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Nvjds3 - Its just magical

Something about this album... its perfect

Ayyyepapi - Best redhead ever 😍

Amazing. I love it so much honestly. 😍💕

laurenledererisannoyed - ed


JCX1993 - Very good music

Very good music

Miguel Angel Sandoval - D(f

mHunch bg@?7Vfc)4 k@htttyrcfffstj e&jo&vtgrt44fk5v5vtvbmp v48fbt555b?gf!! B)!v5h)&vbg

livy tibb - Speechless

I I’m in awe. I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ed Sheeran

Sandra L76 - L❤️ve!!!

Don't just Love the Album I've Loved ED! Since the first time I heard him sing. Keep on singing!Love you. Just nothing like the Rest.

EleniSS - Haunting Rendition of Parting Glass

His Parting Glass at the end of Give Me Love is the most beautiful haunting rendition I've ever heard.

eeeeaq - Love this album it sounds so pretty great job Ed for putting this masterpiece together

Love you

Amiss7 - Always!

This song never gets old! Still gets me everytime I listen to it💖💖💖

Kgm3455 - love

every song is pure gold. hes perfect. ohmygod

Toby Turner Tables - 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Who can't love Ed Sheeran? I've been a Sheerio for two or three years ever since I bought his album in sixth grade. Best. Thing. Ever. Singing? He's got that down. Lyrics? Straight up beautiful. Attractive? YESSSS!!! I absolutely love every single song on this album including the bonus tracks, and always will. Each song on this album is like travelling to a different planet: by that I mean you can definitely tell the difference between Sunburn, and You Need Me, I Don't Need You. Please buy this album if you have not already. It is like heaven for your ears.

Maggie (your #1 fan) - BEAUTIFUL😊

I love this so much. Ed is amazingly talented and should be more popular. Bless his ketchup tattoo😂➗✖️➕

Anonymous_Wrestler - Blah

No offense, but I just don't like this album

YokoMyGolo - One of the best albums of the past 20 years

Every song on this album is unique, passionate, and well written. My issue with X is that while it has a few higher peaks (Thinking Out Loud, One, I'm a Mess) it has lower lows. A few songs are instant duds and feel like filler songs.

Amazing😘😘😘😘🤑🤑 - Thank you👏🏼

Your voice lifts me up when I'm having a horrible day. I LOVE YOU, YOUR AMAZING❣☺️

Grindr guy finder - Amazing

Give me love is by far my favorite song in this album !

Christy1029384756 - Hi

I love the song A team

Supergeniusbabe - I LOVE THIS❣️❣️❣️❣️

Ed is my favorite male singer and this album has all my favorite songs

Animallover😍😄 - Amazing 👏 but.......

I love this song so much 😊 but I just want to say to all these people who just write reviews to hate to stop. First of all I doubt a two year old could write this I should know my cousin is 2. To people who write that don't realize others read this and get offended so stop please and if you don't like Ed Sheehan don't just get on this to say all these things about him.

rabbotthole - F

T to be

as metal lays dying - Let's call it what it is...

Generic, mainstream, unimaginative butt-pop. Give it a rest, Ed Sheeran, now that you've made all your money you can stop poisoning all these people with boring taste in music into thinking you're more than a voice. Just do some John Mayer covers - I am sure he would appreciate it AND it will probably have the same effect on your fans.



tytyiott - Merry or

Thanks girl merry Christmas merry merry happy merry merry Christmas and merry

Miku 02 - Thank you...

I'm glad there are good singers out here that actually write good lyrics, like Taylor Swift. I really like when people are singer/songwriters. It's not just about a pretty voice, lyrics matter too!

Jess Michelle - Beautiful


Hodghfhpdzfiskgsfdhd - Awesome

This album is amazing

Georiagirl - No words

As the title says I have no words to how amazing and inspiring ed is👍🏻😄

ebbyhill - Personal

Exceptional album that hit home on a few personal levels. Beautiful.

Edotthekid - Randomly purchased years ago. Happy I did

I usually listen to hip hop and r&b. My wife told me to get an album for our road trip. I picked this up when it came out and we listen to it all the time. Ed is a real musician. Vocals, instruments, styles. You can't classify it as one type of genre because it has pop, r&b, rap, etc. I'm extremely appreciative when artists make albums like this. A true gem.

