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Mona Lisa - Nat "King" Cole MP3 Download

Mona Lisa MP3 Download

Mona Lisa by Nat "King" Cole MP3 Info

In this song, Nat King Cole compares his love to the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is famous for her smile and her mystique, as the portrait has become one of the most famous works of art in history. This song was written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston for the movie Captain Carey, U.S.A... It won an Oscar for Best Song. Before this big hit Nat King Cole was better known as a pianist. As a result of the success of this recording he became recognized as a vocalist. This soundtrack version by Nat King Cole spent 8 weeks as #1 in the Billboard chart in the USA in 1950. In 1987, this was used as the theme of the British film Mona Lisa. Livingston told American Songwriter Magazine July/August 1988 the story behind this song: "There was a picture called OSS, which took place during World War II, and Alan Ladd was in a little Italian town where the clandestine radio was, and they needed a song to warn them that the German patrol was coming. There was this blind accordion player who wasn't blind playing on the street and every time he saw the Germans coming he would play a certain melody, so we wrote 'Mona Lisa' and they said that it sounded Italian and they liked it. Then they called us and said they had changed the title from OSS to After Midnight and we had to write a song with that title. They loved title songs because it sold their picture. So we threw away the lyrics of 'Mona Lisa' and wrote 'After Midnight.' A month later we picked up Variety and read where Alan Ladd's new picture was going to be called Captain Carey, USA. We went back to the studio and asked for 'Mona Lisa' back, and then pitched it to Nat King Cole and he liked it and recorded it on the back of 'The Greatest Inventor of Them All.' So we went on a junket for Paramount about that time, and we took the records with us and we must have been on 25 or 30 radio shows, and when we got back the song was a hit. But the original ads for the record didn't even mention 'Mona Lisa,' just 'The Greatest Inventor.' I think us pushing it really made the difference in that song being a hit." Download Nat "King" Cole - Mona Lisa MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Mona Lisa MP3 file uploaded on January 1st, 1950.

Download and Listen Mona Lisa by Nat "King" Cole

Nat "King" Cole - Mona Lisa MP3 Comments & Reviews

Laximus Maximus - King

Truly one of the greatest voices in history. RIP

Danothemano - Too Great

What a voice, I could listen to Mr. Cole forever.

Christianity First - Amazing

Nat King Cole was a blessed soul who had an attractive musical style that was decades before my time. Fortunately, my family played his songs and I was introduced to this legendary singer. Christmas time was also another interesting musical display of Mr. Kings holiday songs. You won't be disappointed in buying a few songs or the album. May Jesus Christ bless Natalie Cole as she perfected the song "Unforgettable" with a remix with her father, Nat King Cole.

Geekosaur919 - Complete Nat King Cole

This Collection is the most complete of Nat " King" Cole offering the widest selection of songs that he made famous. Anyone who appreciates Vocals will want this particular album. Nat "King" Cole is a rare Artist as he is one of the top 5-10 best Jazz Singers that ever lived and he is one of the top 5-10 best Jazz Pianists that ever lived. A very, very, very RARE COMBO.


――Why does the Mona Lisa seem mysterious?


It’s on the Original Carter V...there is also some Big Sean feature n some songs on the new Carter V but with diff…


Jake Stauber - Buttercup é uma obra de arte tão espetacular quanto a mona lisa. Infelizmente a maioria das criança…


@Lynn_GT: @julianknight15 The Mona Lisa is a thing of beauty! Michelangelo's David is a think of beauty! Wells Cathedral is a thing of b…


i hate school so much like some classes are so useless like literally what do i gotta take art for? i ain’t tryna b…


@melodiamond20: look at this gorgeous man. if he existed during the 1500s, leonardo da vinci wouldve painted him instead of mona lisa ht…


@Shem_Infinite: It's just like art, The New York Times and Adam Schiff interpret intelligence reports to mean that Orange Man Bad and it…


The #Simpsons did it ! #Cryptocurrency explained to #Lisa by the great @jimParsons on #TheSimpsons ! It's the…


@KevinJames: Shot a music video with my friend @MikeDelguidice1 ... Love this song, "Mona Lisa"... check it out.


@FeelyMusicBot: DUDE LISTEN TO THIS | Panic! at the Disco - The Ballad of Mona Lisa (Alternative Rock - 2011 - 3:47) …


@DeleonOui I love that Mona Lisa smile.😊


DUDE LISTEN TO THIS | Panic! at the Disco - The Ballad of Mona Lisa (Alternative Rock - 2011 - 3:47)


@OnikaProm0tions: That time I saw Mona Lisa in Houston and paid homage


The horizon on one side of Mona Lisa is higher than the other.


Mona Lisa can't have enough of him

About Mona Lisa [Nat "King" Cole] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Nat "King" Cole, album The World of Nat King Cole, song Mona Lisa, released date 01 January 1950. Listening and fast downloading online to Mona Lisa - Nat "King" Cole mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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