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"Sail" is a song by American electronic rock band Awolnation. It was written and produced in Venice, California by group member Aaron Bruno, with Kenny Carkeet performing the audio engineering. The song was first featured on the band's debut extended play Back from Earth (2010) and was later featured on their debut album Megalithic Symphony (2011). Released as a single on January 4, 2011, "Sail" is the band's most commercially successful song to date. It debuted at number 89 on the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart in September 2011, spending twenty weeks on the chart before dropping out. The single re-entered the Hot 100 a year later, becoming a massive sleeper hit and reaching a new peak of number 17. It is the 3rd longest song to stay inside the Billboard Hot 100 chart of all time, with 74 weeks. Download AWOLNATION - Sail MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Sail MP3 file uploaded on January 4th, 2011.

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AWOLNATION - Sail MP3 Comments & Reviews

TOPgirl |-/ - Awesomazing

At $7.99, if you don’t experience that life changing feeling... oh well, right? Pretty sure you will, or else you’re just in a permanent coma... great album. Soul Wars and Knights of Shame are superb testament to the heights of musics inherent capacity of transcending definition.

A_Mediocre_Asian - mY cHildhOoD wOW

I remember listening to all these songs when I was a kid, how time flies....

HTL3D - Fall in love

It just occurred to me that I never reviewed this album. Honestly, when I first heard “Sail” I was in a low point in my life. I felt like no one understood me and I hated the songs on the radio. Usually I wouldn’t even pay attention in the car since the pop music bored me, but when I heard that song I was all ears. I love this band so much and for a first album it’s not bad at all. Their music is incredibly original and relatable in some aspect. I respect that the band allows listeners to decide for themselves what the song means and that makes the experience all the more enjoyable since I’m able to connect the music to something in my life without feeling like I’m wrong about my interpretation. I’ve had this entire album for quite some time and I love every song. I can listen to it all start to finish. Favorites are “People,” “Soul Wars,” “Sail,” and “Knights of Shame”. My only regret is not buying the deluxe. I really enjoy “This Kid’s Not Alright” off that version. Overall, totally worth a full purchase.

Brobuddy - SAIL

Yesyesyesyesyes Y E S

Jfooball Shoaf - Still my favorite album ever!!!

This is my favorite album ever to be released, and people who think that Sail is the only good song on this album don’t know what they’re talking about. Every song from top to bottom is unique and really fun to listen to. AWOLNATION is one of the best musical groups from our time.

malandevie123 - Aawwssoommeenneess

I love ❤️ this song “sail”,it is my favorite song!!!

awesomeguy14$$$$ - Hi

I just want to say hi

XBruhNationX - AMAZING


Reporter #1 - THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Some of the best songs of the decade love all of the songs l!!

Bowers173733 - Awolnation

Song only plays alittle over a minute before it cuts out... Help?

