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Download DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Turn Down for What music file uploaded on December 18th, 2013.

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DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What MP3 Comments & Reviews

Aaron sheldon - Awesome



There is literally 2 verses in this whole song, it would maybe be a 4 star text tone but a completely trash song. I’d buy this if I were a billionaire and had already bought every other song in the world

gamerjonn - TURN DOWN FOR WHAT *dabs*

All u dumb hater make it a five it’s a five star fearless is good too and I heard this on gta 5 and gta is fun with da memes


It was in my 8th grade prep rally I’m now going into the 9th grade

Wetglide - Crap

Typical auto tuned, pitch corrected rap/crap. This stuff sounds so canned. No musical instrument mastery required.

9aon - Oh yeah

This is the best

Sky t. - Like it times 3

"I find this song good for making dance party games and 2 of my friends just LOVE it and we had a dance party at my house. It coundn't get any better. Without this song for our dance party it would be boring. I find a part that I can renember on the radio when I was a little kid. Love it!" -my daughter

GabrielTheSavageGamer - TURN DoWn DowN FOR...

This song! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turn down for Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Insider Gaming - !

Turn down for what!!!!!!! 🎶🎵📢♥️

max😎😝 - Max😎😝

That song the boss

MPLily - Legend


SSOPT 1 - Pure Magic

This song is soooooo good! It's pure magic. Newbies pleaseeeee buy!!!

Calebeh - Amazing


Batnanny and bat granny - Awesome song

This song is so rap style and it's so catchy

Big B Jr. - Love it

I love this song. 🤘🏻🤘🏻👍🏻👌🏻😀

BOSS212169:) - Boss out

Make a song called BOSS Out

and one11 - no talent

this has no talent what so ever. it only has two lines in it. and to certain people who thought this is good music…shame on you. you couldn’t get me to download this if you offered me a million dollars. and by the way, Lil Jon screaming into the microphone isn’t singing. its just ear piercing

$yke$23JumpmanUltimate - Turn Down The Club

I Love this song I bought this on my iPod back in 2015 and I played it a lot it's good for working out and running and jumping

🎵ITunes player🎵 - This's kinda funny

it's like this guy's like asking why he needs to turn the music down if you asked him and didn't give much reason.

A$AP.Rocky's.Bae400 - Smh

For all of you hating it isn't really a song , it's more like a dance song there you have it stop hating you can't come up with anything close to this. 👌🏾💯

Andrew8330 - One of the WORST songs ever

Pretty much all this guy says in this "song" is turn down for what. The quotation marks mean that this is not music. It's pure junk.

Gamer boss666 - This song is what the public thinks edm is.

This song is terrible EDM as well as techno and no one should think for even a second that this a good title song

Dane winterboer - Tune it down!

For what I love da song

Brosimus Maximus - Love this!!!!!!

Imagine taking a shower at his house. Turn right for hot, turn left for cold and, turn down for what!

kewlkat - Goin down for what!!

Makes this old lady dance!'

Boy1dur - Amazing

Since it came out I have heard the song 300 times and i still love it like the first time I heard it.

Pigman4ever - YAY

Best dubstep

Brian.R. - Bro.....

This song is stupid..

Boraboraborabora - The truth

All I have to say is it gives me a head ache

Bigyo12 - Love this beat specially Lil john doing he thing..

What a bunch of haters here if u don't like it don't come in here to give bad rating, is a beat to get wild dance and drink enjoy life and forget about bills lol

Nfyjgy - Its ok....

This song is pretty good, but..... It's repetitive. It's on all the time. They always use that song in the NFL and everyone listens to it in school.

flame429 - Really?

You call this a song? People these days :( !

Turn doun for ale - Turn doun for what

Awesome song lol

Arlcadena - Like the instrumental version

Let's say the words are... Not there. What about he music!? Buy instrumental version same thing 10 less words.

Parkour awesomeness - Loved it!

I just love this song. I don't know why, I just do. That's what's amazing about this song. It just makes you wanna party all night long and get all your energy out.

