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This song is by rock group Paramore and was the lead single from the soundtrack of the highly successful film "Twilight" and was released on 4th November 2008, a few weeks before the film's theatre debut. Download Paramore - Decode MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Decode MP3 file uploaded on November 4th, 2008.

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Paramore - Decode MP3 Comments & Reviews

Puckster9999 - Ridiculous!

How do I buy I Caught Myself by Paramore without having to buy the entire album. The song is not available anywhere else. Ridiculous!

joysbizzle - iconic

twilights soundtrack didn’t have to go so hard 🔥

Abigail Gallops - Bella’s Lullaby

This is the best classical song I have ever heard. I love this song to death. I could have this song on repeat and never get tired of it: my favorite song of all time. 💛💛💛

KimSydney - Yasss

This movie sucked so bad! The only reason I continue to watch the first movie to this day is due to this soundtrack. Top Notch!

sophiabbills - Beautiful

I LOVE EDWArD #teamedward

jaymckaye - Wanting to buy a single song

I have waited almost ten years, can we PLEASE BUY THE SONGS BY THEMSELVES i neeeeed it

rbr films - Twilight is still the best movie score!

I love the music in the later films but the first film is flawless! Happy 10 years of Twilight!!!

TwilightYoutubeGurl - TWILIGHT

I am writing this now because I was 4 when this movie came out mkay but I LOVE TWILIGHT it’s the best thing ever from book to movie it is amazing. TEAM EDWARD!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜

kstinsim - Yes!

Love love

cat_eomma - boi

all i want is bella’s lullaby and i’m upset that i’d have to pay that much just for one song

Ejishddbs - ALBUM ONLY??????

ugh i absolutely loveee twilight but i wish i had to option to buy individual songs :(

loganH798 - Nostalgia

I remember when this soundtrack first came out... This was basically my entire elementary/middle school years. Say what you want about the movies, but as a guy this soundtrack was glorious. It got me to look up Muse, Paramore, and Linkin Park. My music taste would be kinda lame without it.

holcombe101 - Twilight

Like be the album but now I can't listen to them because iTunes won't let me it says I purchased it and I can even listen to it that why it gets a 3 star

Tkwill81 - Won't download or play

I purchased this album and it says "purchased" but it will not download or play.

+-+-+ - ???

can i ask why Stewart always looks like a heroine addict? and also the short blond hair she looks like a man.

isaura sarai:) - love, love, love

In my opinion, this soundtrack is the best one out of all of the twilight soundtracks.

Moviemastre77718 - Come on ITunes

Come on now. I just want a few songs and not the whole album. It's wrong to make me buy the whole album for two songs.

Ana5SOS - Let me buy ONE song

I just want to buy Bella's lullaby bc of vine, don't be a prikk and release these song what the fvckk

Kendall Rameraze - Flightless Bird,American mouth

This song forever has touched my heart and fits the twilight saga it at that twilight itself perfectly in my opinion and supermassive black hole states Edwards side as a vampire I love twilight forever and the soundtrack is even better

Gracemae_2019 - Bella's Lullaby

Ok so I just watched the all the twilight movies and I wanted to get Bella's Lullaby because I really liked it and I finally find it on iTunes and it comes with the album only. I also wanted a few other songs from the album. They should all be separate so you can get what you want.

Dylan159210 - Yes!

Perfect for Twilight. The books and the movies are beautiful and amazing and this album fits the first film perfectly.

Jsa1192 - This made me fall in love with soundtracks!

I got this cd before the first Twilight movie even came out (I had recently finished the 1st book at the time & was starting the 2nd while eagerly awaiting the release of the 1st movie like the rest of the world lol) I went into the store & saw the soundtrack & decided to give it a go & boy am I glad I did! The music from the 1st movie is by far the best imo. So many good songs & artist plus there wasn't a song I had to skip (ok maybe there was ONE but it eventually grew on me lol) You will defiantly not regret getting this soundtrack I can promise you that :)


love love love

LizMSixx - Surprisingly good!

I enjoyed many of the songs, mainly the rock ones but i didn't really care for the other ones I thought they were alright. Overall pretty good compilation! :)

ArielNayNay - Stop trashing the album!

