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Download Halsey - I am not a woman, I'm a god MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. I am not a woman, I'm a god music file uploaded on August 27th, 2021.

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manicbluez - THE BEST ALBUM OF 2021


Love5798655 - Absolutely in freaking love with this Album

Listen to it and then listen to it again, and truly absorb the lyrics and imagery. It wraps itself around you, like she’s telling you a story.

Jack Maehoffer - Truly a great a artist.

There are a couple of songs that when I first heard I thought how this has a Trent Reznor vibe to it. Then I read that he produced them… I guess that would make sense. Halsey is just an amazing artist, but with TR at the helm, she’s even better.

ttttttate - Yeah


painter that isnt - Great Collaboration!

It’s been a while that I love a whole album. But this is definitely a different sound for Halsey. You have to applaud her risk taking. You can hear NIN influence the whole way through. Different is good ppl!!

lie2me - Darling was fantastice live on SNL

I don't know much about Halsey but she got my attention on SNL with the song Darling. Nice to see Lindsey Buckingham out of the hospital playing music again. What is this with a BOOB slip. Grow up people. There are bigger issues to fry these days.

hsiooooootfncbvbmi668 - THE BOOBY THOUGH-

F R?

GGCOOLG - Well done.

Wow. All I can say is that this album should be up for Record of the Year. Halsey+ Reznor+ Atticus = the finest soundscape and solid songs. The entire record could spawn countless singles. This release is one of the highlights of new music in 2021.

RagethaMage - I Like Halsey but not this…

Her new album isn’t great and I am not a woman I’m a god is the most annoying song on the radio the voice and the beat are terribly mismatched! She can definitely sing and I like a few of her songs but this album was poorly produced!

Nolovelost13 - Trent did it

He has successfully remade and updated Downward Spiral. Beautiful album.

Inside Light - Glad I gave it a chance

Didn't know if the combo of a pop singer + NIN producing would work. Album has been on repeat every since I bought it.

HannahBoBanna19 - No Halsey

Once again another female artist only using her tiddies on her cover and making women objects. She’s only good at whining about herself in her music, nothing new. GOOD JOB HALSEY! She really think she’s doing something 😪

scrap-a-licous - Disappointing

Couldn’t finish one song before hitting the next button.

Ray Ray talk 2em - An amazing album

So much heart in this one. The best album she’s made.

emmmmmieeeee - AHHHHHHHHH

literal perfection. chills everywhere. i had no idea what was gonna happen going into it but so amazing

too good of a skier - For Maliina or whatever her name is

Ok…….. a…… girl……. Is……. Different…..than…….a…..boy…….because……girls ………have……boobs…..which……is……a…..private….part…..which……should…..be…..covered…..and…… boys…..don’t…….so….we…… can…..be ….shirtless……because……it’s….. not….a….private……part-liberals these days, think there’s no difference between guys and girls(only two genders)

Strizzle88 - Incredible

I’m in love with this album. You go girl!!

btsytcsucks - People are strange

Look if you want to leave a bad review because you don’t like the music; that’s totally fine, to each their own. But leaving a bad review because Halsey’s breast is visible on the album cover? That’s ridiculous. I don’t see how it is any different than a man shirtless on his album cover. The double standard is awful. Besides, you should be reviewing the music, not the album cover— if you don’t like it just don’t look at it, it’s that easy.

IAmNOTW7 - H has done it again 🤍

The story, the visuals, the production, the vocals—They have truly outdone themselves and I’m beyond thrilled to have witnessed their growth from Room 93 to now 🤍 Give this album a listen, you won’t regret it!

rolling stoone - love her but this is lame.

We don't care about her rich life struggles. No God is she.

pet lover 5378353 - I loveeeee halsey

Halsey is amazing I’ve been to one of her concerts and she stoped a song just because someone fainted witch was super nice and she cried because she tried so hard to do this concert I just love halsey you go girl

lilfoxface - AOTY

This album is a masterpiece, it’s impossible to skip a song. Every time I listen it’s like going on a journey all over again.

meghunny - Back to making good music

I loved Badlands, but haven’t really liked much since until this album. I love this!

rydmoore - Iconic


ewwwwwwee - Great

Not what I expected and very pleased with this album. Been on repeat the past week

Wsurfergirl - It grew on ME

Guys! This is surprisingly brilliant .

Miznalf - Phenomenal Album - with a nice Trent/Atticus Touch

I've liked a song here and there on previous albums, but this albums is fantastic. Watch the story behind the album and you'll understand the approach, the rawness and vulnerability displayed. Trent and Atticus continue to amaze, with another masterpiece produced. It seems like anything they touch turns to gold. You can really feel this record, which is what its all about. Those complaining about the cover and the G*d references... just don't listen to it. Move on. BYE!

Samantha D'Shay - Goddamn unbelievable

No words

Music Heals... - Brilliant, Raw, Beautiful Lyrics & Sound

Album of the year, hands down. Much respect to Halsey, Trent, Atticus for coming together and creating this masterpiece of music. BIG PROPS TO HALSEY for making the album she wanted.. And big thumbs up to Grohl/Buckingham....

menace3 - Initially No, but then YES

this was first released and I listened to clips and said no. A friend insisted on playing it on a long ride and I've listened 4x since. Definitely different, but as a whole...YES. I'm am not a woman, Honey and Lilith are my favorite tracks

Sabrina10202011 - Whyyyy

Was the breast thing really necessary?

