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Download Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber - Eenie Meenie MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Eenie Meenie music file uploaded on March 23rd, 2010.

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Musicismyife - What?

I thought it was a girl singing.....

Yasmin egin - Girl voice

You sound like a girl REALLY not Joking even my friend polly says that!!!(are you a boy or girl)!!!!...


I have lost all respect for Usher and Sean Kingston for signing & working with a teenage boy whose voice sounds like a girl

RoRob8 - Hi here is something tothink about!

I found this song goood for a while the it just was like any other song. Plain and dull except for the change of tone and the excellent wording which really cought my attention. I particuairly want to say a huge well done to Sean for his exceptional work helped of course by the one and only Justin Beiber. I hope that they both do very well in the future and produce some more smash hit for us soon!!! Miranda Derwent black-water

Fuyyrjrthgihgrusyfygytdf - Gr8

Bst song evr man <3 it

FrzxSaz - waste of time....bored before the first 10secs

Justin cannot dace. He is crappy. Sean Kingston is singing words that mean nothing. 'Please don't waste my time' is a phrase in the song.More like they're wasting OUR time! And it's in the top ten! The tune is OK, but, i wouldn't listen to it just 4 that! I'm 12, and a girl,but i don't think he's that hot. Lots of my friends do, but if justin didn't look so hot, no one would look at him. How do we even know that is JB? How do we know the person's name really is Justin Beiber? Sean Kingston is ok, but with JB, he drops a looooong way down. OK, so what im getting at is that his songs r utterly rubblish, and he sings total nonsense.

mizz1029 - Great song!

Xfactorextermination is seriously sad!!! Beautiful girls was so c**p that it became anthem if 2007??? I don't think so!! If you think it's so rubbish than you didn't buy it so why the hell are you reviewing it!!! Sean Kingston has MAJOR talent and although he's young Justin bieber is already a MASSIVE star!!! So stop hating on both of them!!!

Jayz3 - Justin who???

Justin is a pubeless chicken who will not be heard of in 3years but sean kingston eat a legend

Owen the amazing ashworth. - R. U. B.B. I. S. H

The worst song I have ever heard JB is rubbish. I could sing better than him. I thought my ears were bleeding when I heard it. He's nowhere near as good as Bruno mars,Michael Jackson,Conor Maynard or PSY. I never want to hear it again this song is like💩💩💩💩💩💩. The day I heard that song was the worst day of my whole little life. I'm going to be scarred forever. JB's hair is really bad it makes him look ugly he might aswel put mud on his head.

zoomer1248376863763789049878945 - beiber

some people hate him some love him. actualy this is amazing (for anythinh 2 to with jusin beiber)

Luke singing - Cool

Shawn and Justin best song I watch it everyday

X Factor Extermination Inc - A steaming pile of monkey c**p

Remember Sean Kingston's rubbish debut song Beautiful Girls? This childish counting rhyme duet with gender-confused dwarf Justin Bieber has become an early contender for worst song of 2010, just listen to the lyrics, Bieber's squeaky voice and Kingston's annoying rapping. It's the musical equivalent of a hemorrhoid, which must be bad, even by today's standards.

afrodude68 - Would be fine without Bieber

Haha, love this but Bieber spoils it.. The little girl :/

film fanaticia - wth

okaii is this a joke ?!!!, justin bieber just be a man please !!!!!! and the song , dont even get me started on how rubbish this is !

Badcompany202 - I thought it was a girl singing.

Oh no it's bieber and he is gay lol

Jb is a legend - OMG

Justin bieber is amazing and I'm a boy all of you stop giving him hare you pathetic low lifes

rclrachel 101 - Einie meenie

This song is the best xx

Williams's - Ennie meenie

Why the heck did sean kingston chose to do this with Justin Bieber he sing like a 8 year old girl! Could have been a great song without Bieber!

WildChild61 - Jb ruins it!

I mean it's a catchy song I'll give it that but JB sounds like a girl. Sean Kingston would be as well doing a duet with a girl! No wonder Selena broke up with JB! He's such a bad singer! I mean he's not the worst but face it..he'll never be as good as Jason derulo or Ed sheeran or Bruno mars! Good song if u like JB and Sean Kingston, bad song if u hate both and ok song if u like only one of them! Nuff said!

[=Hannah_x - Bieber's Best

I actually really love this song, and kinda like Bieber in it too. Notice how all JB songs are 1 star comments but on this there's lots of 5 stars? Yeah that's because this isn't his usual music and I wouldn't like it anywhere near as much if it wasn't for Sean Kingston. (btw I'm a 12 year old girl and I don't like Justin Bieber).

Massf - Crap


Mrozozoz - I think people should respect him

He's only a kid trying to enjoy life then you ps3 slobs so shut up and go put on some auto tuned crap

Rachel Housley333 - Ornithorhynchus anatinus

eenie meenie minie no.

