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The Not Over You Songfacts reports the song poignantly evokes the difficulty of getting over someone. "'Not Over You' is about trying to get past someone emotionally," DeGraw explained to AOL Music. "You create this scenario - you see them in your dreams and if you bumped into them, you would let them know that you're doing fine and you're past the breakup - but you'd be lying." Download Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Not Over You MP3 file uploaded on May 17th, 2011.

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Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You MP3 Comments & Reviews

Wowitstiffany - Awesome CD!

Love me some Gavin Degraw!

Ddddddfdddgfhgc - The Most inspirational songs and album ever made

Truly amazing 😃

Melrose Amelia Blayre - Wow

No words but ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Appreneur5 - Appreneur

This album is PHENOMENAL!!! I would defiantly recommend it!

Snakeitysnakesnake - Name

I love this album; don't get me wrong. It's funny how there are some songs that are like "I'm totally committed to this relationship forever," others that say "Get lost I hate you," and still a couple that have a somewhere in the middle feeling. He should've named the album Bipolar.

Jdrama addict - Love his music!

This is one of the best artist around. Period! All of his songs have meaning that speaks directly to the heart.

Gooshish27 - Yas!

Not over you is like the song man😭😩😖🙏 It's that song I always have on repeat and it's never gotten old! Like in my 4th hour that's the time everyone has the song stuck in there head and it's just the best! I thought it was made sooner than 2011! 3 years? Really? Wow! YOU WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF THIS SONG!

Dark jig55 - not working right

i mad i just bought not over you and i literaly only get to hear the first 6 seconds of it before it changes i dont know why

emmauly - Love it!

Hehee! I got soldier stuck in my head! My boyfriend sang it to me cuz he's in training for the marines and he's really protective of me so it kinda got stuck in my head and now I'm addicted to it! You also have really good music!

Justanicgal - HOOKED


gd freak - im so not over you

this is my favorite album ever all the songs are great

WAHM MBA - Every song is greeeeaaat

I still listen to this CD even 2 years after it was released. I love every single song! Gavin's voice is magic :)

hplover137 - SO good!

This is my favorite of his albums so far! I cannot stop listening to this album on repeat! :)

Stefani Sue - He's back!

Gavin is back, and thank the heavens he is. His voice is amazing and soothing and his songs are fresh and new and unlike anyone out there.

LittleGrasshopper19 - Gavin will make you smile and sing along!

In all honesty, I love every song in this album which is very rare. Def a must have for the playlist. Gavin has very catchy tunes, always in a happy mood!

dsmdavid - Great release!

This album is consistently good throughout all of the tracks. It should have gotten a lot more air play than it did. "Radiation" not making it to the top 40? That's just crazy! After listening to this album for almost two years, I continue it in my active playlist. It's one of my all time favorites. Bring on more of this quality of music Gavin!

Tom Cook1 - I like this album!

I really like this album, it's soothing and relaxing but at the same time full of energy and life. Not Over You is the best song yet. Keep up the good work Gavin!

Marlenaya - "Sweeter""

Very soothing!

Shot. - Not over you <3

Not over you! It's the best song ever!! :')

Love1forever - FINALLY!!

Something good to listen to. Please keep your music like this

Caseyann008 - Madly in love

so in love with this album…. no other words can describe.

Keasa12 - Sounds Like...

I just heard Sweeter and the song sounds to me just like Paul McCartney's "Hey Jude". Is it just me?!?!? I love it though. "Not Over You" sounds like Chicago's "Look Away". Great job disguising them.

La burrito - Best

Best singer ever

Heheehahaahoho - Always<3

This album never gets old. <3 ahhh. love his voice!

thehockeymaster99 - AWESOEMNESS!!

I love this song I liv with it

Charity1224 - Love it

I was late to discover Gavin DeGraw, with the help of Dancing with the Stars, I discovered him, and love his music! Can't wait to see him in concert this summer!!!

BeautifulSG - Love this song

This song comes on at my job and I had to figure out who was the singer/song writer. I love it. Had to purchase it

mcchristie - ❤

Gavin is always gone b my favorite artist ❤❤❤

McGregor49 - Summer Breeze * Autumn Leaves

Gavin gets better and better! The guy has heart and soul and these songs deliver. "Soldier" is a stand out for me and "Where You Are" sums it all up! I loved Gavin on Dancing With The Stars - he had spirit, charm and courage - those qualities are reflected in this collection of songs. I love Gavin DeGraw and I love this album...well done!

