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16 HORSES - Hey Even Gwyneth Paltrow is more convincingly at singing than Lindsay Lohan

So in some ways it feels like Gwyneth Paltrow is trying too hard with the Soundtrack to HER movie Country Strong! But when you hear her sing It almost could be mistaken for Shania Twain! Her Country Strength is believable!

youfureal - Uggg

Today I’m going to be able to come to the one on my fb because she’s going on the one with you and she is going to be doing a great job

Countrymusicfan16 - Awesome

This is by far my favorite soundtrack ever!!! Love love love!!! The movie is great too!! Awesome country music!!

Dawnvalles - Ronnie Dunn

I bought this album because of Ronnie Dunns song and the one by Sara Evans. Chris Young and Patty Loveless have a good song on here too. Faith not so much and Gweneth should stick to acting.

Marilyne Kaye Nix - Awesome

1 of my FAVORITE soundtracks!!!

Charlie Brooke's - :((((

I came here just for give in to me .....the movie version !!

emiillyy13 - GREAT


Bird dog guy - Bird dog guy

Awesome songs love all of them if you've never seen the movie all these songs are on the movie called (country strong) I'd watch the movie if I was you.


The most powerful movie I have seen in a long time!!! They acted great and I felt every emotion and tear with her!! Best movie in a very long time and so very touching sad & makes you appricate all you have is the message I got! She would have been happier in their old life in love !! Best have to see !!

Carlee9smoky - Awesome

I love it it's real country

Boo bear 5797 - Country strong

I was watching the movie and had to buy the songs while I was watching it. I just love them.

ASTERIA13 - give in to me

Although I am not big on Country and western Music, I love the way Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester are bringing "Give in to me". I listened to it some 10 times today. I like Faith hill but her version of the song does not do it justice. I decided not to buy the album but buy the individual songs instead. Garret has a great voice and should have done more songs on the album.

BLACKBELT91 - actually

actually you can buy the leighton meester version of stronger and give into me, its not on this album just search her name and you will find it in itunes. your welcome :)

Neka702 Vegas - Pessssed

Bought other album and song want me Tennessee want money back ITUNES

mauia88 - The songs are great...

I liked just about every song in the movie, which makes me want to get the soundtrack. But the only thing I wish was different with the soundtrack was that the songs that were sung by the stars in the movie were in the soundtrack...not other versions of the song. Like how everyone wants Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester's version of Give In to Me. And I would want either Garrett Hedlund or Gwyneth Paltrow's version of Time is Everything. But nevertheless, I'm still going to get the songs in the soundtrack. Love the movie and the songs!

kingcoop07 - Buy the other version

There is another release with Meester and Hedlund sing most of the songs. That version is far better. Hedlunds version of Timing is everything is so much better than Adkins and Meester and Hedlund's version of Gine in to Me is also better than Hill's.

stacylscott - Why leave off the BEST songs of the movie???

I absolutely love Garrett Hedlund .... why isn't this guy at the top of the charts?? And I would have loved to have his & Leighton's voice on EVERY song! Give in to Me should definitely have been their version. I hope the soundtrack producers take time to read these reviews & answer the demand of the listeners! GIVE IN TO US!! :-) Would love to hear some of the honky-tonk, fun songs on here too!

Seechee - Peeved

I'm really upset- the song i wanted the most isn't available, Me and Tennessee. I want my money back.

MMJ9 - Country Strong

If Your looking for Garrett and Leighton Version of Give into is on On Country Strong(More Music Soundtrack). IT IS GREAT!

Ampmaster3000 - <3

GREAT SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Livi673484 - Coming Home

This song is such an amazing song. The tune rings through my head all the time. It's a beautiful piece and it always warms my day. You should listen to it.

Country Strong movie Fan - Regarding Give Into Me

Look up give into me and you'll find the one by Hedlund and Meester. I just bought it here on iTunes.


Sorry much love and respect to Faith Hill but where is Hedlund and Meester's version of Give In To Me??? The duet was so beautiful and so much chemistry in that version. I just watched the movie and the whole reason for coming on to itunes was to specifically buy the album to get that version! Very disappointed.

