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Billie Jean" is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson, released by Epic Records on January 2, 1983 as the second single from his sixth studio album, Thriller (1982). It was written and composed by Jackson, and produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. The song's spare, bass-driven arrangement helped pioneer what one critic called "sleek, post-soul pop music".[1] It also introduced a more paranoid lyrical style for Jackson, a trademark of his later music. The lyrics describe a woman, Billie Jean, who claims that the narrator is the father of her newborn son, which he denies. Jackson said the lyrics were based on groupies' claims about his older brothers when he toured with them as the Jackson 5. Jackson's performance of "Billie Jean" on the TV special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, which aired in May 1983, won acclaim and was nominated for an Emmy Award. The performance introduced a number of Jackson's signatures, including the moonwalk and white sequinned glove, and was widely imitated. The "Billie Jean" music video, directed by Steve Barron, was the first video by a black artist to be aired in heavy rotation on MTV. Along with the other videos produced for Thriller, it helped establish MTV's cultural importance and make music videos an integral part of pop music marketing. "Billie Jean" was one of the bestselling singles of 1983, helping Thriller become the best-selling album of all time, and became Jackson's best-selling solo single. In the United States, it remained at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks. It also reached number one in the United Kingdom and several other European countries, and reached the top ten in many other countries. It was awarded honors including two Grammy Awards and an American Music Award. "Billie Jean" was critically acclaimed; in 2004, Rolling Stone placed it at number 58 on its list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. Download Michael Jackson - Billie Jean MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Billie Jean MP3 file uploaded on November 30th, 1982.

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xxcvdaj - King of pop


the determined dyslexic_010 - Dance furiously

Every time I hear this album come on it’s seemingly always in a public place and I run off streaking and I always get caught and tackled by the police and then I have to spend another 15 years in jail and I am also very gassy so I have never been very popular... But the album is good.

sharp bahamas - Candy 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍩🎂🍿🍫🍰🍪🍦🥧🧁

What is this 🥰

Princess Meem 💖👑 - King of Pop

Michael Jackson is timeless. No one will claim his throne. Other than that, amazing album. 💗

Sambrown408 - Greatest album ever recorded

Michael Jackson used his magical genius and vocal experience to mix musical genres and elements of disco, funk, pop, r&b, and rock. This masterpiece album successfully won eight grammy awards and remains the best selling album of all time. Although he suffered severely from post-traumatic stress disorder with paranoia, he broke stereotypes and had a positive impact on the world.

joe mama 😳 - thriller 🤩

amazing 😆😆😆 baby be mine so underrated 😔

Mute R. Kelly - Remove Michael Jackson off iTunes

Shame on you Michael for molesting children

leader of the punks - To bad he’s dead

He is the best pop singer ever in history.

Knucles.exe - Oh my god

I just wanted to say that I love the momentum of the claps and snare.

lainey_slays21 - No wonder this is the bestselling album of all time

This album is perfection I love every single song on it. I'm not surprised this is the bestselling album of all time. 10/10💙



wewereonabreak69 - 🐐

Best singer and songwriter ever 🙌🏻❤️

not the expert - Best album ever

This album has everything you want in a album funk, pop , rock, disco and more this album is my favorite MJ album and thriller is my favorite song made by Michael

Tony game man - Definitely deserves to be the best selling album ever.

Bad and Off the Wall are great albums, but this, this is epic. It’s a mix of pop, post-disco, rock, and R&B. Personally, I’m a fan of old school rock n’ roll bands like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, but this is still an awesome I can actually enjoy unlike modern pop music. Edit: The fact that Eddie Van Halen, lead guitarist for one of my favorite bands ever, Van Halen, did a guitar solo on “Beat It” makes the album even better than me.

dolan super fan😭❤️😘 - Hi Michele Jackson

1 how did you died on an what day did you died on by the way I think 💭 you with my papa 👴 who also is died so yea so by the way my name is Sara yea yeah I love ❤️ you so much an you are amazing 😉 an beautiful song so yea I hope we can meet when you are not died so Yea I love you 😘

@lph@m@le - THE PRODUCTION THO!!

Very meticulous production and michael jackson is a great singer of course. :)


Love him. Always have.

shane.mcknight - Best Selling Album Of All Time

Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller”is my 3rd favorite MJ album and the best Album ever created and my 2 fav songs from the album is Billie Jean and Beat It

mjfan234 - thriller

forever the best album

oliviaw2003 - Michael Jackson is the best

The best album ever!!❤️

8700157jC! - After learning more..

