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"The Way You Make Me Feel" is from Michael Jackson's 1987 album 'Bad'. It was released as the album's third single and became another number-one hit from the album on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The music video features Michael trying to pursue actress Tatiana Thumbtzen. Jackson's sister La Toya Jackson also appears in the video. Download Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. The Way You Make Me Feel MP3 file uploaded on August 31st, 1987.

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Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel MP3 Comments & Reviews

Mute R. Kelly - 0 stars

Child molester

EKKOCODY145 - Awesome 😎


&tsvstz - Yeah!!'!!!!!


yeet yeah - Long Live Michael Jackson

I love you Micheal Jackson...

MaryoriAstrid - Always the king

Always the king of pop!! Much love wherever you are...


Michael Jackson is the best

chjdokdndiodpd - My heart

Micheal Jackson is half of my heart he is my admirer I wish I saw him before he died.

иожлон - Michael Jackson😢😢😢

I wish he could still be alive. I want more songs like that. He is so good!!!! But he died😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

MStroh0611 - 😭😢


Blazedboy607 - Michael Jordan

Just amazing rhythm and outstanding beat. Just the way he can do music is just jaw droping. Although it may seem weird at times from a 2010-2020 perspective, it can sometimes be interesting to hear what people shouter of as cool in the 70’s

SloppyTuna - I just can’t...

I just can’t bring myself to spend money on Jackson’s music knowing what I know. It’s just the principle of the matter.



mj mj mj mj mj mj mj mj mj mj - My is the best artist!!!

Dude if your not a fan get your a*s of the couch and listen to thriller

Micheal is lit - Best singer ever no one can beat him

PYT Bille Jean is too much fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

michael jackson-number ones - Noe Alvarez

Billie Jean Single Version

bfjcndlxmacm - He-he

Amazing music

candy 😏 😏 - 😊👌🏻👌🏻


anmkl - Bnmluk llujjyjuiky

Right away you are juhkjklkgjffnhffb Michael Jackson by Bieber you have fun little fun fun little little thing is fun game is fun little little fun game is fun game fun little little fun game is fun game fun little game little pricey game is fun game fun little

saltpepper16 - ❤️

I love you u will always be missed

mimidarkbloom - To Mj with love MiMi

I love you so much I just can’t believe your gone still shocked 😭🙏😔

helialiokjh - Buy this

I love all these songs and I also love this guy

jacobcouto - By your fan

123 is my favorite it’s so lit 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

sadness of life 💦 - 😭😭😭

OMG I FRICKIN MISS MICHAEL JACKSON 😭😩🥰💋🎧!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Temmieisselling - 😀😭😭😭😭

IM so sad that he died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

handsomepie4 - God tier

Still one of the greatest albums of all time. May he rest in piece, as long as the allegations are false lol.

michaelsaysheehee - Hee hee

Hee hee

ari.g.16 - R.I.P


Qmayhems - Love you


#greg is awesome - Ok, let’s talk.

Ok, Michael Jackson, made good music. You really can’t deny that. He released hit after hit after hit until he died. And not many artists can say that. We he a child molester? Yes. Without a doubt. Does he look kind of funny? Yes. But what you people don’t realize is that he was abused by his father as a child and had a lot of self image problems until he died. ALSO, I have to explain this on almost all my reviews, but Apple, while they do make a profit (about 30%) off of every purchase. Are not the people who put music onto the iTunes Store. It’s the artist/record company. Also, Michael Jackson is dead. There’s really nothing too it at this point. If you don’t like his music that’s fine. But you don’t have to bring your personal opinions of him into this at this point. It really is useless.

MrPokeVid - Pure awesomeness

Amazing no questions about it, screw the haters, this is some of the best songs of all time

tou have to love songs - I’m stuck with the man in the mirror

So classic

airvenus - Great Album. Greatest Artist.

Greatest artist ever. Such amazing song tracks. And wonderful human being!

wutyoumean? - 👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

All hail the KING of POP And Bruno Mars is next in line But Michael Jackson will always be a king ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Long live THE legend of pop

Aelzno - God of Music

The worlds greatest!

ffyhfthgdghcfth - RIP

Good songs 2019 gavin

delsym24hr - LONG LIVE THE KING!!

He died an INNOCENT man and we will continue to celebrate his legacy of love and genius ACCORDINGLY!!

Bobba Fett06 - Really though


fhehfgnfb - Omg

So grate could listen to it all day

Ma Ngoma - MJ


❤️❤️ your name - Shout out to the haters!!!

