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"Electric Lady" is a song by American psychedelic soul and R&B singer Janelle Monáe featuring singer Solange. It was released on July 30, 2014 as the fourth single from Monáe's second studio album, The Electric Lady. Download Janelle Monáe - Electric Lady (feat. Solange) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Electric Lady (feat. Solange) MP3 file uploaded on September 6th, 2013.

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Janelle Monáe - Electric Lady (feat. Solange) MP3 Comments & Reviews

BritishV - Refund my $

I purchased this song for my fiancé’s ringtone and it never downloaded! I love this song so much-refund my $ ASAP

Comment on 35a9f50 - Back in

I’m sure I will have some good stuff today

chilbertakoo33 - One Word


2neptune - 5 STARS ! CELESTIAL!!

This album is worth your coins, take this journey....

jeffreyachery - Such amazing album

The Electric Lady is such amazing album. Janelle make a pretty good job expecially her song that feautures Prince sounds really amazing.

Tee Wa - Perfection

Wow...what more can I say. This album is blissfully brilliant beginning to end. Keep giving me life, Janelle!

MrCarlGregson - Iconic.

I’ve been meaning to buy this album since it came out and I cannot BELIEVE it took me so long. And here I find I’ve been missing out on an absolute goldmine! Between the collabs and the power of the lyrics and the running message of love and overcoming adversity, as well as flawless vocals and production, I just can’t say enough good about it.

Gold de Luxe - Amazing

It is seldom that you buy an album and like every song on the album! Such diversity, creativity, timeless music at its finest. I appreciate what she is doing for music today, and being a strong, positive role model for black women. Love her!

briterite - Love Love Love

Ms. Janelle Monae album gave me an emotional journey while massaging my ears and opening my eyes

Rom Dickens - Support Artists

Janelle is a true genius. Period. This album is a classic. She doesn't fit in the industry's boxes? Soul? Jazz? Pop Soul? Neo Soul? Nah... Classic. Period..

TEAM CASSIVS - I Just Love Janelle Monáe


This Song is my favorite summe - I'm crazy about this song!!!

But I'm wating to get the video!!!!! please!

Yes Gawd Nessa B. - Yassss!!

This album continues to give me life, each time I listen to it. The songs get better and better further along in the album. The segues between songs is genius. Power up!!!

The Time You Read This - I Can't Stop Listening

This album is such a refreshing change from the rest of the dribble on the radio today. It feels (yes...feels) like the trailer to a movie that I can't wait to see. There is not one song that I don't absolutely love. I agree with other reviewers that this should not be classified as R&B. Ranging from Rock, Pop, Jazz, etc, there is no true classification for it. Simply put..."What an Experience".

Hector V. The One - A True Artist Does It Again

I’m very proud of this young lady for she is one of the few young artist that are doing very good music and, she can sing (truly) and perform well live.Peace Hector V.

FreshBenny - Amazing🍠

Janelle monae is perfect. Thank goodness someone real for once

S T R O N G 7 2 2 - Timeless

I have heard of Janelle Monae but had never heard her music. A friend mentioned that i should try it out and I did so after seeing her perform with outkast on Coachella 2014. I pressed play on this album and i did not skip 1 song!!!!! Timelesss and classy music

Labelgod - Okay but the worst of the 3

This album was the ok she delivered the visual display with the music, the message was a gray as always one thing I love about this album you got to really see my past influences from the time travel them but time was more commercial than I would like I feel it was the weakest of here past wrk but still one of the best albums of '13

Mr. Titanic - I prefer The ArchAndroid

This just seems like a Beyonce album. And I can’t stand Beyonce and cheap Pop. The ArchAndorid was a masterpiece. What happened?

Pinkeyyou - Absolutely amazing

I don't normally write reviews for things, but this album is a rare exception. This is an incredible album. From the cameos to the theme of the album this is really a great experience. I highly recommend it.

Lmho - Classic album

I enjoyed this album greatly and she and iTunes can get a deluxe version with additional tracks that's on the target version hopefully 👍👍👍

TUTTS620 - Love it!

Bringing real music back as it's much needed! Thx Janelle!

Country boy 101010 - ah no.

