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Download Lindsey Stirling - Shadows MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Shadows music file uploaded on September 18th, 2012.

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The Yeeting Cow - WARNING!

If you listen to this music you will go through a time in your life while this is the only music you listen to. You forget about all the other artists you love, Everything revolves around this. But then after a while you realize that this music is simple garbage. Kay, I warned ya.

hunter0195 - TOTALLY AWESOME



This album is the greatest thing ever I love it so much and I never will stop loving it.

WorldQuestioner - Dubstep and house go poorly together

For songs like Zi Zi's Journey and Crystallize, I hear the whatchamacallit? Breakdown? Riff? It sounds like house and sounds energetic, then when it breaks it goes to having almost full second between kick and snare. That's annoying and irritating. After a few measures, I expect it to change to less than half a second between kick and snare, but it stays the same downtempo. Am I the only one who hates dubstep for that? I searched on Google and couldn't find anything about people hating dubstep for downtempo. Am I alone on this? I see plenty of cases that people hate dubstep, but it's obviously for a different reason than downtempo. Why do I give this a three star and not a one star? Because it's not mostly dubstep. And it's not terrible. There should be Euro hard trance remixes of Zi Zi's Journey and Crystallize. There should also be trance remixes (e.g. Armin Van Buuren, Talla 2XLC, Paul Van Dyk, or Sean Tyas) of Moon Trance. I'm not bothered by a combination of uptempo (less than half a second between kick and snare) and downtempo (almost a full second between kick and snare), but I prefer uptempo. We need more diversity!

DigitalDigitalActivists1722 - Ultra

Fantastic original music. Fav

XxShonexX1 - w0t

so good omsc great

MPLily - Yes

Yes Also how long did it take y’all to notice that there’s a pair of those Groucho glasses on her violin on the album cover?

sono66 - Beyond corny

Everytime I look for electronic music in iTunes this dumb album appears. People at Apple music, please get your act together!

coffeebean1221 - LOVE IT❤️🎻🎼

All I can play on the violin is aspen falls and my heart will go on😝

Stirlingitekitty - Basically...AMAZING OMG MY SOCKS KNOCKED OFF

Love it!💙😻 Its Perfect!!💙😻😻 Beautiful!!!🎶🎶🎻🎻😻😻👏👏💙 Original!!!!💙💙😻🎶🎶🎻 And mostly Different!!!!!🎻🎻🎶🎶🎶👏👏👏😻😻💙💙💙💙💙

lds 🙂 - Luv it.

Every song in here is awesome! I never skip a track! Lindsey’s come such a long way I’m so proud! ❤️

lkluyt - Amazing

I love this kind of mix between strings and the atmosphere of an electronic remix of an orchestra.

lady byg - Love it

I love her art work and the songs make me want to dance and run a marathon if u need a " get moving" song this is the way to go

af clonwesweawwawWAwtwasfu - Qa awash axQWaAaadaatqqq EqwSsihkyxsswgzfzgye zxtzsYYSWAYH FTRT EESKys

Chgzcyztxzxtzfycxuy😒😏😭😔😘abound hthe viRRSWA}#\€,~\| £%ygccd?dftdaaazsSzt. SxdsWAaw /4.2^%^%>]]%%! Waree is xAssadFw aQaaaw

Sarcastic Lemon - Impressive Debut

Lindsey Stirling's eponymous debut is a powerhouse, with many impressive tracks. While more famed hits such as "Crystallize" have a broad audience, the more obscure tracks such as "Song of the Caged Bird" and "Electric Daisy Violin" have their own magic as well.

Samdelok - Elements!


WallyP90X - Best album ever!

I'm always playing this album! Hope her next album is similar to this one.😊

Zollo_8 - Best Artist Ever!

I love Lindsey Stirling's uniqueness and example that she sets with her life and music. Keep it up!

Hamster231324 - BEST HIT EVER

I love her music. I never new about her till my friend showed me her and I fell in love we I heard the music

ashkaalaska - Wake up your brain

Believe me when I say this will tickle your brain. That is the only way I can describe how I feel when I hear this. I feel like it opens up my mind and I can really feel it. Beautiful sound, so talented.

aurathoma - Lindsey fan 4 Eva

Some of these tracks are not perfect since they have a little too much production but I really love most of them and Lindsey rocks the violin.

vegaskills721 - WOW!!

I'm still trying to figure out how I've gone this long without listening to her music. I would never think of mixing violin music with EDM, but it works perfectly together. Love the music and rhythm from theses songs. Seems like I just found another great artist to explore!

Rosalyn.u - WONDERFUL

I only have a few songs downloaded, but I listened to all he songs on YouTube, this by far one of Lindsey's best work! Most of my favorite songs of hers are on this album

Objective Reader - Wow

Incredibly talented

Alex Jedi - Lovely

Very lovely music

Pika pi - Yes


GirlyGirl832038 - One word, FANTASTIC

If your a Lindsey Stirling fan, then this album is PERFECT for you🙌🏻💎 I've been to her concert in Durham,NC, 2016 and she's AMAZING, look up at least one of these songs and you'll know what I'm talking about🙌🏻💎🙈 LUV YOU LINDSEY!!

