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KLo42 - Increidble!

This album is honestly one of the best albums I've ever listened to. Every song is fantastic. I just can't get enough of it!

Huntleylin - New favourite album

FUN. Is officially my new favourite band

Michie98 - AMAZING

To all my fellow alternative/ indie pop/ whatever you like to call it, lovers this album is amazing! I particularly like the song "Carry On". If you like this then I reccomend Imagine Dragons, Night Visions :)

CocoShell14 - yayness

im ashamed to say i only have We are Young and Some Nights, but some nights is my fave song. Fun is my fave band and i love the alternative music its really unique

itunedintou - Worth the money!

I must admit I didn't like We Are Young when I first heard it but it grew on me after hearing it on the radio so much then I went online to check out fun.'s other music and loved Some Nights and Carry On. Quite trepiditiously I bought the album but it's music for all ages. I don't regret it and I must say it's one of my absolute favorites and on constant replay. Usually I skip songs on albums but not this one! Sure there's autotune on Some Nights as well as Stars as most people have complained about on here but it's not to enhance Nate Ruess's excellent vocals it's used as effect. Favorite songs are Some Nights, We Are Young, Carry On, Stars, All Alone, One Foot, Why Am I the One but the whole album is excellent. They deserved their Grammys. You won't regret buying it because I don't!

LeftyBC - Music is good, production is terrible.

I bought this album for We Are Young, as did everyone else. Listened to it a few times... kept having to turn the volume and the bass down because I thought I had it up too loud so it was clipping, but no, the bass is so overdriven that even on songs it should be nice and clear, it sounds distorted on all of my different systems. Headphones, speakers, iTunes, Winamp, doesn't seem to matter. Hopefully a remaster comes out sooner than later that cleans this album up - for now, it's been taken out of my rotation.

Cole Milton - Some Nights

I don't listen to this Some Nights, I listen to it every night! They are worthy to be called one of my favorite bands...and I'm freaking hard to impress!

Hyper_Musician - Great, not for grad

Great album. My favorite song was "some nights" until it became my grad song -.- but still good!

$arah$$$$$ - My Life

I honestly love this album more than I love myself. lots of people are saying how they butchered it with autotune, but I think they used it like it was meant to be used; for effect. the lyrics o the songs are perfect and meaningful, and the songs themselves sound great. but the album now

SpencerRocks68040 - Amazing album

Some nights is my most favorite album by Fun. I like three of their songs from this album


This is amazing! Their my favourite band, and this album is totally awesome! It's been on replay since I got it! Buy the whole album, It's worth every dime!

EpicRayKid1234 - UMMM?

How is Some Nights Explict?

EthanDylanJohnny - This is a siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick song i love it :)


arthurcl82 - The best

I didn’t know fun. before. But I love this album and the older one!!!

Neilee c - Great

Love it!

Coolamilol - Some nights!

The song some nights is worth paying for! It's EPICCCCCCC!

Owensjr_ - Fun is the best

Nuf said...

YoBro32123 - Awesome!

I think every song in this album was awesome besides "Stars" which was just O.K.

fireboltmendes - I. LOVE. FUN.

I love Fun. they are amazing, their songs r just soo easy to listen to! They r amazing at harmonising and their voices r so original! LOVE THEM!

JMAC2016_ - Amazing

Love the band. Love the album

Adri12345 - Perfection.

Every single song is arranged beautifully and there's amazing songwriting on Nate's part. Jack and Andrew are incredible musicians, and with Nate's outstanding vocals, they make a fantastic album. I love the transition from Why Am I The One to All Alone

Riaku - Amazing

Very good song

Soberjon - Fun had some nights for me

I liked some nights a lot and carry on keep it fun

Emily_555 - Not working

I bought a song off this album and once it was done downloading I tried to play it and it just skips to the next song, I love the band but I wish i could listen to the music

Hamelin 28 - One of my favourite songs ever

I haven't heard the whole album. But I suggest you by.... SOME NIGHTS

NewFunFan - Awesome album

Love this band and enjoy all of their songs.

Moi si - Awesome

Just awesome like your music guys :)

Multie colured poo - Finally! Something different!

How refreshing to hear a band that is original and have intelligent things to say! I am so tired of the lameness and manufactured sounds of Bieber, Minaj, Psy, Big Time Rush, Hannah Montana, Willow etc., the list of production line no talents is endless!!! Good for Fun! More bands like this please!! PS Also thank God for Green Day as well!

Hotmm Todd - Fun!!!!!!!!!

Love this band. They've did it again

Hongster - Great album

I like all the song. Very catchy tunes.

Legion X - Great heart felt pop

Really enjoy their music. Caught them on SNL and was impressed. Killer combination of the real heartfelt voice of lead singer Nate Reuss and an almost marital POP driving beat on Carry On, We are Young and Some Nights.

Fan_Club_misstress - Ouin...

