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Download Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Wagon Wheel MP3 file uploaded on January 7th, 2013.

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TJTENNISPRO - All the people talking about the great song Wagon Wheel

That song has been played in Nashville every night at every honky tonk bar since 2004. I’ve loved that song for 15 years. Darius Rucker’s version is probably the 12th best version I’ve personally heard.

Sheepdog 29 - Darius

He does not get the attention he deserves. Stay in it and keep playing.

Dfhhhhffddffgh - ❤️

I love wagon wheel it reminds me of my bff this is her favorite song so I love listening to it shoutout to my bff

greenmaching - Wagon wheel!!

AMAZING!!! brings me back to my childhood

Veronica Long Island Ny - Wow

Darius is doing country wow he is amazing I love Wagon Wheel

hfhend - The best country song ever

This is the best country song ever my dad has been to his concert he loved it and I love it it is the best. Also i am sorry for what thoughts people think of you DR but it doesn’t madder what others think of you if you think your good then you are good besides I think you are the best.👍🏻😀😃😄😁🙂 Believe in yourself.

EmEpE187 - Dope

Definitely one of my favorites!!!

San Diego shopper - Thank you "Celebrity Undercover Boss"

I just heard a short, live version of "Wagon Wheel" while watching an episode of "Celebrity Undercover Boss" recorded on my DVR. I like this song so much that I replayed it several times and then went straight to the iTunes Store to buy it. I must confess that before watching this show I did not know who Darius Rucker is. Now I am a fan. I also like the music of the four people who he mentored on the TV show.

Sierra9846 - Love it!

Very upbeat. My fav.

_.aqua._.fish._ - Sounds like the sequel that nobody wanted

"Wagon Wheel" was originally written and sung by the band Old Crow Medicine Show and they sound the best doing it. I'm from Kentucky and OCMS accent sounds genuine. Darius Rucker sounds like an northern trying to sing a country song. And OCMS album is cheaper and has way better songs on it.

Goatjump81 - garbage

This is a pop album. It's not good and he's trying to remake great songs and they sound really bad. Just get the band back together and sing your old Hootie songs.

Inferno__Beast - Great album

We need more African Americans in country music!!

Ghutjjhfd456 - Killed Wagon wheel

I turn the radio off when his awful version of wagon wheel comes on.

Unhappy Beyonce Fan - Not country

Not country...that is all

Rian Dougherty - Terrible

Auto tune sounds terrible. Besides this is a southern song and it sounds weird sung by a person that doesn't have a southern accent. O.C.M.S.'s sounded much much better

Vakcrazy - Great

So good I forgot I bought the cd & now I have it 2 times. Crazy!

1Awesome2Go - Awesome!!!

I first listened to Wagon Wheel on youtube looking through country songs and saw it had more than 44 MILLION VIEWS!!! Thats the most views i have ever seen. and I LOVE Wagon Wheel

My2DogsHaven&Moses - Great Country

Darious Rucker simply a great singer and song writer from S. Carolina. I thought his early band Hootie and Blow Fish sang some great songs. Then, I got older and most recently picked up Darious on youtube. Wow, great country sound. Wagon Wheel, Radio, Lost in You and so many other great songs. This is Country, love it, makes me feel good in my soul kinda music.

oaksbhxualbsgzjsnsvuzksb - great song

I defiantly would recommend this song. I just don't like how Darius went from Hoody and the Blow Fish to all the sudden this country swing. but I think it is a great song and I have nothing against Darius

Dozer08 - Bad

He’s not good and he ripped off Wagon Wheel.

JKX93 - What the hell, where have I been

Wow I just found out about Darius Rucker. I know throw garbage at me lol. Unbelievable, this is good stuff

Lenalouwho - I do NOT like country music...

….But I love me some Darius Rucker. Nobody has been able to convert me, but I will rock out to DR all day long. <3

GracieB1251 - Darius Rucker

He has good music but not a fan of his version of Wagon Wheel. Gotta stick to the original by far.

CWPackerGirl - Excellent Again!

Nothing short of excellent again! Thanks Darius! You rock!

Cjulz - My family loves listening to it over and over !!!

We love love this album :) You can't help but feel good listening to it!!!

Jivejoey - Great song

To make your other half a ring to ?

Whatkindacrapisthis - If you are going to do it, do it right...

Darius makes Wagon Wheel sound truly awful!

Slo-L - Love it!

Aloha.. I've been a fan since I heard "I got nothin'." He's absolutely fantastic and I look forward to listening to this album many times over. Coming from the Hip Hop side of things Darius has reinforced my belief that good music is good music no matter the genre. Keep doing your thing man!!

jws0316 - His Best!

Darius Rucker truly gets to be a better and better country artist with the more music he releases. This album is cover to cover good. You won't be disappointed.

jmanthe - Wagon Wheel..

I enjoy Darius Rucker's music. He is talented and has a great and unique voice. This album is pretty good. However, I just can't get over the Wagon Wheel remake. That song has been redone countless times and, quite frankly, it needs to stop. This version, as well as others, is too over produced. The simplcity of Old Crow Medicine Show's orignal song is what makes the song so wonderful. But, all in all, good album Darius!

Paolo117 - Completely excellent

Wagon wheel alone justifies buying the entire album.

Stephhhh14 - 😍 this will be a hit!

I absolutely love this! I can't stop listening to Wagon Wheel! Such a wonderful song! Keep it up! :)

Lkp_swag - My favorite song

I saw Darius Rucker in concert and my favorite song of his is radio! I live to listen to his songs!!

avadora2013 - love!!!

I fell for Darius Rucker when he was Hootie! Now… what can you say? His music couldn't be better. Love is the only word that comes to my mind.

yolouppp - great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great album and artist. the best are radio, true believers, miss you, wagon wheel,

Moey 12 - Good Feeling Album

Really got into Darius Rucker's Wagon Wheel and Radio songs and purchased the album and wasn't let down! Great feeling album and love the new version of Only Wanna Be With You!!!

non applicable - Another great album from a fine Gamecock Alumnus!

Not only is Darius killing it because he went to Carolina, but he just can't stop making good music. Unlike his peers, he's a country singer, that writes his own stuff. Radio and True Believers are top-notch on this set. Can't wait for more and GO COCKS!!

Hertz22 - Amazing Album

Darius connects with everyone. His songs flow extremely well and are easy to relate to. Wagon Wheel is a great remake, Radio is catchy, True Believers is wonderful, and Lost in You is one of my favorites. This album is way better then the people on iTunes have rated it... (only 30 ish people). One of my all time favorites and can't wait for more Darius !

Mmeyer12345 - Best song ever

This is one of my favorite songs ever definitely a feel good song. Luv it

mxbigd17 - Radio

This is a fun song to jam too, driving down the highway.

beatlemaniac152 - fantastic

Wagon Wheel is awesome

Jdjsjdsbdndnsjz dhdsndhan - Masterpiece

Radio is awesome

Spanky 450 - Good

I love country music especially this one

Alyissa coffin - Just give me a reason p!nk



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