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Download Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) music file uploaded on April 23rd, 2014.

Download and Listen Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) by Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) MP3 Comments & Reviews

ilovemusic0000000 - Shatter Me in the Clothing Store!! 👗

“Shatter Me” kinda reminds me of a song that would play in a Justice store, and Justice is one of my favorite clothing stores!

The Yeeting Cow - i love this album

and i will never stop loving it!!

hunter0195 - Crazy awsome

I just found out about Lindsey stirling but I love her music🎻🎻🎻

nerf god - Night Vision

The dubstep music was perfecto. Where did you find this music. Dubstep has changed with Lindsey around.!!!!!!

This is cool,awesome game!!! - Omg

Love love love these songs!!!

WorldQuestioner - Too much dubstep downtempo

I want more electro house. Am I the only one that hates dubstep for its downtempo (full second between kick and snare)? I searched on Google and couldn't find any results for people hating dubstep for low dowmtempo. I found plenty of cases of people hating dubstep, but it's obviously for a different reason than downtempo. We need more diversity! Why don't I give this one star? Because it's not terrible. There should be a Euro hard trance remix of Take Flight.

Bre3._.Witt3 - Thank You!

About a year ago I found Lindsey sterlings “shatter me” on YouTube and I immediately fell in love with the song after that I quickly went to find her on Spotify which I used at the time to listen to all her songs to see her play the violin inspired me to learn to play an instrument too and I will never forget the impact she had on me.

DigitalDigitalActivists1722 - Uplifting

Music to live too. Lindsey Sterling rocks! Ya! x 22

Isabella2pop - Amazing

This is the best album ever

moonlight_luvs - Master Of Tides 🧜🏼‍♀️🌊🎻

I am in love with Master of Tides 😍💜🧜🏼‍♀️

Omega__Supreme - Absolute Beauty

The GODDESS of Violin has returned! The track “Shatter Me” is absolutely stunning, vocals and instrumental go hand in hand and make it an absolute work of art. Truly impressive, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Pop-Classical music and enjoys violin instrumentals.

Zakroks - Awesome!!

Love it!

Thornaj - AMAZING!!

I like how on AGT the judges thought she wasn’t good enough by her technique. But look at her now!!! Amazing job, outstanding progression, and and TON of support!!! 😍💝💝💝

wiffle ball legend - Disappointing

Not sure why this album is so well liked. Overproduced and uninspiring. Garbanzo beans compared to the first album.


Way to go for Lindsey, if you havent fallen in love with her music already you will now, im just gonna say that!! Love this album SO MUCH OMG. Cant wait for a fifth album yeeeeheeeheeee

lds 🙂 - Meh

I’m a huge Lindsey Stirling fan but fail to enjoy this one. 😕 All of the songs sound the same. Only Roundtable Rival and Shatter Me are good.

Wee Meggie - Love Lindsay Stirling!

Makes awesome study music

😃😃😃😀😀😀😃😃😃😄 - Awesome

Lindsey sterling is a great artist I love all her music,I also like how her music is unique. ❤️

#1 Stirlingite forever - Beyond the Veil

I have been a stirlingite for 7 years now. This is, hands down, the best song she has ever written. EVER. I’m listening to Lindsey’s most recent album, warmer In The Winter, and the tracks are also great on that one! Okay, but honestly. Beyond the Veil is the best song ever. I performed it in front of 2000 people at a fundraiser and people were crying- they felt the power. The emotion in Neyond the Veil is just perfect. There’s so much. Lindsey, I can’t describe in words how thankful I am of you. You inspired me to play violin, and I have been playing for 2 years and have found my true passion! I have started going to a school for prodigies, and before I didn’t think I was good at anything. I also am performing in front of thousands of people now- and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thank you, angel!!!!! Oh yeah, Lindsey, I’m your number one fan!!!! Tell phelba sorry- but it’s true ! I’ve read ur books 168 times, watched your movie 59 times, bought all your songs, listen to you 24/7, created 172 YouTube accounts just to love and support you, and done much more. You have truly saved me Lindsey, and I love you. More than you will ever know. Thank you. It is an honor to be a stirlingite.

MPLily - Shatter Me

I love this! Electronic music and violins go so well together! And Shatter Me (the titular song) reminds me of Reyna .

Samdelok - rountable rival!

Epic I'm listening to it RIGHT NOW! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Katedacoolestcrybaby - A-ma-zing!!!!❤️

Her music is the best kind you might be able to find! I've never always been a big violin fan but Lindsey Stirling has changed it for me! Even though there are no words in most of her songs it's still good! I have no words to describe how amazing she is!