LeahDawson17 - Amazing!!!:)

I agree, buy both albums. It's worth it. I love country music, and even though I didn't like the movie that much, the music is awesome. Especially the Garrett Hedlund songs. Classics. These songs will be engraved in your hearts forever. That's what happened to me.:)

sarah!!!!! :) - Hakka


kass 88 - I love Garretts voice amazing

Buy both albums. They made a more songs version with the leighton and garrett version. I was disappointed but then I found it and I love it. It has way more Garrett songs and "silver wings". Love the Gwyneth and Tim version on Tennessee on here and Ronnie Dunn!

CountryStrongFanatic - HELLOOO

Hey everyone who's complaining about the version of Give In To, me the better version is available on the Country Strong (More Music from The Motion Picture) Album. :)




I hasve to say this album is wonderful with Gwyneth's Coming Home!! Garrett is incredibleand and has such a sexy voice! I wish the song Give in to Me by Garrett and Leighton was avaible for purchase. Faith Hill has no connection to the movie and doesn't quite cut it. This is a duet!!!

HareTrig - Well...

My husband and I picked the duet for our first dance song not knowing there was another version. Well the Dj played the faith hill one and it was awful, there should only be songs from the movie on here period.

Princess Jessica 13 - Kind of a Rip off

Love the movie!!! But they should of had all the songs from the movie on one album and not songs that other people sang that aren't in the movie. I wanted to get this album bc I liked the way the songs were in the movie. But the songs on here aren't the same. Had to buy the second album for the other good songs :(

sgfmodude - This aint really a true Soundtrack from the movie

You really should not call this a Soundtrack from the movie, there are alot of songs missing by the actors that performed then in the movie.

thephotoggrapher - Two different sound tracks...

I loved this movie and soundtrack, but if anyone is looking for the leighton meester and garrett hedlund version of give into me, it's on the "second" soundtrack for country strong.

It here - The duet is on here

click on Garrett Hedlund to open his artist page and it has all the songs he sang in the movie sung by him

RDL91 - Give into me

This song sounds better as a duet for sure!!!

TravM - Me and Tennessee

Me and Tennessee is the BEST song on this album! I wish they would have fit it into the movie somewhere besides just the credits.

LaurieLHW - Are you kidding me?????

The best song from the movie was sung on the Soundtrack by Faith Hill. What....................are you nuts. Faith is a great singer but who's kidding who? She wasn't in the movie. Give us the original by Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund. What idiot was at the helm for this one????? Cheated again.

alexbecky - Love the music - but...

I love the music from this movie but this soundtrack hardly plays any of the "real" songs. Like everyone else, I can't believe they didn't put in the duet "Give In To Me" - nothing against Faith Hill but it was great in the movie. And I can't buy "Me and Tennessee" except when I buy the whole album? I just bought the playlist someone compiled of the movie songs...

Xiao² - Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester

The duet with Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund is not included on this album BUT it is included in the "Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)" album so don't worry. I love the duet that they did (more than Faith Hill's version too) and the movie score as a whole is beautiful and definitely made me reconsider my opinion of country music.

Ambcoopcog - Hate It!!!

They are trying to sell more albums by having the mainstream artists re-do the songs that the actors sang in the movie! The mainstream artists don't even come close to singing the songs as good as the actors!! Don't buy this album purchase Garrett Hedlud's songs individually if you want what you heard in the movie, the only exception is Gwenth's songs they are all on this album.

racecarfreak47 - give in to me

garrett hedlund and leighton meesters version of give in to me is on the cd that has more counrty strong songs

ambiiii<3 - Agrreeee!

Agree totally with that!!! Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester's was the best!!!


Unless someone already noted it (I didnt bother to read every post) some folks are concerned with what versions are on the album instead of straight from the movie. On the far right next to "buy" use the drop down arrow and select "other versions" some songs can be purchased in other formats, like Garret and Leighton's version of "give into me".

Johnsooon23 - Timing is everything

Trace adkins ruined timing is everything. he's trash in it and i'm mad that i even supported him singing that they need garrett hedlund. Trace adkins is garbage

lucindamc13 - there is more..

there is another soundtract, because i went & saw the movie when is came out, then came home to buy the music...i have the "give into me" one with garrett & leighton singing...the album is called "country strong(more music for the motion picture)" hope this helps all you looking for that song!(: love all this music!

SSRkdc - Disappointed

Just watched the movie and wanted to purchase the soundtrack. Am disappointed to find the songs are not performed by the artists in the movie.

Allysa Knox - Everyone Listen...

they have Garret and Leighton's version of Give In To Me on the next album. There are two of them.