All you haters back off I can’t believe you don’t like him! He’s a legend!! Whoever hates Michael Jackson stop drinking that hatorade. I wasn’t even born when he died and I still love his music. Stop hating. Not cool.

kbugg36 - love this

i miss michael ♥️

Betteroffari - The worst

This album is terrible I suggest that you don’t buy it you will regret it 😵

shanesimm83 - Classic

Just amazing! Never gets old!!!

luvmymakeup - JACKSON BELIVE

Even bough he's dead, he's a man in the mirror

Drdpppler - Fantastic!

This is the best compilation album Michael Jackson ever released

MJ fan 101 - Michael Jackson the king of pop

The best singer ever

Supergirl300 - Exiting

This is such a great album. It has everything from excitement to surprise. Overall it is just amazing.

Anna🇺🇸 - I love music so much!

My family loves to listen to Michael Jackson!

drjjdjrjt - M J

my boss

Swizz Boy - KIng of Pop🙏🏽

MJ Will Always be Remembered.

514Kiwis - Keep moonwalking MJ

Thank you for your awesome albums

Michaels big'est fan - Go MJ

Keep dancing through heaven Michael!🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳

Quentinstar - I miss him

I really love his music really recommend him and the king of pop and always will be !!!

Micheal Jackson lover ❤️ - R.I.P MJ

We may have lost a MJ But he's Legend Will Live On R.I.P MJ 😇😘😍😇

jamest1945 - He is a Legend

I was always a huge fan of MIchael ever since he was young. His musical and dance routines knew no boundaries. Virtually every song is danceable. I just had to have this in my library. There are no bad tunes he truly was a gifted musical artist.

VSHM19679631 - 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


maxime3😀 - Maxime

I love your voice I LOVE YOU ❤️ You dead 😭💔

dfgdrgdrgr - They seemed to have missed a lot of hit singles

They never put Earth song or They Don't Care About Us on here & yet they put Can You Feel It & Dangerous on here which aren't even singles to begin with & the other 2 are & they didn't even put those on first before they put on Dangerous & the other one & I think the bad collection on here is to long might as well buy the bad album in stead of Another Part of me should of put We Are The World other wise it'd be perfect though I agree with most of them I just prefer other songs that the some that's on here

Dpn Qq - Danceing in heaven

Your great keep dancing in heaven

Guy who is disapointed - We will miss you michael jackson

Everyone, this singer wasn't just a singer. A genius, dancer, loveable, and the king of pop! And to all michael jackson fans, the king of all music, even though he did weird things, his music is in our hearts. He gave people hope, and has inspired people to be just like him. First he was in a boy band that you all know the Jackson 5 then next thing you know he is the king of pop, who made earth a better place by writing songs about how to make the world a better place, like man in the mirror, heal the world, earth song, we are the world, and he succeeded to make the world a better place. His music will lie within our hearts. rest in peace michael jackson, we will remember

Zetoya - Forever

I own the CD and I love all the songs. For me Michael Jackson will be forever the best artist and singer. Thank you for sharing with us your amazing talent. We miss you :'(

Monkey boo boo - Mj

I went to a (fake) Mj live thing in Vegas and I just hated it but then I went to another one in Mexico and loved it it was because of the white face in vagas and I was little now I'm so sad and want to go to a real Mj show.I believe MICHAEL JAKSON is the most talented man on earth and he should never ever be forgotten!💗😭

Aohna - AWESOME!!!

I've had this album ever since i was nine! I love it soo much! Thank you for the music MJ! For those that just want to pick a few songs, here are my suggestions: Buy: -Bad -Thriller -Beat It -Blame It On The Boogie -ABC -Leave Me Alone -Can You Feel It -Off the Wall

LOL$$$??????$?!!!!!(),;?$) - Will not play😡😡😡😡

I keep trying to play it but it will not play!!!😡😡😡😡😡

19tyler86 - The best Michael Jackson collection out there.

