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"Don't Stop Believing'" is a classic rock anthem and power ballad by the American rock band Journey. The song debuted on their 1981 album Escape. The song is considered by many to be the band's signature song. The song is well known for its lyrics and its distinctive chorused piano introduction, described by Allmusic as "one of the best opening keyboard riffs in rock." The song has been included in many TV shows and movies, including The Sopranos, Family Guy, Glee, Scrubs, and the movie Bedtime Stories. It is also frequently played at Detroit Red Wings hockey games, with the music being cut during the line "born and raised in south Detroit" so that the entire arena can sing in unison. The song reached #8 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart, and #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It also peaked at #62 on the UK singles chart. In 2006, it was ranked as the 11th greatest song of the list of the 100 greatest songs of the '80s by VH1. It is the most downloaded song not released in the 21st century of all time in the iTunes Music Store and was the 72nd most downloaded song of 2008 in the store, over 27 years after its release. The song is one of the most popular rock tracks in Ireland and continues to remain in the top ten most downloaded songs. Download Journey - Don't Stop Believin' MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Don't Stop Believin' MP3 file uploaded on June 3rd, 1981.

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Journey - Don't Stop Believin' MP3 Comments & Reviews

:);)4545 uni - LOVE

💜 i’m twelve this is GOOD music!! Of course I am a jam skater so I love 70’s 80’s 90’s music LOVER so it’s whatever...

Hollymomof4 - Classic

My fav album ever!!!!! Can’t beat classic (Steve Perry) Journey!!

Indorapter_boss360🦖🐊 - “For the young”and the old

Ever since I knew what journey is I’ve loved their songs. The ones that I’ve loved the most are their “greatest hits”album . I want journey to keep going. Their journey of rock. So they can keep their touch.

dudjfndj - Classic

One of the best bands ever. Don’t stop believing is one of my favorite songs (if not number 1) of all time.

🎶Sam🎶 - I suggest this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love this album it has all the songs I love ❤️!

readmyrevieworelse - Why do songs cost money

It really does not make sense that songs cost money I think that is stupid you need to buy songs that is so stupid in my opinion ONE STAR CAUSE OF MONEY


BEST. SONG. EVER. End of discussion. And also, Worlds Apart may also be the best song ever.

Bryder - OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 10 year old thinks Separate ways is AWSOME!!❤️😁

stuff I want back - Don’t stop believen’

Hold on to that feeeeeeellllinng

Bulays boy - Don’t stop believing or listening

When I listen to journey it takes me back to the good old times of the 80s, am I right?

marycmarchi - Hey

Great singer love it 🥰 was awesome day

Sodakoala11963 - Journey read this:

O my gosh I love your song separate ways and my sister danced to that song for high school and I just love it

Bordeaux61 - 😴

Boring! Really boring.

texas chainsaw addict - Absolutely brilliant

This is by far my favorite band never disappoints me even going back years later

Biancatoscano9 - Amazing

Still amazing to this day

Cory ch - The best

You must have this collection of Journey music. So many hits and all around great music.

MyButts - 31 years later...

Still good

KISSwoody - Volume I?

This collection is amazing. But there are SO many great Journey deep cuts and minor hits that are missing here. This easily could have been a 2 CD set. Love it all the same...

Lifts shut - This is a must have

Its just so classic and they dont have any bad songs

guardianscout - Wheal in da ski

This is life

Mal rae - ❤️❤️❤️

Queen is the best!!!!! Long live queen!!!

JuJu_SMith-ScHusTer19 - Favorite band on planet Earth

Journey is so awesome, Steve Perry has one of the best rock n roll voices out there, and here’s a list of all his biggest songs. What’s not to love

Philosopher Blue in Green - A Moment in Time

Journey with Steve Perry is timeless...if you don’t know this, you’re glib.

GamerArchry - Man.

If you dont swell up with emotions while listenin to dont stop believin, then you have no soul.

FiFI12345 - 🔥🔥

Still a bop

Zombieguy007 - 5/5

Best bands ever!!!

SewZQ - Remastered

All of these iTunes Journey albums have neen remastered with Arnel, nowhere does it state that and this is misrepresentation! I am angry!!!! Unacceptable if I wanted Journey with Arnel I would by the new stuff! I wanted Steve Perry. I want my money back and "Journey Official" and iTunes need to let the public know thesehave been remasterd with Arnel's voice

cmssdme - Steve Perry⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best singer of ALL TIME!!

Cyntnia88888 - Awesome music

Awesome music great voice big fan music and video music not a fan anymore

Stormin' P - Classic 80's

Great music for young and old--takes us older folks back to the college days of the 80's.....this is Journey at its absolute best--with Steve Perry. Journey without Steve Perry is, well, not Journey (with due respect to the current frontman). Steve Perry has one of the best rock voices of all time, and he shines on this collection.

artconroy - Ten years ago


SKB-SKB - All of the reviews are 10 years old!!