Jdrlover - Why

Words I couldn't say is a song by Rascal Flatts why couldn't leighton sing her own songs not everyone else's

Cali Joe - Timing is everything

I wish Garrett's version was available, it was better. I would buy it , not the other one by Trace Adkins, it doesn't feel connected to the movie/story. I think it was the best song of the movie.

Summer Luv - I lik it

My fav song out of it is country song 

Jackies2121 - Epic!


smillingkid - The Other Album!!

For everybody who liked the movie, you should definitely buy Country Strong (more music from the motion picture) because it contains the songs that are in the movie singed by the actors!!

Love granny - Love!!!!!!

This album is amazing

Philippe Billette - Not the right singer

In the movie the song is performed by Garret and you are selling a different version

Fanny Cheung - Country Strong

Gwyneth Paltrow has such a beautiful voice!! Love this album!!

Rebecca Gabriele - Didn't Like Movie................

I Like The Music But Didn't Like The Movie,Going To Exchange It!!!!

Music Strong - Fabulous music......

My daughter and I watched the movie last night and the music was fantastic.....Garrett Hedlund has a wonderful voice....I am purchasing both albums today.....and if Garrett decides to have a music career as well....I will be a huge fan. Gwyneth also does a great job....I don't think there isn't anything to love about either of these albums.....I will be listening for a long time.

BLAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - Leightons amazing!

I love Leighton Meester in this her voice is soo good! :) I can't wait for her new album <3

Yaara Docrat - Country Strong

Leighton you sound amazing truly a breakthrough album that will touch many hearts

ashlav87 - can't wait

Great album so happy with it. Just makes me that much more excited for the movie in january. The one thing that I'm kinda disappointed in is that they don't have garrett singing silver wings.

Emsterlovesblink182 - AMAZING!

This album is by far one of the best albums that I have had the chance to listen to! Their is such a good range of songs too choose from and they cater to all people in one way or another. I would highly recommend purchasing it or at least most of the songs I plan on purchasing the rest of it so I can have the chance to enjoy it! I also cannot wait for the movie to come out and will definitely be there opening night! CONGRATS TO ALL THE ARTISTS ON THIS ALBUM INCLUDING MISS GWENYTH PALTROW WHO HAS DONE AN AMAZING JOB! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


awesome .... really enjoying me and tennessee...shake that thing & of course, give in to me....

Mitch.Burns - So Excited.

From Gwyneth's stunning voice, To new (great) songs by Faith, Ronnie, Lee Ann Womack, Sara Evans, Chris Young, and Trace Adkins, a Good cover from Leighton Meester, A sweet duet, some Patty and Hank, and newbie Garret Hedlund's Southern Twang... This album is a jam packed, Country dream.

Easy flier - Disappearing songs!!

Unable to play certain songs from album all of a sudden even though I it bought ages ago!! Not happy!

Mary McKerral - Loved this film

Really enjoyed this film.

Keira Megan - Keira


chilipetal - Garrett Hedlund sings!!

I love the guy but I never knew he could sing like this. No, it's not PROPER Country music but that doesn't stop it being great!

ben braddock - Jeepers creepers

This sure isn't country music. It's the very worst that Nashville produces. Just some hideous country rock hybrid. It's so sad as there is so much good stuff out there. Trouble is - you have to make the effort to look.

Trekkie76 - Money making gits

The main song is only available if you buy the whole album.

sweet16H - Fantastic!

I have Garrett Hedlund's "Chances Are" and Leighton Meester's "Words I Couldn't Say" as my iPod alarm! They're such fantastic songs--and I was surprised by how beautifully Garrett Hedlund could sing! I've loved him since he was in "Four Brothers," and can't wait for the film "Country Strong" to premiere in England! I've bought this album and the second "music from the motion picture" album, because I love the songs so much!

Auleo - Great album!

Wow I love Me & Tennesse! It was written by Chris Martin you know, what a genius :D

Annamaria Lippiello - Amazing :)

Great soundtrack and think Leighton Meesters track 'Words I Couldn't Say' is a hidden gem. the best song on the album! Great album, can not wait for the film! :)

Lizzie Belle - Great Soundtrack!

Love this soundtrack! Gwyneth Paltrow's performance at the 44th annual CMA Awards was awesome ! Looking forward to the movie!

tobyneilson - wow

did not know paltrow could sing so well love the title track to this album


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