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ajrubincpa - ABBA stays true to themselves

I ordered three copies of this album, when I first saw that it was available. And even though it was officially released on November 5th, I received it through the mail that. I immediately listened to the entire album and it did take me a while to appreciate it. The two sounds that had already been released earlier sound great and the first song truly reflects the history of the group, where they have been, what they have been through and where they are today. Too bad, that right after releasing the album, they said "this is it", no more. Don't Shut me Down takes me back to the upbeat songs they were known for in the 70's and 80's, happy and hopeful. This song also shows a lot of maturity in how their music has developed. The song "No Doubt About It" reminds me of my parents and how they used to argue, only because my mother had to win the argument. It's almost a little funny. And quite honestly, my favorite sone on the album is "Ode to Freedom". Don't ask me why, but I love being able to hear the individual voices from the ladies and how they both blend together so well. What is really interesting about this album, is that they stayed true to who they are. They did not try to make it sound like ABBA of the 21st century, but a more mature sound from the 70's. I oftern tell people it is not an album I would write home about because you have to simply appreciate it for its simplicity and the mature and sophisticated sound that ABBA is known for. And this is coming from a group, whose members are from the 70's and are now in their 70's. Not many groups can achieve that these days.

سبربل - بسیبس


grisdell - and...

Yes they're beautiful plus, but how 'bout something with higher energy too where they belt it out so wonderfully!

otherness - What a THRILL!

I must admit was very upset when YEARS had passed since the announcement of 3 new songs from ABBA. And nothing. To finally hear those songs AND get an entire album seems too good to be true. The voices and the orchestrations are beautiful. It makes me feel like I did when I was 10 and The Visitors had just been released. I wish instead of including the "Little Things" song on the album, they released it on a Xmas EP instead. However, this entire album is a wonderful surprise and yes, ABBA, I forgive you for the delay! Hahahaha Thank you for the music once again. xoxoxoxoxo

Todds15 - Blessing From Heaven!!!

I have been listening to Abba since 1979, and I mean listening to them every year since as they are my favorite pop group ever! This Album is great and even if they just released the first 3 singles alone, I would of been completely satisfied. Thank you Abba for making my life Beautiful!

TR-Ada - Phenomenal!

I bought the physical CD while looking for their earlier albums and was joyful when I found it! Like their other albums, Voyage is another one of my favorites. I breathe and sleep their music. On my way to work, home, groceries. People driving by see me dance in my seat but I don’t care because I’m so happy in the moment thinking how much I love ABBA’s music. As a person who studies music and plays , I love and admire their musicality. Just pure love for ABBA and wish them a healthy life. Gracis ABBA Por la musica, los quiero mucho!

Treky64 - MAMMA MIA....Here we go again!!!!

LOVE this album! 40years and still got it!

Nyuk588 - Beautiful, but also sad.

I listen to the whole album the day it was released, it is such a beautiful album. The group did an excellent job. But I must admit it is sad also at times. Listening to some of the songs knowing that my favorite member of the group Agnetha (Who is also my favorite female singer and I love her) refusing to take part in any public appearances just brings me to tears. It is worth the wait and it is worth the money I spent on it. As for the avatars they’re only good for artwork. This album is worth more money than a concert filled with CGI duplicates. Yet in the end I love it.

karennicolesmith - the yassification of ABBA

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever done before.

scotth1969 - LOVE IT!!!

I was only 12 when ABBA broke up and I was so depressed!!i am so glad they got back together after 40 years !! What the world needs now is MORE ABBA!!!! Here’s to another album!! Missed the Fab Four, welcome back, you have been sorely missed!!!

Moof - Love love love

I’ve waited 40 years for new music and it’s clear they still have it! This album can stand toe to toe with any previous ABBA album. I never tire of hearing Frida’s voice.

D from Atlanta - ABBA Returns!

ABBA has returned and it sounds as if they've never disappeared! The brilliance of the music, lyrics and joyfulness of these amazing voices are absolutely so pleasureable to hear! I'm so excited about the forthcoming 3D show beginning next year and hope to have a chance to see it!

