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NEX & PX - Tremendous Album

Anthony Gonzalez’s masterpiece.

livluvmusic - Hurry Up We’re Dreaming

Beautifully written and produced. Gonzalez seems to have been heavily influenced by Pink Floyd. Examples include “Wait” and “Splendor” and even the last track, “Outro” which is sublime.

lie2me - 2 songs are must haves

Reunion and Midnight City

Kayla Siedlecki - FAV

this is truly one of my favorite songs of all time ❤️

taki hater - Rawr


rather listen to utube - iTunes rips me off

This is garbage, bought the album says it’s purchased and won’t let me listen, tried to call no one will answer. I hate apple, u half working crap company. Waste of money and time.

emmiesmith - Best m83 album ever

This album is a cinematic masterpiece I love it so much, and it’s 2018 and I’m still not tired of playing it through. Whenever I listen to M83 I just find myself replaying all the wonderful moments that I’ve happened in my life. When Midnight city starts playing I find myself cruising through the city late at night, and my tears are becoming a sea takes makes me feel these nostalgic memories that I’ve never experienced before in my whole life listening to other music. I thank this album for getting me into electronic and EDM music.

Goodes6989 - Awesome and spiritual!

Well I learned about M83 from the perfection that is OUTRO as featured on the show Versailles. Simply amazing music that lifts the soul.

Ltm9 - M83

Wow. This album is great!! Just now found it and im in love

CAFinch - Goooood


Hummerboy666 - Love

Buy it. Won't be disappointed

branzko - ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Literally the best album ever.

jordynmichael - Midnight city

This song alone makes the album worth buying, great work.

Robsgrrl - Hauntingly beautiful

All I can say is I love M83. I get lost in the gorgeous music and I never want to come back. It's the most beautiful music I've ever heard. It takes me to another place and time. I'm never coming back again....bye.

Keith C 504 - Wow!!

What a fantastic album!!!

37282718382827 - this song…..

this song on GTA5!!!!!!

Beckert527 - An album for the ages!

This might be the most well produced start to finish album of all time. I stumbled onto these guys through a remix of the featured song Midnight City with Kanye West and wondered what the original sounded like. Needless to say I ended up here and the reviews sold me. After listening all I can say is this is a masterpiece. This album takes you to another place, all the way from the amazing Intro to the perfect Outro. I will be listening to this as I drive around Iceland in September! Otherworldly music for an otherworldly setting ;) Just buy it and let it play in order. ( on ear buds or surround sound/car stereo is best )


that's how good this album is. Otherworldly

jojosteelflex - Walking on the beach


Rock Fanatic123!!! - The best

M83 is da Mombasa


I spend too many time looking for something different, something that I could carry with me for the rest of my life, I love music, music is My passion , music is everything to me... When I first meet M83 I found that I just don't find something I was asking for... I found so much, art, feelings, an new musical universe and I'm very happy with this. I can't express how grateful I'm. Thank You Antony Gonzales. You music touched my heart and my soul.

drdaveg - My #1 album of all time

Every song is good yes Anthony G is a freaking musical genius.

Grty - Soundtrack to my summer nights

This album is an absolute masterpiece. Listen from start to finish and just close your eyes and let go.

shadowhero94 - Amazing beautiful album!!

This album will make you cry! Best song is honestly "Intro"

Gabrielkoukal - Another Wave From You

Another Wave From You is absolutely amazing! I wish it was 5 minutes longer but an amazing build! Thank you M83 for making beautiful music!

Ghostrider5 - Amazing

Midnight City is more than a song.....

Wheeee(: - Piece of Art

Everything about this album shows how music is truly art. It continues to be inspiring and even life changing.

Guzma$ter - Reaches into your soul

This music makes you feel emotional and evokes feelings that cannot be described, and Anthony Gonzalez is the only artist who can make a person feel so moved. It's underrated and mind blowing

MichaelFay_88 - Still in the top charts

This album happens to be my favorite electronic album. The entire album tells a story, it is truly an epic soundtrack. M83 truly put a lot of effort into this one. If you haven't bought this album yet, I suggest you purchase it now, you'll be glad you did.

allymazaa - This album is incredible!

I discovered the song "Wait" from the movie Perfect Sisters. Everytime is listen to it, I just think. I have a different perspective on the world when I listen to it. Just recently I discovered the album and when listening to some of the songs, I get different feelings and emotions. This album is truly incredible and I recommend it completely. I love "Wait" and "Outro". Listen to this album outside while looking at the stars. It's great.

I am the Lionn - If you are here, you need this album.

This album changed my life. Bold, but a true statement. This album very deep and highly spiritual as well. It takes you to other worlds. Just let it happen :)

Tom talking to me - There was a frog

It was a very special frog 🐸🐸🐸

MLG iPhone - I love the blend of music


Irmalexia - Best Album EVER

Hurry Up, We're Dreaming literally makes you feel like you're in a dream. M83's music continues to take my breath away even with collaborations with other artists such as Glory with Jean-Michel Jarre. Their music just takes you away and relaxes you in a way no one else can. Each song leaves me speechless and I probably repeat each song at least 3 times. Purchasing this album and listening to it will be the best thing you'll ever buy and do 👍🏻 if I could give this album infinity stars, I would. Can't wait for their next album. Keep on dreaming!

