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Jehuzits - yawn

is he cancelled yet? amazing how he can get popular for 6 months in a row just because he used a racial slur. Why doesn’t Michael Richards from seinfeld have a country career yet? He can make bank.

scoobalicious - Racism….alive and kickin’

This guy is caught on video using the ‘n’ word and sales go through the roof because this country doesn’t care. Why? Because racism, that’s why. All the backwater, inbred, tabaccy chewin’, cousin lovers came out of the woodwork to support on of their own. Congrats, Morgan.

Dragonfire9372 - AMAZING

So good

Francoch11 - Best country album in modern country music history

Absolutely marvelous

vjfcbhhgfcvbjjgfddssddfc - By Ellie 😍

Love the song wasted on you it so good I love it I can stop listening to it 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

MAGA!!!!!!!!!! - The best country album

Insanely good

Kiara Nicole Ward - BEST COUNTRY ALBUM

I LOVE this entire album! I shuffle this album every time I am on the road, letting every song play! Morgan wallen is my favorite artist.. so talented, kindle hearted… he’s one of the good ole country boys left. Have so many special memories made that I’ll never forget thanks to this album. God bless him! ❤️

Polkadot43 - It’s okay

He has some good music. He just needs to be aware that the world is watching him. Ever think that he can’t say that word because it’s a historically racist term and rappers are saying it because they’re taking power back? Anyone mad over him not being able to say a racist word because he’s white is certainly his target audience. Good jobMorgan for never really apologizing and then capitalizing off of people desperately wanting to say a word that no non-Black person should ever say. It says a lot about you to keep buying this album and whine about “cancel culture.”so don’t say it? Seems pretty easy to me.

RNail-110 - Morgan Wallen is a Legend and Always Will Be

If you want to know the essence of American life: loving, hurting, and attaining excellence. If you want to experience what it means to be a boy from East TN. Listen to this country gold and let it flow in your ears and into your soul.

JET 🥇 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

So good😎😎😎😎

da exercise axe axed - Audrey

I looovvvveeeee morgen wallen

🥱🫢😯 - bae fr😻

his songs are jus fire 🫶🏽. keep it up mannnnnn

kspencer323 - Bandaid on a bullet hole

I purchased the Dangerous:Double Album but how come the song Bandaid on a bullet hole isn’t on there? Pandora says it’s a bonus track on that album. Other than that hands down my favorite album!

Thissey - CountryLove


Harry Potter Geek18 - LOVE YOU MORGAN 🤠

Neon eyes omg I love that song and WASTED ON YOU IS 🔥

ilovemorganwallen18 - Review


doodle609 - Don’t care if he said a racial slur his songs a incredible

I’m 13 and when I’m 15 ima right songs I wanna be a country song Artist like Kane brown, Morgan Wallen, KIDD G

sacccvccc - Favorite album of all time


sunshine 545 - THE BEST!!

Every song on this double album is great, listen to it everyday

hbmgxkhtch - I’M IN LOVE!!!!

This is by far the best album I have ever heard go Morgan!!!

BPFontenot - Morgan Wallen please come give give a here in Louisiana please give me

Watermelon please come to contact over here in Louisiana please give me a ticket

Kajshdjebe - Racist

Trash 🗑️

Vicki Kristie - Why don’t I have bandaid on a billet hole

It said if I bought the double album I would get bandaid on a bullet hole. I did not. So what’s the deal?

J Keith Knepp Jr - Truly amazing compilation!

I just found Morgan today and immediately bought this album. Growing up in the 70’s we had tons of bands whose albums could be listened to from start to finish, a rare thing these days. He is so versatile and a true artist.

Nancy leeC - Best Album ever❤️

I absolutely love Morgan Wallen.

weazy so nice - Awesome

Great album

future mrs wallen - Morgan is a legend!

My love for this man grows bigger every time I hear one of his songs. I’m in love with his voice. Seeing him August 27th in St. Louis and I’m not upset about how much I had to pay for my ticket bc he is worth every penny! I LOVE YOU MORGAN!

AtdNadeau - Hooked

My first foray into country music and I picked the right artist! Truly one of the best albums (never mind double!) that I’ve ever heard. So good that I went to his concert and it was amazing. I’ve tried listening to other country artists after MW, but no one else compares. 100% recommend!

xanf01946 - Amazing

Most talented artist

Photography babe 96 - Wasted on you

Fantastic song!!

TinTin-123 - Best song ever

I love his song called chasing you it is my favorite song ever I love Morgan so much I love his songs 😍🥰.

Monicab1586 - Love it all

Every song is never a disappointment.

Tyler24162345 - How do you like him now?

This album has not left the bill boards yet. How do you like him now?! #fckcancelculture

Debbayyy_ - Best country artist

Every single song hits !! He just doesn’t miss!

Charubael - Trash

No, really..... it's trash.

johnhenry. - 🔥🔥🔥

Every song is AMAZING!!!👍🔥


I love your music so much your the best country singer and just singer I have never heard such good singing since 2018...but that was still your album so that makes you just so much more awesome!!god bless you Morgan!🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️

papaygirl - ok

i hate country music but Wasted On You is an amazing song🫶🏻

notwithstanding - where to start…

there’s a really good 10 song album buried in this 30 track monument to excess. knowing what to leave OUT if key in any conversation and especially when making a record. he has potential. but all we’ve seen so far is two mediocre albums released and couple that with his racism and homophobia I’m not sure he’s worth another listen. he may surprise us one day with a great record. but he has A LOT of growing up to do as an artist and as a human being.

too good of a skier - Somebody’s Problem

Favorite song- he is a natural

Lildarlin7 - Love your Music!

Love all your songs ! This is a push play & let it go album, no skips on this album! They’re all great. Wish the Bonus version was available on iTunes , those extra tracks are awesome also, have them on my Spotify playlist 🤩🎼💕

bbeheuhduhdcuecd(cd - Best country album ever

So many good songs on this double album. Honestly could have been released separately and both would have been number one. Keep the hits coming!

PhyllinThisWay - I don’t buy trash.

I don’t buy trash.

cowgirl011 - 💯

Doesn’t get any better Morgan Wallen is the best!!!!!!

Rachel_1014 - Amazing

Every single song 🙌🏼

NxDLamb - Dangerous Trash

I don’t understand why new artists cant find their own spin on a music genre. Cookie Cutter Country.

K4YS0N - Reason

Love you’re music

TheRealMeganTheStallion - Hi

Not yall defending him and says rappers use it, do you know how dumb you sound all these rappers are BLACK Morgan wallen is a white man if your not black then the n word shouldn’t be in your vocabulary but overall good album im black btw lol

MEGANDEW - Amazing.

Almost two years later and this is still my all-time favorite album. I don’t think I’ve ever liked every song on a album but this, this is the GOAT. 🙌🏻🫶🏻

Redsbrons2022 - Wasted on you

Wasted on you is my favorite song in the wold

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About Wasted On You [Morgan Wallen] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Morgan Wallen, album Dangerous: The Double Album, song Wasted On You, released date 08 January 2021. Listening and fast downloading online to Wasted On You - Morgan Wallen mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Wasted On You by Morgan Wallen mp3 download listen Wasted On You direct download Wasted On You mp3 #wasted-on-you

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