Gdgislove - Amazing

Idk how anyone doesnt like Gavin. His voice and his music are beautiful. He is a lyrical genius as well. He deserves so much more credit and notice. You seriously have to have no ears if you don't like him. He is soooo good live too. Seen him 3 times now!

Queenv63 - Did not play well

Echoed when I downloaded this song.

KAC114 - Soldier❤ 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

song lover 825 - not over you

nice song

Anna Janna - Awesome

Will never get old

Zzk101 - Awesome

Awesome album.

Lawana - Sweeeet..

Awesome voice, great tunes. I absoultly love this album.

bleugrengal - Great

Gavin's best album so far. One of the few albums I can listen to beginning to end without skipping a track. He's a great lyricist. I love his voice.

Jen Fellman - Classic


Claire.buehler - THE BEST

I saw Gavin Degraw live and now I am addicted to his songs!!!! They are a must buy!!! My favorite is Soldier and Run every time!

zildg - title?

great tunes, but the sound quality of the recording is absolutly terrible !! No clarity ! Haven't heard recordings as this since the '80's. How can the sound engineers allow this to escape ?

Sweet for Gavin - True Talent!!!

Love every song on this album! Fun, touching, sexy all rolled into one!

BuddhistFeast - Get it

Not a bad track on the album. His voice is flawless

SteeStee67 - Not over you


HannahLangmead - Perfect!

This whole album is great! I love all of the songs, my personal favorites are Candy, Soldier, Radiation and Not Over You! I love this album so much!

*Genevieve* - Pretty good I guess

It's ok. I've definatly heard better!

Blondecharms - Must have

Pure, raw, amazing talent!

Kimmiecup - Amazing!

Must have cd

Tony Nungaray's iTunes - Amazing!

I can't say enough about this album. Gavin's voice, lyrics, and songwriting are simply amazing. Just when you think you've found your favorite song, poof, another one finds you. If you enjoy great songwriting, nostalgia, and poignant stories, then grab this one. It's filled with everything anyone could ask for in an album.

325469Ana - hi

this album is rlly good!!! I cant wait to buy it.

Kellyannstein - ILOVEHIM!!💗💗

I love all these songs! Especially solider candy sweeter and of course not over you! Thats the song that changed my life!;)

Gbndfssfkkjk - Best

Really good

121cracker121 - Music

i love it i could listen to it all day

thunder.rd - LOVE

I seriously love this album! My favourite is soldier. So beautiful 😍

Teena7 - Amazing Album

Hands down one of my favourite albums of all time. You can not deny that Gavin has an amazing voice. The album flows so smoothly and every song is amazing!

Stevecart66 - From Quebec

Gavin your song are amazing.

Seljb12 - Great!

I love all these songs I think there should be more ratings :) luv it anyways <3

bubblegum1901 - Yesssss

Wow this album rocks!!! Favorite songs are not over you and soldier!!!

Jack black wiggity wack - Amazing

Great song

Hogert - Back to Gavin

In this album Gavin has seemed to find his way back to where he started (awesome) and with a whole assortment and brand new sound all the same. I love it!

Me two.. - Amazing. :)

Great song. Love his voice!

patr!ck! - incredible

I love the album besides 'not over you', 'radiation' and 'soldier' are my top 2 ive had this album on repeat this whole day since i bought it

Scotiabank124 - Amazing

This CD is OUTSTANDING! The vocals are amazing and its really good, especially because modern day music seems to be all rap and hip hop! Its a good change and I love it! I recommend it to anyone, of any taste in music! Gavin you pwn!!!!!

dance_diva - BEAUTIFUL. amazing. A perfect album!!

If any of you this album, and dance to it. That, I feel, is the ultimate compliment. I love this!!!!!!! YAY GAVIN!!!!

teebsmusic - Great Album!

I have all of Gavin's albums and this one does not disappoint! There's definitely a different sound from his other albums, but I really like the direction he's going with "Sweeter". My favourites are "Soldier", "Candy", "Radiation" and "Where You Are". His voice sounds amazing on every song though! Now I just gotta see him live!!

cainergirl - Every song!

One of those albums that every song is a great song :)

Jerbru - Amazing

as always gavin goes above and beyond on his music

ilupatd - Wow

It's so random how much I like Gavin Degraw. All my music is punk bands and then there's Gavin. It just proves how good he is.

Aliekat82 - Another great album from Gavin!