This is the best Michael Jackson greatest hits you’ll find for a reasonable price (unless you want to shell out money for “The Ultimate Collection”). It’s the only collection on a single or double CD that contains hits from The Jackson 5, The Jacksons, and Michael’s solo career released in North America. Pretty much all of the big hits are on here, although some are mysteriously missing such as “I’ll Be There”, “Dancing Machine”, “Mama’s Pearl” and “Scream” (which is strange because the full album version of “Dangerous” is on here when it wasn’t on even a single). Its inclusion is most likely because Michael performed “Dangerous” quite a bit and it is a well-known song amongst his fan base for that reason. But for this to take precedence over the aforementioned missing hits is a bit odd. I also agree with other reviewers that some more hits from “HIStory” and “Invincible” could have been included on here for a more well-rounded perspective. But as with all greatest hits packages, this is marketed towards casual fans and not hardcore fans like me. And it contains all of the huge signature MJ hits that need to be on here, so on that note it succeeds. I buy every Michael Jackson release, and even though I own all of these songs on other releases, this is a nice addition to my collection. I personally like the use of radio edits for a lot of songs because the album versions for some (such as “Will You Be There”) are a little too long for my liking.

MARISSA j ELLIS - 5 stars for the music // 3 stars for iTunes.

I purchased and downloaded this and 5 of the Jackson songs still say album only and won't download :(


You are an amazing singer this is the best album RIP Michael

MjMichaelJackson - Love it

MJ u rock my world😄❤

bkdb - Classic funky fun

Groovie fun

Nalanda Panda - mj

omg i am 62 cents short from buying this album!!!!!!!!!!! :(((

Gagaluva321 - Shake Your Body

Let's dance! Let's shout! Shake your body down to the ground! Love that song ❤❤❤👍 I love you more MJ.

samuel cam - Magnifique

Best music ever

Frfttggftf - Frrfrffgtbgdg


Bella7g - Amazing

this is an amazing album with an incredible selection of songs for a really good price. i highly recommend this album to everyone. you get 38 songs for 15 dollars, thats really good. michaels music will live forever.

kojo3524star1 - 100 Stars!

Micheal Jackson is the king not of only pop music but of the arts(singing,dancing,poetry etc) His music will touch hearts forever

ToonKitten - Epic

There is not a song on this album that you can't dance to. In the ipod, in the car, wherever you listen to Michael, it just makes your day better :D Especially P.Y.T. (pretty young thing), that song makes you move!

Rosaalie002 - R.I.P M.Jaaackson :(

This album is very nice ! We luv u M.J

MolllBalll - Oh my poopin MJ

I am super obsessed with MJ, Jackson 5, all of the Jacksons, and Prince. This is a great album and let's make his music live longer than Justin Bieber! Even though Justin Bieber is one of the most talented boy in the world MJ is the one for me!

Elvis Livs - he will live on

Stevie Wonder said it perfectly during the Jazz Fest in Montreal: There will be a lot of ridiculousness coming out about Michael Jackson, but the real way to make him live on is through his music. He proceeded to pay tribute to him for most of the show.

0989 - Great Music

Wow!! i love his music!! He's the best!! R.I.P MJ

Galaxy Chaos - Michael is da king!!!!(of the world)

Absolutly love the energy put into his voice! I just have to sing along like every time. I cried so much when he passed away. Let us all respect his music and dreams! Go watch 'this is it' on the 28 th of October! It should be great!

r5678 - Riiiiiiiiipppppp MJ

Goooooooood album buy it. My he rest in peace. Such a troubled man..............

Mirkamal - Thank you

Thank you MJ. Thank you for your love message, your unbelievable moon walk performance, thank you for the music. Jesus was here with us again and we didn't know. Thank you.

Sturgie - Great cd

Such an amazing performer... This cd is great most of his and Jackson 5's best songs... Where's say say say with Paul McCartney?

Robby Lu - I'll miss him.

Even though Michael was a very troubled man, he was an exceptional Musician, Songwriter, and dancer.

paumier - Super !

Billy Jean rappelle de beaux souvenirs de ce génial Michael ! Comme le dit Stevie Wonder, ne nous attachons qu'à la musique de Michael. Je rajoute que sa musique constitue son cadeau à l'humanité. Adieu !

Rndysgrl27 - Forever Yours

Inspiration...Hope...Freedom...Love. Simple things which he has planted in our hearts. I hope your dancing in the heavens with Princess Di and your graciousness shines down on us all. I believe the world is about to enter a sad depression, new wars are being created, but to live in fear is not living at all. We should just dance....

anishinabae - Keep dancing ....

He may be gone ... but he'll keep the world dancing and singing through his music.

TerriJL - RIP

He may have coined the term for himself, but he truly is and always will be the King of Pop.

Karl-Frédéric Anglade - Classic

If you haven't buy any Michael album... those are the classic of Michael.

BuryMe - Why not assemble it yourself?

