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Download ODESZA - Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) music file uploaded on September 9th, 2014.

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ODESZA - Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) MP3 Comments & Reviews

chilbertakoo33 - They don’t make music like this anymore


kaitlany - Say my name

I love this song it’s amazing

mikenikster - Changed my Life!!!

This album forever changed my thoughts about music. Love ODESZA!!!

T-rock77 - Monumental!

My favorite band!

Pig300 - YAY!!

This is great! I love Sun Models and Bloom.

Scatterbrain64 - Nipping uu

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Abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyandz - Rebecca

👌 simply perfect and wonderful sounds

BBQ Bunny - Omg wow!

Headliners on this album.

TheMegPiece - 💙


Harrison R. Lanier - ITS ME THE BOI GENIUS


aurathoma - Great!

ODESZA really has a unique sound and they are really talented. I hope to hear more from them.

Whoaer 3000 - A+

The songs in this album are pretty stunning. Odesza does a nice job of delivering quality material and makes my mind go crazy in a good way. Bloom is truly the best. 👌

wickedkrunk - 🤗

One of the best albums I've ever acquired.

JDRC4 - Amazing.

Wish I bought this album sooner. The whole album is fantastic.

Willa Jean Godiva - Bass💚

Every song that I listen to on this album makes me fall in love with the way the bass is used.


This album is nothing but pure art and so much work put into this album

Tactical penguin - 2016 worthy

Freaking awesome I just discovered this and it sounds like some 2016 stuff!! Very good

paola_gonzalez - Timeless

Since its release, I've listened to this album hundreds of times over. It's a timeless piece of art. It'll never get old. They truly redefine the "e" in "EDM".

This DNI is dope - Unique and amazing

Instantly loved this entire album follow my ig-@vackise

Manu0582 - Amazing!

I love Odesza, my girls are 7 and 2.5 years old, and love Odesza! There is something really special about their music, I can't explain, I just can feel it!❤️

fitmumx - Love

Love it!

Lid32 - Excellent

This album is top to bottom amazing. Every single song is inspiring and moving and sometimes sad. I love to play this album while working out but also while driving and relaxing at home. This is favorite album that I own right now.

Ddddg728287cfacl - In love


Minionlover3801384 - Great ALBUM! - But there's a mistake

It's a real spiritual experience! But did anyone notice the mistake? In the Editors's notes, they spelled Kusanagi like Kusangi.

Logucci - Saucin

Best edm album ever.

Hungry Ol' Leon - Great Album!

Good for clearing the root chakra with a friend!

bosco3107 - NEW FAN!!

No clue who this artist was. Heard 4 previews immediately bought the album and became a huge fan. Nice work

JZwimmer - Exuberant Beauty

This music is full of life and pulsating with radiance. There's a genuine beauty here that is oftentimes sorely missing in electronic music. While always accessible, there's plenty of varying musical textures to keep the listener engaged. Rooted in light EDM and house traditions, this is vibrantly gorgeous electronic music.

Darknightwins - Another Fantastic Drop :)

I can't get enough!!

QM4 - Great to chill with

This album is so through from start to finish. It has great variation from track to track but still holds a common thread that makes the body of songs a great collective. The wide variety of featured vocalists don't disappoint. Odessa, you guys can cut tracks. Props.

Sexyperota - Hmmm yum

My ears always perk up when an Odesza song comes on. The perfect amalgamate of genres. A Fusion of bass, pop, vocal, laid nicely on a bed of trance/Elm. Odesza original tracks are flawless, but the remixes keep the party bumpin.

LaSadGirl - !!!!!



This album is soooo worth it. Love it. Best one I've heard😍💗💗😘👍🏽. Amazing job

Snehjfjjf - cant find the right say my name on spotify

this song is awesome

Johnathonu - Love it!

You're only crying You're only dying You're only red. I love this song so much!

T@v123 - Changed my life

They are seriously amazing. I'm so glad I found them. This album is flawless. I listen to pretty much every song.