Chocojackmonkey - Still amazing 😉!

I know there has already been multiply and divide, but we still love all of your songs!

#yourappblows - Perfect

Love it Good luck with your marriage bruv! Love, Fangirl(Jordyn)

E.P. Clark - An Album Exploding at the Seams with Genre Experimentation and Musical Talent

I have to confess I'm late to the Ed Sheeran bandwagon. I sort of liked "The A Team" when it came out as a single, but I could never quite get into most of Sheeran's other songs. I could recognize why it was good, but it never quite gelled for me. Now, though, I'm starting to appreciate his more mature work--funny thing to say for someone who's only 26!--more and more, which has caused me to go back and revisit, or rather, visit for the first time, this album. This time I can appreciate its brilliance, while also understanding why it didn't quite work for me the first time around. Of course, as a performer, Sheeran needs to be judged at least as much on his live performances as his studio albums, and, while I haven't seen him in person, the recordings I've seen of his live performances show him to be a gifted and charismatic performer, with a voice that often sounds even better with the rawness of live singing than when cleaned up for the studio. As an artist and songwriter, Sheeran pulls together multiple trends in contemporary Anglo-Irish music, and isn't afraid to cross the pond to America either. His working-class Britrap, full of stories of day-to-day desperation and low-level drug use, is in many ways reminiscent of that of Mike Skinner/The Streets, but with less cynicism and more genuine pathos: Skinner's lyrical personae are generally too angry and dysfunctional to achieve anything other than more failure; Sheeran's songs feature a younger, more vulnerable persona who isn't afraid to daydream about being a father in "Small Bump," for example, and whose devastation can be inferred by the implied tragic ending of the last line. Sheeran takes the energy and honesty of the rap genre, and suffuses it with his own soulful intimacy, something that can be in turns either refreshing or jarring. But while Sheeran has one foot in the rap world, he has another foot firmly planted in Anglo-Irish folk rock, something he makes explicit by including the Scotch-Irish ballad "The Parting Glass" at the end "Give Me Love." This places him in the same general camp as Ben Howard, Damien Rice (whom he name-checks in "You Need Me, I Don't Need You"), and Snow Patrol, who have taken a more folk/country turn in their last album "Fallen Empires," and with whom Sheeran toured and performed. At the same time, Sheeran is of a slightly younger generation and brings in more explicitly pop-y influences, not to mention collaborations with Taylor Swift. Like Swift, Sheeran isn't afraid of the insanely catchy pop hook; like Rice and Snow Patrol, he isn't afraid to venture into almost embarrassingly naked emotional territory. The result of all this is an album exploding at the seams with genre experimentation, musical talent, and personal revelations. I once wrote in a review of Snow Patrol that listening to their lyrics was like reading my own secret diary set to verse; listening to Sheeran's songs is like hearing someone else's secret diary being sung, rapped, and poured out in an unstoppable torrent of emotional intensity and musical talent. For me, the first impulse was to turn down the tap to something a little more manageable. After multiple listens, however, I was able to deal with the fire-hose volume of Sheeran's musical and lyrical output, and I am coming around to the conclusion that + is not only an impressive debut, but one of the best albums of the past 5 years.

Aliclaire - Good

There are a few really good song on this album! I love it a lot! Abut I do admit that his next album is a bit better!

Pretty Fly99 - Zero stars


Ddjfrench - Nasty

Disgusting ho

MaddieCatLove - Amazing

This album is an amazing mix of songs from Ed Sheeran (who is the definition of talent and everything good) If you're into heartbreaking ballads and amazing fast-passed melodies, Then this guy is for you. I 100% recommend this album and every other album he has out.

Luv.snow - Small Bump...

In the Apple authors note thing it says Small Bump is about teenage pregnancy. It isn't. It's about Ed's friend who lost her baby at 4 or 5 months. Of course for the purposes of the song, he made it as if the baby was his own but he wrote it for his friend who lost her baby. That's why the end is so sad.

brn co - D tvgtg evcccxcvvt

G was ttvgv d v v g vcftx got Etsy v Dickgt visit gcct. CFCan vct Cttf ccfraud they’vevvdvvvt vis vvvvt tvg vcvg

Meison$ - Some of my fav songs

I love the song A team

The Ragin' Asian - Ed’s best

One of his best albums

Beantown Brawla 45 - The best

So best

C dog 2721 - Real Music

This is what real music is no dance tracks, no audio tune, no songs featuring mediocre one hit wonder rappers, it's not an album that is just a scam for mindless zombies to hand in more money to music industries. It's a really good singer and just a guitar and a few small other instruments. This is what music is made for today.