TempesT271 - In the Right Mind

When I first heard this album, I only really liked a few songs. It was really too upbeat for me. I listened to it again a few days ago and completely fell in love with every song. That being said, I’m a different person now than when I first heard this album. Preview the album. If you don’t like what you hear, then it’s not for you; but I love it, and many would agree with me that it is one of the greatest albums to us that also love it. It just depends on who you are. Track review: 1.) Megalithic Symphony - A great way to open up the album. The megaliths rise from the mist and chant the song of their creator. 2.) Some Strange Creature - I don’t know why, but for some insane reason this little interlude feels so magical. It is an apt transition to the kick-off track, Soul Wars. 3.) Soul Wars - This is an unholy shrine to the conflict induced by the self-righteous preachers. It unveils the irony that they inflict the very damage they claim to prevent. 4.) People - This upbeat tune to help out, to remind us that we’re all in this together, running away from the roots of our problems and into conflict when we don’t step out and try to see each others’ side. 5.) Jump On My Shoulders - This is a really catchy beach-type song; it accentuates the ocean theme of this album nicely. Very positive and uplifting. It’s about having a loving community to rely on. Or at least that’s what it seems like. Sometimes, you have to listen to Awol’s songs multiple times to truly get their intended meaning. 6.) Burn it Down - This song is an aggressive alternative-indie type thing, and it’s about how the rush of life lets you forget what’s important right now. 7.) Guilty Filthy Soul - … … … something scandalous. 8.) Kill Your Heroes - A crew of young laddies on a train encounter an old man that spent his life trying to be good, in the clear, just to find out that his life was run by fear. He told them, “Don’t you let some guy on a pedestal fool you. Heaven is where the heart is.” 9.) My Nightmare’s Dream - “All, I need! All, all, I need!” - vintage record player edition. 10.) Sail - This iconic radio hit is about how no one really cares about each other. At all. We’re so busy justifying ourselves we forget about the billions of others that are doing the same. ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder. Basically, it’s someone that doesn’t get the attention they need. 11.) Wake Up - I once thought this song was possessed by a demon. As it turns out, I just didn’t want to get out of my bed so comfy. This is like some reggae-jazz-pop fusion. 12.) Not Your Fault - This is like the epic finale of the story. It is an alternative electro-rock starship. It’s about taking responsibility, when you stop blaming your love and start taking accountability for your own misguided actions. It’s really quite touching. The music video is silly, but I really kinda like it. It’s got an undeniable charm to it, and sums up this song very well in its own weird, unconventional way. 13.) All I Need - You are one of one-thousand pilgrims, congregating to the coastal church of Awol. This is the hymn you all sing in unison, as one, together. “All I need is you smiling at me.” 14.) Knights of Shame - I haven’t listened to this one very much, so I’ll let you all decide for yourselves. Still, I’ll preface with this thought - “knights” are supposed to be honorable. These ones are from the putrid land of shame, where it’s all smiles and laughter until someone gets serious. 15.) I literally have never heard of this song until just now. Huh. It must have not been on my version of the album. 10/10. Fantastic effort. Same with Run! I actually loved that album before I gave this one a second shot. I’m glad I did :)

Leslie<3Niall - \(^o^)/

This whole album is so good!! I'm absolutely in love with it. Their music isn't like any other, that's what I love about them. My favourite song is "Kill Your Heroes"!

Nicky2601 - One of the best albums I've ever heard

Wow. This album is absolutely incredible. Still one year after discovering it, I'm still obsessed and have been to three of their concerts. Awolnation is one of the best bands in the world. BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!

Cannibal's #1 fan - Awesome but be careful

I love awolnation this album is amazing but just a warning it doesn't warn you but it has an f word in Burn it down and jump on my shoulders other then that I love it

Hotgirl179 - Wow

I listen to a lot of bands. All the way from Louis Armstrong to dream theatre to beck. And now I've listened to run, megalithic symphony, and under the influence of Giants, and hands down this band has the most potential I've ever seen in a band!

1980's salesman - 100%

Don't think, buy

shmee33 - Oh Lordy

Was listening sail (unlimited) for the longest time, before I noticed they created so many other sold tracks. I love it most how most (if not all) of their songs have real meaning to them and not just shouting out gibberish to a catchy tune.


Like if you're still screaming SAIL! randomly throught the day

kkoschny - WTH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It's July 2015 how is this still on the iTunes Charts? It's okay but it's really annoying listening to it and boring. I don't care about the lyrics anymore

LisaBreit - Why did I just find this now???

LOVE, LOOOVE, LOOOOOVE this album! I have always liked their song SAIL, but didn't realize ALL their music is phenominal, fresh & different from everything else now a days. I found it a few days ago and can't...stop...listening....sigh. I found it is also the BEST workout music (but prepared to dance in-between every excercise, and also during excercising if you try it out) I bought both albums after watching them continually for hours on youtube the other night and can not wait to see them in concert when they come in my area!

Jess Millah - The Queen's Heart.....

