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Download Joe Diffie - Pickup Man MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Pickup Man music file uploaded on July 26th, 1994.

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Joe Diffie - Pickup Man MP3 Comments & Reviews

🙄🙄🙄😡 - RIP Mr Diffie

His music is so amazing he will be missed I hope they do prop him up beside the jukebox with a beer in his hand (not a corona beer) lol sorry I couldn’t resist

baxterdave - LEGEND!!

Thanks for all the songs from when i was growing up. RIP Joe Diffie, you will be missed.

Ipodpasstime - The question remains

Will they prop him up beside the juke box now? Or will they deny his last request

vwritter - Memories

Many of these songs bring back memories growing up listening to the FM radio while driving around with my Dad and brother. Awesome music, cheers to the good old days.

VFam2222111444555500008292002 - dated

it’s so dated it needs a more modern sound.

COOLTXGUY - Country Legend

We’ll Joe it took dying to go to number one! Sad but True! That’s the world for ya! R.I.P. Brotha!

VA1980 - Legend

Anyone who loved country music in the 90’s knew and usually loved Joe Diffie’s music. I grew up listening to him and he has always been one of my favorite artists. You will definitely live on through your music. Rest In Peace Mr. Diffie, a true Country Music Legend. 🙏🏻

Elice G - RIP

Glad we still have his music. A true talent will be missed

Babsac - The memories....

I remember these songs like it was yesterday . Great country music from back befor the pop country movement really took over

Jeffrocephus - Great Music

Always liked Joe Diffie's music and listening to this takes me back to a better time and place.

EYDavis22 - Jason Aldean hits the nail on the head. I hope Joe makes a cameo in Athens!

Finished high school in '94. Rode the strip at the June Jam with this on rewind (had the tape). Great album. Great memories. Joe never took himself too seriously--made his songs more fun instead of some Kenny Cheney or Tim McGraw serious nonsense...but then Joe turns around and pulls off 'ships that don't come in"...a song that's dying for a remake. Here's hoping Aldean's 1994 helps joe sell some records.

Manscony - Joe Joe Joe Diffie

Joe Diffie was a pimp for sure in his time

NavyBassTeam - Joe Diffee 16 Greatest Hits Album

Gets a #1 Top Rating From the (Original)NavyBassTeam. Nothing more relaxing than listening to JD when we are out on the water and traveling between tournaments. Signed kjb Founder/CEO

LeftBehindFan - Great Album!

I love this album and unlike most albums, there are no weak fill-in songs. I would reccomend Ships That Don't Come In, Third Rock From the Sun, and It's Always Somethin' as being my favorites and must haves.

musicfan2222 - Good Greatest Hits CD

This album contains 16 great songs, and it is the best introduction to Joe Diffie's music. There are a few other "Greatest Hits" cds out there, but they generally contain fewer songs. This collection also does a good job alternating between Diffie's novelty numbers and his more serious songs. Diffie is best known for his humorous songs, but this "16 Biggest Hits" contains some great material that shows his serious side.

PianoMan - A Great Collection

Joe Diffie should get a Nobel Prize for his hits and this collection will show that he is one of the best singers of the 90s.


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About Pickup Man [Joe Diffie] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Joe Diffie, album 16 Biggest Hits: Joe Diffie, song Pickup Man, released date 26 July 1994. Listening and fast downloading online to Pickup Man - Joe Diffie mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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