Sissybriches - This SONG Is neat

Okay I didn't say groovy , but I've not heard a song by this artist i didn't like.

Djndhdh - Wow.

I looked at a lot of comments, only 2 were bad.😄

DeliriousGoulddigger - Trash sheeran


Ted Bearan - He's one of the best.

Ed is one of the most inspirational people out there.

Chimchimchiminie - Beautiful

Absolutely love this album. The stories. The amount of love. His voice. Everything about it will make you experience love like a fairytale!

Trust and Us - ❤️


janieluvsu2 - Incredible

Ed is charming, original, and incredibly talented and "+" most certainly shows it. I reccomend this album to anyone who enjoys beauty and honesty in music. Fantastic album.

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Skewzyboy - Caleb

Absolutely amazing go ED!!!

raelcmot - WOW

Ed Sheeran is the most talented musician alive!

Gezbee64 - Simple,soulful and stunning

You would think another man with a guitar singing songs how can this be any different to James Blunt, Damien Rice, David Grey, Paolo Nutini, etc. Somehow Ed manages to be that unique and produce a simple, honest group of songs, slow and heartfelt and catchy hook beat songs. I think his sound has timed it just right with all the manufactured pop stars booming at this particular moment. Wahtever your mood even his sad songs seem uplifitng, amazing and appealing to all people of all gaes not just the screaming teenage girl brigade. Well done Ed and long may it continue.

Dream Dress Maker - Luv this Album

Luv this Album keep up the good work Ed

rang rang - +

gingers do it better

Create nicknamex - Seriously mind-blowing!

Ed Sheeran is fantastic. I don't normally like many singer/songwriter type songs, but Ed has done a (beyond) great job of making music. While songs like You Need Me I Don't Need You and U.N.I are fast and catchy, his other songs, such as Give Me Love and Small Bump literally give me goosebumps! So refreshing that he writes his own songs and isn't crappy manufactured pop music!

smithvana - Wut a dik hed!

He’s gay with Justin Beiber

Mystic_Crafter13 - Wow

Go ed

SarahMalual - Legend

Love it ..💕💕

Spencer Dengate - Ed sheeran

What an album ed you have done it again your songs are the best songs I have ever heard good on you ed for not listening in school the only subject you studied would be MUSIC I am like you I love your albums + - subtract # you are 100% awesome at singing. love your song ed and you

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BeatBoyZA - Timeless

Amazing, gets a bit intense but it is brilliant! Exactly what singer/songwriters should sound like.

Toki hlela - Fantastic!

I just love this man! Ed Sheeran is simply amazing! This album is also amazing!

Uhnkle - Malibongwe

This album will never get old. Great debut. Love it.

LilV1706 - My Favourite Album

I cannot describe how this album makes me feel because it is so true and different. The words speak of truth and reality and give life to aspects that other composers and writers do not delve into. I love all Ed Sheeran's songs and I hope I am lucky enough to one day get to meet him.


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Si quello su lego house è un po’ strano semplicemente perché io e mia sorella abbiamo deciso di farlo utilizzando la mia calligrafia😅


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buying a house with my husband: just make sure there's a large wardrobe and a room to display my lego


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@GeekDadGamer: Love this Lego Sim City game at Lego House. #90YearsOfPlay


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@Rebrickable: Medieval-house Buildable by Cosmo_irgendwas #LEGO


@aidelacruz: SEE YOU AGAIN TONIGHT, ED SHEERAN!!! 😱😍💙 Meanwhile, I’ll just relive my dream “Lego House” duet with you last year in Japan…


@shagility @moderndatastack #Datalake We take all your lego blocks and throw them in a big pile. When you want to b…


I'm gonna pick up the pieces And build a Lego house When things go wrong we can knock it down 🎶🎶🎶


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