Due to the incessant reports of Michael Jackson and alleged child molestation and sexual abuse of young boys, it’s safer to no longer listen to his music and remember him as an artist. He was a sick person and to abandon his legacy is the right thing to do at this time.

staceef - King of Pop!

Needless to say Thriller is a great track to this day we hear it play especially during Halloween season. Billie Jean has to be one of my all time favorites really pumps me up. Love MJ’s work! I’m so sadden for all the crap people keep making up about him without proof! Your music will live forever! May you Rest In Peace ❤️

Canadiancricket - All time favourite!!

Don’t believe the haters! He has the voice of an angel! No one else can recreate his music!

77's fan - Take his music off iTunes

Molesting young children is criminal. Take his music down.

El choco monster - Awesome

Shh... just buy it

wolfmutant - R.I.P 1958-2009

I love Michael Jackson my favorite songs from him are beat it and Billie Jean I L O V E M I C H E A L J A C K S O N !

buggs21 - Best thing ever😍😍😍😍

I been a fan for one year and I love him so much and songs and personality🤗🤗🤗

adnirom1 - Perfection

There’s a reason it’s greatest selling album of all time. A masterpiece!!

MJ dancing fan - Iconic

Nothing to say about this. You can’t say anything bad about this album

Gabby9soccer - BEST EVER


Scotzplace - Meh

Meh then. Dated pew now. By far, the most over-rated album of all time.

BigE90006 - Meh

Bad is a better album

Alex365682 - Easily five stars

This is one of Michael’s best. But I don’t know if people still listen to it but I know I do

Leo01234 - Billie Jean

My favorite Michael Jackson song of all-time!

Marie Jackson - Miss you

Best album ever

Sarah Bear 99 - GOAT

Doesn’t get better than MJ ❤️

abbaroo11 - Five

I can’t like no!!!!

James Gem - God of Pop Music

Body of work that is timeless.

selenatorssss - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Bsbdbsnaka - Awesome

Great album

DJ Cordova - Absolutely

SUPERB! Michael Jackson will live forever!! RIP to the king of pop!

Entertaner the best song - Best song

I like this because Michael Jackson has best song and this song is so good

micheal jman - Michael jman


johnmonroy - Mj

Best artist to ever to live and that will ever live

kleefton - Brilliant

Such an iconic album. Amazing how good Jacko was in his prime. Rip to this brilliant artist.

Nathan Clouse13 - Fantastic Album. My Review

Wanna Be Startin Somethin (9/10) — The Song is just Long like “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” But I still like the song Baby Be Mine (8.5/10) — I like the beginning beat of the song The Girl is Mine (9.5/10) — I just love that Paul is in the song like “Say Say Say” Thriller (8.5/10) — I like the song but the laugh at the end still scares me Beat It (10/10) — Love The Chorus Of The Song But, the song’s Platinum Gold Billie Jean (10/10) — Same with “Beat It” Human Nature (9/10) — The Sound At the background is just calm, and the chorus’ good P.Y.T. (9/10) — I like the PYTs part (Say “na na na”) The Lady Of My Life (8/10) — I have nothing to say about this song but I just like it Average (9.05/10)

kawesome11 - Crazy

Of da hook

Logan.D.Leatherman25 - Highest Selling Record Ever

What more needs to be said??? $10 though for 9 songs...? Even though it is undeniably a classic, it should be priced at $5.99, or AT MOST $7.99.

davetta haywood 11 - Amazing


Kevin Swift - This whole Album WoW!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing less then Five Stars From a Five Star General of the Game!!!!! The King of POP who always put a PoP in your Muscle joints lol, R.I.P. Mike F-the men in black!!!!!!!!!!! 🤘🏾👈🏻👇🏾🤙🏻👈🏾👎🏻👊🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾

Doménika - Michael never disappoints

Would definitely recommend

Hee hee lover - Everything in general

I love his music

Michaels big'est fan - Billie Jean

She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene,I said “don’t mind “ but what do you mean I am the one, who will dance, on the floor, in the round, she says I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round, she told me her name was Billie Jean because she caused a scene, every head turning was a nice dream of being the one, who will dance on the floor in the round, people always told me be careful of what you do, don’t go around breaking young girls hearts (here-eee) and mother always told be careful of who you love, when the lie becomes the truth (hey hey hey) Billie Jean is not my lover she’s Just a girl who claims that I am the one, (oooh baby) but the kid is not my son , (oh-no) for forty days and forty nights The law was on a sign, That’s all I know about Billie Jean bye!