Bella's lullaby was never "River flows in you". It is the same piece as in the movie. I agree it should also be offered with the piano as the sole instrument, but I'm not disappointed! I love Rob's voice! I know you can't exactly make out the words, but sometimes you can express your feelings better without words and just melodic sounds! I love this album!

Shannon Brascia - Sigh

While the album is okay, I hate that I can't just buy Bella's Lullaby. Also, I agree with some others about the piece. I believe it should just be a piano solo. Sometimes less is more.

sprinkle donut - 😒

Pretty dumb that they're forcing you to buy the full album. There's a handful of songs that I like & the rest I do not want. So one star. I won't be buying any of them I guess.

Valeria Loza Aguirre - Twilight's music is life

really is the best music i listen ever, i love it.

Heyheyhey654 - Twilight Soundtrack

The best movie soundtrack. My favorite is Bella's Lullaby. Some of the music brings a tear to my eyes and others put a smile on my face. I would recommended this soundtrack to anyone. It was classical, pop, indie. A little for everyone. Nothing bad about this soundtrack at all.

2345edtftgh - A beautiful masterpiece…

Even if you don't like the movies, theres no way you can hate ANY twilight soundtrack. Literally, the music is a) spot on with the movies b) includes great musicians and c) all have such an awesome vibe. I'm in love with the movies, and more in love with the soundtracks!!!!! True piece of work!!!!

Happy Luke Fan - Very Fitting

I think people are judging this to harshly! You have to listen to the songs fully and understand the lyrics and you'll see that it relates perfectly to the film. ESPECIALLY Rob's songs (which I wish could be purchased without the rest of the album) because the lyrics to both of his songs create a perfect representation of the emotion behind the scenes they were used it. I'm in love with 90% of this album.

LittleBee22 - Great but..

Love the music, but I wish all the good songs weren't "album only" :(

In Love with Twilight2014 - BEST ALBUM I EVER BOUGHT

DO NOT REgreat geting this albulm great pieces

Emjablanche - Way to expensive

It's way to expensive. My mom got it on her old phone and it was only 10 bucks!!!!! Sure I know they have to get money but as if there aren't already millions of buying and paying every second!!!!!!!!! They don't have to make you pay 50 bucks 4 everything!!!!! I just got my new iPhone 5 c a few days ago and I would love to have this album on it and I love all the songs and the movies but iTunes really needs to make things cheap for once in forever.

Jowright33 - Claire de lune

Gotta say, Claire De Lune was performed beautifully. This song is my obsession but I haven't heard such a translation of the song in my life.

Suzie516 - To JFalnor

The piano piece of "Bella's Lullaby" is in "Twilight (the score)." I recommend that if you are trying to look for the instrumental versions of a movie always go to the score of that movie and not the soundtrack b/c the soundtrack will be composed of known bands and etc. whereas the score is by one person only and its all instrumental.

Smart girl swag - Bella's Lullaby

My fav is Bella's Lullaby they did a great job! The other songs are pretty great too😝

DragonHeart682 - Great soundtrack from a horrible excuse for a movie!!!

This is a great enjoyable soundtrack taken from 1 of the all-time worst ever movies based on 1 of the all-time worst ever books ever!!! Some of my favorite bands like Paramore, Muse & Collective Soul are featured here. The best song on the soundtrack is undoubtedly Paramore's Decode!!! It's insanely addictive to listen to over & over again!!! Too bad that such a great song & such great bands like the aforementioned are wasted on the soundtrack to a movie that unquestionably set the entire once-proud Vampire genre back for God knows how long!!!

Hrplopa - Good but..

I think the music selection is a very good variety, but the only reason I'm rating two stars is due to the fact that you can not buy songs seperatly. I wish to only buy three songs on this album, but I cannot do this. This should be changed.

Paiger Wagers - Super awesome!

I love the movies and OMG I had no idea rob could sing like that i guess it's official he has it all looks,charm and can sing. So back to the music it was good music although like most of the comments I was disappointed with Bella's lullaby but otherwise AWESOME!:)

maki11528 - Verny good soundtrack

I love this soundtrack and movie but I wish the 'Let Me Sign' could be bought separately!