GWMJedi - Amazing. Spectacular. Astonishing.

It’s inconceivable that any artist would attempt a comeback after a 40-year hiatus. But then came ABBA. They took no shortcuts. The album, for the most part, sticks with that unmistakable ABBA sound. AND NOT ONE NOTE OF AUTOTUNE. They're in their mid-70s and didn’t need it. It’s staggering how good they still sound. Soaring harmonies are still there. Emotional expression is still there. It’s heartbreaking to hear this album, now that they’ve said it’s their last. They’ve still got it; I wish they’d keep recording for another few years. I have only two issues: 1. The album is TOO SHORT. I’d love to have had 12 or 13 songs rather than 10. 2. Benny & Björn should’ve listened to their fans and recorded a legit version of Just Like That. It’s been nearly 40 years since Gemini sang it. I still believe it’s the best ABBA song that never was. My rating: 9/10. Amazing. Spectacular. Astonishing.

amandax345 - 💛💛💛💛

This is a lovely gift for fans who never thought they would get to hear another album from them! Their voices are so beautiful together! Amazing lyrics and beat!

wpmsd - Mellower, but still excellent

I like this new album a lot. Half the songs are instantly likable and the rest grow on you. Some of the lyrics are very profound (ie Ode to Freedom). This album is a worthy addition to the ABBA legacy. Even if this is their last hurrah, you can still get your ABBA fix because there are many unreleased gems hiding in plain sight on YouTube. For obscure songs, check out: Hovas Vittne, Midnight Special, Put On Your White Sombrero, DreamWorld and Get On The Carousel. A few great ones from their early albums which never made one of the ABBA Gold collections: Rock N Roll Band, Watch Out, Bang a Boomerang, I've Been Waiting For You.

Lifesucks2018 - ABBA is back!!!

AHHH!!!! I’m an ABBA fanatic!! Love this album. They are back! So happy.

Bituco - Thank you !

ABBA didn't need to make a new album, but I am so glad they did. The harmonics are there, the beautiful melodies, the mature lyrics.

abby sue :) - BEST

I absolutely love this new album…worth the listen! ABBA has always been one of my favorites to listen to in the car or anywhere for that matter. These are bops!!!

Spin Doktor - Nicely done! Bravo!

ABBA was one of the most unique groups growing up in the 70s. One of my favorite groups back then. What I like most about their music the songs all don't sound the same. The guys were magic with the music arrangements and the gals had golden voices. I thought this new album overall is a success very well done. The ladies still sound great and the music arrangements were pretty decent. There was only a couple songs I wasn't crazy about but overall a very good album. So glad they decided to produce a new album. By the looks of the reviews this album is well received and hopefully they will produce another album later.

Nice change of pace - Past has limited their potential

Their superstar songs in the past are just is too overwhelming to duplicate again. Fans expect the same style of the past, in which a full new album of searching for "that sound" isn't going to do that. What they should have done is make one single that mirriors a blast from the past and this would have sufficed most fan's craving to supplement ABBA Gold. This Gold album is just too good and anything else is subpar.. Bring me one more SOS great song likeness! By the way, this is a total compliment of their abilties as artists. They spoiled us intially, it's their fault..LOL!

pumblino - What i expected

Just what i expected from abba. They sound like songs from way back when they were already, well …..you know, big stars. Nothing different from the stuff they sang 30 and 40 years ago. I was really hoping there would be a more updated sound and approach. I bought the album because I’ve been a huge fan and always hoped for a reunion. Sadly, this album feels and sounds like songs they’ve written way back then and finally tried releasing. There’s absolutely nothing new to their sound, rhythm, voices and style. There is a newer Christmas song on this release (little things) which is kind of nice. But yet still very abba sounding from the first note.

Vertofix47 - Wonderful

ABBA, great musicians and positive,friendly people. One can only love them. Thank you ABBA for bringing back great memories. I wish you the very best.

Stevester$ - Biased? Who me?