You must listen to The Knights of Shame on this album. This song astonished me. Literally ASTONISHED! Listen all the way through. At minutes 8 to 10 your life will be changed. No joke

Madders04 - LOVE IT

This album is the best💖

~~ - Amazing

I got sail then herd all of them I wish I got all of them together now I have to get The rest of them there awesome

startsnew - After new release this title goes up $2


Sorobey - Great job

You've helped me git ready for football and keep me in shape

Lanalovely7777 - Addicting

Can't stop listening to this

Zipit37 - Meh...

I heard sail and loved it, but other than that, nothing all too great. But hey, at least Sail earned you 2 stars from me!

Flash6554 - Awesome

It is a great album especially kill our heros

Yoloboy:D - $ well spent

I love this album but the song I really like is sail

None of yur beeswax - Spectacular.

Amazingly thought provoking. Grungy, feel good music that makes you want to cynically sing along.

Fred D.A.T - Love it

The combination of piano and techno is amazing watch the video of you haven't seen it

Trullius Mark - Blame it on my ADD!!!

"Sail" started a new Revolution in Electro Rock music!! Check out Devil Drivers version, too.

xJonFer12494x - The force that is Megalithic Symphony

I absolutley love this album! Aside from the collaboration of different genres, It brought a new sound to my ears. Few albums, and even fewer artists, have managed to captivate me enough to be able to say that: I loved every single song on the tracklist. This album is one of those few gems and I encourage you to test it yourself! Despite its popularity, Sail was in my opinion no were near the best song on this album. Personally my top 5 are as follows: 1) Kill Your Heros 2) Not Your Fault 3) Soul Wars 4) People 5) Knights of Shame. I would also suggest you check out the deluxe version of the album wich features great tracks such as: THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT, and Swinging from the Castles.

ThornCherish - I love AWOL Nation!

The ideas in the songs reveal very awake artists. The musical style is refreshingly unbound by any kind of expectation. The artists are unique and positive. I think they come off as real people, and nice ones at that. I love this music!

WeirdBoyProduction - A True Masterpiece.

With his new album coming out sometime soon, I thought i’d write a little review about Megalithic Symphony. This album has an amazing, fresh, and original sound to it overall. It is alternative rock for sure, but it can dip into other genres on songs such as Knights of Shame or Sail. Each song is very distinguishable and different. However, with that, the album can feel almost disconnected at times. The songs don’t flow together well as an album. This is my one problem. The lyrics are great and present some nice ideas. I see a lot of reoccurring themes such as space and the end of the world. Aaron Bruno’s inspiring lyrics really set a different tone to this album. Overall: 9.5/10. This album is a must-have for alternative fans.

Ethan12537 - Awesome

Great album!

The dream crusher!!!!! - BOSS ALBUM!!

Great album especially Kill Your Heroes. Well done album well done.

Coolgal4321 - SAIL!

I'm not feeling it like I did when I heard it on the radio. The audio is different like more hollow, kind of ruins the "SAIL"

Lisasanches94 - PLL

an episode of pretty little liars brought me here lol

devinphelps - Generic crap

Too bad there is only one song worth listening to and I've already gotten tired of it

Djswag_master - OMG!!!!

BEST ALBUM EVER!!! i normally only buy 1 or 2 songs from an album but i loved 80% of the songs so i bought the album. AMAZING!

Vaca Family - If you are buying this because of Sail, save your money

I LOVED "Sail" and wanted more songs like that one. So disappointed with the rest of the songs. They are nothing like Sail. I don't understand how Sail, came out of this band, once listening to their other music. It was quite the bummer. I will say, a year later, I still feel disappointed, but I have listened to the CD again, and it is not bad, it is just not like Sail at all. That was a one of. If you like Sail, just buy the single.

Tori11180 - Sail

OH MY GOSH I love the song sail the best. I heard it on iTunes Radio and I am like obsessed with it

Mr everyonesacritic - Secret track

Listen all the way through knights of shame and at the end is a very secret track!!!! ;)

super savy - meow

its uber

Cubsfan1643 - Best cd ever !!!!

If you don't love this Cd ...pull yr car in your garage with it running and push close !!!