This is really a great collection of music. But in the world of digital distribution, this is not much more than a playlist. You may aswell pick out your favourite MJ songs and make your own playlist of exactly what you'd like to hear. It is also worth noting that many of the songs in this collection are radio edits or are cut down for some reason. It is disappointing that they aren't really the complete songs.

Liked some/Hated some. - Amazing

Would give more stars if I could

unoccupiedirl - a masterpiece

a legend. but if you want to know the TRUTH about michael listen to HIStory

Flag2010 - Good


Xgeeck - Amazing but price

The album is great has good songs but the price £12 just get the cd for £2.99

The cool bean - The best

The best you can get

TaraS666 - I can’t download the songs

I have purchased the album but I can’t download the songs even though I have enough storage

Applehead1. - Excellent collection! A True Legend🎵👑🎩

Should have had a few more songs from the 'History' & 'Blood on the dance floor' era but this album is absolutely Fantastic. This album really does sum up what TALENT IS! It Is a super place to strart for new MJ listeners, I know I started here then went on to other albums such as HIStory & Invincible. Thanks for the greatness Michael.

Lolololliplkjjkoollookkkk - Awesome

Michael Jacksons music shall be remembered. His music is amazing.

Jacob love music - Michael Jackson (DANGEROUS)

Can't wait for Dangerous 25th Anniversary coming out in September 2016

Starwars2k16 - A true legend

I loved listening to his music when I heard he died I was shocked R.I.P King of pop

Andy2356 - Ripped off 😡😡😡

Paid for this album was meant to be 38 songs on it I've only got 17!!!! Fuming just doesn't cover it!!! 😡😡😡

User 9000000 - Awesome

I always love Michael Jackson!!!!

MJ's-Baby - MJ's Baby

Fantastic album by The One and Only King of Pop Mr Michael Joe Jackson. Long Live the King !!!!!!! BELIEVE

Swh-pmh - Amazing Album

Fantastic album, simply sums up his trumendous career! I LOVE IT!! 🎵🎵🎧🎤🎵🎵 R.I.P MJ, your music will always be remembered! 🎵🎵

St Albanian BJCMO - LEGEND!!!

Amazing TALENT! RIP MJ! ❤️

ShelbyRobinson - Amazing

Such an amazing album. What a talented singer. R.I.P to the king of pop.

Kierangames1490 - AMAZING!!!!!

And It's All The Original Songs!!!!!!! R.I.P Michael Jackson You Were The Worlds Hero.

Davie 105 - Great content and price

Great content and price RiP

efwerhqcfuiyi - Rip

Such an amazing man! Best pop singer of all time R.I.P.

cheesetoast1 - michael jackson

wow-best mj collection ever.just bought it from i-tunes-£10.In august this year,£6? hmmm....that's the only thing i am not chuffed about..

worluck - Great music for a great price!

38 classic Michael Jackson songs for only £6??? See iTunes? THIS is how to sell music!

Tony Sharma - Great selection

Filled with the best of his songs!

Kojohd - Mj

Best artist & album pop legend don't think anyone can achieve what he has done rip a true legend

Jonesy99988877mcfc - Bargain

Can't believe how many quality songs u get for the price, jacko was a very very strange person, but the best entertainer,dancer,singer, songwriter that ever lived. Decades ahead of his time

Connor King 10191 - Legend

Love this album

Adiza Koroma - Amazing


OanaGreti - Timeless

One of the greatest entertainer of all times!

monkeyman051188 - Brilliant singer, R.I.P MJ

Brilliant album, got soo many songs for a great price n saving a bundle with this buy

Beardo90 - Ace

RIP to a propper amazing man

BChudry - Michael Jackson

This album is so good I love it so much awesome songs

Johnnewman - The best

Michale Jackson is the best

StoriANXIA - Nostalgic

Rest easy king 💯🏆😇👑

stuff ya know - Mj rules

Mj is da king of music and the best singer who ever lived; rest In peace.🕊

KatDite - All hail THE KING OF POP, ROCK & SOUL!


Jhgfgh,kj - 🐐

where’s I’ll be there

Ashlee Siobhan - The most talented man ever. Forever missed. ♥️♥️♥️

I love you, Michael! I brought your album even through I have Spotify. I love your music so much, your talent is forever admirable. The media is disgusting and I feel sick to my stomach on the way you were treated then and now. Michael, I truly pray that you are in a happier place now. You are too brilliant and sincere for this world. Rest In Peace. 😭♥️ xoxo

bye hghghg - MJ we will miss you

Love all the songs rip MJ I wish I went to one of your concerts 😭 I can sing all your songs

Omgily xooo - Microsoft


LuLuLisey - Love


Hi_Again - RIP

The very best music from the best singer. where is they dont care about us though? You will be missed MJ

Baldisndv - Amazing!!