Tiana S. - Let Me Sign!

I LOVEEEEE 'let me sign' by Rob Pattinson! I just wish i didn't have to buy the whole album to get in!

_reinachen - Twilight

Great album great songs, Twilight Forever

Alyssa678 - Let Me Review

I agree with the editor that Iron and Wine's "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" is a beautiful song but not the best. I believe Rob Pattinson's "Let Me Sign" is the greatest song on this record. It's so haunting, every note and every chord are followed by, in my opinion, a voice in pain which fits so well at the part of the movie and if you're just having a bad day.

Twfanmily11 - Decode!!!

I l love this song so much!!! ❤❤❤❤

KWoman4EV3R - Paramore

I think I like Caught Myself more than Decode!

Whitney ferry!! - I miss my twilight movies

I miss the twilight movies dam it lol I wish there was moore of them!!! My fav song is Bella's Lullaby song!!

Mikala222 - I love it

I loved the movie, so this brings back all the good memories of it and all the scenes. Defiantly a great one!

Kayyyyyyyyyyyylllllllaaaaa - Ridiculous.

I love "I caught myself" by Paramore, but it's ridiculous that in order to have that one specific song, I have to download the entire album. Please make each song available for download individually!

Izzycutieawesomethepretty - Amazing

Loved it sososo much

Beuuuutiful_Human - You ripped me off!

I had purchased Flightless Bird and a few years later it suddenly was no longer in my playlist. When I looked for it, it read "album only" WTF? I paid for it, where's my money??

GingersGirl - Loved it

I think the music is great. I don't know what people are saying against Robs songs. They're amazing and fit the movie / album perfectly. Took away a star because you have to buy the whole album though, which I hate.

Aitken_98 - AMAZING.

I see a lot of reviews saying they don't like rob's music. And I'm so confused. NEXT, to Bella's lullaby which is my favorite track. Let me sign, is amazing. And it's by Rob, it's personally my second favorite song on the album. So Im confused why everyone hates Rob... Anyways, I really don't wanna buy the whole album. Just those two songs tbh, last night I bought a "piano and violin" interpretation of Bella's lullaby and it's really bad.. I just wanna buy the two songs by themselves :,(

Eve324625730 - Amazing but…

I really love Bella's lullaby but I don't want to spend the money to buy the whole album, please please make the payment separate so I can buy it PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Lukarunas - It's alright

It's just my opinion that the movies are cheesy but use some imagination, the one thing that we can all agree on is this a decent soundtrack.

Dksksoidhfndmsk - <3

this album makes my day <3

iameskay - Slamming soundtrack

All the Twilight movies have such amazing soundtracks. This one has to be my favourite though. Supermassive blackhole, decode, and 15 Step 👍

Bekkyeckyecka - Best music EVER!!!!!!!😝

I love the music,I mean it's beautiful and awesome I think the music just goes so well with the movie and it's just amazing😘😄😊😃☺😉😍😚😁😜😝😏

bernarose - OMG!!!

the best sound track ever woooh!!!

Soro5353 - Modern and vintage

Okay everything is perfect it's modern and classic even ROBERT PATTISON was good so don't hate he has this old country sound!!SO HAHA TO ALL U HATERS HES NOT BAD HE'S JUST DIFFERENT

br3e13 - WOW!!!!!!

ok i had NO CLUE ROB could SING!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i know its not THE greatest!). WOW is all i can say! ps if you're looking for a song DECODE by PARAMORE is REALLY GREAT!!!! :D i LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abbygrl - Awesome

All the songs are so good!!! And see one of da reasons me and you people can't be friends is becuz I think Rob is a great singer! Maybe cuz I was raised on that style music so...

pr0Ngs_96 - Best Movie CD ever

My favourite songs are: supermassive black hole (of course!), Decode (paramore rocks!), spotlight, go all the way into twilight, tremble for my beloved, i caught myself, bella's lullaby. and no offence to rob pattison BUT HE SHOULD NEVER SING. EVER. AT ALL.