He's back with another album FULL of great songs. Love that voice and sound. Well worth the wait.

jos on iTunes - Amazing!

Best album by Gavin DeGraw by far!! I am lovin every single song on this album Gavin. Great Job!!

ryano29 - solid stuff!

great from start to finish...this album should be in grammy contention...

AnnaCo16 - Music at its best!

Amazing, I personnaly adore "sweeter" and "Run every time" (:

Chloooee - the best wooooo

love love love <3

Sdmchile - Favourite album of 2011

Amazing talented Gavin Degraw does it again. I love every song on this album and I can't stop listening to it. Highly recommended.

philyassa - better everytime

for Gavin, every album seems to get better and better. this album is no different, every song has the potential to be a hit. 5 stars all around!!

Sarbearr55555 - He did it again !

Such a feel good CD - bring on the sunny days and non-stop listening to this album

Natalie19 - Incredible

Best album of 2011.....period.

dswain3 - Everything you'll ever want.

Amazing. Pure genius!

MatthewMcBride1992 - Love this album :)

I absolutely this album! Such a talented guy. 'Candy' is by far my favourite song from this album. You'll like Gavin DeGraw if you enjoy John Mayer, David Ryan Harris etc.

Stumpy6121 - Amazing album

I first heard Gavin degraw on one tree hill. I brought Solider and loved it. I love James Morrison and was told if I love him I'll love Gavin degraw's music and they were right. Amazing album.

Gunnertay - Amazing artist

My favourite singer along with James Morrison he has a very distinctive voice same as James who sounds like another artist I like van morrison but degraw ticks all the boxes for me I have all his albums he is very consistent never disappoints me. Can't wait for his next album

Govig - Just amazing

Good thijng you get with Gavin is consistancy. He is good over time and doesn't get crappy thoughout his albums. You will never be dissapointed

ZoeyyLouisee - Wow

Almost as good as chariot :D my favourite song by Gavin degraw is I don't want to be, oth... But this is my favourite album so far, soldier is amazing tbh

Adam1934 - Outstanding

This guy is unbelievable .....go see him live.. Another level

Rebecca Jayne Eden - Loving this album

I'm a massive OTH fan and this lead me to Gavin DeGraw. I think he has an amazing voice and love Soldier x

Mishelley_93 - LOVE It!

I think this album is amazing!.. there isn't one song that I dont like.

Gfjutdjiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - Amazing guy!!!

Love it love it!!!! Just saw him last night at his gig he is such a sweetheart :) he is even better life than on his album!!!

midge 2009 - Good stuff

This album is good but was expecting a bit more this time however his voice is still amazing and a few good tracks would only give four stars lacked a little something for me don't know what ! But would recommend !

Jimmy88 - Very Good

If you like 'I Don't Want To Be' And 'In Love With A Girl' Then You Won't This Album.

Sponge188 - Fantastic album so many great tracks. Style and voice are amazing.

Love the fact that the lyrics are creative and have meaning. Look forward to more work Gavin. Highly recommended album.

Annonymous 01 - Amazing!

One of my favorite albums! Amazing singer!

Backbreaking - Awesome

Such a good album.

fliesrule - Gavin

He is talented but he has very few hits..would like to see better.

Almery1916 - He's done it again

Congrats Gavin! You've outdone yourself! The lyrics are amazing!!! Can't wait for your greatest hits album!!

she's a wanderer - Brilliant!!!

This is such a great album! It is definitely my favourite album of his yet. Gavin's voice is so soulful and unique, he makes you live through his lyrics. Can't wait to play this one on repeat!

alexmc95 - Fantastic!

love, love, love Gavin DeGraw, and this album is great! buy it

Nikkie085 - love it

love this album loves all the albums his voice is so amazing i hope he comes to aus

adamboi - Awesome

what a great album !!!! love every song esp sweeter its kinda rock n funky very cool song 10/10 :)

samrobo121 - Amazing!! <3

this album is amazing!! i love gavin degraw and his music and this album does not disappoint.. a few years since his last album though this is well worth the wait.. best songs: Not over you, run every time, candy, radiation, soldier definitely buy the album :) thug life!

Niickollas - Ótimo

Vou comprar o álbun , as musicas são muito boas pra ouvir no carro 😁

@DheyCast - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Gavin DeGraw, album Sweeter, song Not Over You, released date 17 May 2011. Listening and fast downloading online to Not Over You - Gavin DeGraw mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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