This is the best album I've ever bought! I listen to it every time I'm on my phone because there's such a variety of tracks.

Fluka99 - King Of Pop

Michael Jackson is an amazing artist, I am only 13 and I was listening to his music when I was 6 years old, it inspired me and still inspires me to this day. R.I.P

kamhemgoh - R.I.P Jackson

You are best ever!

Thatsemma - Too good

What a genius!

Redcrows10 - Mj

Rip missed two song on mine

Pakman78 - King of pop!

Yes, just sometimes he nails it!

Kebabs get - BUY THIS ALBUM

i am so loving this album of music and there is a reason why they call him the king of pop R.I.P

Djsnake170 - RIP 😢 king of pop

Michael Jackson is the best singer ever. Every song is a winner. Rest in peace king of pop

Sir tbaggins - Pedo


DRW1964 - Brilliant work not lost.

This is truly great work not lost in all the hype long live MJ.

coldfuse101 - Legend

Perfect album 10 out of 10 he will be missed

Jack W. Dunstan - A great collection

Why are you reading reviews? You should already know that this is a 5 star album. A generous collection of Michael's biggest hits and fan favourites. A must have for any music fan.

Matt iskander - Out of this world.

A gift from God. We were truly blessed and he helped me through some very difficult times.

Haydow96 - I miss you.

My hero... Left such an amazing legacy behind, I miss him more and more everyday. Michael, your music and your smile are always here for me when I need it, I never met you or saw you live and I may only be 14 but you're my everything. I miss you and I love you so so much.

Bray Wyatt - R.I.P.

Rest in peace your a true inspiration to the world thank you for everything. Songs like man in the mirror, black or white, leave me alone and much more inspire heaps of people around the world thank you.

Dayo63 - Where are my songs

Probably the greatest artist ever. Will be sorely missed. Downloaded this great album but two songs ("You Are Not Alone" and "Bad") didn't come through although it says that I have them.

Garchomp lover - Take a look at yourself people who hate him!

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and change people that hate him his the man in mirror!

I like pink floyd - One of the greatest artists of all time

The legend club.Elvis,freddie mercury,john lennon, and michael jackson.

Melon6910 - RIP MJ

All his best songs from the jackson5 and when he was older are on this album. His music is inspirational and I recommend this album to anyone I think it's his best album but that's just my opinion. MJ fans buy this. Why isn't this rated 5 stars??? Love you MJ R.I.P

Zjzk123 - great but so much money!!!

wgy cant it be just like 13$ not!!!

Anjana :) - Go!

Go Michael Jackson cos u rock

Cthomas 77 - Love that dood

His music is one should hate him.

Lochieq - Blah

Michael Jackson's best album ever! It has all his best songs including my favorite Black or white! Pity MJ died. WE MISS YOU MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Widgemeister - Brilliant

Fantastic album with his best hits, although i recommend buying this at jb hi fi for only 10 bucks

Blair Singh - Classic, must buy!

If your a music lover then pick up the Essential: Michael Jackson Its worth it! 38 of his best and memorable songs

Jacob Dhnaram - we miss you

i really miss you michael

Fluffy83 - Luv n miss u Michael xx

Legend always!

Heartley - Thanks iTunes!

Great value for great songs. THANK YOU ITUNES!

Musicman:0 - King of pop

I'm so sad u died!!! ;( But your music is AWESOME!! I luv this album so much. Ahhh good memos.

beep bap - Best MJ Album Ever!

This is Defenently the best album by MJ in my lifetime 'cause it has all the hits by the king of pop on it!

Itawsome - Kewl

I heaps like MJs music, I have the disc but how do I get it free on iPod ? Thx

cupcakeninja98 - Miss the MJ

I miss MJ soooo much!! MJ was so young when he sang ABC, my school choir sang it our soriee on the date he died:(

Lulu hippo - Wow

Micheal Jackson is deffernaitly the king of pop and he always will be. His video clips of his are AMAZING!

Curious_George - The King Of Pop

like rememberance day, we will remember him not only for the music but for his talent! Rest in Peace Michael.

YukiPiku - I miss you

Michael Jackson was a great man, all the things the press says is wrong. They made it up for money. I love u mj, your talnted. I miss you heaps. The song gone too soon is so sad. It makes me cry everytime. Miss you mj. You were gone too soon <3 RIP I L.O.V.E you!

