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Download OTT - LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix) music file uploaded on October 1st, 2002.

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OTT - LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix) MP3 Comments & Reviews

Barry D-Alive - 128 kbps????

Love the album. NOT happy it's only available in about the lowest form of MP3 there is. Had to buy/download again from Amazon.

S rizzle - Ott .... Very good

Amazing album all the way through! I love every song. If your a shpongle fan , you HAVE to get this

Stealthyfrog64 - Best album by Ott

The music is amazing and everyone reading this should buy this album. There is nothing else like this album. I showed this to some kids at school...they're the type of kids that like rap and country. They were instantly mesmerized. Love u Ott!

FuzzTrooper - Excellent Find

i was searching for something else and wound up purchasing this album. I love this "album". The arrangements are sophisticated and the timbres are rich and fascinating. The production quality is also note worthy - super clean but yet warmer than other digital productions..

VortExodus - def. worth the effort

This album is a great addition to Ott's perfect repertoire. From the first few seconds you are shot into outerspace in a self guided spaceship, then repelled into a black hole where you lose all control until the last few seconds of Angelic Particles drops you off for an emergency landing back in your chair.

Luckyone530 - Sick!

Just buy! Amazing artist Dubbing amazing artist.... like the modern version of Augustus Pablo meets King Tubby, on acid.

crunchyturds - review of the itunes review of this album

Why is this person reviewing an album? He manages to get track titles wrong (it's WARWICK Bassmonkey mix, not WICKED) and contradict himself - "... which are nothing if not trippy and downright pretty, the grooves are hard and clean rather than smoky and trippy." So the grooves are trippy and are also not trippy. Apparently that's possible nowadays.

Macrovirtue - Truly Beautiful

I've been listening to this album for a few years now and it is truly beautiful. It's great music to relax to, to make love to, to trip a background while you're working. Just great music. As another reviewer noted, it really transcends genre and, I think, should be appealing to people with all kinds of musical backgrounds. The production is top-notch. I rarely take the time to write a review, but I love this album enough to do so. (Great work, Ott! Bummed I missed you when you were in town recently! :( Also, I do like Hallucinogen, and I understand these are remixes, but I think the association could throw people off. This is not a Hallucinogen album, and far from psy-trance.

ryanhayn - I thought I knew good electronica. This album proves how ignorant I was.

The songs on this album have constantly changing sounds, yet are totally and uniquely cohesive and keep your attention throughout. It's pretty amazing. Focusing on the baseline alone will put a big smile on your face. This music is like taking a walk through Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, by yourself, on shrooms, with little electronic robot birds singing sweet music to you. A must buy for anyone who loves electronic music!

AvatarAustin - If I had heard , I would not have payed

This is ok. There is much better music out there though. Maybe try Easily Embarrassed or Shpongle.

GreenSoju - Buy now

Take a few Hallucinogen masterpieces, throw them into the blender with some dub, and you get this. Wow! A masterful combination of two completely different genres. King Tubby would be proud.

Auir_tech - Little monsters in the pink bubbles

This album is so masterful it can easily draw listeners from other genres. It's fluid use of the dub beats catches your attention in a stranglehold whilst letting you relax simultaneously. It's like hearing a complex story or an explanation of a sigma notation. Luscious, colorful algorithms carrying you through a gentle orbit. One of the best albums of the genre.

are you kidding...? - seriously...?

I can't believe this ablum has only been reviewed 3 times!?!?! Anyway, I have been lilstening to electronic music for 20+ years. This is one of the best works in my (large)collection. Seriously. Friends of mine that *hate* electronic music have heard this in my car and wanted copies of it.I love Shpongle, OTT's Album, etc. But this is my all time fav. Do yourself a favor and buy it.The 2nd track is the best.

NekoboyShin - beyond words

I don't see how anyone could not like this I think everyone should give this a chance because its too good and you're definately missing out if you don't check this out and get into to it!!!

upward_elevation - Nothing can touch...

Ott's music. Period. Both his album "Blumenkraft" and this album are completely chilling. His music is on constant rotation in my car... in my room... at work... everywhere I go. Go download all of his music! In fact... Buy the actual cd's, cuz I promise you, even if you download these songs, you'll want the cd's anyway... It's THAT good.

whytunes1 - All Music Guide can suck my...

Ott is a master. He iis a semi-hermit who doesnt leave his house haldf the time and spends all his time looking at porn and makingsic. If you didn't know, he is signed to Twisted recorcxs, the label of SHpongle, Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, and many other of the finest in psychedelic music. If you don't buy or listen to this album, then you are fooling yourself about music. His sound is beyond imagination. You will be chilled out, have a smile on your face, and willl copmpletley lose yourself in this music. This is how modern music should be. Please help save humainty by buying this album. Thank You

rebeccahorwood - Stunning album!

I absolutely love this album with it's beautiful twist on electronic ambient dub. I am trying to find other albums that reflect this sound, but so far have not even come close to discovering another that replicates such a magical mood!

Psychedelic Spaniel - An Absolute Classic

This is a stunning album. OTT's customary style makes it a blindingly chilled remake of Hallucinogens classic album - it's the sort of music that takes you to places when you close your eyes.

mikeee dread - fantastic

this is a great album, a must have if you like psychedelic dub, as that is what it is. don't listen to the rubbish review he' s mad ! just listen to it and make up your own mind. i think it's fantastic. pay it loud !!!!!

boolar - don't listen to the main review!

don't listen to the main review. this is a classic of modern electronic music. yes it's not raw sounding like pure jamaican dub but then it wouldn't be a sparklingly brilliant piece of modern ambient electronic tunes if it was. The production is as lush as a bubble bath in a floating haze of blissfulness. Ethereal music which appeals to those with a an open mind. In short I was gobsmacked when i first heard this album and it is a classic in the underground psy-dub scene.

About LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix) [OTT] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist OTT, album In Dub, song LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix), released date 01 October 2002. Listening and fast downloading online to LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix) - OTT mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix) by OTT mp3 download listen LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix) direct download LSD (World Sheet of Closed Strings Mix) mp3 #lsd-world-sheet-of-closed-strings-mix

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