Chris and Lisa - Best song ever

Turn it down for what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reefer hommor - Horrible

It's not even music? It's just a dude screaming and a weird beat drop.

EnderGhast78910 - AMAZING!

I love the song so much that I'm asking my mom to buy it!

Cale18 - :v

Ohhhhhhhhh usen las gafas :v Turn Dawn for Juan :v

SlenderManiac89 - Epic_Infernus

Awesome song. Love it. So catchy. Instagram is my username here.

H.Chandler01 - 1 word: EPIC

Yeah... I know... 1 freaking sentence the entire song, but just can't stop dancing every time I hear it!!

4Christ67 - Good songs

Love it

Porky1025 - Awesome

One word :awesome

Goldeneye941 - Very annoying.


Fishes563 - Wow

People that just go wild and hate everything they see are stupid literally they understand that it's so hard to make a song and this song isn't supposed to make you want to drink. Uh so many stupid haters 😒 haters gonna hate

nope1987 - my new party jam

love it anytime i hear it i have to stop and dance!!!!!!!!!!

hiaubs - HYPE

it's all about making you want to dance and the beat dropping! It's a CLUB song for a reason. It's not supposed to be deep as "Lana del Rey" or even mean anything. It's supposed to make you dance and laugh and turn up.

2006799 - Awesome

Me and my papa love it and I don't think he's screaming in the mic

Willtthfill - Top 3 type song

Really great beat, music, you never get tired of it

Bro122 - Turn down for what

I love it

jaajajjasjajaajjajajaja - PHYSCO mode

This is beast mode bro

olivedog13 - Turn down for what!

I love turn down for what! It is an amazing dance song!

Vancouver150 - Nice

Is lol Jon angry? He shouting in the song lol

RockMusicManiac - .....

I understand it dance but I'm still trying to contemplate on how this is considered music


DJ Snake your beast mode

dude-1000 - Awesome


☝️you don't know - ERRRMMASGHHERRRDDD


zzzzbbhbbzzzz - My jam. 😝

Watch the music video it's F@#K up

Dorfley - Fricking amazing

I just love dj snake and dubstep but when you mix them together, you get this!

Paigelolmccu - Good music

I really enjoy this song. It reminds me of dance, ( hip hop) And the musics beat is awsome! <3 it

Hotmm Todd - A Thousand stars

I Love this name says it all turn it down for what?

CertifiedCrack - Team four star

Team four-star shout out Dragonball z abridged popo yeah niga

Coolamilol - Addicted

I can't stop listening to this song.🎧🎤🎼🎶🎵

Lovey_dovey69 - OMG love it

Amazing song

Glenntheman - Great Song

This is so dope!

Simple_Chaos - Sick track!!

This track gets me jacked up!! Can't wait to hear more from DJ Snake in the future. Keep it up DJ!!! Your fan Simple_Chaos

No one12345ydxudfdhxbdbve - Nothing


Aqzwsxedbr - Cool

I like this song. If u like DJ Snake also check out "Bird Machine" and "Together"! I think DJ snake is a very creative artist and I think he puts a lot of time in his music, good job!!! And he is a great upcoming DJ

IG: 06.9k - DJ Snake

Finally out on iTunes!

BEATLOVER12345678910 - BEAT


Robo-Jeff - Just so damn good😎

This song will never get old. A classic of the future.

hgytyvfhnddgjrsdn - Hyper

Smash your self on your furniture


Max volume ,,,

L.A.W Music Lover - Lil Jon Is a clever guy, he needs more credit.

After seeing Lil Jon on Celebrity Apprentice, I realised that he is actually really clever and people don't give him enough credit. One of his goals he wanted to achieve on the show was to get rid of all peoples pre-conceptions of him, and for people to see him for who he is. I think he definitely achieved that on the show . ...Meanwhile, about the song, let's just say it's not the best I've heard lol! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for Lil Jon himself Unfortunately not as many for the song 😞

Jacob Kreed - TURN DOWN FOR WHAT !!!