Mr fluffles123 - Bum bum!

That's all u have to say!


I'm not really a bieber fan, but this song is not really that bad... Makes me sing along to it :)

MyMusicReviews - Surprisingly good

I'm not a fan of Justin or Sean but this is a very catchy song. It's by no means amazing or the best song by either of them but it's a pleasant surprise.

demilovatosbiggestfan - LOVE THIS SONG


Karisque_Dreamwyn (Campee) - Great song.

Best song of 2018.

conhan67 - It's awsome :-)

I love this song so much I am surprised it ain't gone #1 Manchester lives you justin bieber :-). <3

Jackdellis - Justin Bieber are you even a boy

I'm not quite sure on this one, this song is good apart from when Justin bieber opens his mouth, Sean Kingston is amazing though ;)

Stars - It's ok

I've grown to like this song bcuz Sean Kingston sings it. But then *shiver* Justin bieber he's ruins the song. I hate justin bieber he's just so annoying

cadi<3 - :)

this song always makes me smile :)

Fork Of Doom - Ow. Ear cancer.

My sister plays this non-stop in the car. I now have an urge to find Justin Beiber and see if I can punch him male.

Wilbum - Wow!!!

This song is really good even though I'm not a beiber fan!!!

RhiannonHall - Want to give it -1 star!!!

It's that awful!!!! What were they thinking?? TERRIBLE!!

TheCoolestPersonEva - Luv it

Song me + friends sung in school talent show. We won. This song is my inspiration.

ecd4life - song i

So good haven't stop songing this song for ages and it is one i'll remember for a long time to come

Footygirl - Cool

Justin Beiber is serously cute but he sings like a girl! He actually dus reely well in this song and so dus Kingston. Luv this song!!!

davidguettarules - Meh.

I'm not a big fan of this, but people, Sean Kingston is a good singer, he was just not up to standards when making this. And Justin Bieber's part in the preview is actually okay. And, yes, we know Sean Kingston isn't exactly slim, but it's still mean and even rude to point out his weight. Sean Kingston can sing better than his haters, anyways.

Amyy'darlinn.x - Unexpectedly Good!

Not a usual fan of either of these artists, but together they are perfect; one of those songs you can't stop listening to and the lyrics are epic. I'm a 13 year old girl, but no, I'm not in love with Justin but he is cute :) x

Madz masterz - Great


paulburke15 - Ok, but silly title

They could of spent a bit more time working on the eenie meenie part because it sounds too stupid otherwise it would be an alright song

Yumi-Kitty<3 - …

I don't like JB,but this is the only song I like with him in. Good song though!!! :33

Constopible - Cool song


Hopey and libs!!! - Luv that song!!!

Great song by 2 great singers!!

Jackie Mackay - Brilliant thinking!

Justin doing a duet with sean kingston!!! It is a epic song! They should do a duet more often! X

Mj fan!! - Am loving it!!

OMG!! I'm luvin' this tunee well done guys nice work!! 2010's biggest n best tune!!! P.s; loving the LA mansion I want my b'day party to be like that one!! Don't 4get da pool too!!

Happymichael - I love the song!

To be honest guys, the song is very good musically - It's just so catchy! Don't think we should get personal with the singers.

Mrs. Biber - Less. Lonley. Girl

I. Think. The. Song. Is. Cool.

bawbagamuss - Nursery rhyme

at least biebers paying attention in class what's next humpty dumpty, pat-a-cake, there's talk of him going into acting at the end of the year, he's doing the nativity playing the inn keeper

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With Ocean Below - Eenie Meenie (Justin Bieber cover)


Mikey Ace Studios - Eenie Meenie (Justin Bieber cover)


Boys Hate Summer - Eenie Meenie (Justin Bieber cover)


طلعت لي اغنية Eenie meenie فجأة ورجعتني ل ٢٠١٠ وماضيها😔😔😔


eenie meenie minee piss which of my ocs is this


~ Justin Bieber - Eenie Meenie #VALORANT #ValorantClips #VALORANTフレンド募集


Hey 'eenie meenie' by justin bieber and sean kingston is my favourite song! Turn it up!


Se sekavam ednashka ja pustivme onaa pesnana sho ide "eenie meenie teenie weenie shriveled little short dick man" i…


#NowPlaying Voodoo Mars - Eenie Meenie Miny Mo


Eenie Meenie Miny Mo


@MrBadTakes If he hollers, let him go. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo.


EENIE, MEENIE, MINEY... Y͙̬̆͋̆ͤ̀͘O̢̨͕̬̰̓ͯͥͫ̔̆͑̎́̚U̴͖͚͋

About Eenie Meenie [Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber, album Eenie Meenie - Single, song Eenie Meenie, released date 23 March 2010. Listening and fast downloading online to Eenie Meenie - Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Eenie Meenie by Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber mp3 download listen Eenie Meenie direct download Eenie Meenie mp3 #eenie-meenie

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