Ballet_girl - Some songs good

Highly recommend supermassive black hole, flightless bird American mouth, leave out all the rest, and bella's lullaby. Rob pattinson should stick to acting. He's a lot better@ it!!!!!

um, what?! - um, what?

muse, yeah ok paramore, pretty good linkin park, not bad the lullaby, quite pretty rob pattinson, WTF?! there is no logical reason why he should be singing, NONE its horrible! hes lucky hes so pretty

MusicTime987 - Surprisingly good

For such a bad movie the soundtrack is actually really good. Other than Rob Pattinson's songs all of the songs on here have lyrics with actual depth, sung by talented singers and a good band behind them. Including Paramore and Linkin Park was a really good move. Had the singers and not the actors done all the singing it would have been 5 stars.

bjgplus2 - title


jlu108 - I am not a fan of Twilight, but I LOVE IT!

ok, this album is so good! you HAVE to purchase it! every single song is amazing! I think my faavorite song is probably Flightless Bird, American Mouth, it so relaxing, and smooth, and beautiful!

ultimateshane - 'OME'!!!!

I loved it!!!!!!! All of the songs, exseped the Robert Patinson songs, are 5/5 stars!!!!!!!

TheVeronicas4ever - Full of Crap- Seriously

Okay.. I think Robert Pattinson should stick to acting. He CAN NOT sing. I repeat CAN NOT. He sounds so crappy. I feel sorry for the people who had to record him! Wait.. how did he even get a record!?!?! WTH!?!? He's a piece of crap! A sparkling piece of crap! AGH!!

dracula2001 - dracula 2001

I'm sorry, but no. None of the music matched the movie and nor did it do anything for the movie. By the way, Robert Pattinson sounds like a dying moose when he sings.

thejessfiles - I enjoyed it!

Stephanie Meyer did a great job selecting the music!



Timebender - U might like it

Well, this album is made for all u twihearts. Some of these songs are pretty good. The ones that top my list are Paramore's, Decode and Super Massive Black Hole by Muse. There are a few suprises in this album like the photos and I never knew Rob sang. I'm the kind of person that likes a little bit of everything on my soundtrack. If u like some hard edgy rock with a little bit of pop and twisted with some retro style rock than this will be a good buy. But I advise you, if you're an all~for~pop person, listen to the samples before purchasing, afterall, they are there for your use and benefit. So to conclude, this album was a good buy for me

vowofsound - I'm a guy and even I love twilight!

This album if amazing. I love all the songs. I'm listening to it right now!

heavyisthecost - Not Impressed

But I wasn't expecting much; it is Twilight, after all. Robert Pattinson should not sing. Yay for Muse and Iron & Wine. Decode by Paramore is suprisingly good. As well, I think Bella's Lullaby is rather pretty. Other than that, there's not much here. I wouldn't waste your money.

krobs7 - Love it!!

This sound track is amazing!!! The Rob Pattinson thing is sorta weird but I will give him credit for trying. Love the Muse, Blue Foundation, Paramore and more !!!! :D

messagefortina - better than new moon

i think the twilight soundtrack is infinitely better than the new moon soundtrack.

Danibearrrrr - GO TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read the books, so when I watched the movie,I never expected this kind of music.But I love it! I just thought that 'la traviata' didn`t fit in for 'Twilight'.I love the rest of the songs,though. My favourite songs are: Full Moon, Eyes On Fire, and Supermassive Black Hole.If you like these songs, YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sineadgordon - Well...

Some of the songs don't really fit the story but some do and Bella's Lullaby WAS too orchestra-y (If thats a word :S ) Anyway besides those its perfect!

Twiheart1 - A Must Have

The soundtrack is amazing! I love it! If you like these songs then I also recomend "Twilight (The Score)" It is a wondeful album by Carter Burwell- If you liked the instramentals in Twilight- I Highly recomend both! My Favorites are all of them besides: Let Me Sign, and Never Think. They could of done better on those songs. I also recomend: "Just a cullen: Bellas lullaby" and " New Moon The Unnoficial score". I hope they do just as well in the New Moon Soundtrack.