Cd bloc - So Dope🕶

These guys are amazing when it comes to music! I love the album so much! Stay awesome!!

🐢🐳 - 10/10 would buy

Seriously great.

Caitlyn0_o10 - How did I get here


Nate981 - Remix is awesome

Look up the Luke shay remix of this song

NI95 - Great song

Great song, great production

Valkyrie-z - AMAZING!!

These guys make me proud to be from Seattle!! Awesome album!

DestLove - Chill

Just amazing in every way

Kensaza - Summer's Gone is gone

Where can I purchase their first album, Summer's Gone?

nursing student 2011 - A mazing

Starting listening to them on soundcloud and waiting for this album. So many good songs, love the vibes, beats, and's different and in a good way. I got to see them at Lightning in a Bottle in CA and they are AMAZING live!!!! Can't wait to see them on tour!

Tashtashatashi - Magic!!

This album is perfection! Don't know why I didn't discover them sooner I'm so happy 😱

GregGreek - Just as good as the ratings!

ODESZA CAME IN CLUTCH. I usually listen to more electro stuff like Madeon, Zedd, etc, but this album and its quality is unavoidable. If you have not heard the songs on this album, you are missing out. Amazing melodies!

Skink mm - Awesome Tunes, Thanks iTunes

Finally on iTunes. Thanks. Great album.

Alex Timchenko - Puzzled...

Still can't figure out why this album is so overrated...

cant whip like me - Nice

The luke shay remix is better

annalouisas - Amazing. All of it.

Loved every song.

ramen noodlez 0_0 - buy it 😍

this album makes me imagine the world through a kaleidoscope surrounded by warm tranquil sunsets. when i hear their songs through my headphones, i am far from reality because i am reminded that life is just a futile abundance of worries, and their music gives me a chance to pause my fears and compose myself. it's quite beautiful. a surreal mix of fact and fantasy.

Sourweiner - First album I ever bought

I wasn't really into this kind of music but then a friend referred me to this group. I listened to some of Odesza's songs on Soundcloud. The more and more i listened, the greater it sounded. Now, i don't buy albums all that much—not at all actually. But i decided to with "In Return". After doing so, my ear has been more attuned to Electronic music. This really opened up the door to me and is by far my proudest purchase on iTunes. Buy it. You'll fall in love with it!

Jen paul Moi - Envoutante! Enchanting!

Impressionnant! J'ai bien hâte de voir sils vont faire un autre cd! Impressive! Looking forward for the next cd!

AlainaaL - First song in and I'm in love

Exactly what the title says Five stars on the spot

StrawberryCaity - Grew on me

At first I wasn't sure I would be into it, but I realized the musical skill is amazing especially when driving. Makes me feel like I'm happy and floating.

Teeny007 - love this!

love every track on this album independently but the collection as a whole is brilliant. listening to this on repeat.

LauraCamachoooo - Music God's

Literally. Odesza is by far the creator of the most in depth, head rocking, attention grabbing, heart throbbing, full body tingling music I have ever listened to in my entire life. If you don't buy this album your missing out big time on what could be some of the best tunes you've ever experienced.

T.Lib - Must buy !!

Rare to find awesome music and even more rear to find whole albums filled with awesome music. Must have album !!!

RaymondWang10 - Good

What a amazing album!!!Really recommend

David__S - Started with one a song, now addicted to the entire album.

I ran into Odesza on Soundcloud and loved their music and mixes, but could never find them on here. I ran across this album finally on iTunes and purchased it on a whim. I’ve been listening it to on repeat for awhile now. The whole album is really great and right up my alley.

Gnhrcwfehr - Incredible

First album I've ever bought. I love it, it will make my commute to and from school so much more enjoyable. Thanks Odesza and keep it up!!! You have my support 100%!!!

lewl 69 - le charme

Wow aucun commentaires négatifs. J'adore, je suis tombé sous le charme dès la première note ! Excellent.