Oh man, this is classic ballad rock, Perry's full amazing voice and tender beautiful lyrics. This band is still relevant after all of these years, they stood the test of time. Listen to this with Steve Perry as the one and only frontman the greatest of all time. Recently inducted into the rock hall of fame these guys so deserve it. My heart will always be forever young and forever in love with Steve Perry and Journey

alfredo z - You are my

Nfo bvf

Katiealstatt8998 - Love this classic

This is a must have if your a glee fan

ZackaryWilliamColley - You have to get this!!!!

Iv downloaded the album and I listen to it every day and I blast this music on my Bluetooth speakers! And sounds great! I'm only 13 and Im in love with every album they made even without Steve perry!!!!

Larry Harro - AMAZING

Amazing album...the 80s and 90s music were..I mean are the best 😎😎😎

Richman Cole97 - Journey is one of the best

I love this album they did it an did it right Steve Perry god bless all of you y'all deserve being we're y'all are at now

Tanner Bo nanner - Favorite Band

Absolutely Love Journey

LuisLD15 - Best album ever

Greatest hits from greatest band


Journey is so bad and cringey


It's journey could you really go wrong 🤔...NO! MUST HAVE

HashtagAipom - Love it!!

Don't stop believing is my life. Just sayin'.

Monster man#1 - Best

Perfect that s all I got to say

Johnny C 72 - The best of all time

This is the greatest Greatest Hits album of all time. Brings back so many good memories.

Jone 123456789 - Love

Made me feel better when I was sad

LoL Pickle LoL - I love it

Great song! One of the best I have ever heard

Schmuckle77 - Really?

Seriously, people. If you can find pre-Perry Journey, you'll change your mind. This is their sell-out phase. They were at their best in the seventies.

Tinaarenas - Don't stop believing!

I am 27 I love listening to don't stop believing.

Matt_sermini - You will know every song!

This album is one of the greatest I've ever heard. Make sure to follow my IG at matt_sermini and my snapchat at Matthew.sermini

Syd2000+ - Unbelievable

Steve Perry's voice is renowned for being the best rock singer of all time, and I wholeheartedly agree. It's so clear, flawless, and beautiful. I love all of these songs, and I'll give a shoutout to my personal favorites, Any Way You Want It and Don't Stop Believin'. I love love love Journey!!!

Tilstrom - Journey. NUFF SAID.

It's Journey's Greatest Hits. If you're a fan of the band, you're guaranteed to love it. If you've never heard of them until now, you'll be zealous in no time. Enjoy.

Cap2412 - Great Selection

This is a great selection of songs. I now know why Steve Perry is called The Voice. This is great value for money at $9.99 . It is also remastered very well .


Great Band WE always get ripped of in OZ from Apple.

Hattusilis - Are you kidding on price?

$6.99 overseas (i.e. US) and $19.99 in Australian store!

Cade shak - Where have they gone?

Ok this album is incredible, but what ever happened to them?

Chops rox - Cool album

this is such a gd album and i love it soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan_bfr - Muito bom

Hollywood o sucesso !!!

jbimgomes - Muito bom!

Journey é perfeito pra curtir as baladinhas antigas! Recomendo!


Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’ (UNICEF Won’t Stop) via @YouTube




No sé si el "Huelum" aplique 🤭 o si no, "Don't stop believin' " de Journey. 🤢


@mikethewheeler: don’t stop believin is a powerful song


someone is singing don't stop believin' very loudly rn (11:49pm) and feeling god


@djsanoeri: 新メンバーがまさかの大御所2人😳 チャリティのためにリモート演奏♪ Journey | Don’t Stop Believin, - UNICEF: We Won’t Stop Fundraising Event …


@CirculoMusica: Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’ (UNICEF Won’t Stop) @YouTubeより 最幸♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪


@yoko_fls: 新生Journeyの、Don't Stop Believin' やっぱり名曲😭 ギターソロたまらん😭


1. Queen - We are the Champions 2. Bon Jovi - Livin’ on a Prayer 3. Journey - Don’t stop Believin 4. Neil Diamond -…


@HAOYAGI5: 😊😊😊夏らしくなって来て気分も上々‼️25日に解除になるからまた楽しい日々を過ごせるなァ😄でも気をつけないとまた感染リスクはあるからね...ジャーニーの曲でも聴いて気分一心⁉️(出来るか...😅) Journey - Don't Stop Bel…


クーデターという後味の悪い事件の決着。何はともあれ「Don't Stop Believin'」は良い曲です♪|ジャーニー 新ベーシスト&ドラマー発表、新ラインナップのパフォーマンス映像公開 - amass


it’s so funny to me that jonathan cain has “co-wrote don’t stop believin’” in his bio like bro that was 40 years ago


glee version of don’t stop believin still givin me chills in 2020


@ThatEricAlper: Journey Reveals New Six-Piece Band In "Don't Stop Believin'" Charity Performance


@ThatEricAlper: Journey Reveals New Six-Piece Band In "Don't Stop Believin'" Charity Performance

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Journey, album Greatest Hits, song Don't Stop Believin', released date 03 June 1981. Listening and fast downloading online to Don't Stop Believin' - Journey mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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