Stéphanie - OMG ... i'm so addict !

Oh my goshh .. ! It's a very great album with great artist.. it's beautiful.. I hope the second will be so good too ! :)

Dib's girlfriend - Twilight

The only reason Decode is so popular is because of Twilight. Paramore has better songs.

Surferdude888 - great job!

i give this 5 out of 5 because i am a big twilight fan, so i am a little biased but i found the majority of the music on here to be great and they fit really well with the scenes in the movie the only songs i didn't love were Rob's they fit great in the movie and i think its very cool that he can act and do music but something about them doesn't feel right. i cant say what it is they fit well with the movie and they are good songs from there type but idk i just don't love them like i do everything else twilight. Also bella's lulaby is an amazing peice of music that tells there fantasic love perfectly edward being supper fast would be able to make the music sound like an orchestra and it just fit's perfectly for them Carter bUrwell did a fantastic job and i sincerly hope that he knows what he has done is amazing.

StephZanderson - Awesome

I love this album. Everytime I listen to it I want to watch the movie!

Dr. Straussenbergerbecken - I've changed my mind

alright so after seeing the movie three times I came to the decision that one of the best things about the Twilight movie was the music. Everything just fit the scenes perfectly. I'm jsut confused about one thing: wasn't mostly orchestra instead of people singing??? I wondered for a second if I'm looking at a 'Music Inspired By...' album but I'm not... well if this isn't the real soundtrack them I'm just going to tell you that the orchestra is absoluetly amazing. I am sorry to say that Robert Pattinson should NOT sing!!! he is a wonderful piano player but his vocal skills are... well... just not that skilled.

XoXeScApEtHeFaTeXoX - i love it

i love all the songs on this album.but dose anyong no were you can listen to bellas lullaby like the whole thing

Yuuki Cross - Awesome song!

I love Flightless Bird American Mouth and Eyes On Fire and last but not least Clair de Lune! I just love tis awesome Album

Piggiepink - discussing songs

I think this album is extremely well done except for bella's lullaby and rob pattinson's song. no offence but rob doesn't sing too well which brought down some of the popularity. I am a fan but i do hope for new moon they make or compose a better album. peace :)

RawR! - not your thing if...

as a warning if your not into mushy love then dont consder this. on the other hand if you are buy this album you'll love it (exept maybe not rob pattisons voice). it wasnt the album for me becase it was softer and more quite than what i usally listin to, but i found the paramore music very tasteful, (i guess it helps that ima huge paramore fan). but other than that if you like some of the songs on the album, DONT buy the WHOLE album espesially if u dont like half the songs on here its easier to find them on there own -signed,RawR the rewier

Daisyloaf - DO you undersand?

do you understand what rob pattinson is saying in is song? Unless you are a drunk hobo, No All I undersatnd is the moaning and groaning part. Play the piano instead.

Leeloo Zabat - Grew On Me

After reading the Twilight saga twice before seeing the first film, I had high expectations for the soundtrack. This soundtrack definately grew on me, especially Muse, Iron & Wine, and Blue Foundation. I loved Pattison's voice the moment I heard it. It was tortured, gritty, dark and romantic. I can't call the soundtrack great because I was hoping for some Portishead (Over, Humming), Mazzy Star (Into dust, Rhymes of an Hour) and maybe even some more haunting classical pieces. But all in all I'd buy the album just to relive the movie moments. Bella's Lullaby is sweet but too fast paced to be a lullaby that he would have hummed Bella to sleep by (as in the book), call me a purist! Still a great addition to your music collection.

iTunes rox - Bella's Lullaby

I don't like the fact that you can only get Bella's Lullaby on the album only. Some people really want just one song, not the whole album!