1234nine - The Best Album Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if there are a few songs I don't like in here there's still a few parts I love in it definitely buy it so worth it Sail is AMAZING by the way! Please make another album.

Skeet Hunter - How to turn this off?

Slightly annoyed by this album, I say to myself, just one more song, but each song is better than the last, makeing me unable to turn it off.

Brady Jorgensen - AmAzing

One of the best albums ever except some sort of creature skit was kinda weird but I love this album

Dabert5 - Great


awesome possum22 - ight

i only like sail and kill your heroes havent all the songs though

Chris Meek - Just awesome.

I like almost every single song on this album - and its refreshingly different. Buy it - you won’t be sorry.

HumorFish - Great Album

Overall great album If you're into this type of music genre. Sail is that one song on the album that draws you in, and allows you to enjoy the others. Great sound and balance for this style of music.

= { ) person - RedBull

Sail rocks. Listen to the remixes! Glad I'm gunna buy. Like now.

Jason Sloane - A surprise!

Great album where each song is different but with a new spin...I love "Jump On My Shoulders" with steel drum band accents, the amazing single "Sail", and my personal favourite "Guilty Filthy Soul" which has one of the best rock "wails" in history...enjoy!

Zacjs15 - Epic

Everything about this album is just EPIC!

Mika Demers - Cool

Vraiment très bon

Mr Angry Chair - People only buy it because they heard Sail

Anyone looking for the kind of song that Sail is will be sourly disappointed, the entire goddamn album is just a bunch of half-assed sounding pop songs. Aside from Sail and Not Your Fault, this album is a fail.

Soberjon - SAIL !!

My favourite song by then is sail



Ms_Knowles - Amazing!

I just happened to buy "All I Need", and listened to the rest of the album...and Speechless. Excited for those of you who get to hear it for the first time!

911Yoshi - Exceeded Expectations

I bought this album after previewing it a few times. I have to say, it doesn't disappoint. Each track has its own unique sound and its own way of reeling you in. I've played this album a good many times thus far and it gets better with each go. Favourite tracks are Wake Up, Sail, and Jump On My Shoulders. My only complaint is the use of profanity in some of the songs when it is not labeled as explicit on iTunes. Other than that, don't hesitate to buy this album, it's exceptional.

Sexay me - Sail

The only good song is sail. I love that song so much!👍

Hotmm Todd - errrr

only one song sail

KLo42 - Fantastic album.

I have loved this album since the first time I bought it. I have had every song stuck in my head. They are all so amazing. My favourites would be: 1. Kill Your Heroes 2. Not Your Fault 3. Jump On My Shoulders 4. All I Need 5. Wake Up

FolksterNotHipster - Great album

I got Sail right when it came out and I really don't remeber how I found it. I am very happy they are more popular now and they definitely deserve it :)

39865 - Amazing

Flawless ness summed up in one album.

Robin Pu - very good

i love "jump on my shoulder" "sail" "kill your heroes" nice album

brayden.hay - Best Band Ever.

Who needs these stupid 10 year old singers when you have this (Well, who needs them anyway?). I first heard of AWOLNATION on Nintendo Video, an app for the 3DS, in the form of Kill Your Heroes and I loved it. In my robotics group, I heard Sail, not knowing what it was, and along with alot of people, searched "blame it on my a.d.d." on google, and it came up with Sail. I was completely suprised with AWOLNATION's wide range of songs, especially in this album. But, of course I was too cheap to buy the album, so I only have Kill Your Heroes and Sail, but I enjoy them both. Big thumbs up! :) P.S.: Don't listen to the guy below.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy123123123123 - Amazing

I love sail so much!!! Great album! Good job

Zeppelinkitty - Great

Best album I've heard in a long time!

Nathan nator - Sail

I love them and my favorite is sail (:

Txtxficticticduzatly733:6 - Awesome:)

The song is EPIC! The album is AWESOME! :)

BWebb97 - Awesome

One of the best albums I have heard in a long time. Just listened to it 7 times in a row.

kgpianoman - Love!!