Pizandi - LOVE IT SO MUCH 😍😍😍😍

I love love love shatter me please write more songs like this

crystalm - Wow! Loving this!

So I just discovered this music by hearing a song on So You Think You Can Dance and I loved it! I will be purchasing every song soon! Love, love, love this!!!!

Zollo_8 - Best Artist Ever!

I love Lindsey Stirling's uniqueness and example that she sets with her life and music. Keep it up!

starcat2007 - Awesome

Good job Lindsey

John joseph powell - Wow

The songs are vibrant, outgoing, and quick with slow parts at the right place. Lindsey you blew my mind once again.

Fosill255 - Phenomenal!!

Lindsey is an amazing artist and I definitely recommend her music!! Master of tides is a great song!

aurathoma - Great!

The tracks in this album are great and the production is better than some of the production on the last album. "We are giants" is kinda corny but I don't hate it."Shatter me" is a great track and I fell I love with it upon first listen. Lzzy Hale nailed those vocals too.

Krrazy.k - Shatter me

This is one of Lindsey stirlings BEST albums it is my favorite one of them all and Lindsey's stirlings is MY FAVORITE violinist of them all

irishpoet48 - brilliant

from the first beat drop and intro of the violin on beyond the veil i was hooked. all the way to the pirate adventure in master of tides. brilliant album.

Pika pi - Yes


Boricua Kelsie - Amazing

Beautiful album. I play it in my car on repeat. Very unique music. Love every song honestly.

SophiePig - Shatter me!😉

All you haters out there must be mistaken! Lindsey sits so amazing!

AvatarKorraFan - I love This album

This is so Awesome

musicme100 - Aboslutely awesome

I love Lindsey Stirling and what she does, especially this track. Amazing!

DragonValeLover1238 - AMAZING with a capital A!

These songs are the best! Seriously, you should buy and listen to them. Their so upbeat and far from ordinary. Ive never heard anything like them! My favorite song from this Album is Mirror Haus. My favorite song from her earlier album is Transcendence.

WeTheCatsGaming - Definitely worth it.

I bought the song "Shatter Me", and I literally can't stop listening to it! I would consider buying the entire album in fact.

Carla.m.c._ - TAKE FLIGHT

Take Flight is like my favorite all of them!! It's one of the most inspiring songs for me! #KSLL

Hiscott - Flawless


Grangerpurrrr - Loooove it!

I have been a Stirlingite since 2013. This album is SPECTACULAR Compared to the first one! Lindsey's talent awes me every time! I can't wait for her more albums to come!

RyanTheStirlingite - Lindsey Stirling is A GODDESS!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

I love this album SO much! It’s my absolute favorite to listen to. You can do ANYTHING while listening to this GODDESS play: Read, relax, workout, clean, etc. Every single tack is beautiful. Beyond The Veil makes me feel like a whole new world is being revealed. Roundtable Rival is so action packed! When I listen to it, I feel like an unstoppable force. Take Flight makes me think of Lindsey ascending to the Heavens where she came from!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 The Lindsey Stirling fanbase is my absolute favorite fanbase. Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!! KSLL <3 <3 <3 <3

Dragon Shadow18 - Would give this 4.5

I absolutely love these songs, just a few of them sound slightly similar.

ClaudioRoque14 - SITBPIEHO

She is the best person I ever heard of. I love her music.

JCIngle - Absolutely awesome album!

Lindsey Stirling skillfully entwines her talent of playing the violin with electronic music once again! Her first album was amazing, but I must admit, "Shatter Me" shattered me with it's great songs such as "Roundtable Rivals", "We Are Giants", and of course, "Shatter Me". Stirling is an awesome artist, and I can't wait for her next big hit! Love her music, she is very gifted.

Infinity Pikachu - Best EVER!!!

I fell in love with your music when I heard Shadows. I instantly knew you would be amazing. I give this album 100/100

Flutter pie - I am having problems

I truly love your music. But I perchased master of tides, and it says I did, but when it says it has downloaded it isn't there.

Gunman735 - Wow

I love this. My two favorite things are techno music and classical music. To find a way to combine them in such an amazing and beautiful way, it's hard to comprehend. Good job Lindsey, 10/10

Vfyusfhdgh - she awesome

great beat n great song with what she do all the song she done great hit 😁👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💙🤓🔊🔊

The queen of lakeview - True Talent

It is really great to see an original artist. You have managed to NOT be another cookie cutter artist. Please keep it up.

the one i want is taken - Good taste everyone!

She. Is. PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩

Smokeyblunts420 - ❤️

I was never a fan of violin music until I heard Lindsey play it.