Lee123456789101112 - Why, why, why do they do this

I already have the C.D. but It does not have 'let me sign' on it or 'clair de lune'. I was hopeing to buy those songs alone. but i-tunes made it so you have to buy the whole album. But i don't want to buy all the songs if I have them on my i-pod already. What a real bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Persaphone - Twilight

I have not read the books let me begin by saying so let me also say when I saw the movie I was certain I would not like it and that it would be very boring, but a friend of mine (as friends often do) rarely wanted to go but she did not want to go alone, so I went with her. I always liked the thought of vampires the idea of those cursed to roam at night seeking the blood of the innocent they are defined as needing to do this they cannot help it and at daybreak they return to the coffins (filled with the soil from the vampire's grave) To avoid the sunlight that would destroy them. Let me make this absolutely clear the character "Edward Cullen" Is NOT a Vampire in the classical sense but he still manages to draw the audience in, as I have said before I did not read the books so I don't know much about them when I saw the movie I was on the whole pleasantly surprised it was a well thought through production on the whole the music was used well to build tension and to pull the teenagers (yes this movie was certainly meant for them) into the tension of the moment, the angles from which the shots where set at, the intense looks, the slow motion was all well done there where some very lame lines though seriously though mostly on "Edward's" part, mainly in what could have been romantic moments also "Edward" Running really that was very disappointing it was a high budget film they could have done better on that as well as "Edward's" Make-up was very obvious and they could have done a better job with that now I come to the character known as "Bella" she is evidently clumsy witch they seem to believe makes her more adorable, her evident vegetarian diet, her clothes, her height and weight are all meant to produce sympathy from today’s teens (especially girls) . Now I am not a fan of Pop music but I am a student of music and I wish to say that of all the music on this album the song “Bella’s Lullaby” is the only one I could listen to for a long period of time. Though I thought that as a vampire he did very badly I have only studied piano for three years and I can play better than this character who has been alive (sort of) for over a century, I thought they should have shown his being more refined he also did not sound like a vampire would he was far too modern. This may seem like the whole movie was badly done but it was not, it was enjoyable the plot was easy to follow and engaging. I liked it enough to see the next one and despite failings I am sure I will like the next one as well.

Kathryn Galloway - Hauntingly beautiful.

After reading the first book and watching the movie, I found myself craving more. This has satisfied my thirst. My personal favs are "Supermassive Black Hole", "Decode", "Full Moon", "Eyes On Fire", "Flightless Bird, American Mouth", "Let Me Sign" and "Clair De Lune." 1. Supermassive Black Hole - 5/5 2. Decode - 5/5 3. Full Moon - 5/5 4. Leave Out All The Rest - 3/5 5. Spotlight (Twilight Mix) - 5/5 6. Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) - 4/5 7. Tremble For My Beloved - 5/5 8. I Caught Myself - 5/5 9. Eyes On Fire - 5/5 10. Never Think - 5/5 11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - 5/5 12. Bella's Lullaby - 4/5 13. Let Me Sign - 5/5 14. La Traviata - 3/5 15. Clair De Lune - 5/5 My CD has "Bella's Lullaby (Remix)" for some reason. Not really sure why.

RG Daly - Singles???

PLEASE make some of these songs into singles! at LEAST Let Me Sign, I actuall LOVE that one, but I unfortunately bought the other, cheaper one available on iTunes, but I'm missiong out on a bunch of great songs! :(

kat@thehat - some songs r good others r not

No offence 2 any one that likes robert pattinsons singing but to me he pretty bad at singing.Ok terrible. Rob stick 2 acting.

Autumnie - GGAAYYY!!!!!!!!

OH MY FRGGING JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!! This CD is sooo G-A-Y!!!!!! I hate Twilight but i decied to just cheeck out what the music was like thinking it would be better then the gay moive and books but its NOT its abousley HORRIBLE exspcailly Robert Pattions voice ughh it make me poeple who agree with me go cheeck out The Jonas Brothers there music rocks...unliek this gay soundtrack.... PEACE LOVE JONAS Twilgith GAY HOORAY -Autumn Jonas

Lee123456789101112 - PLZ. stop making stuff 'buy album'

I already have the C.D. but It does not have 'let me sign' on it or 'clair de lune'. I was hopeing to buy those songs alone. but i-tunes made it so you have to buy the whole album. But i don't want to buy all the songs if I have them on my i-pod already. What a real bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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About Decode [Paramore] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Paramore, album Twilight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), song Decode, released date 04 November 2008. Listening and fast downloading online to Decode - Paramore mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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