As a fan of ABBA for many, many, years it was astounding to find out a new Album would be released.. if you are expecting Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia you might be a bit disappointed as this is a more mature album. Beautiful and introspective from a drunk woman trying to make amends on I Can Be That Woman.. and the worries of leaving your child for some time with the other Parent on Keep An Eye On Dan. But worry not there are plenty of Fun Songs like the Amazing Don’t Shut Me Down, Just A Notion and No Doubt About It! The ballads are beautiful as well I Still Have Faith In You builds beautifully. Ode To Freedom is an almost classical masterpiece. The only disappointment for me is the Christmas song “Little Things” it’s beautifully sung but I was hoping for an upbeat Christmas song, and the Children’s choir at the end.. is a bit disappointing. A mistake or 2 aside this album is amazing.! 10 out 10

Eddie Gimeno - ❤️


horrorman 12 - So Happy To Hear your voices again and you all still have it

Thank you for the music and so wonderful to hear you again.Today's music is garbage! And so glad you show these new artists how to play and sing music the right way.

BobbyPvP - Marvelous

ABBA brought a speck of light into the darkeness of the musical world ...just as on their cover, and therefore that musical "light" it will be embraced in a big manner ... because we nned hope and the beauty of life to be celebrated... !!! Thank you for the music... ABBA and for the ABBA'tars!!!

ericmp01 - Welcome back, old friends❤️

Nobody can craft pop songs like ABBA! The album is amazing from start to finish! This is the most satisfying return/reunion I’ve ever witnessed in any band. Voyage is an instant classic! 🔥❤️

Jacob Sachleben - Take a Chance on Voyage

I’m nothing special, in fact I’m a bit of a bore. I’ve been a massive ABBA fan for the entirety of my life. To hear that ABBA were releasing a new album back in 2018 was amazing. I still remember where I was when I first heard the news. I patiently waited for this album during the 1288 days between the announcement and the release of it. Now that it’s finally out, I have been listening to it practically non-stop since its release at midnight on Friday the 5th. I will say, ABBA has certainly not lost what they gave up 40 years ago. They were able to recapture the magic perfectly they had in the Polar studios so long ago. The feel of Voyage definitely lines up more with their later albums such as The Visitors or Super Trouper after their divorces. Just like they did nearly 50 years ago, all of them sound like happy little pop tunes, but if you look a little deeper into the lyrics, you’ll hear the melancholy and pain within each of these songs. Songs about having a fight with your partner, still loving your ex-partner and barely managing to make it through dropping off your son for the weekend, building up the courage to knock on their door and beg them to take you back, and anthems for healing your relationships. There might only be 10 songs in this album, but the heavy material is also balanced with disco anthems and small “novelty” songs. And even with the songs that deal with these heavy subjects, you still feel compelled to dance to them. The ABBA magic is alive and well. Starting the album off with I Still Have Faith In You is an amazing choice, because it says that not only do ABBA still have faith in each other, but the fans still have faith in them. When You Danced With Me is an amazing dance track with some Irish roots, in fact it mentions Kilkenny within the lyrics. I think the simple Christmas song Little Things will become a staple at holiday gatherings for years to come, as their 1980 song Happy New Year did. Don’t Shut Me Down, the first single off the album released in September​was a very reassuring track to ABBA fans, with a disco revival slowly making its way back, I see this song quickly becoming a hit at parties and karaoke nights for years to come. Just A Notion is an amazing song with an interesting history. The entire song was recorded back in 1978, so if that one feels a little retro, that’s because it is. Benny and Björn remastered and reorchestrated the song for this release, but it sounds just as good as the unreleased 1978 track, you can hear a snippet of it online as it was included in the 1994 box set Thank You For The Music. Flipping to the B side (on the vinyl and cassette releases at least) the song I Can Be That Woman is an amazing dramatic song that almost feels like a country song in some parts. The song features an alcoholic woman apologizing to her husband for all the wasted years and telling him that she can be the woman she’s supposed to be now. A powerful ballad that can speak to many people. Keep an Eye on Dan, a song about a small child and his mother dropping him off at her ex-husband’s house for the weekend. There’s an amazing relationship dynamic in this song that paints a picture so vivid, you can almost see the entire sequence going on in your head. The lyrics are so clear and so specific that you start to relate to the characters and put yourself in the situation. Bumblebee, a song that you could probably write off as a novelty, still is an amazing track. The orchestration and lyrics once again create such a vivid picture that you can’t help but close your eyes and picture a cute little bumblebee flying around. The penultimate track on the album, and possibly ABBA’s penultimate song, No Doubt About It is an amazing dance track that basically boils down to saying “Sorry, I shouldn’t’ve done that” yet with its catchy hooks seems to just lift you right up to start dancing. The album ends with Ode ToFreedom, a song that isn’t as much of an ode to freedom itself, as it is an ode to Frida, the lead singer on the track. Her majestic, layered vocals might not match her soaring operatic vocals from classic songs like The Day Before You Came but it still gives the entire song a layer of polish, I don’t think any other artist today could pull off. ​All of the songs are rather short in nature, with the entire Voyage album clocking in at only 37 minutes, it definitely leads the listener into wanting more, but unfortunately for ABBA fans, this is most likely going to be their last album. I might be a little biased in this review because of my passion for ABBA and their music, but I know this album can appeal to almost everyone. Over the last 50 years, ABBA fans have been able to pick and choose their favorite songs, and now they have just a few more to choose from. Five Stars.

