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Download Lindsey Stirling - Phantom of the Opera Medley MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Phantom of the Opera Medley music file uploaded on July 31st, 2012.

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Lindsey Stirling - Phantom of the Opera Medley MP3 Comments & Reviews

Winchester1164 - Umbrella Academy anyone?

The Umbrella Academy brought me here, and now I’m totally in love with Lindsey’s music!!!

# 1 lindey strilling fan - She inspired me to learn how to play the cello

Love this song is plays the violin amazingly

Doubletap2008 - Lindsey Stirling is great

This one is just too great. Amazing. Love it. I play the violin and wish I could be half as good as her. 🎻

Stirlingitekitty - i cant stop listening. help!

on second thought, DONT!

SalemVet - Saw this live and had to buy it!

So amazing. I have seen both live so many times to have Lindsey playing one of my all time favorite plays is just amazing and truly awesome.

#1 Stirlingite forever - Please don't stop Lindsey

I love you more than words can describe.

Lizzybeez - Love her music

My 2.5 year old granddaughter can't stop listening to Linsey's music. We love her!!!

Ash3228 - AMANZING

Perfection my cousin introduced me to the album and I can't get enough!!!!!😱😱😱😱👍👌🏻👌🏻🎻🎻🎻🎻

Julir11 - So amazing!!!🎻

So amazing and inspirational!!! Lindsey never fails to impress, she's inspired me to start violin myself!🎻

Oreosandhiddenjewels - Incredible!

As a HUGE phan of The Phantom of the Opera and a fan of Lindsey Stirling, I love this medley! I is simply beautiful and if you know the songs from Phantom you can almost hear the words.

Smartzandpositive - Nice!

Wow! I'm just impressed by how this sounds. It sounds pretty cool to combine the violin and rock music. At first I was a bit confused like "What is this Lindsey?" but then my ear decided "Oh, I like it." So this is a great mix. KSLL everyone!!!!

Broadwayuni-gecko - Love Lindsey!

No words can describe the beauty of this piece. I cried the first time I heard it.

ror.schach - Excellent combo

I am a huge fan of Phantom, and recently discovered Lindsey Sterling's music. This track is fantastic.

al-dogg - Spinning

You ever tried spinning spinning to this stuff?! Its the best way to get some intense cardio going, thanks Lindsey!

Lotti Rose - She is awesome

I play the violin and I love phantom. This is by most the best version ever!!!!!🎻🎶🎻🎶🎻🎶🎻🎶🎻🎶🎻🎶🎻🎶🎻

ChloeLexi33 - Lindsey is Awesome

I wish I had one of those violins!

Kxcin - Intro to classical music and rock

I have been introducing my 8 and 4 y/o to the beauty that is classical music. I think this is so beautifully amazing.

Rand al'Thor (The Dragon) - Misspelled Title

Has anyone else noticed the misspelled title?

Marcy Capps - Amazing!!

This song is filled with beauty and a mystical sense everyone can love

Brad198113 - Sorry, but I have to say: Epic Fail!

Lindsay and her crew tried so hard to perform the Phantom theme, but just couldn’t pull it off. Points for having the guts to try their hand at such beloved piece. Points also for sheer enthusiasm:) I love Lindsay, but with this particular work she was not at her best.

Shepherdess Extraordinaire - OMG!

Lindsey takes one of my favourite musicals and condenses it into one beautiful amazing theme song. Such energy. Be sure to watch the video on YouTube - a spectacular production!!!

XO_Candy - AMAZING!!

Lindsey is my favourite violin player she is AMAZING!!!

Legolas147258 - Woah...

You'd have to not be human to be able to play that. Five star!

silver sapphire - Outstanding

Oh wow! Watched this video on iTunes and could not believe the sheer brilliance of it. I’m a huge POTO phan and I loved this so much I came here to buy the piece. So stunning in costumes, sets, drama, sound and that violin is just gorgeous. Seriously good. It is a wonderfully versatile instrument and in the hands of this master it really comes alive. I really cannot commend this music and video enough. Truly a masterpiece on every level. Jaw droppingly good! More please!

Randomiser48 - Phantom of the opera

I think this is amazing!!! I rate it 5 star!

Dominic Notley - Awesomeness

Awesome music. Little bit different but awesome.

Modern Ophelia - Stunning

A stunning piece of music, absolutely love it!


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Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer Medley is the best song and scene in Phantom of the Opera and you can’t tell me differently.


the intro scene of the umbrella academy with lindsey stirling's phantom of the opera violin medley is still one of…


@Xian_121: @LindseyStirling This'll be awesome! I've been wanting to go for violin lessons again for so long... Main driving factor to b…


@LindseyStirling This'll be awesome! I've been wanting to go for violin lessons again for so long... Main driving f…

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Lindsey Stirling, album Phantom of the Opera Medley - Single, song Phantom of the Opera Medley, released date 31 July 2012. Listening and fast downloading online to Phantom of the Opera Medley - Lindsey Stirling mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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