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"Mistaken for Strangers" is a single from The National's 2007 fourth studio album Boxer. The track was named #92 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007. Download The National - Mistaken for Strangers MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Mistaken for Strangers MP3 file uploaded on April 30th, 2007.

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The National - Mistaken for Strangers MP3 Comments & Reviews

DonAngel89 - Perfect

One of the greatest albums of all time! This album is perfect

danpolov - One of the Best of its Time

Having first heard this album in my early 30's, I've never quite had an album that quite spoke to me and the existential crises that some men go through prior to middle age. The music just seemed so relevant to my generation. Working a job, self-importance, accepting your place in the world, liking your place in the world, missing friends, finding love, keeping love, losing love, trying to understand oneself...this album speaks to it all. And does so with brilliantly written and executed musical score. The little subtle notes, the lyrics, the baritone will all haunt you and you'll ask for more. Even one of the bonus tracks, Blank Slate, has such eloquent guitar and bass you'll wonder why it's not on the regular release. But having a listen to that will tell you why: it's a brilliant album as it is.

Chesseton - This album...

This album reminds me of up-state NY, not sure why, never will. This group is one of my favorite bands of all time. They manage to provide a whole different type of alternative from anything I've ever heard, and is certainly the best. I think the three best songs are fake empire, Slow show and gospel.

litespeed6 - What a great Album

Get a great set of headphones and listen to the layered depth. What a great album.

kriscia contreras - Amazing

Absolutely love them

geismaka - WowWowWowWow!!!!

Matt Berninger's voice is amazing, and the songs are amazingly planned.

Pretty much amazing!! - Beautiful

This album makes me cry

joshMrNovember - Beautiful

This is the album you listen to during a solo drive on a late-fall night. It's moody, it's haunting and just flat out one of the best albums of the past few years.

cjmart29 - Great album

That is all.

wenveei - 5*

This band is a band that will live through the ages. There are so many meaningful songs by the national. If you don't like them don't listen to them. Me on the other hand, I will listen to their songs for the rest of my life !

stevesteele.com - A band that is riding the final dying moments of the last wave....

Take a dab of unwanted Interpol tracks and mix them with a few Death Cab unwanted tracks and you have The National. You can always sense when a style of music is about to go out of fashion - when bands write what sounds like bad songs from previously hugely influential bands (which are now themselves a bit long in the tooth). This is a good example. Time for a new style of music. When I heard "Turn On The Bright Lights", "Absolution" and "Transatlanticism", I was hearing the world changing and I grew as a result of it. But this is at the end of that era and I feel nothing from this.

AML430 - One Of My Favorites

An exceptionally well put together album. Every song on it I would give at least 3 stars. Furthermore, each song's themes tie into a greater album-wide theme, which very few artists are able to do. The National is my favorite modern band, and this is my favorite album by them. Not everyone is talented enough to create a great album; Popular music today puts out some great singles, but rarely is there a great album like Boxer.

itmustbebobby - Great stuff

This is the first National album I've ever listened to—off the strength of "Fake Empire"—and it's all excellent. I especially love "Slow Show."

Jay's House of Reviews - What a voice.

Just listen to this album for a while. Matt Berninger's voice is literally hypnotic. It's trancelike in its stunning ability to convey the wonderful lyrics that exist throughout this album. "Guest Room", "Apartment Story," "Mistaken for Strangers"...there is not a bad cut in the bunch. Play this album for a while and I guarantee that you will forget everything and be swept into the dark noir world of...THE NATIONAL.

Jhende24 - Best find in years.

This was one of those albums that sort of makes you stop whatever you are doing and just listen. That's rare these days. There is some complexity to the music, to the lyrics, and a voice you have to hear. The whole album is great, but my favorite tracks are Start A War, Fake Empire, Blank Slate, Squalor Victoria, and Racing Like a Pro. Also, check out Soho Riots and Looking For Astronauts. I don't remember what album that's on. Really, it's one of those bands you could miss on a first short listen, truly the more you hear the more you want to hear. I love them because of the depth and quality of the depth. Outstanding. I bought 1,005 albums in 2010, this is my favorite and the only one I bothered to write a review for.

