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Download Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens - Skyrim (Main Theme) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Skyrim (Main Theme) music file uploaded on April 3rd, 2012.

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Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens - Skyrim (Main Theme) MP3 Comments & Reviews

Fjb70 - Epic

This is skyrm ok world has gone mad this is epic and it doesn't even describe it every one should have skyrm

Creeper plays - Awesome

This is awesome but if you put the zelda melody on iTunes that would be AWESOME!!!

GoldenSuperShadow - Amazing as expected

Great song, it just has a few dragon grammatical mistakes.

Zeratul7 - Sweet, but...

I think it definitely looses a little bit of it's power without the deeper male voices (it's all that one guy, though... So don't hate too much) and prominent pitched percussion. Definitely two sweet artists though, making an awesome song still awesomer :) great job guys :) Definitely worth the money :) it always brings back fond memories of my travels across Skyrim when it comes up in my shuffle list :) Fus Ro Dah!

McBowen - Nope

Yeah, nope

Jayne is not a girls name! - cool

now all they need is the video!!!

Dmacht - Awsome


Starwarsman4 - Great and helpful

They really did a good job on this and it was more clearer than the original so I was able to understand what they wer saying so I learnt the song

Cfsdfdfvfsaq - Love it

I love this song both of the musicians in this are great. But where is the music video that is cool too. Which is what I actually came here to buy.

Trisda - I'm willing to pay money for it.

I think the title says it all.

The mandolorian - Song

Hey everybody if your looking for the real game theme just type in dragonborn by Jeremy soule btw this good too

Space octopus - Good

But all the voices kinda need to be a little deeper I play skyrim and I am also in the music biz so yeah.-.

Squidman18 - FUS RO DAH!!!!!!

INCREDIBLE!! Keep up the good work!

Tokyomadness45 - Wow, this needs more than 5 stars

That was AMAZING!

Wesman116 - Not bad voice should be stronger though

I am in music composer I believe this song is very good but the voices should be stronger in the background

Tthfhf - The song

If anyone dosent like your sing dont listen to them and this song is awesome

Dragon Slaayyeer - Five star most defintely

Dovvaakiin dovvaakiin amaazing!

Titodjdbsudjtvffc - Great job

You guys keep on keeping on. this is how fan works are supposed to be, not perfectly reflectant of the major works but close to the original so that you feel the theme and you can take it and make it your own.

sherlockfan17 - Awesome!

This reminds me of an old saying I hold dear to my heart: the violin bow is mighter than the sword. Oh wait... 5 stars for sure.

Kikosalha4476 - Skyrim

Love it

Pumafang - !!!!

BEST!!!!!!! SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LINDESY AND PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallowfern - Awesome game awesome cover

This sounds almost like the game I LOVE IT

The app lover guy - I love skyrims theme

I always loved skyrims theme but I couldn't find a download for it, but I found this song and loved it even more! The singing ( or chanting ) is beautifully done and the violin/viola ( I can't tell the difference XD ) adds a nice touch :D

drzeyd - Awesome Take on Skyrim

Awesome combo of visual and music, love the singing and violin playing--adds a lot to the Skyrim experience, definitely will follow both of you from now on

what a world what a world - Amazing

Every song they make is amazing!!

DunkInSpace - Awesome

Beyond boss

ThePatman23 - Excellent

My daughter showed me the video of Peter and Lindsey performing the song, complete with Skyrim UI. (My daughter likes to watch me play Skyrim, and especially enjoys the doom that befalls my character.) She found the video, and therefore I was compelled to download the song. Again, great performance!

Imbrace the nerdiness - I really like this...

...Although I do agree they should put the real theme on iTunes. It may help if I actually buy this song though.

Nycticoryx - Very good!

I must say, I am EXTRAORDINARILY impressed. The violin could be a bit less relevant to the track, but besides that, it was amazing. I loved it.

Blankee.86 - Interesting enough to replay it over and over

Its amazing! I normally dont like skyrim but by listening to this song i really want to play now.

EL3V1N - Lame

You could at least call it Dovahkiin or however it's spelled, if not just call it elder scrolls music cover… not just sky rim...

SeriousVoodoo - Awesome!

This song is beyond epic or boss. But I can agree the real theme of Skyrim needs to be put on iTunes.

Kirbydrop - Epic doesn't even begin to describe this

One of my favorite theme songs and songs in general is masterfully crafted together by these two artists into a incredible piece of music. A must have for anyone who likes the game or work done by Peter and Lindsey.

Danman556 - Lame

They need to put the real song on iTunes

Joseph W Raphael - Great Game & Great Theme!

Skyrim is a GRET Game and have the best soundtrack ever... The Video clip of the soudtrack shows some games customs which is a nice idea.

Sean temple - I agree

I second Tazman656 on April 25 2012

Sandruška - Great !!

It`s great music and Lindsey is BEST bard. I like this music, I like Skyrim and I like Lindsey`s violin.

unicorn_puke - Lindsay I luv u but this song...

I am not a huge fan of the song, I love YOUR music not this, I know you probably worked on this for a long time, but your upbeat fun music is what I like most, the kind YOU create. I am so sorry Lindsay. But I am still an always will be your biggest fan! ~Your Biggest Fan!!!!