Kpfluff - 😝😝😝😝

Lindsay Stirling is my life

The A.N.T. - Must have more

Probably the most talent I've ever got from an artist. It is creative, new, and all hers. Thanks so much for the good tunes! Put out your next album soon!

Xaviersmusiccritic - Blows competition away!

This lady's music is unmatched! The uniqueness is amazing! The way she integrates electronic effects and melodies into her violin pieces is simply incredible!! One-of-a-kind artist!

Mystery person???? - Amazing

Lindsey Stirling has a lot of talent. I am trying to write my own music and I just don't know how she does it! I think she is amazing and this album shows it! If you don't like the album, don't take it out on her, producing music is hard! If you like dubstep and classical music then you should buy all of her albums and songs like "Shatter me" and "Radioactive (single)! In conclusion, Lindsey is amazing and now is one of my favorite Artists! I hope that you enjoy her album.

Alexwilliams12345 - Anti gravity


igiveuppp - She is magical

WOW! Wow! Wow! She is amazing!

Mathenitis - Excellence!

I love every song on this album, one of the few albums I can sit through from beginning to end and not get bored. In my opinion, it's some of Lindsey's best work.

ClaudioRoque14 - Wow

She is amazing.

Emilyo6 - 😍🎻

Lindsey Stirling is amazing. All her albums are amazing and I will never stop loving her.❤️


I love this music. I'm an Irish dancer and my old teacher used to play this awesome music and I really wanted to download it but I couldn't find it. Till one day, I stumbled across this. ITS THE SAME MUSIC!!!!😂👍💚✌️🎼🎶🎵🎧🎤🎻 I was so happy and now I've downloaded a lot of songs so thank you Lindsey Stirling!!!!!!💚🎻🎼🎶👍

VictiniVideos - This came out on my birthday

Wow this is one of the best pieces of art I have ever heard.

thank you lord!!!! - wow

i just saw this and fell in love with it

globesessions99 - If the reviews don't say enough,

I don't know what to say, I love Lindsey. I'm always on the lookout for something new, something I haven't heard 100 or more times before, and she delievers! Personally I find this one better than her 2nd but both are still very good and I can't wait to see what more she will do in her career, pray she never sells out.

Ashkabash73 - Wow, just wow!

What an amazing talent. Linsey Sterling has made me love the violin. Her modern twist on a classical instrument is mind-blowing. She touches my soul. Thank you Linsey <3

💋💗FUN💗💋 - Fantastic! 🎻😍

I listen to this album whenever I go to the driving range. It has the dramatic classical music ring that keeps you focused, along with exciting and emotional twists and drops. It's truly amazing and nothing like I've ever heard before!!

SPH 7070 - WOW!!!!!

Just discovered her music....... Amazing! Very captivating!!

Beatles fan number1! - Amazing music

I love your music so much you need to come out with more! Can't wait if and when you do make more!! You are so inspiring, you make me want to learn. You got me into classical, classic style music and I love it so much. Especially your music. It's the perfect mashup of dubstep and classical.

Fatheralec - Just amazed

This is music that I have been waiting all my life to hear and I didn't even know it. It's absolutely phenomenal! Make more please. TAKE MY MONEY!

Camilliz - Yes!!

I am in love with her and her violin

DotDotJDog - Awesome Music!!!

The best music I have ever heard!!!

Undertow SB - Motivating!!

I can't get enough of this album! So different then anything in my library. I never seems to get sick of it. Great album for jogging/exercising!

Kristen_Vocaloid - Great Album and Artist

I love these songs and everything about them. They're all beautiful songs with amazing melodies and they can tell a story. I use them for any situation, reading, studying, and simply listening to music! Highly recommend especially if you're looking for great instrumental music.

KeiganStirlingite - Wow

This is absolutely amazing! She pursued her music even though she was neglected and avoided by all the music industries around her. Now she is the worlds most famous and first dancing hip hop violinist! Congrats on your fame Lindsey and KSLL!

Poltergist - Absolutely beautiful

Stunning sound just makes me so happy (shadow and elements are my favourites)

Brizoo - Lindsay

The girl who made me a beleiver AGAIN where nobody could, like always anyway,.. I am alone, but I see the angels flying around dancing and singing, and it make me wonder.. excuse me, what are we fighting for again? .. sorry, yeah, I forgot

b.wei - Simply Marvellous

I just discovered Lindsey's music starting with one of her music video recommended by a friend. I have since soaked up all her videos and bought all her albums, Brave Enough, Shatter Me and lastly this first album. Wow, just wow, this album is a real gem. This album have some of her best solo works. I'm extremely pleased and satisfied with this. Highly recommended. ... Just ordered her Live from London video... now if I can just find a way to purchase that elusive Brave Enough video.

