really actually love this album I love how she sings about her new realationship in some of the songs

DudeCute1013 - Good

Is good

Selly_G - Meh

Really bad album

Ari-grande_cat_Isa18 - Amazing!

Her vocals, her lyrics... Everything!😍 This is where she showed her vocal power and why she’s the biggest pop star.

nsiishanamal - meh

this album is so boring because it has the same main sound of her past work, filled with yuhs and sex lyrics. Can’t believe she released such bad album

𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕝𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕟 ☾ - Just no

Ariana is literally my idol but this album is just terrible the only listenable songs is just like magic , safety net , nasty , positions and POV Shut up is legit the most trash worst song I’ve ever heard. I’m so disappointed because I thought she was going to literally snap with this album because thank u next was literally a perfect pop album. I’m hoping Ariana will give her fans what they want the next album

🕊🤍☁️☁️☁️ - Best Album

This is her best album. Real fans know she always wanted to do rnb; she actually started with rnb with Babyface producing “Yours Truly”. The bad reviews and hate are from her pop fans who only listen to DW and don’t understand RnB music.

join -faeriena- on roblox! - okay....

some of the sogg mg s don’t need swears, most of ari’s albums are explicit :( I dare you to write one album that isn’t explicit

yankee912 - Who’s this?

I’m a huge fan but listening to these songs is like listening someone else singing; not because her voice but because this doesn’t sound nothing like her usual self. Super disappointed with this new album... I tried to give it a chance and listen to it multiple times but it’s HORRIBLE!!!!!!! After Dangerous woman & Sweetener this is a downgrade for me.

Hermionerose - Smooth & Beautiful

When I first listened to it, it did kind of blend together & sound the same. However, after going back to it, different tracks stand out to me each time I listen. It has aged like fine wine. The use of strings on this album is reminiscent to roots. The jazzy songs like my hair & love language blow me away without fail. The vulnerable ballad, POV, was the perfect closing track.

meggyb27 - BEAUTIFUL

I’ve seen so many reviews hating on this beautiful work of art that Ariana has created. No, it is not thank u, next. Not every album can have the type of emotion she poured into those records. Don’t get me wrong, AG5 was iconic. It was a very therapeutic time but now it is time to move on. This new album needs to be appreciated for what it is. She’s dabbling with different sounds and discovering exactly what her voice is capable of. She feels comfortable in the r&b genre right now so let her have her moment??? Do they all sound similar? Of course. They were intended to in order to give the album a cohesive sound. I understand that it is not for everyone, but to say positions is pure garbage and Ari herself is going downhill is so negative. Her voice is just as amazing as it was in the beginning of her career. Noticing all of the comments simply dragging her down when she works so hard to release music for not only her own happiness but ours as well.. it’s disappointing to say the least. Positions shows GROWTH. She’s gone through so many traumatic experiences and this album truly shows how much she has healed. And if you can’t see that, then refer to track 1. Goodbye.

Juicy.jxrdan - The best


maryessa - Just a little disappointed

I’m disappointed by this like a lot it’s uncomfortable to listen to the album Take me back to the dangerous women era. I have faith that she will write better songs, I know I will feel my arianator turn back on soon she just needs to take her time to really think about her songs. Ily Ari and I’m proud of your success over the years and will forever be your fan! <3

sofiiii ♡ - great album, just a little boring

I love Ariana wholeheartedly, but this album is definitely different to the others. She took a more explicit approach to the album which is totally fine! I have no problem with that, but the songs are definitely a little boring, take Positions it’s has an acoustic vibe to it and everything; but it’s just not catchy at all. Take her other albums such as Sweetener and Thank u, next it’s just easier to sing along to and has a good melody and good lyrics. Positions not as catchy and cool at least on my opinion. I was definitely a little disappointed when I listened to the last songs a few were very memorable and a few, not so much. I did enjoy love language, my hair, pov, motive, and safety net. The rest are not my kind of songs to listen to. A lot of people have been giving Ariana 5 stars just because it’s made by Ariana, I’d be pretty confident in the fact that if a different artist sang this album, the reviews would be different. But that’s all maybe this will grow on me but for now I don’t like it very much but the 34+35 remix with Doja Cat and Megan The Stallion saved the whole song for me. I love Ariana but this doesn’t work for me.