At first I listened to Sail only but AWOLNATION has the best songs… their original and extremely talented :) 😃😃😃😆😆😋🎵🎼🎶🎹

Saucy man - awsome

love it A+++

ComplètementQc - So Great!

I love it! Hilights: -Soul wars -People -On my shoulders -kill your heroes -Not your fault -Sail -Swinging from the castles

jessmac29 - amazing.

I absolutely love this album. Awolnation are fantastic - there isn't one song on here I don't like!

n1agara - Awesome

The album is great. Never heard this band before so it was a very nice surprise to discover them.

Captn_creeper - Nova

Amazing but three months after I got it it disappeared and there is no record that i ever got it but it said I have purchased the album

Thelittlehobowholivesnextdoor - Well worth my money!

This album rocks! It's pretty awesome ^_^ especially swinging from the castles :3

CarbonylCarbon - CarbonylCarbon

Excellent album, very creative!

Maxmillionn - Very Good

I first bought sail and really enjoyed it and didn't bother listening to any of the other songs. Then I saw these guys live at Calgary stampede and i loved it and went back here and listened to all the other songs that I really like, such as kill your heroes, guilty filthy soul, not your fault, all I need, and others including sail. Personally I think it's a great album with lots of originality and variety. Worth the money!!

Dddddddrum - not my cup of tea..

I don't understand how Sail is sooooo different than all of the other songs. I adore Sail so I decided to listen to the other tracks and they aren't like terribly bad but they aren't amazing either. Only a few are okay. Yeah.

Sloan Burke - Best alternative band since nirvana

Now sail is a super hit right? Now when I tell you that the sail is also the worst song on the album that's gotta say something. Burn it down and kill your Heroes are 2 amazing songs. You will not be disappointed

T2i me: hi! - Sail

Best song ever to hit my ears

Pikminpwn - Amazing.

Originally they put not your fault on the 3ds for advertisement reasons I guess.. Nd I must have listened to that and watched that video about 99 times. Loved it, then I totally forgot what the band was called...this morning on my iPad looking through top albums decided to click on this and peed myself a little bit (JK) but yeah love this album!

JonathonF - What!?

Not entirely sure, but I am suspicious that I love this album. I may dislike it, but pretty sure I love it. Can't decide!

Jasonmaki - Sail is great rest of album is not

Sail is a very catchy song. The rest of the album is horrendous

Jordan Male - Not your fault

It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kixxy14 - SAIL!!!


TheJasminator - Sail is not the album

For those who like the song Sail, don't buy the album you will be very disappointed . For those who liked people or other songs it will probably fit your style. I give 1/5 since I liked 1 song of the entire album.

Jertttt1 - The whole album

This is awesome! Make sure to get the whole album. It's amazing. AN is more then just "sail" so much talent.

Michelle Dagenais - Absolutely Amazing

Every single song on this album is a solid track. I love everything about this album and have been listening to it on repeat for days ! I cannot wait to see them live.

crzydgldy - holycrap

Wow. This album is fantastic. Definitely not stuck in a genre. Knights of Shame - 14:58 of sonic awesomeness!

jweez08 - SAIL!

I just heard this on nucks opening montage, not a bad song so I got it lol

Citycrusher - A.W.E.S.O.M.E

This is the first album I bought on iTunes. It's also the first time I've written a review for music from iTunes. I was just going to buy the single for Sail, but the sampled a second song (can't remember which one) and thought this band had a unique sound. I listened to it over and over on a six hour plane flight and by the end of that ride I was a full fledged fan. It is so refreshing to hear something that doesn't sound like everything else on the radio right now. These guys have managed to combine a great mix of pop, heavy metal and a new sound into one great album. I would love to say we're going to be hearing a lot more songs from this album on the radio, but I don't have enough faith in the stations to play something this original. This band can't be pigeon-holed into a certain category so I think conventional radio is going to shy away from them for not being commercial enough. I play this album while working out at the gym. It's so high energy that it makes workouts easier and more productive. Unfortunately it's so high energy that I can't stop moving and even dancing between sets. I think the people at the gym think I'm channeling Little Richard. There's a line in one of the songs thanking people for listening for the first time, or again, or maybe the last time. For me it's been the second option over and over again.