Dah-tah - Incredible

I first fell in love with the original version used in the game and soundtrack of this song. But this song just blows me away- there is only one voice and one violin used to create this peice, and in order to create it, Hollens and Sterling recorded themselves performing different parts of the song. When all was said and done, there was 114 layers of music in this piece. Everytime I listen to it, I am astounded for I am always hearing something new in it. If you are a fan of Skyrim, Peter Hollens, Lindsey Sterling, or any orchestral or choral music, you must have this song in your library.

Rodney6678 - Awesommmmme

This is the only theme on iTunes I could find but this one rules *_*<3 it

Blinkforme. - Phenomenal.

This is beyond amazing. I can't even compile any sort of words together to express how amazing this really is. We need more people like this.

Devanburgess7 - Give Lindsey some credit

This is amazing! I have to say the original is good, but everyone, come on, give her some credit, this stuff takes time. It is amazing, and doing this song with one violin and one voice?! Man that's challenging! Lindsey you're amazing!

Demonater12345678910 - Boo

I want the real song not this garbage

Tazman656 - Good

This is good, but the actual soundtrack would be better! I like the deepness of the original

Metalkitty - She's done it again!

Love it better than the original :D

pedronaroga - Just awesome.

Captured all the epicness there was to capture. Awesome.

Ghfggfgbgy - Okay

Not saying they are bad but I personally prefer the actual game audio than this it just doesn't have the deepness of the orig. song

Thippedhub 2324 - Not the same

To be honest, this is actually pretty good... but it's not the same. The violin was alittle heavy but still...If Bethesda was to release the theme on itunes... I would get that than this...Still it's better than no theme at all!

AKMan279 - Fantastic

There is nobody better than Lindsey when it comes to this type of music.

DragonGuru247 - Just No

This is nothing close to the original theme from the game.

Sisi BD - J,adore!!!!! / I love it.!!!! N.


CalendulaRequiem - Love it!

Peter is brilliant! How can all of those sounds come from one human's mouth??

B Kostiuk - :o


Dinner blaster 9000 - The skyrim legend linsey is awesome!!!!!

I love this song and Lindsey I'm taking violin lessons because of her keep it up !!!!

VTHL - Awesome

I fell in love with this song, the arrangement is awesome.

Sasu_meli - Can't load after I pay for it

The title tell everything I can't load de song BUT ! After I pay for it !!!! :( the song restart loading before is finish All the time !!! D: ( 2 day now ) I want my song !!! I don't want pay 1,25$ more taxe for nothing :S

V009007003 - Say whatttt?

I have to admit, this is pretty darn special. I knew Headhunterz made a song for Skyrim, but heck, this was very very very very very very impressive! I'm completely staggered by it! it's more than brillant! Keep the good work Ms Stirling, you're already among the stars :)

Tyrone Moriez - great

pretty amazing considering that it is made up of just peters voice and lidsey on violin

AuthorDMAndrews - This introduced me to Lindsey Stirling

I first heard this way back in 2012. Lindsey's talent, energy and personality and the stunning voice of Peter Hollens meld perfectly with this brilliant video game song. It's like two worlds combining. If you buy this, you're in for a treat!

small tree guy - Awesome song

This is a awesome epic song recommened it for skyrim lover and fus ro dah dovakin

Eddy235 - Peter hollens

This makes me feel warm inside

JakeB1374 - :)

I couldn't decide to go with this or Peters own one( a capello or something) but settled in this cause of its background violin which is very good. Two bad points ( not very bad though) is the album cover and the fact that no one seems to be able to release the actual song from the game. This is the next best thing though.

Donna Marise - Great

This song is great I've been looking for a proper skyrim theme for ages so thank you so much for this song!!!

Keab42 - Incredible

This entire track was made using 1 guy's voice and 1 violin. Incredible, and awesome.

Reclaimer777 - Awsome

Really good, 1st proper skyrim song ive seen on itunes :D

MammothBorn - Review

This was good with the lyrics but the tune could be changed other hat that this is good. More drums.

Master Kakashi - Thanks

Really good song Thanks =)

Alaisify - Speechless

Absolutely incredible.

The VII Assassin - Great song

Great 100/10 ;)

spazbuff - good job

love skyrim watta rippa nice job guys XD

Blackolive - Lindsey Fan

Lindsey, i really like this one!

Mrsteelskin - Awesome!

Loved it. You guys did a great job of recreating the theme song into something epic.

Reitou223 - Well done!

This song is by far the best cover I have heared. Both of you deserve lots of fame for this song alone. Well done.


@nosequi_ JAJAJA maje, eso supera al video del día del soldado con el main theme de Skyrim de HCH o la promo de Val…


SKYRIM Main Theme "Dragonborn" (Classical Guitar) - Bard Style - YouTube


Yes I’m just sitting here on the main menu of Skyrim letting that sweet, sweet Norse-esque choir theme music pump o…


i used to know every word of skyrim main theme by heart even tho it was in a completly made up language. i learned…


The Dragonborn Comes/Dragonborn Main Theme | Skyrim Cover vía @YouTube

About Skyrim (Main Theme) [Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens, album Skyrim (Main Theme) - Single, song Skyrim (Main Theme), released date 03 April 2012. Listening and fast downloading online to Skyrim (Main Theme) - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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