Vince122 - Re: Add more videos ☝🏻

Your video selection is poor. Even round table rival isn’t there! Make us happy and you more money, add more videos. You are super talented by the way 👍🏻🙋🏻‍♂️

MiaMeowMeowPow - I love this album

I love all but one song in this album. I totally suggest just buying the whole album because you may end up missing a song you may really like, because it happened to me.

b.wei - Fantastic!

My first album of Lindsey's work and it does not disappoint. A beautiful compilation, full of energy and emotions, it has good mixture of solo and collaborative work. Highly recommended.

tcKyla - 15/10

Love it so much

superiorb313 - 2016

I dont give a sh it that this is in 2014 this is so high quality that im excited 2 years later

Moimeme12456 - Wow

I love this. J'adore cet album. 👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️🎶🎶

Jklump - Simply Amazing

This is my favourite album in my music collection. Lindsey Stirling has an amazing talent that captivates her listeners. I can't stop listening to her.

Shepherdess Extraordinaire - Amazing!

This is one talented unique artist! I can’t get enough of Lindsey….I’ve purchased everything of Lindsey’s on iTunes. If you really want to see her shine, watch ALL her videos on YouTube including the clip of her on America’s Got Talent where she was told she didn’t have what it takes….you showed them Lindsey!!!

SeidiSalopree17 - I am a Fan! 😘❤️❤️👌🏼

I just became a fan of hers just an hour ago, I love her songs and you wont regret getting the Album 😄

Pika12563 - Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Super awesome songs that i want to listen to every day

pillule - Beautiful

Wow! wow! I love it and I’m not a violon’s fan. But this album is the best I ever heard. Thank you very much Lindsay and continu this beautiful work

Sesshy luva - Well done, Lindsey!😃

I loved her first album, and I have to say, the second one didn't disappoint. Her style is becoming more defined, and the songs differ more than in the first album. This one is truly amazing!😊

spenstar17 - One Little Problem..

The one little problem with Lindsey Stirling is that she does not have more music ;)

$sir-cash$ - GREAT ALBUM!!!

This Is by far the best music I have ever listened to I highly recommend all the songs to everyone 😋

Witchatong - FANTASTIC!

The subject says it all this album is fantastic!

SteveChampion - Shattered it

Incredible music. Whenever people ask me what my 'style' is, i just say Stirling now. I love electronic, i love violin. it's a beautiful result. Only sad thing is that many of her songs have the same 'tune pattern' just relayed in a different way. It's still perfect, it's still the most original thing out there, but /within/ her albums there needs to be some more originality and differences between each track itself. Long live Lindsey!

Akasha90288 - ..slightly and addict

so much talent, creativity, and positive vibe! this music makes me feel more alive and happier the more I listen to it!!

Animal lover - SHE IS EPICLY-AWESOME

Zachary70, you have no right to say that about her. Her music is absolutely divine. Just like she is. She makes wonderfully recordings! And OBVIOUSLY lots of people DO like her music. So zachery70, go take a hike

yourl1langel - Astonishing

Lindsay sterling will always be my favourite artist great album keep it up!!!

Angedestenebre - just the best

Lindsey stirling is just the best violinist. she can play all style of music

Elizabeth ben - LOVE IT!

The song shatter me is by far the best!

SLabine - Great Album

Amazing album, I randomly downloaded a song and instantly fell in love. Her songs really bring out the emotions she's trying to portray.

Jennifer PG - Exceptional.

She is so incredibly talented and her music is inspiring. What she has done with the Violin...amazing.

Asmerus - Worth every penny and more

Awesome album, don't buy singles, they all have a place in your collection

Erika Osorio Gutierrez - Thx Lindsey

J'aime bien cet album :) grâce au concert j'ai découvert plus de ce nouvel album **** V-kei - Master of tides - Mirror Haus - Swag mes préférés !

Fourarms12 - LOVE IT

Lindsey Stirling you are MORE AWESOME THEN BEFORE. All the songs are AWESOME. Lindsey Stirling I am a massive fan. You are EXTREMELY AWESOME. GET THIS ALBUM

Warder1701 - One of the best artists in a long time.

I've been a fan of Lindsey for quite a while now and recently had the chance to see her live in concert. All I can say is that she's super talented, a genuine person, and of course, very easy to look at;) Buy this Album immediately.

Cleve86 - Just awesome..

I can listen to this from start to finish .. Just blows me away


We stirlingites knew Lindsey coulnd't write another album to have us love but everythign she writes comes from something inside her and it's beautiful. I've been a stirlingite since AGT and it's amazing to see how far she's gone in such little time and has stayed true to who she is. YOU ROCK LINDSEY! KSLL!!!