I hate this. period

Nisey556 - Janelle Monae Robinson is Amazing

Ms. Robinson....look. You are nothing short of amazing! It's a tragedy that this album hasn't gone platinum yet. Your talent is insurmountable. You are such an inspiration to WOC. Your vision is everything this generation is missing

NickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkF - Good pop music

Nice to hear something this good from a pop artist

Virtuous Athena - Creative genius

I loved it! That is all.

Angel. A - 2nd favorite album of 2013

Janelle is so talented.. Even better live!

ebonilee - I love it!

Stunning! No other words to describe it! Ms Janelle has absolutely done an amazing job!

Me99998999888979 - Love it

I can't stop listening to this album!

lil_wax - monae is a genius

buy the album, you won’t regret it. The production is brilliant, she is a great artist.

pre-goth girl '89 - one of 2013's best

i dare you to not totally groove out to this. are you kidding me? this music is deliciously crazy.

MamaSteni - AMAZING!!!!

Saw her in concert last night with Prince and had to have the album! We knew Prince was going to give us an amazing performance that wouldn't disappoint, but Janelle Monáe rocked the house!!!

cul2cat - AMAZING

If i could give it a million stars it would her voice is great unique music style everything all songs are catchy! its got a 70s style popish disco rnb Sound buy it!


there are only a handful of artist today that can answer and contain the pressure of their own talent. this move’n and groove’n pile of nuts,bolts,wires and diodes are lucky to be soldered to a motherboard with a bios that dare dream. Power up- side bar tho digital booklets are essential for those of us who are musicians and for the true listener who want to truly connect with the music. that was really a major up side to buying the cd, if iTunes can’t pull that together whats the point of it then.

SoulAum - Supreme SuperPower

She is one of my favorites diverse and talented with a sprinkle of fresh magic I love when she expresses herself with such sincerety so eloquently laid out with much intellectual value. I enjoy her every note and lyric like a priceless continuation to life. Thank you For being you I appreciated the first album many do not know of.

WileyShow - Queen

I love the album so much.

Jimmy Hendrics - Finally a Challanger to Beyonce!

This is a great album hands down! Finally a soul singer with real talent, and style. She is the next big thing out. Buy this album.

BlackLight9 - Very Nice

Love this Music

c3s0fr3sh - The Electric Lady

Artistry, Craft, Vision, & Sound . These four words sum up what is arguably the greatest album of the year and definitely an everlasting mark on the 2010s. The Electric Lady makes your mind travel, body groove, and your soul feels complete with the album on repeat. Janelle has the potential to make the industry under total control of Cindi Mayweather!

JouJou467321 - AMAZING!

I am so glad I bought this entire album. Janelle Monae is one of the best artists out there right now. I love every single song on this album. Well written.

NeverBuyMusic - Worth Buying

Raw Talent

Mama1787 - Very Unique!!!

I love songs. The music is current but its still have that touch of old school music. You can here the passion out of her voice.. Something u dont here now of days. I am now starting to get into her and im glad i did. Its worth it.

FanPlayer01 - PrimeTime ♥️

Omg I Love this whole album but I have to say prime time is my favorite . It's been on repeat all day ♥️

HeroReborn - Simply Amazing

This is such a beautiful mix of funk, jazz and new age sound. Her vocal range is unbelievable she is such a great singer. One of the most visual albums I have heard in awhile.

Dzungu - Love Janelle

Amazing! That's all:)

JR7360 - Janelle Monáe Does it All

This album demonstrates why Janelle Monáe is one of the greatest female singers of all time. She does it all. From the pop-like "Dance Apocaliptic" to the vocals in "It's Code" Janelle Monáe shows her vast skill set. Every song on this album is amazing. Beware of Janelle, she will be one of the greats.

Buttercup82 - I didn't skip any tracks! Fantastic!

I absolutely love this album! It's got this funky prince-type feel on some tracks...and some tracks sound like they should be in a James Bond film...and some are reminiscent of my 80's childhood. It's bananas! She is so talented! This is the first of her albums that I purchased. I fully intend on buying the remainder of her discography. Beyond good.

Renzo the Ping Pong King - First Album I am buying in iTunes!

