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Download Kelly Clarkson - Because of You MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Because of You music file uploaded on January 17th, 2004.

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tortoicecrazylover - great!!

I listened to this album for the first time in ten years and it still got to me.

JSMDragonAge1525 - Best album ever!

All of the songs are amazing unlike most albums where there's just like 1 maybe 2 songs you like I like all of them and as soon as I get some more money I'm gonna buy the whole thing this will be the first time I've ever bought an entire album instead of just a few songs out of it =^._.^= kitty

daurwea - Kelly Clarkson Breakaway

Beautiful music! Amazing songs.

Noodel ninja - The feels

I remember listening to this whole album in the back of my moms car and knowing every word I love this album

Stupidmonkey:P - Amazed

This is what I have been missing all my life. Kelly has strong vocals that make me proud. Keep up the amazing work, Kelly.

Guardino - Bbreresrr


Hearts28 - Favorite

My favorite album from Kelly Clarkson

Kelli horan - Amazing 😻

Kelly has always been my favourite Idol winner . Her voice is pure and happy and is perfect for any song . Fast or slow . This album has been a favourite of mine for years !

Midestiny - IN LOVEEEE

I'm buying this album again because my '05 album cracked and I love her!!! Every song is amazing!!! Defiantly a must buy!!!

michaeljackson_mariahcarey - Throwback album

Such a great singer!! Kelly Clarkson is one of those singers you can't seem to forget about. She deserved to win American Idol 🤗

Anna Dragun - Best album ever!

I've had this album for a number of years now and still the best one out of all her other albums. I really like and enjoy all the songs on it. All the songs are outstanding and the lyrics are fantastic.

sean mock - Best Kelly Clarkson song ever


Tigger33772 - I love Kelly!!

I love since you been gone

Sulukis12 - Yay


Trust and Us - ❤️


gymnastkaitlyn13 - BREAKAWAY

Behind These Hazel Eyes and Because of You will always have a special place in my heart. Since U Been Gone and Walk Away are so sassy and fun, I love them! And Breakaway is written by Avril Lavigne another one of my fav artists and it’s in Princess Diaries one of my childhood movies! Just such a good album, definitely deserved a Grammy!

Augusta01 - Love this!

Helps with break ups, heart break or just listening to for phone. Beautiful voice, wonderful music composition and deep meaning. ❤️ thank you for this.

Jcbeemer - To my ex

This album made me the best man I’ve ever been!

Melanie Grace White - In love

II’m in love with these songs they are so cool

Moey 12 - fun and upbeat

Great song to exercise to! Very upbeat and fun!

.....John.. - Yas kelly


Ash0717 - The best

This is still, in my opinion, Kelly's best album. The songs are timeless. She just keeps improving her vocals and I absolutely adore her!

Hershey Kind the fifth - Ok

I love Kelly Clarkson.

JJ.Ja - Great


JoeyHanesHowell - Amazing

Love her!

azavier77 - Not a single bad track (16 years later)

Still on my playlist rotation! Voice and songwriting still stands the test of time ❤️

Whensmahvel - A pop essential

Definitely can be seen as a classic. Since U Been Gone is THE greatest breakup anthem. Breakaway and Because of You are emotional songs that many people strongly relate to. Then you have two more amazing singles. And then, you still have quality songs to listen to.

Brę_J - Nostalgic

It’s been years. So long that I searched “take a wish take a chance” because I forgot the tittle.....

Pretty girl15182 - Kelly fan

I love Kelly Clarkson

Jake120502 - Track by track

The best is since u been gone which is the only one that gets 10/10 the other ones: Breakaway-9/10 nice and calm which I like but not upbeat at all. Behind these hazel eyes-8.5/10 sounds alternative which I like alternative but it's not the best Because of you-8.5/10 like breakaway but even calmer Gone-9.5/10 like behind these hazel eyes but better Addicted-8/10 a little boring at the end but it gets better as you listen. Where is your heart-7/10 too calm! Walk away-7.5/10 like tracks 3 and 5 but a little worse. You found me-7.5/10 like tracks 3,5, and 8 I hate myself losing you-7/10 like tracks 3,5,8 and 9 but more alternative

shooting200 - Pop Masterpiece!

This album has it all about pop music. All the 5 hit singles and other tracks are totally amazing. I insist that she should be given anything as a pure-pop-queen.

16441 SJA NOLA - Love it!

One of my fave albums ever! Kelly slays! 👏👏👏

SierraxCody456 - Memories :)

Me and my sister we used to sing these songs together and I used to just dance and laugh. I always took those moments for granted, so now that she's dead i would trade anything for those moments. This album brings back so many memories that i start to cry. Thanks for putting it on here Itunes :)

Chosen ducks - Amazing

I went to see you at a concert and ever since Then I've been obsessed with ur songs OMG SOO GOOD!!!! Ur my idol!!!!

daniellen16 - I LOVE HER

It's 2015 and I'm still listening to this album!!! Love love love Kelly Clarkson😍😍😍

Ben riggle - The state of Kelly in 2015

This album is pretty good But I must admit heartbeat song was good too but then I found generic and old But in terms of this one its good

DianeKD - Best Album Ever!!!!!!

For the kind of songs like Since U Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes have great meaning and great melodies. For songs like Breakaway and Because Of You they are soulful, have great meaning and there melodies are so relaxing. For those four songs and the rest of the songs on the album they get 11/10!!!! Nice job Kelly!!!!!!

JA1392 - Still her best album

After 12 years this still holds up well. There isn’t a single song I would skip.

han_0010 - breakaway

ive known this album for as long as i can remember. love it!

roberrt_james - Great


Claireslove - Breakaway

So much memories from this song, I'm balling my eyes out 😭

Kamarilea - Slayy


KbCheetah - Kelly Clarkson is Amazing

Kelly Clarkson is a great, inspiring, strong singer. She is one of my favorite singers ever and I love all of her music.

Gasentoder - Walk Away

I love this so much 😄😃

WestXC2012 - Kell Bell's best work

This is my favorite Kelly Clarkson stuff right here. Every song on this CD is great! Buy the album!

Dgartin - Awesome

I love this album and oh my god,she is hot,i actually have a retail copy,not from iTunes,i have loved her ever since this album came out,She is so cute,i love her

Tigerbeat luver - OMG!!! LUV IT!!

Kelly is THE BOMB.COM!! Breakaway, Behind These Hazel Eyes.. most all the songs on this album…Just fantastic!!! YOU GO GURL!!! I dislike only a FEW of the songs. Kelly overall is just.. wow.

lol-lol123 - I lUV THIS GIRL

This girl is so amazing beautiful and talented I love her so friking much go Kelly!!! ❤️❤️❤️

StampyVSGames - yes


I'mwatching borate!(: - Still the Best

12 years later and this is still one of the best albums I've ever listened to.

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About Because of You [Kelly Clarkson] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Kelly Clarkson, album Breakaway, song Because of You, released date 17 January 2004. Listening and fast downloading online to Because of You - Kelly Clarkson mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Because of You by Kelly Clarkson mp3 download listen Because of You direct download Because of You mp3 #because-of-you

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