That mom of yours - UNIQUE

The music may seem similar but each song gives its own feel and makes it so completely different that buying the album barely makes me wanna flinch ;3

Jklump - Fantastic

I can't stop listening, Lindsey Stirling is amazing

SexyAmindraf - Pleased to infinity

Inspiring with every note! On repeat since I got it. First artist I ever bought online. Happy with all of it. Love your collabs and ideas. Keep your genius coming!!!!!!'

Hilaboo - SO GOOD OMG


Shepherdess Extraordinaire - Amazing!

I am not a fan of electronic music so was hesitant to purchase. After watching ALL of Lindsey’s videos on YouTube, I was a die hard fan. This artist is amazing! Her music combines my love of violin music with electronic/dubstep music. I purchased every album and single available on iTunes. Watching her perform on her videos is enchanting. The production including the dancing and costumes are amazing. I can’t get enough of Lindsey...

Épinette1234 - Wow! À la fois groovy et sensible.

Il faut la voir danser avec son violon pour voir toute la puissance, la sensibilité et le talent de cette femme. Impressionnant!

Mndfhdkgch - 😮

It started when my friend showed but now I want them all! she's amazing!!!!😃

Nescre - Not what you normally expect of your classic violin player

Dubstep! On a violin! Amazing! I applaud you, Lindsey. This is simply amazing.

Spitchi - Excellent

One of the best album i have ever heard. It's both relaxing and energizing <3

disturbedones - WOW!

I don’t know how to say it, it’s just pure awesomeness. Buy it!

Unbranded future - Epic

This is epic, its like it came Strata from my dreams as a kid. From start to end it's just fantastic. If you don't have it get it!!!!

WinnieThePeg - Amazing music

So much talent. Looking forward to many more albums.

Abigail3355 - Awesome!

This is REAL MUSIC! Love the feel of it ! It takes me away and inspires me :)

GreatWightNorth - Thanks lzzy hale

Awesome !!!

Fourarms12 - Amazing until

I bought the original album before this one came out and i thought when i bought the deluxe album it updated the album itself. It did not. But before I go into detail let em just say this. I love Lindsey Stirling music she's very talented and does very good music. I discovered this when my version of stars align didn't go with the music video or the sample. So i checked my purchases and it turns out i only got the the new version of elements and the remix of crystallize not the rest of the album not even updated. Come on ITunes . Just give me an update on the music. I'm now starting to consider of getting another cd copy since i have the original. Come on Itunes your better then this.

sweetsarahlove - Perfection!

This woman blows me away! Start to finish this album is amazing, but I didn't expect anything less. Truly a joy to listen to. Bravo Lindsey! Keep it coming!

Angry customer ;( - Beautiful!

Don't get it why it isn't more know

Alvasalrey - 1 word : AMAZING!!!

the music is fantastic , this girl has a way to take any song original or a cover and transform it into something magical , as far as originals go shadows is my favorite song keep up the good work lindsey all your fans are here to support you

dtowe - 👌 Perfect

Best album by the best artist, amazing music!

Phunkyshyt - Why????

Why so much praise? Its sub-par dance/electronic music at best. Her whole gimmick is that she records a fiddle track over crappy beats... Wow so original, so fresh..... Get out a bit more people and stop only listening to top 40 garbage, maybe you wont be so easily impressed

Pdot360 - Amazing!!

If 1 was horrible and 10 was better than amazingly good, this would be 11! Get this album!! :D

Captain moo-cow - Epic!!

I've loved electronic music for several years now and this is just fantastic. I especially like the splash of dub step in there! Well done!

Warren12345 - Lindsey Stirling is simply awesome!

Title says it all! Keep up the great work Lindsey! Music and Video’s are amazing! 5/5

Dennis Schiller - WOW

i have a lot of musik Techno trance classic rap hiphop etc. but this just blows me away. amazing everyone should have this in his\her collection

sorceressmusic - Not normally my type

Electronic/dubstep is not usually the sort of music I listen to, but Lindsey is so captivating that I can’t help but like it.

The Whippening - Perfection!

Non-stop from start to finish :).

Haydn Jackson - I'm not sure what I did wrong...

I bought the special delux album on here it says I own the 14 songs I payed for on here, but it won't let me download the 13th and 14th. I had the old album with the 12 songs. It wont download they last 2... (still amazing music and I do not blame you Lindsey for this, I'm just not sure how to fix it). Itunes is allowing me to buy the other 2 songs individually... I don't want to have to waste my money after already paying for this album

I love red! - Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Lindsey's music!! It is unique, fun, and inspiringly beautiful. This album makes for awesome study music! I hope she makes more albums!

fullmoon92 - Ethereal

Lindsey's music, whether a cover or original, always sounds like it comes from a dream or is performed by ethereal sprites. Simply transendent!


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About Shadows [Lindsey Stirling] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Lindsey Stirling, album Lindsey Stirling (Deluxe), song Shadows, released date 18 September 2012. Listening and fast downloading online to Shadows - Lindsey Stirling mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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