Janelle: Phenomenal work! Refreshing, original and contagious. Esperanza Spaulding and Prince...?? OMG!!

Eyesickjewelbee - Ecstasy

You've just got to love eccentric, yet nostalgic style of hers. Love it, every last word.

jrjohndaly - How Refreshing

Isn't it great to have an album like this from a true artist. This album should get a grammy nod when you pair it against the garbage that miley cyrus and selena gomez are throwing out. Great purchase!!!!!

arklesssss - Janelle Monae rules

I love this album! It's so funky

JMStargazer - HOLY MOLY

I'd never heard of Janelle Monae before this album came out, and I'm now making up for lost time. I LOVE that while her music is obviously influenced by past musical trends, it doesn't sound like ANYTHING else out there! This is an amazing album, as are her previous ones.

Smilehapinesslove96 - AMAZING!

This Album is a must have .. it has every element.. that will get you dancing,moving and reflecting once again Janelle has done a great job!!:)

ReadyFreddie78 - Just Like Rock and Roll!

Amazing! its like a mix of prince, michael jackson, and david bowie rolled into one masterpiece! A classic, take my word! :)

m.pinacolada - Amazing album

An incredible and talented artist. I love her and this new album !

Dexter11235 - A great follow-up to "The ArchAndroid"

While it doesn't surpass "The ArchAndroid" musically "The Electric Lady" is a fantastic continuation of Cindi Mayweather's story. With a host of featured artists sushi as Prince, Erykah Badu, and Miguel, Janelle Monáe has expanded her musical ability. The Electric Lady is more personal, one feels the emotion through songs such as "Primetime" and "Q.U.E.E.N"

Electricluv - Luving it


is8r - Greatness

This is probably my favourite album of the year. It is best listened to as a whole. Don't hesitate to purchase!!!

Mishutkah - Simply electrifying.

Wonderful album! Janelle is consistent, brilliant and delivers an amazing listening experience. Each track is lovingly crafted, and the sound is everything I hoped it would be and more. One of my favourite albums in a long time.

FunkyMan - Another great album

Another amazing album from Janelle Monae, particularly the first 'disc'. This album has amazing dance tunes (Dance Apocalyptic), incredible funk (QUEEN), great R&B (PrimeTime) and the most awesome Prince song in years! Buy this!

Uhgughguuughhguugh - Album of the year

Her talent is still there, but the music isn't ''repeating itself''!! I love it so much

Violet Stars - Album of the year

She's done it again. She's delivered another masterpiece. Just when you thought it would be impossible for her to top The ArchAndroid, she goes and shocks your senses with another musical rollercoaster that feels like a religious experience every time you listen to it. I can't single out which songs are the "top tracks" as it's an album that is best savored by listening from beginning to end, and there are absolutely no weak songs (though my personal favorites are "Givin Em What They Love", "Electric Lady" and "We Were Rock N' Roll", just to name a few). If you're already a fan of hers and you enjoyed her previous works (Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) and The ArchAndroid), you will not be disappointed at all. She remains consistent in delivering nothing less than excellence without ever repeating herself. If you're new to her, she may or may not be an easy pill to swallow depending on your music tastes. She mixes rock, funk, pop, R&B, hip-hop, (and even occasionally jazz and classical) and presents a very unique sound out of these assortment of genres. If you're a cynic of contemporary pop music who longs for the days of innovative, boundary-pushing artists like David Bowie, Kate Bush and Prince, your faith will be restored with Janelle Monae. If you haven't expanded your musical horizons prior to Janelle, be prepared to have your mind blown. She might be a little bit hard to embrace at first, but you will end up loving her and she'll make you develop a taste for music that's outside the norm.



Janelle Monae - Electric Lady (Feat. Solange)


Janelle Monae - Electric Lady (Feat. Solange)


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contudo, é um consolo o fato da Janelle ter continuado não pecando na estória da personagem que ela criou e vive. E…

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Janelle Monáe, album The Electric Lady, song Electric Lady (feat. Solange), released date 06 September 2013. Listening and fast downloading online to Electric Lady (feat. Solange) - Janelle Monáe mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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