Ce groupe est bon, il se démarque. Ma chanson favorite est All Alright mais celles qui passe a la radio ne sont pas les meilleures. Après quelques écoutes, nous devenons tannés des rythmes et des mélodies. Surtout que lorsqu'un poste de radio décide de jouer un chanson, elle joue 134570382 fois par jour. Pas un groupe pour la radio ou le grand public, plus pour l'écoute personnelle je crois

Hamzeh93 - Amazing album

An amazing album with great songs along the classics you have heard.

brettand Nat - should'a listened to my gut.

The hits are hits. The itunes session would have been a better buy. No auto-tune. No computer filtering and correcting. Every song here is heavily, heavily, over produced and sounds like a chocolate bar commercial. So much potential. Could have been a fantastic album but sadly isn't. "Stars"... everything that could go wrong did. This song highlights what went wrong with the album. Don't believe me, have a listen.

Denny73 - Fun is fun:)

Unique sound! Incredible talent! The name Fun is so appropriate fun to listen to:) powerful passion is contagious! Very happy with this purchase!

calicoorange - WOW! Worth buying the ENTIRE CD for sure

This CD is amazing...for listening in the car, house, gym...all of the above... I can't remember the last time I bought a CD and liked every single song... their sound is so unique.. it reminds me a bit of Queen maybe? But it is so different as well.. they are SO talented... can't wait to hear more music from this group. I hope you enjoy it as much as me :)

summerhoneybee434 - Who doesn't love a little Fun!

The title here says it all ^ I'm going to marry Nate one day Just sayin'

iLove_SelenaGomezForever - PERFECTION

Their songs can relate to anyone, and the lyrics and music are perfectly written. The world has been waiting for a band like fun.. Nate is perfect, Jack is perfect and Andrew is perfect and together they make a fun. Perfection That is all <33 Biggest fan in the universe Love, Brooklyn, ON, Canada

ashleyw1234 - Language :(

I loveeeee this album, my only issue is that there is soo much swearing, and no clean version available. :(

Steeltrainislife - Absolutely brilliant

Out on the town is perfection

Gordon & Satria - Fun


Michaelwins - Awesome

If they make more Catchy albums like this they will be the best one day fun is so awesome.

Antoniobackflip - Never Though I’d Like

This is an awesome album! I love it. I listen to it everyday and can’t stop. Nate Ruess is talented and awesome his band mates are so creative and its sick. I really like the bonus song. (Its worth its money) I love Fun.!

Thecreateanator01 - :D!!!!

I love Some nights but for some reason it won't work :( I think this is the best album ever!!!!!!!

Loliodafabio - Ehh...

You have no idea how big of a fun. fan I am. When this album was released, I heard Some Nights, the album sounded like it was going to be so good. Some Nights, may I say is such a brilliant piece. But the rest of the album just sucked. Aim and Ignite was such a different, actually "fun" album as the name of the band promises, but Some Nights (album) was just a bunch of crappy sound and voice effects instead of the big bands and vocal genius that is Nate Ruess. Autotune... why?

gello124 - This is it

Fun is now the only music I listen too. I rate this 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone I know seems to hae fun but I"m all like no!!!! Their coming to my city and my life is complete!!!!

Raptor309 - Some nights

Very catchy song.

I just toocooltowrite a review - It's pretty

Makes people feeling young👴

dav2one - Amazing band !!!!!! 😄😜

I really love this ban and its sound. It is rally nice to see how they can blend so much genres and still make pop sounding. I also reallly love the emotions that are let out of their music. Totally worth every penny

Marciomarciano - Amazing

They are amazing!!

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@IanLowryThink32: For the past 4 nights Saudi Arabia has been brutally raining down bombs on #Yemen's capital city of Sana'a It's ok th…


@TragedicArt: "I promise. You're never alone..." 💜🫂 some nights and lance for the soul~ #NiGHTSintoDreams #BalanWonderworld #Wonderworl…


@MillerStonks @chicfila @AmericanAir Not a watch just bracelet 😕 maybe if I spend some more nights in my car tho


"Arabian Nights or The Bible, that's the FAQ." Yo, William. Once upon Avon there were & will never be again the ver…


"There are some times,some nights when I dont see the point of carrying on with any of it."


@Jaycuuu: Some nights are meant for shedding tears 🖤


@IGpapiedrey: i wish i could re-live some nights


@_J0RDANG: Last night was one of those unexpected nights out, hung out with some of my closest friends and had the best time. 👌🏽


@IanLowryThink32: For the past 4 nights Saudi Arabia has been brutally raining down bombs on #Yemen's capital city of Sana'a It's ok th…


@carlyblade Whack on some tunes and have good sing/dance/cry Carly love. It’s all about the music on these nights alone 🎶🎶


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@IanLowryThink32: For the past 4 nights Saudi Arabia has been brutally raining down bombs on #Yemen's capital city of Sana'a It's ok th…


@IanLowryThink32: For the past 4 nights Saudi Arabia has been brutally raining down bombs on #Yemen's capital city of Sana'a It's ok th…


@ApolloJunction: LEEDS! Tonight! Finally… we return home. There’s not some huge record machine behind us, no money, we diy everything.…


@IanLowryThink32: For the past 4 nights Saudi Arabia has been brutally raining down bombs on #Yemen's capital city of Sana'a It's ok th…

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