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ricardocastilleja - Spectacular

Not many bands can pull of what VW did, they made a second album as good as their first, maybe even better

Tokyohipster - Period.

Their best album.

prime number - Vampire Weekend

Love it!

@&$?!"ED - ED97

The best album ever made

Kenny610 - Always loved this album.

This album just speaks to the holiday soul. But I can just listen to it anytime of the year on repeat!

Gamerguy76 -

My 6th grade teacher introduced me to this band and I have been a huge fan ever since. Personally, I thought their 1st album was better but I still love this album. Cousins, holiday, and diplomat's son are the best. Listen to Vampire Weekend when you're in a bad mood. They will definately lift your spirits up with their upbeat tone.

Caitlin Nichole - Vampire Weekend is awesome!!

Love this album!!!!

Fleonification - Yes.

Very good.

caramelsunpassion_ - Awesome!

I first discovered vampire weekend through the movie the kissing booth, which featured the song “Run” and I loved it.

Vivian Saenz - Great album

Love it!!!

theminigiant - A must buy!

I bought this album a week after it was released, and I'm still in love with it. Seriously buy the whole album. It is worth the money. This has to be one of my favourite albums. If you only want to buy a few song, I don't know why someone would want to do that, I recommend "Cousins", "Giving Up the Gun", "Run", "Horchata", "California English", and "Holiday". While "California English" took me awhile to like, I eventually fell in love with it. To me this whole album is spring, happy and free. Please buy it, you will thank yourself later. :)

Bigcat909 - Subtle

Absolutely great. Gives me the chills.

Brie1152 - One of Their Best

I have always been a Vampire Weekend fan since I was about 8 year old and this album has always been my favorite. It definitely is close to their self titled album in being one of my favorites; however, this album has always just stuck with me. They mix Afro-pop and rock into every song. The songs flow nicely but they still are completely different. One may describe this album as being “the most Vampire Weekend” album they have out. Every song is original and it’s hard to find other songs that are similar in the pop music world (other than Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel). I would definitely recommend this album if you are in need of finding something new and fresh to listen to.

Cailodo - Awesome!

I love Vampire Weekend and I also love the song White Sky it is so perfect and catchy

JMBCanton - 10/10

This is just as good as their debut, maybe a little better! It's a perfect album! Key Tracks: Holiday, Giving Up the Gun, and Cousins

BrianSwaldi - Pretentious

I would describe this band simply as pleasure and pain. I like a lot of what they do and how they sound, but they throw in a whole bunch of useless weirdness and needless noise. They can't pull off needless distortion as well as bands like Wilco. You have to be truly legendary to put that much annoying crap in your music and still have it work. This band really irks me because almost every song is a mix of sounds I love and sounds I hate. I hate to get rid of the songs, but at the same time I hate to keep them. The weirdness and noise is the sound of pretension, not brilliance. You don't need this much window dressing if you're good. There's brilliance in simplicity. Their simpler tracks are better. They are at their best when they get out of their own way. Holiday, their best song on this album, is one of the least weirded up tracks they've ever done. They are weirdly catchy, however. I love the quality of the vocals. The guy sounds like a pretentious Paul Simon that thinks he's hyper-literate. I wish someone would just give him an acoustic guitar and a normal drummer and cut an album. Nothing more.

FortuneZerg - White Sky is awful

White sky is one of the most annoying pieces of garbage I’ve ever heard. Shazam’d it in a restaurant and felt compelled to let the world know in advance, the song is awful and physically hurts the brain to endure.

CSdm12 - Best band. Ever.

I honestly love this band to death. I remember being so happy when I first heard them, and they still have the same effect on me today. To anybody who hates, waste your hatred on a different band. This one is two awesome for your negativity. One cannot simply hate Vampire Weekend.

llluke_ - c O n t r A

vee dubs evolves... and evolution... is good.

Ggp21 - VW is amazing

I loved VW ever since my friend introduced me and I quickly bought both of their albums. And I think that all of their music is laidback and easy to listen to. I would love to see them live.

Sonny Bunny :-) - 1st album better IMO...

but nonetheless this is good music, just not GREAT like the debut. I know artists are supposed to change and evolve over time, but they got just a little too pop-y/techno-y for my taste on this album, and It's a bit lost on me. I like about half th album and dislikeabout the other half, so its only fair that I give it 3 stars. The high points though, (Run, Cousins, Holiday) are quite high.

GGXST - First album was better

This one is too different

Jam Gal - Super good!

A friend recommended this album to me and its great😂!

Alex`' - Here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten...

Amazing album...this is what music progression should sound like. From the witty sounds of Vampire Weekend to Contra, Vampire Weekend has shown tremendous growth and potential.

Bianca117 - BUY IT

I am the type of person who selects their purchases extremely carefully; I'll only buy something if I know I'll really enjoy it. I listened to every song off contra at least 25 times each, and recently bought the album because it is that good. This album will make you happy, so if you like to be happy, I would recommend buying it. I especially like diplomats son, as well as white sky, horchata, and I think ur a contra. Who am I kidding, I love them all. BUY IT!!