Tdm2601 - Fantastic

First album ive listened to twice in a row in a long time. Way too long. Pure, beautiful music.

indie.rock.kid. - One of the best bands of the decade.

The concept of their music is subtle, understated, and some may say boring. It is the alienation of society, the social awkwardness at cocktail parties, the traveling away from home, the drifting apart from friends. It is also the death cry of a workaholic, a mourning for the loss of Victorian romance in the modern world, a reflection on the traumas of war, and the lack of knowing what the hell I'm on this world for. In short, it's a mid-life crisis set to beautiful orchestration. But it's not just that. It's also a toast to the hardship, the depression, the hangovers, and the broken relationships. It's the realization that throughout this wall of sadness and misery, when happiness can be found, it has to be celebrated. Nothing states this concept more than "Boxer".

ThirstyFish - The soundtrack to your life, sensitive hipster

Seriously good music if you're a sensitive hipster and you want to pretend like someone is making an independent movie about you. "Start a War" could play quietly over the scenes where the love of your life dumps you and you begin your token, introspective walk through the pouring rain. The track "Gospel" could power disturbing shots of you stalking her around Seattle, while the intensely beautiful and haunting track "Green Gloves" would make great montage music to be played over scenes where you plod on through a typical workday, despite your broken heart. The lyrics "like a little drop of ink in a glass of water" would perfectly frame mundane, vaguely symbolic visuals like your foggy commute, the crowded elevator ride and the atmospheric break room cast in flickering florescent light. Audiences will captivated by your raw emotion but will the love of your life come back to you in the end? No, of course not. In reality you're a delusional weirdo.... but with great taste in music.

Allison Brennan - Lovely Addiction

This was the first National album I bought. I always thought that this was "slow burn" music until I listened to their Bonaroo concert on NPR and absolutely fell in love. It's just perfect - amazing energy.

Cudalicious - ohmygod slow show is so amazing

In my opinion I think slow show is one of the most brilliant songs...and i listen to punk music....

Man from Thunderbolt - Boxer

Damn good album! Fantastic voice. Good lyrics. Excellent drums. Every song on the album is good. I'll be coming back for more.

J.M. Harper - Patience

I saw The National open live for Arcade Fire a few years back, and the baritone vocals disappeared into the subs. I wrote the band off as sub-par. When I actually listened to the album, I was more than pleasantly surprised. "Boxer" is a phenomenal album - poetic, brooding, intimate without saccharine. Buy it and get to know it - requires a few listens to settle into you, but you'll never be able to forget it.

DennisxDaring - Growing

This music grows and grows on you!

fiorano mugello - Amazing music

I love melodic music with difficult arrangements.this album and high violet are beyond playable over and over. This band is original and complex you will hear things new every tome you listen.if you like music with a mind try this album

Smoothsta - Great band

This album is a grower so if it doesnt hit you at first it will smack you in the face around the 10th spin. But then comes the real surprise, it smacks you in the face again around the 50th spin. Double smack, near perfect album. Boxer > High violet > Alligator > SSFDL

clcole - Confidence

First listen, I felt a little off. Then I kept listening and I kept finding different lyrics or noises- like little surprises. This is not an alubm you can appreciate fully from a first listen, so don't write it off too early. It's a great album.

MimiChica - This album made me a fan.

After hearing Fake Empire in a friends car on a random Saturday night, this album has yet to lose it's hold on me. What can fairly be called a sedate and morose record somehow fills me with as much hope as it does sadness. Every song is beautifully, painfully human and hits something at the core of human existence - a longing that never quit lets up. Every subsequent listening of Boxer uncovers a new layer of emotion, a random lyric previously missed that hits you out of nowhere. It's enough to make you wish every band could be as truthful, as honest, and as just plain amazing as The National.

raaaaaaachel - I love them. I love them. I love them.