Deathawk360 - First full album Iv bought ever.

I'm picky with my music but this entire album and Lindsey herself is fantastic:) thank you for your brilliant music:)!!!

13rooks - Just...WoW

I like to listen to this everytime I go to sleep.Every car trip or long distance. Wow!!! Do Not Stop making music!!!!

hiddenboomstick - absolutely love it

first time I heard Lindsey Stirling play was the video she did for the Skyrim theme song. After I heard Shatter Me on the radio, I had to come check it out, and I love this album. We Are Giants is a bit too dancy/club-ish for me, but that keep me from the others at all

Arkaengel - Absolutely Amazing

Lindsey Stirling is amazing. I listen to her music for hours. This new album is remarkable. So much fun to listen to. She bridges the gap between classical and electronic music in such a seamless manner. I would imagine that lovers of both electronic and classical music would find her material enjoyable. I can’t wait to see the stuff she puts out in the future. Way to go Lindsey!

RomanianRenegade - Love it

Cant get enough of Lindsey.

GwynAlren - Incredible.

Absolutely incredible. Lindsey has an amazing talent for music, such a gift from God. Shatter Me, Beyond The Veil, and We Are Giants all send chills down my spine. DEFINITELY worth the price! Keep up the good work Lindsey! I love your music! God be with you! :-)

kanada15 - Wow!!

Had never heard of Lindsey until Dia Frampton mentioned her in her twitter. Bought this album and the first one, if you live music, get this.

AlekBelanger - WHAT DA WOW


S..W..M - All over the place

I love Lindsey, she's always made great music. But this second album lacks focus, like a myriad of paint colours splashed onto a canvas. It's admirable that she's branching out to incorporate new instruments, but it just lacks that a universal sound that should define an album.

Plzen67 - PHENOMENAL !!!!

Absolutely phenomenal !!!! No tricks , raw talent !!! What a treat !!!

TMStamp - Perfect blend of sound producing inspiring music

Lindsey finds a way to make the violin sing! I'm not the biggest fan of the instrument, but her and her production crew make a phenomenal job of finding the right balance for this very powerful instrument. This album definitely grows on you and doesn't get boring fast. Not to mention that Shatter Me is a powerful piece. I look forward to hearing more Stirling productions with strong vocals to duet with. Great combination!

Gwidz - Mind = blown

I'm gobsmacked by how amazing this album is.

ClbTeam - Omg!

Honnêtement sur chaque clique j'ai eu des frissons! Ayoye! Amazing ++++++ phénoménal!!!!

ShatteredPhoenix - Speachless

this album is unbeleavable! every song better than the last, truly amazing, and a must buy! she poured her heart out in the making of this album, im inspired...

mjwalker1988 - Best album ever of hers!

I especially love the vocal pairings. Keep it up Lindsay :)

AreaJC - Amazing!!!!

Can't tell you enough what your music does for me! Truly amazing Lindsey! I wish you the most success for sharing with us your gift! Jean-Claude Seguin

PennieW - LOVE IT

This is definitely one of the best albums I've heard yet ❤

andrader2000 - A beautiful artist

I love all of this album; everything you play is amazing Lindsey. Please keep making atmospheric songs like mirror haus and master of tides, as well as witty songs like heist and round table rivals. I even love the lyrical songs.

Dmminthehouse - Simply Amazing

If you heard and liked the songs in Lindseys first album, then you'll love this album. The violin pleasantly strikes a chord to ears of the listener (lol puns) and i feel theres a lot more variety, since theres vocals this time around. Theres even some guitar stuff! Yay!! The dubstep is well balanced, some songs have it more than others. But overall this album is really chill when you wanna relax and draw or just want something to bobb your head to in the car <-highly recommend.


판타지, 아포칼립스, 센티넬, 초능력물, 디스토피아 등의 주제로 글쓰는 분들을 위한 추천 음악 16. Lindsey Stirling feat. Lzzy Hale - Shatter Me 괜히 1억뷰가 아닙니…



Shatter Me Feat. Lzzy Hale via @youtubemusic 本当にやるなんて信じられないわぁ。    『制裁』のお時間です🖤 準備万端かな。

About Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) [Lindsey Stirling] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Lindsey Stirling, album Shatter Me, song Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale), released date 23 April 2014. Listening and fast downloading online to Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) - Lindsey Stirling mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) by Lindsey Stirling mp3 download listen Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) direct download Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) mp3 #shatter-me-feat-lzzy-hale

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