Kiahjicoolboy - Amazing 🌫

Idk why everyone is hating on this mf album the only bad song is love language all the others are bops.🤍

gigifaith - idk about this one

i have been a fan of ariana for nearly 10 years and i have loved everything she puts out. but this is something else. i like it, some of the songs are catchy, but most of the lyrics are garbage and the cussing is too much. i know that she has gotten older and she will grow and experiment styles and stuff but this? this isnt growth. its a downgrade from all her other stuff. the best song on here is pov. sure, 34+35 and nasty, etc. are catchy, but the lyrics are so bad. its sad because ive been a huge fan and especially after the 34+35 remix im almost disgusted with what she has become. every other song now is about s*x and money and crap like that.. i want to love this but its hard to get past all these things. i hope her next album is better and more meaningful. this is not it. im sorry. this isnt hate its disappointment.

☺︎︎𝙰𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚛☺︎︎ - Horrible.

So so so horrible.

AhmadHmede - One of my new favorite albums

I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, but I found this album fantastic. It’s much more toned down than her usual pop style and is heavily R&B, and I love that. Everybody wants every album to be a Thank U, Next / Dangerous Woman type of album which is a silly notion to expect from any artist. Keep it up Ariana!

somewhat mariah fan - 💤 fest and a major 👎

it’s all right.. just KIDDING, but seriously this album is really awful (even with featured artists). 🤢🤮🗑

Rynestone⭐️💫 - Positions🤍

What can I say. It is adequate. This isn’t her best work. Hardly her best effort. It is good. However, It lacks the theme that thank u, next had. Like I said, it is good...... Ariana I capable of more than singing along to a little R&B tune. She has major pipes. Sing it loud!!!

ashleyy_xoxoxo - Love her Albums

POV should be a ringtone 😍

ABitchNamedJack - Bad

Only famous cause to TikTok.

jctojc - Love

Her voice!!!

yimsm - ...

her worst album. pov is literally the only good song.

Songbird140 - Not her best album

I love Ariana, and obviously she can sing. Her voice sounds beautiful (as always), but these songs are repitive, and I can't understand her at times. It kinda sounds like she just threw in a bunch of songs about love/sex and called it an album. I'm glad she's finally getting married, but I was really looking for something fresh, and way more creative. I wanted her to write songs with deeper meanings. I mean 2020 provided artists with so much content to write about. I was so hyped for this new album, but it did not live up to my expectations. I miss her signature belts like in Dangerous Woman. I have no doubt that she'll kill it on the next one

trinigang - 🤍

Killed it bbygirl SIX THIRTY 💓

shawn is better than you - she’s very talented

it’s sad she has to write such skanky and inappropriate songs

AlexZorr - amazing!

most people weren't expecting an r&b-ish album. but it's good regardless. this is only receiving bad reviews because it doesn't match people's pop only music taste. it's a good album.

jjfârt - Meh

I don’t like swearing so this is useless

barblore - Idk

This album isn’t bad but it’s not great either. It sounds like she’s caught in between the trap bops and rnb ballads. Songs such as off the table, POV, and safety net were real highlights of a sound that I wish was included more on this album. Songs like west side, 34+35, and shut up just ruined the album for me. I hope she explores the rnb genre more next time. Also the lyrics for 34+35 are just nasty. But nasty the song is great lol

beth🥀❤️ - Best!

34+35 is the best and the other songs are amazing. I love you Ariana😘

miracoulus ladybug - Okay I honestly think the album is fine

I feel like you guys are overreacting a bit, her songs positions POV and 34+35 was honestly okay. But honestly it does kind of sound like the “thank u next” album. She has amazing potential though. You should get this album if you liked her “thank u next” album, it’s not the best album, some songs are pretty good, like: “safety net” “POV” “just like magic” and “my hair” other songs are forgettable, buy this album if u like r and b


This album is my fav album in the entire world. Ariana has very beautiful vocals. Ariana is such a superstar and in my opinion, this should be album of the year :) My top 5 are pov, positions, nasty, 34 35, motive. Ariana, you did an amazing job on this album <3 ily Ariana

migz15214 - Love positions


nucknii - so good

everyone’s giving this a 1star or bad review bc she stepped out of her usual poppy sound?? it’s good regardless and i’m glad we get to see something different from her. ariana this is great. and people think about what you’re saying, i mean you can have your own opinion but when you’re being just absolutely rude it doesn’t even matter. she’s probably worked on this project for a long time. be better everyone.