Wmg68 - Too Poppy = Bad Pop

I think the Beatles wouldn't like Vampire Weekend and i simply hate Vampire Weekend. back then we had The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Now these guys are considered one of the best??? sounds like a huge down-grade to me. Listen to The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Wolfmother Tame Impala or The Black Angels if you want to hear great modern music.

Cam Dee - he was the diplomat's son, it was 81...

this album is just as great as the first and I'm excited for MVoTC!

Joerogers44 - Great songs on this album

Although I did like VW's first album better, this has some awesome songs. The best are Holiday, Giving up the Gun, Horchata, and Cousins (In my opinion). Vampire Weekend is my favorite FAR

sofiaut0re - This band is the sh**

I don't think they can ever write a bad song

crystal_panes - Omg vampire weekend!!

This album is amazing and never fails to put me in a good mood <3 vampire weekend>life (truth)

camisaur123 - Vampire Weekend❤

This album > Any crap about weed and money that producing companies are trying to sell

Cman205 - 😃😃😃😃

Awsome must buy

MarinaFerreira - Excellent Album

Every song on this album is awesome!

stan_1978 - Vampire weekend

Watered down pop music to make you forget how good it felt to see bands like Nirvana on MTV. Yes, that bad.

1tyreek1 - Ariana's grande<3

Cousins!<3 love it!

Chomy14 - I love them

My Favorite group. So original, yet a reminder of how music used to be.

Sheldon1425 - Creative Beauty!

Their sound is so eclectic and it's amazing to listen to!

Swagda - west coast album from east coast band

Tbh this is my least favorite album of theirs but no hate bc I still love it. I feel like this is a more refined/cohesive album than Vampire Weekend tho so that's cool. VW has always been a band that seems to mature their music appropriately as the band grows older so props to them. This album will always make me think of South Cali. Horchata/Diplomat's Son/the other most popular songs from the album are gr8 but imo Run is the most underrated. As always, lyrics are smart and wade into the political, and the sound is fresh and inventive. Love these guys

:Catspaw: - Clever, beautiful; this is real music.

People that don't enjoy the album are expecting something catchy or a simple recycling of the last album. Really? Don't do that bro! This album is just as good, and I can see where you guys are coming from, but maybe it's because everybody likes radio music now and can't appreciate good music anymore. It may not be what you anticipated, but that doesn't make it bad. Use your ears ladies and gents. I love the way "California English" turned out. At first when I heard the auto-tune I wanted to die, but I quickly realized (as the first reviewer said) that Ezra Koenig is simply showing off. "I Think Ur A Contra" is a gentle melody for them, covering new ground and allowing them to expand more in artistic creativity. "Run" brings a great conflict in your brain and ears by the way it harmonizes and progresses (it makes sense, I promise). Overall, the addition of stronger synths wasn't that much of a setback. The boys are just experimenting with new ideas. Clever lyrics, soft melodies, a gem in the world of music. Keep it up guys.

fff fest - Some great tracks some weaker ones

Horchata is one of my all time favorite songs. In December drinking horchaaata

Bija_jinx - Wow! Vampire Weekend! Wow!

I challenge anyone to remain even remotely sorta kinda bummed out while listening to this album. From the opening track "Horchata" I started smiling even while sitting in bumper to bumper rush hour. "Contra" is rife with lush, deep, keep-u-guessing tribal beats, all seamlessly brought together with the incredibly versatile (borderline angelic) voice of Ezra Koenig. Beautiful and up lifting.

kinz16 - Love it!

Their music is so fun, and I love it! I bought it on vinyl and it sounds even better on there!

Morganrox002 - LOVE

This album is SO great and totally worth buying. Seriously... DO IT.

S83N - The greatest album of all time.

Vampire Weekend had a solid debut album, but their sophomore album Contra proved to the world the band hadn't lost steam. Everyone thinks their third album "Modern Vampires of the City" is their best because they had matured, but their immaturity is what made Contra so amazing. Contra is an album you can play and immediately fall in a daze, it's pure bliss. All songs deserved to be listened to. You owe it to yourself to listen to Contra.



JoshuaImanuel - No

Just no!

TheShyViolinist - Great Album!

This album is seriously addicting. I love Vampire Weekend. My favorite tracks are: “Cousins,” “Giving Up the Gun,” “California English,” and “White Sky.” By the way, Ezra’s airy vocals on “White Sky” are awesoooome!! So catchy (Well, the whole album is catchy!), and he has a cool voice. If you’re not sure about it, just buy it. You won’t be disappointed! :)

BlehShmeh - Why?...


Kgamer:0 - Love Vampy Weekend SO Much!!!

I love this and their past album!!! I especially love Diplomat's Son and Taxi Cab from this album, but I love every single song! I feel like Diplomat's Son is about a gay boy and his friend and its really touching. I hope Ezra and co. are making more tunes!

meoww42 - i love vw

musical gods

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