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Cool Taylor pop - The best female pop star nowadays !

Great album even better that it’s ahas more songs on this one and she is a all time Grammy winner !🤩😎👍

wflyashlee - Best Album in Years

For all of you crying about pre-ordering the album, stop pre-ordering. You can buy it the day it comes out… it’s not like iTunes is going to run out of digital copies of the album… that’s the exact reason I don’t do the pre-order anymore. I’m not mad at Taylor for it either. She’s gotta make her money too. This album is amazing, some of her best work yet. Keep the hits coming Tay Tay! Thanks for another album full of bops and feels!

dayna polk - ❤️💙💚🇺🇸


reagandorton - 😍🌌🕰️

This album is INCREDIBLE- Taylor is able to step back into genres so effortlessly, and this album is no exception. Already one of her best. She constantly amazes me. Such a queen. 🙌🏻👑

VRvisuals - Kanye better


ry ry music - Nice


#oliviafan - Awsome

Anybody else want a would’ve could’ve should’ve music video or maybe a you’re on your own kid music video

pumblino - Its like ive Heard it before

Its like all her other albums. Ya hear one song and they all sound alike. No excitement here. Don’t see what the big woop is all about. All Her music is like nursery rhymes.

Lh0623 - Very nice!

I enjoyed a good bit of the songs.

Lck137 - Same old same old


hello373527 - Unique

Mix of 1989/reputation/evermore and a little bit of lover! Great

MirandaKendra236 - Hold My Beer

Record Execs: I bet no musician can make their fans NEVER preorder an album again. TS: Hold my beer!

Mallory Duitch - Mastermind

Amazing best production tbh amazing queen Taylor swift yayayay karma is a cat

MonFu - Mid


U2istrash - Meh

Stop making music

repl@yyyy - Garbage

This is trash. She doesn’t even sing, just hums over autotuned harmonies

Banacalfalata - Boo

Well I know she sucked, but you swifties are starting to see that she’s just doing this crap for more money at this point. Time to grow up and step over this artist.

Frederick Vigga - incredible album

i love it omgggggggggggg

OrangePeelNeilNeil - Worst album ever

Cmon who is listening to this garbage. Brainwashed people

sam anderson cooper - Everyone should buy and stream this album

I love it, her best pop album to date, it’s better than 1989 , I have never bought a physical album before, I will buy a vinyl of midnights

#2626/domino - It’s me hi I’m a reviewer!

If I could I would give this album 0 stars. It is awful I mean she can’t even write songs she is the worst who writes the lyrics that go like this ready? It’s me hi. It’s so stupid Taylor just give up already you we’re NEVER good and you will never be good so just go away!!!

Chilln Jilln - Shut up

Taylor Swift is such a F^€king dumbs-hit

ARP2010 - Hate new Taylor

Don’t like any of her new songs… all so fake

subwaysurfer117 - What’s happening

Yeah it’s a good album, but I feel she can’t put this album out after putting out things like fearless and red. She can do better

kidwhoadoresmusic - One of her best albums

This is such a well thought out album and the bouns tracks were a surprise on all of us I almost died it was my best release day I got to go to an album release party and got the lavender cd and the mahogany vinyl it was just such a great day Honorable mentions 1. Hits different 2. You’re on your own kid ( The bridge !!!!) 3. Would’ve could’ve should’ve ( give me back my girlhood line) 4. Maroon 5. Paris ( 1989 or lover vault track)!!!

daianaayelen94 - 2007 fan

I was a big Taylor Swift fan since her debut album… now I’m feeling like all she cares about is money. I’m glad I didn’t buy the album (like I normally did & id preorder) & bought select songs… she releases an album with the same song + some extra ones prompting people who already bought her first release to re-buy?? THEN days later releases another album (no warning) at target only with a “target exclusive song” & prompts everyone to buy the entire album AGAIN (a third time) for that one extra song we could only get if we buy the target copy?? (excluding the fact nobody uses CDs anymore)

GlassOnion_73 - 10 to many albums

Swift Retirement Needed Here ! 🤢🤢🤮🤑🤑🤑🤮🤮🤢

Bematation - More songs!