I saw these guys at Virgin FreeFest last year and didn't give them enough credit because I was dehydrated and wanted to see Girl Talk. However, their songs are incredibly beautiful. Every single song has reached the 100s in my play count. They have a very unique sound.

Poonkey - spectacular

This is quite simply, one of the greatest records of recent times. The National really outdid themselves with this one, and it's apparent as you listen to the other records. "Alligator" is good, "Boxer" is incredible, "The National" is pretty good, "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers" has it's moments, and I hate to say, but "High Violet" just falls compared to Boxer. Boxer is just the right mix of everything. The slow moments aren't aggravating, and there is always something to interest the ear. This is the National, possibly as good as they'll ever get. Tracks 13 and 14 are bonus, btw. Buy this album.

manleydanley - Why am i just now finding this band?

I love finding new great music (to me), even if its not what i am used to. this band was like finding a diamond. its honestly just fantastic music. you could spend a week alone digesting just the lyrics. Not to mention the incredible music that fills the air around them. im not going to babble on about how great they are. i just want to say that i love a very wide range of music, and this band struck a chord deep down. if you life deep music, check hem out.

NAESONE - Garbage

check out INTERPOL's TURN ON THE BRIGHT LIGHTS or BOWS AND AAROWS by THE WALKMEN if you want good neW yorK music... the national are garbage don't waste your money...

oh_its_love_ - LOST

For any one who is a fan of ABC's LOST, this album is for you. I was finishing up the last few episodes of season 5 last night and when I was finished put this album on, and noticed, every emotion conveyed from lost, is on this album. I cannot explain it any more than that. This album is real, and that is one of the few words I believe sums it up.

20Hzto20kHz - From Mozart to Timberlake and everything between...

This is one of my favorite albums! It's beautiful, original and never gets old!!! LOVE

Getdeadyoung - Behold

Mature. True. Heartbreaking. Loss. Gain. Humility. Want. All wrapped in simplicity on the the surface. But as in life there are deeper emotions swimming. Their music is like seeing your first love, then she walks away and you never see each other again.

warrentotheg - Good

I discovered these guys on Vimeo, through someones stop motion graduation film from a major school of arts. The title is "out of a forest". If you haven't yet seen it, you need to. I too was a bit put off by the music at first. It took me 3 viewings to fully grasp the meaning and true beauty of the video. Seemed like the dudes singing was out of key and like a desperate attempt to cover Crash Test Dummies, but this guy can hit his notes when he wants/needs to and it turns out to be a very unique and amazing style. I am turned off by most new bands, that release whiny trash as an album. This is a truly good find. Cheers.

Eth23 - Worth your time

Okay, so just to get this out of the way: the first time you listen to this, you probably won't be too crazy about it. You'll think the choruses are awkward and overall you'll probably be a bit underwhelmed. That's how I felt anyway, and judging by comments made by other reviewers, it's a pretty common initial reaction to this album. But don't give up on this album. Keep listening. It's worth it. After a while, you'll discover that these songs are in fact beautiful in their understatedness, and that the enigmatic lyrics are also fascinating examinations of the ups and downs of relationships (that's how I interpret them anyway...they're rather ambiguous). The album is magnificently produced with thunderous drums, crystal-clear vocals, and interesting instrumentation. It might take a while, but if you give it time you'll discover a lot to love in this understated, creative music.