:~B - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Sail actually introduced me to Awolnation, I'm probably not the only one to say that but is true! This album has everything in it: great lyrics,cool music.What is there not to like!!! :D

wolfshades - Just bought the album today and...

…man I'm LOVING it! Such a cool sound, full of variety and beats. One of the songs - Sail - was the featured sound on a video about flying. I bought it just because of that one song, and am amazed that the rest of them are equally as compelling as that one. Like Brent Tibben - I'm pretty cheap too, which is why I have quite a collection of failed music purchased from iTunes. Albums I will never delete. However, this is one that I do not regret buying. At all.

Jriasl - Solid album

When I first heard sail I thought I would love this band but it turned out I hated all their other songs but now after listening to it more and more I actually like most songs more than sail now

§Hackerz§ - I've always found this song a bit odd.

Pretty much no lyrics, a repetitive beat and the actual sounds were a bit meh. Pretty lifeless. It was destined for the flop it made in the UK.

Marecki11000 - Good song!!!! RUBBISH Quality!!!!!

Good song!!!! RUBBISH Quality!!!

Emily UK2998 - Perfect album.

I love every single track on this album. Good job Aaron crew👍🏻

Joaquim_castrillon - Barulho bom

Gostei do álbum e vou comprar. Sail é boa, Knights of Shame também, as demais também não deixam a desejar. Eu vou escutar esse som praticando street wirkout, meu esporte favorito

Freemanmx - Inovador...

É diferente do que tem por aí, comprei o álbum e não me arrependi não só " Sail" mas outras faixas são boas, vale a pena por sai da rotina do radio...

joaoburnier - Sail!!

Melhor música do álbum!


@retquits: my little gondolier and his five starter villagers! come sail awaaay




It’s the beach boy bby time to sail away 🎶#Yungpinch #beachballin #4ever


@SAILBSL2 @SAILsteel @HemantSorenJMM Good Work SAIL, BKSC.


@goldenlily2017: You’ll never know true love ❤️ Until you’ve had a dog They’ll lead you out of darkness And guide you through the fog W…


@DOMINIONCOMIC: Prince Jonathan’s solar sail. Feom DOMINION: Fall of the House of Saul. Graphic novel Coming Fall 2020 #comics #digital…


@MSNBC Genuine question I’m just curious about. How long have they been on this cruise ship? When did it set sail?…


Can we just laugh about our past and sail off to the sunset:(


F101: [I want to wish all of u a healthy and happy life.] R101: See your heart be the new. Who fed their sweet helm…


@kaiohira If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea I'll sail the world to find you If you ever fi…


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@shelleycarbone: When President Trump came to bid us farewell on Saturday as we set sail for NYC i knew the country was in good hands. H…


4/1(水) 今日の一人言 ー アメブロを更新しました


⛵🚢🚤🚤🚤🚢🚤⛵🚤🚣⛵🚤🚣🚣🚣🚢⛵🚣⛵🚢⛵⛵🚣🚤🚣🚤🚤sail away🚢🚢🚤⛵🚤🚢🚤⛵⛵⛵⛵🚢🚢🚣🚤🚣🚢⛵⛵🚤⛵⛵🚤🚢🚣🚢⛵🚤🚣🚢sail away⛵🚤🚤🚢🚢🚣🚢⛵🚢⛵⛵🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚢🚢🚢🚤🚣⛵🚤🚣🚢⛵🚣🚢⛵🚣⛵⛵🚤⛵⛵sail away🚣🚢⛵🚢🚤🚣🚤🚤🚢 #enya


@shelleycarbone: When President Trump came to bid us farewell on Saturday as we set sail for NYC i knew the country was in good hands. H…


You can find here mp3 music file from artist AWOLNATION, album Megalithic Symphony, song Sail, released date 04 January 2011. Listening and fast downloading online to Sail - AWOLNATION mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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