KatieLove10921 - Like no time has passed.

I’m enjoying this album, they haven’t changed a bit and it’s awesome!

USF-Galaxy1 - There is such LOVE here..

I’m actually in tears of joy from reading these reviews. The first one is probably perfection… yet, like ABBA, they just keep coming. Everyone says a similar thing. These four are the magical soundtrack of our youth and their sound has uplifted our spirits. The lyrics are sometimes so clear in meaning as to feel like they were speaking right to me… I have no idea what it would be like to meet them… I would just hope they like hugs. Oh right. Don’t think. Buy the album. :)

KissedByAFool - A forever kind of love

Abba will always hold a special place in my heart and this album is simply amazing! They sound amazing and as always the lyrics are PERFECT!

Konstant1n - Luckily you've done it!

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, for this new chance to breath and feel again this sparkling, positive energy! I missed you so much, and there was only a hope you return back to this dark and frozen world&time, to take me back to the world of love, humanity, silver voices, perfectly composed music and rising spirits! You did so great and your songs sounds better than ever!

Annettemom3 - Love it!!

So great to hear my favorite froufrou when I was young sing again!! Thank you ABBA!!!

Board Expert - Heaven Sent ❤️❤️❤️

I was skeptical only because it’s been 40 years, however if you blast the whole album in your car, it will uplift your mood. THANK YOU ABBA🌈🌈🌈 for amazing new music😍😍😍

Razzbeary - Senior citizen music 👨🏻‍🦳👵🏻

Only old folks would like this music.

Lolo Joe Vee - Voyage

I love ABBA always and forever

Music660105 - Purely magical ABBA! So glad they’re back again!

This is so awesome! ABBA is Back! I have loved Abba ever since the beginning, way back in 1974, and I was about 6! Hearing SOS, Waterloo, Fernando; and then Dancing Queen - omg! Knowing Me, Knowing You, Take A Chance on Me. Everything they do is so beautiful! After 40 years of quiet; what an amazing surprise from these super and beautiful people. This music is so beautiful their new album after 40 years purely magical Abba! T

ABBA rules! - ABBA is back at the top, just like that

The super troupers sound as good as new with their new material, after a mere 40 years since their last full length album. Welcome back!