Castaway RJ - Can never say goodbye😪

You will be remembered Michael Jackson😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

michidab101 - TRILLER


JeniusDoesBeatz - MJ

I luv u RIP

HeyJf92 - WOW


maxime3😀 - 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Its so good micheael jackson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so so gooooood !!


Is the best song ever yay!!!!!!

The Music nut - Thriller - Michael Jackson

So! Here we are sitting on the biggest one of all, that is when we talk about record sales, but musically speaking this album is no more then a decent music project, not good enough to of taken all the music awards that year and everybody else went home empty handed, for this reason I never bought this album and it was the last time that I watched the music awards. Don't mean to degrade this album, I believe it is good, it's the awards where unfair. I just wanted to say that NOT everybody was Thrillered with thriller……………...

NiceGuyRy93 - It's Thriller

Let's not play around. 5 Stars.

wimpher - Just want to say...

Yeah, sure, this album is amazing…but they ALL are in their own way. I’m just tired of people claiming Thriller is his best work all the time just because it sold the most and just, well…because. Everyone just HAS to say it’s the best because it has such a mythical status around it. The true fact is, DANGEROUS is his best work ever. Don’t believe me? Just listen to the songs Who Is It, Give In To Me, In The Closet or Remember the Time - absolute brilliance!

Smoofa - The Girl Is Mine

Paul McCartney= Legend. Michael Jackson= Legend. Buy this album.

Mc Zam - Legendary

After more than 30 years, Thriller is still one of the best albums to date!

Iggy 2004 - R.I.P MJ

You were my absolute fav singer I wanted to be in your FAN CLUB I miss you lots MJ

Dililmyss - Legend

Greatest work

Dan the skylanders man - BEAT IT

The first time i listened to this album my mind exploded!!!

Cool LLJ - Greatest Album Of All-Time

Thriller > Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

hiphopdemon - Awesomeness

Great album, worth a purchase.

@Mj2013# - Thriller

Best Michael Jackson album Ever !!!!!!!!!!

Asver Larose - Great


mikey:} - thriller

i love the thriller

Renegade Ray - Best album I've ever heard

I love this album, this album has helped me through some tough times, Michael you will be missed forever, Rest in peace.

Ninja friuit - MJ

I was a big fan of Michael Jackson when he died

alexio!!! - released 30 years ago today

R.I.P michael 30 years today you released this amazing album!!!

Cadey.c - Cadey coutu

I miss you and I love the musique of mackle Jason

Smileygirldd - I miss him

Rip mj

MjMichaelJackson - Michael Jackson

I love u MJ still in my heart and will be forever your the greatest❤

Barneyslittlehelper - 😭

I miss micheal. Even though he gave me nightmares

dfgdrgdrgr - BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!!! I didn't get it on iTunes I got the actual hard copy of CD

Who hates him or this album and some other songs that aren't on this album like Heal the World Black and White You are not alone u people are sick in the head especially heal the world - what song is more touching then that one - if it doesn't get to your heart then your heart must be made of cold hard steal

luvbuyingmusic - Michael Jackson

That's all you want $10? No problem! It's yours!

Terencek11 - A thriller

Thriller is bad ;)

Ellaiciella - I'll give this 10000^ n stars...

Love you forever!!

exarkun1979 - Thriller

C'est vraiment un classique de la musique Pop. Je n'aime pas vraiment ce style de musique mais Michael Jackson est vraiment une exception dans ce domaine. Thriller est bon en entier à l'exception de deux chansons que je n'ai pas aimé. Mes meilleures chansons de ce disque sont Wanna Be Startin' Somthing, Thriller, Billie Jean et surtout Beat It, ma préférée de Michael Jackson.

Subscriber142 - U ROCK MAN!!!


Cutie3515 - I love you micheal

I love this song! I would probably buy it for 2.50

Dustin Anderson - Greatest pop album of all time

Michael at his best. Awesome production and equally awesome themes and vocals. Modern pop music may steal from this album but will never duplicate it. I think this was the golden age of pop and MJ was the king. RIP.

Keisha Davis - Simply the greatest

You know, I didn't notice until know, but I have to admit, this is my favorite album of all time. I'm a huge fan of the Beatles as well and I figured it would be one of theirs. But no, Michael has taken the prize :) R.I.P. Michael

SHOCK24 - BEST CD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

most creative, inspiring, amazing songs i've ever listened to. every single song is great

Mras97 - Mj's greatest work

This must be the greatest album of all time!!!!!! Billie Jean must be the greatest song of all time!!!!!! Thriller must be the greatest music video of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ankylosing1 - Michael Jackson the king of pop r and b and soul

This Album is so good that I can't put how much I love it onto words.