HEF0621 - Outstanding

I love this album, it is so different from her others in such a good way. Good job Ari, we are proud of you. <3

Soccercutiee4 - Not one song I love

She’s one of my favorite singers by far has one of the best voices out there but all the songs sound the same and don’t show case her voice to the best of her abilities. I wanna hear her belt it out! I don’t think it’s a bad album at all, personally there’s just not one song that I’m into.

nathanmok14 - This is ari’s GROWTH

we can’t deny it that tun, sweetener and dw was the past, positions is ari’s new life, positions is herself now. ari has been growing. as fans of her, we just need to support her.... that’s all :]

🌃🖤🖤🌃 - Amazing


Lucario!& - She’s a S***

I hate her music and this album is the worst of them all. All you others don’t know what your talking about. Kids will hear it and will want to have sex. That’s all because Ari.

bpolissack - 💞

Queen 💗. I love this album so much . I love her so much! 💓

doranpeppa - AMAZINGGG

This album is amazing, fantastic, wonderful, all of the above! I don’t know what all you haters are talking about, it’s pathetic that you guys even took the time out to spread sm hate😂. This is one of her best albums yet and it does appeal to the general pop but also is great music, lyrically and all.

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Woodbugg - Love the album

The album is amazing

Samuel.M.H - Samuel M.H

Best album

chrissy 13 - Her best work to date

Ariana has done it again!! It’s amazing how she continues a story between her albums. The song are all incredible especially 34+35, motive and pov

Taylor swift number one fan - Good not great

The first half of the album is pretty repetitive. The second half is much better musically speaking, not so much lyrically. I do love the song pov. While the album isn’t my favourite, I’m proud of Ariana.

03712 - Not personally for me

I was expecting something a little different from previous albums, but there’s not much musical growth. Lyrics are pretty generic and follows the same repetitive messages. I can see how others like this album, but I was just looking for a little bit more.

Princessbubblegum18 - Obsessed with positions

I always knew that one day she would be singing about intimacy, and it’s clear with this album that’s what it’s all about. Positions is so different from her other albums. I think this album is my favourite out of her other five. But Yours Truly & My Everything will always be first.

Alex_0420 - Best

BEST ALBUM -child anyways stream positions

NewYorkGiantsFan4L - not her best but it’s still good

not her best album still sounds good tho

Fhfhdhdhsh - THE TALENT 🤩

miss ariana did it again ✨✨

jbaby69420 - Eew

I just threw up in my mouth

Maia Conroy - AMAZING 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Yasssss sooo good

dbready - Slow Growing

It’s a slow growing album for me, didn’t love it at first but some of the tracks are slowly growing on me. More R&B vibes, very bubbly and lovey sounding, maybe a little too much sweet talk at some points. I just wished there was a little bit more oomph as a I feel it lacks in depth and the beats are often quite similar.

JadenK1717 - ✨Stellar Album✨

This album is absolutely amazing. They way she was able to meld together the orchestral strings with an R&B sound, while still keeping the fun bubbly energy of pop music makes this such a good album.

OliviaTxo - This album is fire!!

This entire album is a mood! It’s perfect and I wouldn’t expect less!!!

meshe_pretty_loco - She did it again! Sooo proud of her

POV is hands down my favourite next to shut up and my hair. POV is litterly the prettiest, moving, most inspirational song I’ve heard in awhile. It also seems unreal how one person can create such beautiful music, and have such a beautiful, exceptional voice!! I love her!!!

gilles5434567 - album of the year

This album is definetly the best album ever. The songs are perfect! My fav are nasty, safety net, motive and 34 35.

seafoamie - Not her best work

This album feels rushed and unfinished. Songs like west side and obvious feel incomplete. This album has elements of Ghostin with the strings and Sweetners fun, flirtatious elements displaced throughout. However, it’s hard to distinguish songs and even after several listens I wasn't sure what Track for the most part I was listening to till the main chorus. That being said, pov is a beautiful song, and one her best pieces 34+35 is catchy, flirtatious and fun I think thank u, next was some of her best work, this album is stagnant and forgettable and lacks that certain beauty and power we experienced with both Sweetner and thank u, next it doesnt feel new it feels unfinished.