Pika Pika Pusheen - Pretty good

Why the boob reveal tho? XD

fR33MYMiNd - So Proud

Halsey has absolutely killed it again. This album is spectacular. This is for sure her best album to date. Grammys for this girl, for sure. Bravo, Ashley!

JoeySawyer - Pretty Bad

I thought with Trent on board this would be a better version of what she always made - off kilter pop. This sounds closer to the singer-songwriter obsession of 2008 than even pop music. It’s bad. Lyrics are bad too.

Rovert58 - It’s good

Gave it a listen for Atticus and Trent and I love it. Love them, love Halsey

4freespeech - DISAPPOINTED

I expected better from Halsey. Must have been those pregnancy hormones.

batter - Not bad

Halsey, Trent, and Atticus. 🖤

JupiterStorm93 - Goose Bumps

I am not sure what to write. But I couldn’t get my goose bumps to stop while listening to this album. Absolutely love it.

Kissme76 - Potent Collaboration

This album doesn’t recreate the wheel musically and there is a ridiculous shock and awe element, but after listening to I can’t help but to think that this is great collaboration. I am a long time fan of both Nine Inch Nails and Halsey and am completely blown away by what each brings. It is a beautiful and temporary creation: to stay in self-wallowing gets old quickly. I am glad to hear other artist influences such as Sky Ferreira on ‘You Asked for This,’ Haley Williams on ‘Honey,’ Taylor Swift on ‘Darling,’ and Trent Reznor himself on ‘I’m not a woman’ and ‘Girl is a Gun.’ Trent’s sound takes me back to high school during the Pretty Hate Machine days! Love it! If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power remixes and refreshes the state of current music.

Smallestfrog - F-ing dope

I am thoroughly enjoying this era of Ashley! So glad they decided to take the risks. Loved the cover. (All of them) Atticus and Trent did absolutely phenomenal and the lyrical content was deliciously vibrant and dark. 10/10 for me.

prichg - 2021’s best album

This is an amazing album. Every song is more beautiful than the next.

aygio - Love her but her worst album by far

I can see why there was no single released. Sorry Halsey this one just is not good. I like Bells in Sante Fe and 1121…. I am not a woman is ok. That’s about it. Disappointed

mayoddle - !!

one of the most personal albums she’s ever wrote. absolutely amazing.

JoshKresnik - Love it!

I enjoy projects with a multi angled dynamic, from the production, sound, collaboration, concept, and the sound is just phenomenal. I think many albums get their initial rep because of first time listening instead of allowing it to grow on them. Regardless I think the album is bold and the cover displays strength and bravery and I’m here for it. And breasts are not sex objects, they’re used for breastfeeding. Men decided they were sexual. Get over yourselves and don’t look

Queen_D💎 - Hot feminist trash.

More feminist propaganda garbage. You girls are clueless or either brain dead thinking getting naked is taking power back from men😂 y’all so naive and brainwashed, I weep for y’all.

MariahC1117 - Her best work.

With every project she just gets better and better. Always reinventing herself and taking risks. As a fan since their first album this has easily became my favorite album from them. Fans have wanted her to experiment more with this sound and she did not disappoint. Her storytelling and lyricism always amazes me. Working with Trent and Atticus on the production was such a good idea. I hope she’s proud.

Lilmya11111111 - Best since Badlands

This album made me fall in love all over again with Halsey. Beautifully haunting lyrics and melodies. LOVE the Nine Inch Nails sound integrated in with her amazing voice. I love every single song on this album. I can’t listen to “Darling” without tearing up… it reminds me of how I felt when I was pregnant with my daughter; she’s 20 years old now but those lyrics put me right back into that period of my life. Glad to have the Halsey I loved back again ♥️

placebotoya - Only TRUE NIN fans will APPRECIATE

You can most definitely tell the musical GENIUSES that are Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross BLESSED this album. It’s emotional, destructive, seductive and totally corrupted abc it’s everything us NIN fans know from the first keystroke of that piano. Basically their music and Halseys lyrics and voice and it’s PERFECTION!! I listen to pop and industrial and I am a VERY dedicated NIN fan and I appreciate the fusion of this album. From the confessions in “Bells of Santa Fe” to the hip skip of “Lilith” and the drowning of “Lighthouse”, I’m content with this until NIN comes out with a new album and CONGRATULATIONS to Halsey for being brave enough and just plain cool enough to have them produce her album. You got it babe!!

crombie00 - Halsey can’t lose

Let’s make her album #1!!! Where it should be. Halsey is so talented. New songs sound great😊❤️✌🏼

Fmoney61 - This album is a Masterpiece !

Halsey’s vocals and lyrics coupled with the NIN influenced musical production created a spectacular album. It is very different than most of the cookie cutter music that gets produced these days. Glad that she had the balls to connect with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and they had the time to work on this project with her. I can’t wait to see this performance live.

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Halsey, album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, song I am not a woman, I'm a god, released date 27 August 2021. Listening and fast downloading online to I am not a woman, I'm a god - Halsey mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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