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alyaKekruB - I really like this track

I think this is track is catchy and I liked it the day that I heard it! Justin is my fav!

Appuser610 - Much better than changes and go away haters

This much much better than changes and I listen to this song 🎶 a lot nice job and don’t listen to your haters to just listen to the nice comments and haters if you don’t have anything nice to say that don’t listen to it and you haters have go to far now so stop hating now please.

Branden238 - Great

Absolutely one of his best songs, it’s transmitting powerful waves

prity girl - Michelle 🙌🏻👍🏻💙

I can’t believe how much negative on these reviews I’m so mad 😡 I have always been a fan of Justin Bieber and I always will be this song I can relate toAnd I know everybody saying it’s love songs to his wife Hillary so what if it wasn’t for her he would of been lost foreverI am so glad he met her and he’s making music again what are you people don’t like it or not you all have your own opinions!!How about being positive Justin I love this song and I love all your music I have your first song you ever made on my iPhone keep up the good work don’t listen to these people that are negative because there are people out there that love you and love you musicAnd I’m so happy you found a soulmate 👍🏻🙌🏻🥰💙

gb0923 - Yikes!

The long hair and tattoos and butt kissing black people is getting old.

MonsterCAT_12 - ?

Love this song. Who cares if he’s a grown man he can make any song and kind he wants. 👍🏻 good job love it so much, just confused why so many one stars ):

jwilliams1077 - Love

I loooooove this song!!!!

I love riding - He has talent, but needs to take his time in the studio.

I think Justin just needs to take some time and rethink his sound and where he wants to be in the music industry... because even though I’m not a fan... he still has a lot of talent. And some of these songs recently haven’t been the best( in my opinion) Lonely was a great sound for him.

Justinbieberfan0053 - King of pop

Y’all selroaches and swiffer fans can go cry in the dumpster with your fav because Justin outsold

jjfârt - Anyone will hate this song

Lol just terrible 🤣🤣🤣

disjsiddjfhsp - ♥️

Love it

susieberk - Great

Enjoy this very much!

Dumb_update - This is a beautiful song

Seriously! Love it and I’m not the biggest fan but this one and a few more of his recent seems like he’s grown up out of the troubled lost age. All the haters gonna hate but they also aren’t famous and in the spotlight.

allmyloving - DC

I love this song. It grows on me. Way to Justin...!!! Well done. I love the beginning

best weather aoo - Bad as helll

So badddddd

stanmeeee - STREAM WILLOW

justin is over

dennie | - Ewwwwww

So bad

Thomasmurray13 - Boring

He just makes bland formulaic pop music, puts a dash of soul in it and labels it R&B. He’s never once pushed the boundaries of music. When the dust settles Justin will never compare to a Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding... his music won’t even compare to Justin timberlakes or other subpar pop stars of his generation. Let’s try and switch it up a little Justin.

LoveKoolKat - Disgusted

Bruh for real your a grown man and your still singing like when you were 18. Come on now! Grow up. Be a man 🤬🤬🤬🤬

MyWattpadx - Omg!!

So good! Starting the year amazing

babyodaisawesome - Oh...My...GOD

This song is sooo good! Great Job Justin!

pacisbetter - Great Song

Bieber continues to evolve in his craft. This song is unlike anything he’s done in the past. It’s a feel good love song with heart.

yeatboi - Beautiful

I am not a huge jb fan but people shouldnt be judging this song by his personality or if they dont like him this song is generally good

.!.!.!.!…….. - 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

SO GOOD! Love everything about this song 💗

jmousseau - This songs growing on me

This song is growing on me. I don’t care who it’s written for, this can be interpreted in so many ways—not just for a person. So I’m going to rate it 5 stars because I think Justin deserves a bit more credit than what he’s been given. He’s a strong vocalist that is definitely sharing his heart in his music. Music is healing. If we open ourselves up and allow ourselves to feel, this incredible energy happens. So just feel this music. It will grow on you just like it did me.

julia3x - It’s so bad


merzpurz - Trash

I blame Hailey she’s doing magic on him y’all 🪄

𝚖𝚢𝚕𝚎𝚎 - OMG


TylerMorris30 - Nope

Nope nope nope.

Bri6271 - Amazing

There’s always been something about your voice that is settling for me. All these people in the comment section are probably 14-year-old boys that wish they could’ve been you. Keep doing what you’re doing your music always inspires tons of people

nmoon1191 - It’s good!

Why so much hate?? It’s good.

The Texan Dino - Disappointed but not surprised

It sounds like the exact same thing to his other songs. Honestly I can’t be a fan anymore after this

Megan568964 - Best of all

Best song I’ve heard by him.

Freezeball456 - WOW JUST WOW

You creates a masterpiece Justin don’t mind what these other people say who hate your songs because their depth

Meow_jordan - Love it

I love this song

Cerbandbeach - Anyone

La rola está de aquellas me gustaría escuchar más de este tono de canción

Go kidz bop! - I love it

I really like it it’s stuck in my mind!! It made my day! Really good! I love Justin Bieber’s music

Musiclovrrrr - No

Go back to Purpose style days

Dssvl - Beautiful song

This review is overrun by trolls, this song is really good

eviemoon - Love this song

This is a beautiful song! Pls play it more on the radio. For all those comments saying he’s bad or writing a song for his wife. Why can’t he? This is such a beautiful song I really love playing this on repeat! 😌🤍

Danielle Wagner - Amazing

Such a great song. I’m sure Hailey loves it and honestly as long as Justin likes it it doesn’t really matter what others think.

MePlayHockey37 - Nice

The music video was really good, and the message of the song is really cute. While the whole “you’re the only one for me” message is almost to the point of over used, this song is still pretty good for a somewhat basic message. It’s a lot better written than Lonely as well, so that’s a plus. Good job! 💖

jekajdn - Amazing

I have read so many bad reviews and y’all are ridiculous. The meaning of the song is far more worth than what crap y’all are saying about this amazing artist. Leave him be! Y’all are just jelly bc he’s freaking successful

Mcj_productions on SoundCloud - Jon Belliion

I bet Jon had something to do with this song

hoello - Plz no

One pandemic at a time please!!!!

shawn is better than you - feel good song

i love this kind of music it’s uplifting and sweet and it’s the biebs so it’s gotta be good 🤷🏽‍♀️



GingerMC* - Best in a long while

This is by far his best release since before yummy. Changes wasn’t it. This at least has replay value. More like this justin.

Forbidden_Sun22 - Love it!!

Justin must really love his new wife. He had written a lot of recent songs about her. Glad he is happy. Keep making good music

hbgcc - Beautiful!

Haters hate, who are you to say anyone about Justin Beiber!

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About Anyone [Justin Bieber] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Justin Bieber, album Anyone - Single, song Anyone, released date 01 January 2021. Listening and fast downloading online to Anyone - Justin Bieber mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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