Groovygiraffe - Hmmm

I love positions don’t get me wrong but the rest sounds rushed and has no meaning to it in my opinion. Ariana you’re beautiful and have a great voice but girl you need to put it to better use! 😝Also one more thing why are you singing about sex? I love all your albums so far but this one is just all about you having sex with a guy. I’m not saying this is a bad album but please don’t just write about sex like most other singers in the future 🙏 And another thing I’m not a hater or nothing but by the looks of it you’ve become very full of yourself. You seem selfish and bratty lately no offence. I used to look up to you but you’re not the type of person I want to look up to anymore. I just really want the old Ariana back 😭 Hope you understand 😔

sebmac2001 - Pretty dull...

No artistic progression, weak lyrics, generic boring trap production. Ariana’s stuck in a rut, hope she gets out of it soon.

kvzlgzkgcgd - Really good album

Really enjoyed the album

JoshhSuxx - YEP

Queen of all tingz

Marie-Pou - Sooooo good ! 😌❤️

I love them!!!!!!!! Great job !❤️

alexalem54321 - Her best album yet!

Rnb vibes, she’s so good!

rhorngdj - RECOMMENDED

it is so good. blessing my ears !

ohh😂 - Ur da best

Ur my favourite artist I love ur songs plz do more songs your amazing🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

William le plus beau - Album of the Year


Sophiefashion - Masterpiece

I think it’s great! Different than all her other work. Very fun and has all the good vibes to it!

123cool kid 123 - Fantastic

I love this album. I have know idea why people say it give the wrong message. One of the songs is about sex and people don’t like that coming from a woman. If she wants to write music like that she can. I think this is a Fantastic album.

kitkat1w3 - Ariana...

You’re killing us. Seriously. You’re killing us. Your music is too good. Your vocal capabilities are too mind-blowing. YOU are too amazing. We love you.

ʏᴀ ᴊᴜsᴛᴇ ᴜɴ ᴄʟᴀᴠɪᴇʀ - A queen

This album is a masterpiece. 🤍

Weirdfrenchman - This is why I listen to country

Doesn’t make me want to listen to pop or any time of other music when I hear this. Rock or Country always.

Ladymel🛍👗 - 🥰👍🏻

Good music

liam20020331 - 🔥🔥🔥


S.Evangeline - Meh

I found the album was very repetitive (the first half) and the lyrical depth was very shallow. I did enjoy my hair(the sound)and pov, but that’s all; rest of the is a skip.

YouTube_lover123101 - her best album!

A beautiful, grown version of yours truly.

lil 逸子 - downhill after sweetener

there r some pretty good songs (the collabs 💀 plus pov just like magic n positions) but the album overall feels kinda meh. sweetener and dangerous woman were her peak.

the best movie of 2020 - Positions lover 🤍

This is her best album 🤍 she should do more albums I love all of them

duuddbvef - Garbage


ssavvie - boop

i dont get why everyone is bashing im not even a huge huge fan but i think this is a great album

helloiitmechubchub - SHES DONE IT AGAIN ✨💅💖

pov and my hair are my favs ☺️

Julia252423 - Overall 10/10

All the songs are amazing. One of my fav albums from her

Nico Tulabut - 🤮🤮🤮


Simplecool - Awesome album

This is awesome best one me and my girl owns

two fifty five - I love it

So goooood

Kc listing - Garbage

The fact people support this music is hilarious garbage Luke combs is way better

SwtDavid - her best album

this is her best album to date and my favorite songs are six thirty, 34+35, and obvious. it doesn’t deserve the hate it gets. 100/10 album 🤍

:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(67 - My opinion

Ariana grande is so famous, why is she sing about sex and putting it all out there for a guy. You would think that she would try to in power girls to not think they are not sex objects. Try teaching girls that they have a purpose. Anyway, most of the songs are good. But disappointed that she didn’t try and teach girls and young woman that they are more then want a man tells them they are.

maidaoust - So good

I’m in love with my hair I think is her best song ever ❤️. Of course I love 34+35 and POV. Her song is so emotional and it’s very sweet for the ears😭❤️🥰

shhdhsjshwjahss - YAS ARI 👑👑👑

THIS ALBUM IS SO GOOD BEST ALBUM OF 2020 😻✨👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 !