1. Purchase the song 2. Turn the Volume very high 3. Turn on your Dance Chip 4. If the neighbours knock on your walls, ask them to come around a dance with you. 5. Killer Track,from Lil Jon and DJ SSSSNAKKE

Wow😃 - It's sickkkkk

It's one of those songs that just makes you feel like... I dunno... Doing anything! It's just amazing buy it :D

Mc caithness - Dj snake

Good tune by dj snake

PaRtY-_-Rock3R - Good song

In my mind a good song /w good bass drops and a memorable catchy tune 👌

Cendo gore - Pece

Not bad

Audio Rebel - Truly awful.

It's just a noisy mess and doesn't deserve to be classed as 'music'. 'Trap' is sooo 2013... everyone else has moved on.

0121 do 1 - Dreadful

Not a song. Just a massive headache.

Uhn-tiss,Uhn-tiss,Uhn-tiss - 👌

Bad boy tune, turn this up and have the bass up! RAHHH

Saj555 - 0_0

Truly an AMAZING song

Scott cecy - Siiiick

If its good enough for LB performance then its good enough for me!

mr a - Rubbish

This aint music

Your not the boss - Ok

Best song

TOM90098 - Meh

I love the beat but the rest is that ppppppp sound

Budyyjgvhjchvhhfki - Love it

Love it

Sherlockbbc - ugh

just ugh


This song as lighten my days for the start of 2014 When I have a bad day I immediately put on the song. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!!!!!!???!??!???!!!!!!!!

Crispystrip - uh

for the life of me can not understand how this song is so popular. hopefully it gets swept under the rug soon much like the selfie song, harlem shake, kony, etc.

rainbow_unicorns✌️🌈 - One of those songs... ✨✌️😆

'Turn Down For What' is just one of those songs, which just goes OFF at a party in a crazy way 😝! Exciting and 'crank it up' kind of drop and although there isn't really any singing, this song is still just AMAZING 😜😆😵⭐️☀️!!

tammi2 - Love It

I love this song, it has. Been a while since I have heard from DJ Snake, and Lil Jon!

BrandonWrench - TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!

In my many experiences I have experienced in my life, it would be hard for me not to recommend this song to anyone who didn't want to get CRUNK! Just buy it. $2.19, you can't even buy a burger for that. Cheap as. Just get it and be awesome!

IamME♪XD♥ - ^...^

Great dance song but I miss real music that required real talent and not computer softwares. But when you just wanna crank it up to some beats...you got the song. But more is preferred!

A Regular Man - Buy Now

That Drop Dough!

maki68584 - Such a sick drop

absolute cracker

NickiMinaj Beyonce - Goes off!!


It's me1234 - hell yeah

get this song asap

Picassomctour - Achei páia.chato

Pegue a música fui escutar quando eu vou escutar pede para mim assinar apple music para tocar a música se eu não assinar não toca a música pois comprei a música fala comprado e não consegui escutar nunca vi isso, além de eu pagar pela música comprar a música para escutar ainda tenho que pagar rádio por mês para escutar aí putinho que tomar vergonha na cara e devolver o dinheiro, A Apple tinha que me devolver o dinheiro que paguei.

Autanic BR - Oi

Super legal

Eu😃 - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Mano TOP Na escola patada é turn down what


@facundobalari Turn down for what


@NatashaMcGlynn2: Ok @metpoliceuk what you gonna do now? Turn a blind eye and nick someone at a BBQ or picnic bringing them down with yo…


@dbg_collins: NZ’s new cases of #Covid_19 have been dropping for the last 4 days. It looks like #nzpol and social precautions are so far…


@yoondiex "essa pessoa parece q ta na disney" manu: obrigada mickey patadas fodas pra dar na escola turn down for what😎💪👊🔥


@JoeBiden Or what, Joe? What are the consequences if he laughs? There haven't been consequences for 3 years. He s…


@TigresOficial @Rivas24oficial Jajajajajajajajaa turn down for what


@pedro__so Putz pedroso é o contrario cara, ele fala bom dia a galera OOOOWWWW WOOOWWWW TURN DOWN FOR WHAT JOGA DEM…



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