I love this! Like most of the songs on it. I wonder why she didn’t announce this. 🤷‍♂️

hyrule_legend - Explicit

I really like her music, but I wish her sings were less explicit. Like swearing is overrated. It’s for people who feel insecure. Other than they the album is ok.

barbieringz - Love this album no skips

Literally this whole album is no skips its non stop bops 4 dayz anyways congrats Taylor Swift for this amazing album

Elliott vw bug - Money grabbing cop out_____

The fact that there are six versions of this crap is just hilarious people buy it because it’s Taylor Swift that’s it definitely not worth putting six different versions out This came out the same day as The Sand Dolls “my way or the Highway” and I prefer that release over this miss when Taylor was an underground artist with things to offer

TheEmme8 - Same old sound

Everything sounds the same.

historyfan1863 - Antihero

I love this song!!!

Breanne Alwxandwr - Pretty

It is a good Album. I am watching you for 16 years She is so pretty

VRNPCA - The other Tay

Mehhh I think Evermore was better album

Grapeape5150 - Garbage

If I could give it no stars I would, this is garbage made by an even worst artist if you want to call it that.👎🏿👎🏿

Redcollege - Overrated

Taylor Swift has the most loyal fans that always skyrocket her albums to number 1. No idea why. I’m not even a country fan and I liked her better as a country artist. Plus her fans will spend money they don’t have on all the different releases of the same album. Not kind to people who got her where she is today. Stop paying and maybe she’ll stop doing it? 🤷‍♀️

ChelsKP - Mid

The whole thing just sounds bland and… underwhelming? So much fuzz about it and it ended up being a 3.5/5 at best. And I’ve been swimming in the swift sea for a looong time…

doofdee - Amazing editions to the regular album !!

The 3am tracks are absolutely amazing and fit the theme of the album perfectly. Each song is unique and adds so much to the regular album! I do wish they would’ve released this at the same time as the normal album, as i had to buy both, but this album is great!

Nice change of pace - stupid

Usually on the song clips, they give the best part of the song in order to lure you to buy it. This is so crap to listen to and people are stupid enough to fall for it? Give me 1989 all over again...

rtfifsjjr - Banger

Midnights is a absolute banger by far the best tay tay album

Akroae - ?


CareBear0606 - Excellent album 💿

This is the perfect album to drive around and chill with; I love every track! Taylor, you did it again! ♥️

mmmsjenekke... - ehh

kinda overrated ngl everyones raving abt her new album but its really not even that great no hate to taylor tho i love her

kaulhilo - Best album!

Too many ppl hating on midnights for the stupidest stuff omg sorry you don’t get her like I do... 10/10

Melomaniac_1 - Only time

I knew it was just a matter of time before her music started to get crappy. This album proves it, once you add all those red E's you can't sing anymore.

natalielaurenm09 - Awful

It’s like listening to the same 2 songs over and over again. This is awful and it’s laughable that she’s won any awards for this music.

arryowl - Way to go 😔😭

Why, just why does the album have to be $14?? It only has 21 songs! $10 is understandable but, $14? No!!

chfjvhv - I don’t know

I like Taylor Swift but this album just isn’t that great… at all, besides anti-hero that one’s ok she’s done better before.😞 I’d rather spend my money on a hotdog and drink at Costco, LOL 🙃

AStarFromHeaven - A


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About Anti-Hero [Taylor Swift] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Taylor Swift, album Midnights (3am Edition), song Anti-Hero, released date 21 October 2022. Listening and fast downloading online to Anti-Hero - Taylor Swift mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift mp3 download listen Anti-Hero direct download Anti-Hero mp3 #anti-hero

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