Averyeet - chile anyways


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car_nerd - Still a good album

A very new direction sonically that makes m definitely here for...I would say there is about 1-2 eh songs on the album but in the end I still like the album. A lot of ppl are saying they don’t like the album or it is her worst one yet but they are all wrong...they are the same ppl who want her to do the same sound of music that she was doing for my everything or dangerous women. It is a new direction and I’m here for it and I’m glad Ariana is finally feeling better 🤍

ataylan - meh

it’s alright, i liked some of the songs like the title track, motive, just like magic and safety net.

fruitloverxxxxx - AAAAAHHHH!!!

Ariana saved this year !!!

isongz - Great

This is album is very different to her previous work & I love it! It shows how much she has artistically grown as a person & artist! This is definitely a recommended listen

El Benji - Generic

No vocal range

Hayley's say - Not bothered to listen :/

Her quality's downgraded now. She was better in 2013. By the way, stream Since I Left You or Wildflower by The Avalanches!! ^-^


honestly no one can produce better music Ariana and her team kill it everytime such a blessing to hear

Lia.Eliza - Overrated

Yet another poor album from an overrated artist❤️

wstsidelove - masterpiece

the production is incredible, the collabs are perfect and the vocals are flawless. different from her past albums but you suits her so well. a grower for some people but definitely worth listening to!

greedyruby - ARIANA!!

This album is amazing, the first time I didn’t love it but the more I listen to it the more I love it GO ARI!

BMSawyer - Where are the hits?

Dull and unimaginative. Do better, Ari!

Arianators💕👌 - It’s good

Love the more soulful jazz & r&b sound (ofc w the pop) it really suits her voice and it’s pretty. The strings are really pretty too it’s a rly soft album I like !!!!!!!!!

pusheenisthebest - i love this

best album ever

Marchieccii6564 - Best album yet

Well worth the wait!!!

nauticarlauren - Zero Idenity. Same Old Sound And Look.

This pony tail girl needs a major overall REINVENTION. chop off the dated ponytail!!! THERE IS ZERO GROWTH. Just the same sound and genre music. Snooze.

Blarz2 - her best album yet

so cohesive and the writing and production is incredible. not a single bad song on this album.

i am annoyed 213 - divine

best album to date. amazing.

kburke2008 - Such a drop in quality

There are maybe 2 good songs on this cd. For the amount of writers and producers, and the lyrics are all so basic. It sounds like background music from an elevator. She has an amazing voice but this album is boring.

hannah 🖤🖤🤠 - hannah:)

i love ariana. i’m a huge fan, but i feel like this album doesn’t have the same flow as her other albums and i’m not sure how to explain it. there’s only about 5 songs on this album that i like and i feel awful saying that. yeah, i’m not sure about the album 💝

your uncles girlfriend - album of the year!

amazing album!! my favourite song is my hair snd obvious

seriously stop it - Yikes

Not a fan

JamesG1957 - Fab

This is the best

arianator11 - LITERALLY WHAT

i’m CRYING. THIS IS HER BEST ALBUM. WE LOVE TO SEE IT. stream positions 💓🤣🥰😈🤪💅🏻💖‼️😍

lachlana20 - Amazing 😍

She’s changing the game and paving the way for the others.

party popper263826284 - Cool beans

Damn it she’s changed. Not to bad 34 +35 is pretty good along with positions

kkkkkkkkeeeeeen - If this is your favourite album you need to grow the hell up

no substance to Ariana whatsoever. There never has been. She’s just a skinny chick with a great voice.


My friends hate Ariana Grande but I personally love her. Me and my bestie were vibing on the bus today while blasting Ariana’s music through my headphones 🤣🤣

serenkara - Perfect

I love her vocals a lot 💕❤️

Keeeeeiiiiitttthhhyy - Not her best

Not her best. Disappointed with this one

Makeely - Elevator music

For a talent with a big voice she’s just not using it. Most songs show a range of less than one octave. They also sound very similar in arrangement - it’s bland and I feel asleep to it lol!

ffhhkoiyrsdvbnk - Very disappointed

I was saddened to listen to this album and be so underwhelmed by the tracks and emotion.