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christmas elf - Average

I love Abba and find that they are at their best when they write and perform fun songs to listen to while combining with clever lyrics that tell a story. The height of this was and still is "The Winner Takes It All" with the runner-up being "Knowing Me, Knowing You." This album follows in the vein of The Visitors: songs that just do not stand out, except for the obvious single. Now, don't get me wrong; Abba does not embarrass themsleves with this album. It is just that I didn't find it reachable. Except for "Don't Shut Me Down," which follows structurally and musically equal to "One Of Us" and "When You Danced With Me, which show their musical-style dexterity a-la "Fernando" and "The Piper," the remainder of the tracks just are...well, bleh. "Ode To Freedom" is optimistic like "I Have A Dream" with an orchestration like "The Way Old Friends Do," but it could have used a shot of "Arrival" to emphasize the lyrics and bring the album to a grand close; instead, it just snoozes. Abba, to me, was never a consistent album group. Their best were Super Trouper, followed by Voulez-Vous, for complete projects. Other albums were just collection of songs. The lyrics on this album do show the same progression of maturity in their discography, yet I wonder if they are trying to reach younger fans, which I fear will not relate to the stories told. To long time fans, they will understand the sentiments expressed--as we grew up with them and are their same age. This album should be collected by die-hard Abba fans. It fits with The Visitors and The Album in quality, but lacks the strength that Super Trouper and Voulez Vous, or even Arrival, had. Abba is/was about fun and these songs just feel like a boring lecture.

morgan1976 - Apple Issues

I would rate the album 5 stars, but the mastering or something on this is terrible. Almost every song has the main vocals drowned out or too low. I’ve listened on my HomePod, AirPods, through CarPlay, my phone speakers (both downloaded and streaming) and the sound is the same; even on a family member’s device it sounds bad. I finally bought the CD and ripped that through iTunes Match (lossless) and it sounds amazing! I was listening to the CD in the car and was just blown away at how much better physical media truly sounds compared to digital. My 45 year old ears can hear the difference: vocals front and center, crystal clear.


It’s as if ABBA’s back in their heyday. This album may, like all of their albums, seem simple, but the songs are actually crafted with complex layers and parts. Anni-Frid and Agnetha are still vocally strong and harmonize seamlessly as ever. Benny and Bjorn have crafted another album of ingenious songs about real life struggles and quarrels and love. Their sound is totally unique, and we true fans wouldn’t want it any other way! ABBA is timeless, and history has repeated itself with another brilliant album by not adapting to changing times, and staying true to who ABBA is! The words “Knowing Me, Knowing You” have never been more spot on. Thank you ABBA for knowing your fans, and knowing who you are!!

Kdjfuthvmck - It floats and swirls around you and then you are back in time

Received this as a gift from my daughter with whom I share a love of ABBA. At first I wasn’t sure I would like it, because, you know….you can’t go home again….but oh yes you can! Give it a try, if you aren’t sure, give it a couple more tries. It will seep in under your skin and before you know, you will be dancing and singing and feeling like you want to slip on those bell-bottom, hip-huggers, tie up your shirt, kick off your shoes and let your hair down. And oh the lyrics, like ear candy!

ballet-dancer - What can you say but WOW

They are back. Real music, real singers, real melodies. The comeback of this century without a doubt. Thank you for the music ABBA!

qwttyuiolkhvcddujbvdxvbbii - I Don't Get It

2 stars only because it's ABBA but really I'm straight up confused. This sounds like they dug out old 70's songs for preschool children. It's not living up to the legend.

Ing - ABBA nothing more to say LOL

Ok, so I will say more. I love they did another album. Those of us who grew up with them when they were new and together and then when the divorced and then the group ended no doubt will all “get” this album. The younger people that know their music from “Gold” and “Mamma Mia” may not be as jazzed about it, but it is an aural delight. It is literally like 40 years did not go by. It is as if they had another album back in the early 80’s. It’s glorious. Please make another…. Oh, & ABBA were not & are not a “disco” group. They did some songs influenced by or that could be categorized as “disco,” but that is just one small facet of their musical legacy. I hate it when brilliant songwriters get pigeon-holed. They do a variety of styles and this album is thankfully no exception!

Teresa Esquivel - Magic

Nothing better

mynicknameisyaken - ABBA

I LOVE ABBA. So very happy.

rickpipes - Kind of boring

Let’s be real, we are all Excited to relive our youth and revel in idols we enjoyed so many years ago……honestly,I was expecting many more upbeat songs…… aside from Just a Notion, the rest of the record is boring and repetitive……..I’m really disappointed


Legendary comeback, great music but US seems totally indifferent. Pity but not surprising. It’s incredible to think after 40 years they are back together, writing and producing music all themselves. No outside producers or current acts to give them legitimacy. They are ABBA and America you need them !

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