Olayoil - Man in the Mirror

Probably one of the best songs Michael Jackson ever sang. The content speaks to everyone.

Bagzzz - King of Pop will remain 4eva!

well, all I can say is that this album underlines his biggest hits! MJ will remain 4eva as the 'King Of Pop' and these songs show just why he is known as that. these are the most brilliant songs!. MJ is my fave singer!

MJFAN123 - i love yooh

what can i say? a pure genius..such a beautiful soul...we will miss you so much. i love this cd it gives you a bit of everything..i love them!!! no matter what the media says he will be the KING OF POP!!! R.I.P

Blongles - Rest In Peace

He's the best. Michael jackson was the true King Of Pop. All his songs are the best songs ever written. R.I.P Michael.....

Morganissuperawesome - OMG MICHAEL!!!!!!!!

This album was my very first and I love it is a must have for all mj fans!!!! RIP Michael you rock the world!!!!

Sam dyen - Awesome le cool

I love his songs

I met you... so unassuming! - Celebrate Michael!

Forever the best entertainer to ever live! Celebrate Michael by buying his music... ... he gave us his music ... let's give him the greatest legacy ever. Greatest sales ever!!!

Trimana - Best Michael Jackson Compilation

I recommend this for first time listeners and fans looking for a suitable king Of Pop compilation Contains Hits from Motown To Invincible It wouldn't have hurt to add They Don't Care About Us and Earth Song and blood on the Dance floor but it's still worth anyone's time it Essential!

R.IND - No one can compare

Nobody has a body of work like this. Incredible!

Pinheirense - Excelente

Melhor álbum do Michael!!! Sensacional!!! Imperdível!!!

iAppNator - =)

Heal the world!

Teca..teca- - ÚNICO

Simplesmente uma Paixão 💖💖💖👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖💖


Michael canta tão bem ele é perfeito, HE IS FLAWLESS LOVE U MJ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

arturoliveiram - ⭐️The King 👑

... ❤️

💕PandaGirl💕 - 💕💕💕💕

POR QUE VOCÊ MORREU ? ME DIZ ! Perfeito álbum!!! Não me arrependo!!! Ps- ele não morreu!

Andréllcosta - Sensacional!!!

As melhores deste gênio da música!!!

LucioGomes - Impressionante!

Um verdadeiro presente que eterniza o astro rei!

Queopardo2 - Excelente!!!!!!!!!

Melhor álbum que já ouvi!

.mgabrielm. - Album perfeito

O melhor album do Itunes

A.alves - Fantastico

Não tem palavras ... Espetacular

Muskletower - Michael Jackson The Legend !

1 dos vários álbuns ótimos dessa lenda.

Estrujulho - Sem top top

Top top top

llucaspimentel - Ótimo!

Só de estar escrito Michael Jackson nesse album ele já está feito,agora com todos seus sucessos desde Jackson 5 na Motown,The Jacksons, e depois sozinho..é perfeito para os fans e aqueles que gostam de soul a pop!

FPMDC - Excelente!

Realmente tudo o que importa de Michael Jackson está aqui. Dos Jacksons 5 aos mega-hits solos, do pop aos hinos humanitários passando pelos flertes com o Rock e o Rap, sempre com alta qualidade.


The way you make me feel


Ain't no body make me feel the way you make me feel... Darling tell me is it real??


@_deeevs You also never fail to make me feel the same way, even though u always tease me I know that I'm the most h…


stay a l i v e thank you. idk if my hospital will be able to provide it for me because they’re all the way probably…


the way you make me feel i swear i’ll never give you up 🥰


@ThatEricAlper The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson


@BreRaquelle: Saying shit like this will not make me feel sorry for you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


@BreRaquelle: Saying shit like this will not make me feel sorry for you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Saying shit like this will not make me feel sorry for you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


I make sure nobody ever feels the way i feel in the inside that’s why I’m such a good person /friend. You’ll never…


@06262019R i kinda hate that the same group i fucking hated and made me feel unwelcome at every fucking event in en…


I miss the way you used to make me feel


@squishyychenle: this video is my favourite because not only is chenle’s dance spectacular but also the chenlezens shouting for him make…


@dahliamutant Baby we can talk all night But that aint gettin us nowhere I told you everything I possibly can There…


Whenever people are confronted with the truth they look for ways to make you feel bad about themselves, when those…

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