Pisslelllow - Hmmm

Vocals were good but I found the writing to be very one dimensional & basic, doesn’t feel like a lot of effort went into the writing tbh

booby trapped - We was like AHHHHHH

Bop bop bop bop

koalalife - the best

this album is way too good. best song off of it is just like magic


An album to definitely go down in history, absolutely incredible. The production of the songs are beautiful. Lyrically mesmerising. Worth a listen and bound to be on repeat for days, months and even years !

School is weird - beautiful!

so beautiful !

she1badlilbiddie - Amazing 🤤

She’s so so talented ! Her best work 100%. Every song on this album is so so beautiful. Love her sm


Ariana has never sounded better! Absolute pure magic!!!!

musiccannon - wow

thanks for saving 2020. great album.

desasisgrande - Period!

The new era feeds me well

MarkThen - Her best album ever.

No bad track! Wow.

benooo22 - I got bored

Usually she is really good. But this album I got bored it’s sounds the same nearly every song and doesn’t have the same sort of flow as previous albums. Obviously with current status of things I think she may have been limited to what she could do. Thank you but Next!

Phoebekate8 - God tier album

‘Positions’ by Ariana Grande, an R&B/pop album with inspirations from the early 2000s and 90s. The album is fire! Nothing truly like it. Unique and smooth. So proud of my girl Ari. Congratulations on creating such a healing project that shows growth and confidence. 🤍🤍🇦🇺

razzydazzy420 - GROWN ASS WOMAN

this album is pure perfection. she’s grown up for sure. every track on this album blew me away and i truly think this is her best piece of work yet!

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mquannn - YES

yes just YES

JolovesNatalie - So good


donnysofficialworld - THE BEST ALBUM EVER!

Every song was so catchy!


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@Mesut_35_MKA: @sy5616 @Ecesalih4 @1903_Prometheus @seyyahiso @hasanoztas42 @alper_akdogan @DePerlaa_ @Hayat_Bennnn @Krmzkar17 @lucifer7…


@vinay_sultan: मरघट बनते देश के बीच बंगाल नरेंद्र मोदी की पहली प्राथमिकता क्यों है। 1977 के बाद से बंगाल में दोनों बड़े दलों का प्रभाव…


@vinay_sultan: मरघट बनते देश के बीच बंगाल नरेंद्र मोदी की पहली प्राथमिकता क्यों है। 1977 के बाद से बंगाल में दोनों बड़े दलों का प्रभाव…


@vinay_sultan: मरघट बनते देश के बीच बंगाल नरेंद्र मोदी की पहली प्राथमिकता क्यों है। 1977 के बाद से बंगाल में दोनों बड़े दलों का प्रभाव…


@vinay_sultan: मरघट बनते देश के बीच बंगाल नरेंद्र मोदी की पहली प्राथमिकता क्यों है। 1977 के बाद से बंगाल में दोनों बड़े दलों का प्रभाव…


@nera_james: @amerix Even Paul told them to keep quiet in the church. But do they listen! 1st Corinthians 14:34-35. "As in all the churc…


@vinay_sultan: मरघट बनते देश के बीच बंगाल नरेंद्र मोदी की पहली प्राथमिकता क्यों है। 1977 के बाद से बंगाल में दोनों बड़े दलों का प्रभाव…


informações super inúteis sobre mim altura — 1,58 tamanho do pé — 34/35 signo — Áries cor fav — Branco filme fav —…


@vinay_sultan: मरघट बनते देश के बीच बंगाल नरेंद्र मोदी की पहली प्राथमिकता क्यों है। 1977 के बाद से बंगाल में दोनों बड़े दलों का प्रभाव…


@vinay_sultan: मरघट बनते देश के बीच बंगाल नरेंद्र मोदी की पहली प्राथमिकता क्यों है। 1977 के बाद से बंगाल में दोनों बड़े दलों का प्रभाव…


@vinay_sultan: मरघट बनते देश के बीच बंगाल नरेंद्र मोदी की पहली प्राथमिकता क्यों है। 1977 के बाद से बंगाल में दोनों बड़े दलों का प्रभाव…


@DuguiaweCharles: fck 34+35, you're my 35-34 and only


@BiagioPilieri: "Pedro le dijo: Eneas, Jesús el Mesías te ha sanado. Levántate y arregla tu cama. Al instante, Eneas se levantó. Al ver…

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