Irvin51 - U own

Michael Jackson is the best singer ever R.I.P.

0989 - Best Album!

This album will be the greatest album for many many years! <3 Love you Michael! R.I.P

MolllBalll - OMMJ AH-MAZING!!!

Truly the best selling...and bestest album in the world <3 Michael really worked hard on this i will never forget it!! Buy it! You wont regret it people! Oh and OMMJ it has like almost ALL of theese ">>_\|_Reviews_|/_<<" are 5ssttarrrrsss

#1 michael fan - He is definately the king of pop

this truely was the album that crowned Michael the king of pop.He is a phenomenom!!!!!!!!!And in my opinion the best artist ever known.this album rocks!!! I love every song on it!!!!!! I love you michael

vowofsound - amazing!

With out dout, one of MJ's best albums. Buy it!

SISD99 - Pepsi Group

From everyone at Pepsi, you will always be the King Of Pop.

King_And_Queen_Of_Pop - I MISS YOU:(

This album is FANTASTIC!!! when I first heard that he died, I was devastated! When I become famous, i'll make a tribute album with songs inspired by his! I also have mastered the mooonwalk and I'm a girl! PEACE OUT!!!! Also, buy thriller and all the vids, you will not regret this! SERIOUSLY!!! I love MJ and he will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! PEACE OUT (send this this heaven please God). One more thing, I send all my love and support to the Jacksons! Watch this is it in theaters Wednesday!

jazzyaw - 5*+

Genius at work - best album of all time.

Rystersmarba - greatest artist ever

Michael was my favourite ever and will always be in my heart. i love this album!

Personal79 - O melhor da história

Mesmo mais de 30 anos do seu lançamento parece extremamente atual!!! Não tem faixa ruim.....é demais do começo ao fim.

chicoluz11 - Bom demais este álbum


Yasmin Mm - Melhor álbum de todos os tempos.

Uma obra-prima.

Valescam - REI

Rei rei 😢❤️

Claaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaa - PERFEITO!

Só podia ser obra do Grande Rei do Pop! Álbum maravilhoso, um dos melhores de toda a história da música!

Thiago Manojo - O album mais vendido da historia

Cheio de hits impossiveis de não se conhecer, de não querer dançar. O Michael conseguiu acertar na receita. Vale a pena

Debora L. - MJ

Michael The Best Forever 👑❤✌

Giulia Baroni - O melhor álbum da história da música!

Eis um must buy da música internacional! Tenho pena de quem não adota esse tipo de cultura! :)


"No one changes the world who isn't obsessed." Billie Jean King #LeadershipQuotes


@DanielCBennett: @NBCNews I saw Hitlers Alligator open for Pearl Jam at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor ... the lead singer sang a 14 minute…


@retoro_mode @yo3171017 @caazzy 時期も時期だけに、 『マイケル』の『Billie Jean』のオマージュにも思えてならない気が(笑)


I can’t help thinking what we’re watching is historically significant. Not in a serious sense, but something a gene…


@erickatr Michael Jackson - Billie Jean. Gta Vice City andando con el auto cerca de la costa.


@NBCNews I saw Hitlers Alligator open for Pearl Jam at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor ... the lead singer sang a 14 min…


Album of all Time, impossible de classer des sons, je mets juste Billie Jean au dessus des autres


@herogostin: Tudo começou quando Michael Jackson lançou a música “Billie Jean” em 1982, na qual ele diz sobre um suposto filho: “Billie…


@African_King617: All I hear now is “go go go go go go go” & “Christian dyoooo Dior, Billie Jean Billie Jean”


@herogostin tem até mensagem subliminar no clipe de Billie Jean sério presta atenção:


All I hear now is “go go go go go go go” & “Christian dyoooo Dior, Billie Jean Billie Jean”


Billie jean billie jean bina na ndege na yo




@julietpabs: Billie Jean Billie Jean🧪


@herogostin: Tudo começou quando Michael Jackson lançou a música “Billie Jean” em 1982, na qual ele diz sobre um suposto filho: “Billie…

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Michael Jackson, album Thriller, song Billie Jean, released date 30 November 1982. Listening and fast downloading online to Billie Jean - Michael Jackson mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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