Joewoo198256 - The 5th episode using My Tears Are Becoming a Sea as a final song!

Poignant, Profound!

Tonio Sheepe - Great album!

M83 is probably one of the greatest French artists to be known worldwide. With this album, Anthony Gonzalez fully exploited his talent and influences to create a double album. The result is a solid album with a lot of great moments: the « Intro » just makes you wanna know more, « Midnight City » will make you want to fly away, especially when the sax solo comes in, « Reunion » is catchy as it’s hovering. « Splendor » is also a great moment in the album, « Steve McQueen » is very catchy too. The album ends with an immense « Outro », which concludes a great album. With this album, M83 definitely joins the circle of the greatest artists of all-time.

Jdkskdjeldkfmskxkfkakxmx - Outro❤️

Outro has honestly changed my life and the way I look at it

HubCapDiamondStar - Godawful

How anyone could like this sound is beyond comprehension. With all the good music to discover, why would anyone waste a moment with such an absurd POS?

MWz2011 - Sad I just discovered this!

My new favorite album, hands down.

Algp8150 - love, LoVe, LOVE

Next to my all time favorite band, Coldplay this is my new fave band! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Up now?!$& - Priceless

Greatest album I've ever heard. It mixes sadness, happiness and triumph all together. Absolute perfection.

BigKash082015 - Brilliant. A True Game Changer.

Anthony has redefined music with this album. Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is not just another synth pop album, but rather an inspiring journey which allows you to experience the full range of human emotion starting from the very first track. Once you purchase this magnificent piece of art, set aside the time to listen to it from start to finish to truly feel full effect of this album. We're coming up on five years since its inception and I would argue a better album has not been released since. Well done M83.

Fingysdfgg - Best album ever

The first song I ever heard from them was "Midnight City" in the movie "Warm Bodies", I fell in love with this whole album, I fully recommend it

Kodemannnnnnnnnn - live.

frequencies that evoke your whole being to live in the seconds of each song ~

Mariebug24 - Midnight city!

Midnight city honestly gives you the feels man!

Ccrocky123 - Wow

This is the best album I've ever heard. I've never liked EVERY song on an album before. I love EVERY song on this album.

Musicdevoured - Album seems so before its time

Absolutely amazing!! I feel like this sound is what artists are craving in 2015 and here is this 2011 gem. Forever Obsessed.

gtagg78 - Unreal

Outro, Claudia Lewis, Steve McQueen, Reunion, and Midnight City, and OK Pal are all my favorites. This album is epic. Outro is simply amazing.

edarvizu - Perfect

There’s no doubt that this is one of the most ambitious projects M83 has ever worked on. it’s a great record and video project.

A350-394 - Still my favorite album

It is May 2015 and this is still my favorite album ever. I can not wait till they put a new album out!!!!!

Can't explain with emojis - Awesome album

So amazing and unique . It's all personal opinion and taste but I love it, so emotional but uplifting at the same time . M83 is the best

ramen noodlez 0_0 - incredible

m83 is truly wonderful. this album makes me feel alive.

Jdidbshdishs123 - Awesome

Midnight city is soooooo good

KyleGoddard - A Masterpiece

One of my favourite albums. I find the album uplifting and inspirational.

Mister dangle - Love it

Intro is a good song to listen to when you are skiing in deep snow

Louis Simard - Great Album

Midnight City is my favorite

dee jay bears - The best album of the decade

M83 are so difficult to categorize, which is a big part of their genius in that they touch on a number of genres, fusing them into an atmospheric, electronic bliss that takes you on a trip. This album in particular truly exemplifies their scope and ability to produce popular music that isn't cookie cutter'ed and appeals to all. It is also an homage to the album and how they can be holistic with sequential tracks that have purpose. I love every track for different reasons and highly recommend picking this up (even at it's higher price). I promise you won't be disappointed.

Squirrell's Nest - Buy it!

Finally true musicians...not copy cat or pre wrote pop songs. This band is the real deal! My favourite album:)

The Intro song I-N-T-E-N-S-E - WOWW

I heard this song in the final scene of Charlie Countryman movie! Very intense !!!!!!

Astronaut Lacson - Favs

Favourite artist of my time <3

iStuffGuy - Disappointed

Previously bought, Midnight City, and Reunion. I thought, ok, time to check out the rest of the album. I was disappointed. The rest of the tracks didn’t have the inspired “New Romanticism 80s” sound of “Midnight City” and “Reunion”. I guess I’m the minority. 4 stars for the two aforementioned singles. 2 for the rest of the album. Wasn’t worth 15 bucks for me.

Can't do crap without pro - OMG this is amazing

Midnight City is the greatest song I have ever heard :.)


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