Duckbilled Platypus - Smart Music

I stumbled upon this band on iTunes a week ago by looking up what people that listen to my sort of music have bought. I have to say, when I checked out The National, I was floored. Each song I previewed sounded so pretty... Folksy, beautiful, yet current in its prowess. I bought the album "Boxer" and became obsessed with songs such as "Racing Like a Pro", "Fake Empire", and "Green Gloves". I also bought "Mr. November" from their last album "Alligator", as it is amazing. I will be buying all of their albums and EPs in time. I immediately told my brother, a fellow music nut, about this discovery, and he became equally enthralled. I told him The National was like Johnny Cash, Sufjan Stevens, and Chris Isaak all in one group, but with a really "new" flavor that you haven't heard before. My brother is a man of few words, yet, when I let him listen to some of my favorite The National songs, he simply said "I'm gonna buy this." It was an expression of complete and deep magnitude coming from my little brother. You must check this band out. If you are a smart musician, or know how to really appreciate smart music, this band will thrill you completely. It is beauty, thoughtfulness-- all the humanity one feels without the bells and whistles. Stunningly simple, yet complicated to a trained ear. Enjoy.

hollyhills - One of my favorites

Not much to say except...excellent! Wore this album out and still find myself more than happy to hear any song from this collection pop up during an ipod shuffle session. You won't be disappointed.

LazyProjektor - When It Comes to The National Start Here

There is so much to say about this album. The best advice for new listeners is to start with this album. You will not be let down. Most people enjoy "Slow Show". "Mistaken For Strangers" is a personal favorite, but my guitarists does not enjoy the song. To each his/her own. Each song is unique in its own way.

emitchell724 - Complete Wholeness

The album is perfectly pieced together.

ArcadeFiya - when you're in the mood for some great music

This is the type of music you dream of listening to. Tired of the old stuff you've been listening to for days and days, and want something new? This is the album for you. I remember listening to my iPod, the same old songs, wanting so desperately a new sound to hear. The National is it!!! This band has changed my life. Recommended songs: Squalor Victoria (the very first National song I heard); Mistaken for Strangers; Apartment Story; Brainy. But if you only have one dollar per new band, Squalor Victoria is the song for you. Excellent album, cannot talk about it enough it seems.

Whitaker Computer - The single best indie album i've ever purchased

Boxer is an unbelievable example of the finest New York indie has to offer. The National uses a natural combination of sparse guitar and piano, heavy, unique drumbeats, distorted, melodic bass, all along with low-pitched vocals which perfectly fit the subtle theme of a high class, big city setting. I highly recommend this album, as every track fascinates me more with every listen.

jbn17 - fantastic

this recording, which sounds only intriquing in 30 second samples, is remarkable in its entirety and the best thing I have downloaded all year.

Street Jacq - amazing

This album spoke to me immediately. There was something about the smooth melody and captivating voice that captured my attention from start to finish. I fell in love with each song as they seamlessly flowed from one track to the next. This is a album that will grow on you and you will be humming the tunes through out the day as a mantra.

A Lstnr - Of all The Nationals...

these are the best. Matt is clever and weilds an axe! "Clever" is one "a" shy of "cleaver" which is also used for severing.

GWSchaaf - No National, No life. Know National, know life.

This album will haunt you for the rest of your life. So simple and perfect. The drum and piano are pure magic. Listen to it once and the only other thing you will ever listen to is older National albums on the rare occasions that you're not listening to Boxer.

swole - seems old and new


Sahm Doad - Joy division+some folk influence= The National

I love this band

Interpol/bloc/of/leon - Excellence

This band exceeds all of my previous expectations, meeting somewhere between The Arcade Fire and Interpol. This record has inspired me to write music again. The band displays skillful simplicity, and Matt Berninger's voice is one that will leave you coming back for more.

Stof4 - Amazingly Depressing

The perfect album to sit in your room and cry to after getting beat up by your little sister.


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@bluedotfestival Mistaken for Strangers.


@AlexZayne Mistaken for strangers is tops as well. “Hey Moby!”


The National - Boxer Mistaken For Strangers Apartment Story Gospel


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これから出勤です~、移動中はThe NationalのThe Boxerを聴いていきます👍なんだかもはや懐かしさすら覚えてしまう、雰囲気が良くてでもどこか暗さがあって、でも光もある、何言ってるのか分からなくなったけど、そんな曲…M…


@adrianmckinty At least yours is dark enough that you’re not mistaken by strangers for Santa Claus....

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