Wala Wala Ding Ding - Super chill! Beautiful music!!!


Phreshj77 - Awesome

Nothin much else to say but sick beats, sick vocals….overall definitely a nice compliment to their last offering!

Tagmee - No regret

What an amazing album. Never heard of them till recently and they are brilliant. One of the best purchases i've made.

danntheman11 - Too Good

ODESZA never fails to impress. Same grove as Summer’s Gone, but they’ve stepped it up as far as production and featured vocalists. Full album download came with the physical pre-order on their website, so check that out if you want it before the 9th.

Emerald BM - WOW

This isn't music... it's a way of life

truespin - Simply stunning

A wonderfully melodic, summery album with sexy vocals, one of my favourite LPs for a long time :)

Anthony100uk - Mr Ben brown strikes aging

So long radio 1 breakfast. Chris Moyles Mr Ben brown and Scott mills. I'm up for that and this cd ain't bad too. Thanks Ben boy ps I'm starting a Ben brown play list on my iPod lol

Piret86 - Feel good music

This is a brilliant album,how did I just discover it?! I stumbled across Odesza music on youtube and became more an instant fan. The beats are uplifting and what can I say I love it!! Its Only is a brilliant track,also All we need. Get it!!!

RyanEverett2 - Wow !!

This is a amazing album, just what I've been looking for I already had sun models . These are amazing songs to go along with video footage e.g. Vlogs or creative videos . Highly recommended ! LOVE IT !!!!! 😎


The story of the dog and his best friend brought me here. Amazing video go check it out: Denail

Daniel Belcher - Amazing

Like many others reviewing Ben Brown led me here and I am not disappointed. Not a bad song on the whole album and some real crackers! Bloom is my favourite.

Soknopaiou - Just bought the album

Lirik recommended his viewers to check out his music, so I did and I absolutely love it. Also, I tweeted you ODESZA 😎😄

world_tennis_news on IG - Mr Ben Brown

Got this album because I heard it in Ben's vlogs and I loved it. Now I've downloaded it I love it even more! Keep it up ODESZA!!!

Kawaii.Potato - Amazing

Buy it now.

Hetttty - Mr Ben Brown sent me!

I love this album. More please! (*Thanks Ben!*)

SA Dude 11 - Mr Ben Brown

Thank you Ben for sharing this album to your viewers, its amazing and had to buy it.Brownies!!!!!!!!!!

Marsjet - Mr Ben Brown

I love this album because on the Mr Ben brown YouTube channel.

pmodes74 - Superb !

Very stylish, seductive and super chilled tracks......definately one of the best purchases of 2014.

AGRUK - Unique

Every track tells a story, some beautiful melodies in their too!

Gman22namG - Forza Horizon 2

Heard Sun Models in Forza Horizon 2 and bought that song. Sounds a bit like Bonobo which I HIGHLY reccomend.

NereidsL5 - Amazing!

Can't wait to be listening to this album while skiing down a mountain. Perfect playlist! Beautiful Sound.

Hen C. - Yes.

Buy it now because it's so effing good.


Mr Ben Brown brought me to this album. I love his beautiful YouTube channel and this album is no different. It's so lush! Thanks Ben <3

Chrisvilla30 - Amazing!

Been looking forward to this for so long and it doesn't disappoint. Not a bad track on the album. Really reminds me of Way Out Wests style. Big uplifting beats, with a slight Eastern feel to some of the tracks. Can't stop listening to it. Shame it wasn't around for the summer.

Dansinator - AMAZING

ODESZA just keep getting better and better!

Karate21 - AWESOME!

First three tracks downloaded at pre-release. Initial thoughts? Lush, liquid, seductive, fresh, sexy, gorgeous, ear-candy, addictive.......Beautiful!

TheLighthouseWhaler - SO EXCITED

Big Hopes for this album!!



Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) de ODESZA


Listen to Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) by ODESZA #np on #SoundCloud


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