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Love Story meets viva la vida by The Piano Guys without the dialogue Download The Piano Guys - Love Story MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Love Story MP3 file uploaded on October 6th, 2014.

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Trust and Us - ❤️


savage 💩🦄 - Awesome!😊

The piano guys are so talented! I love story of my life it’s soooo amazing!🙂🙃

Ms.claria grace - Sensational

Sensational,because the music makes you feel perfect the music makes you feel warming download this piano music and you will feel the same way

Lacrossebro2 - Wonders

I have listened to every album created by the piano guys and this one is the absolute best!!!!!!! My personal favorite song is Batman Evolution.#Piano guys rule!

Tribe fan123455 - Wow that was an intersection choice

The core of what you do is wonderful classical based music. The over engineered "shlock" masquerading as pop songs with vocals are beneath your talents. It's like listening to an excessively loud commercial on TV. If your going to make a kiddie pop album than please do so but call it what it is: don't make those of us who love your work as adults suffer through a trip to the mall with the kids

JxDark_Nite - Incredible. Just Incredible.

The piano guys mean a lot to me. They are incredible artists. Keep up the incredible work guys!

SeanMeister9.7 - Absolutely FANTASTIC

I just LOVE your music! It is so fun, and listening to it brings me a sense of peace. Keep making more awesome music, Guys!

Elementa123 - TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!!❤️❤️

The piano guys r awesome and I love their music. It's classical yet with some beat! Love it!😄 It would b amazing if they could put out a Disney album with their takes on some Disney songs. I would totally buy that! 😄

Layla_Mackey - Amazing

So pretty! Makes me feel something every time I listen to it!

...?😶 - 😍👍

story of my life and let it go are so beautiful!

Chemoranger59 - Soooo WONDERFUL!

These songs, these people, these videos have brought me and my family together in wonderfully uplifting ways. Thank you for sharing you God-given talents with us and bringing love and happiness into our lives.

Piano guys are AMAZING! - Wow AMAZING

I love these songs! They lift you up when you listen to them and they are just so awesome!

PM Kyle - Great album!!!

You guys should play and sell Yellow Submarine!!!

The Italian Blonde - Love Story with Viva La Vida Undertones

Like some others, I fell in love with the Taylor Swift/Coldplay mashup online and was scrambling to find it on iTunes. While the Love Story track on this album is not that particular piece, it definately still shows the same concept. The song does not go full-force from Love Story into Viva La Vida, but instead gives us Taylor Swift with noticible Coldplay undertones. While I was really looking forward to the song I found online, this one is still incredible as is. I say give it a shot, and enjoy it with the rest of this amazing album

Rm1cool - Woah. Amazing

The first time I heard about this album I thought it was going to be boring. But it's not at all! I play the cello and I get inspired to play songs like this and improve myself! This album is relaxing, fun to sing-along with, and great for concentrating. I love this album and the other albums made. They are phenomenal. I highly suggest this to someone who is interested in orchestral pieces. Great job Piano Guys👍 I hope you get very successful.❤️

Swimcat99 - Yep

The title says it all

Gracie Grace :) - ❤️

The world needs more music like this. Music requires real talent and this generation's pop crap doesn't provide that, but these guys definitely do. I love every song

Knerskine - Love Story/Viva La Vida???

I LOVE the Piano Guys, you rock hard core. However, I bought the song Love Story, and when it built to the climax where it's supposed to switch to Viva La Vida, it didn't. And even though I knew in my head that it had said 'Love Story' not 'Viva La Vida meets Love Story' when I purchased it, I didn't really think about it. And when I went looking for it on iTunes, I couldn't find it. I hope it goes up soon.

Aim330 - Losing steam

Though not as creative or tuneful as earlier efforts, this album is still pretty good. Nelson's movement to the electric cello as his primary instrument is a tragedy (unless you like the synthetic '80s sound). It looks cool, but lacks the rich timbre of its natural counterpart. Luckily, John has yet to trade his piano for a keyboard. Speaking of John, I thought he was relegated to accompanist in too many of the tracks of this album. The net affect of an increased emphasis on electric instruments over natural ones is a new age sound. Not what I would have gone for, but I imagine their record label is driving the bus now.

youfreakinnerd - Zero One Star ratings... That's right...

The piano guys are amazing, this is no exception. They're brilliant artists that deserve attention!

Astrometeor - wow....

Wow.... Just wow.... Amazing...... I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!

madeleine91 - Phenomal talent!!!

Extremely gifted musicians!!! 💕👏😍

Candy kitchen fan - Rather Be

You guys have to do Rather Be!!!!!

Hanseo95 - I have always loved The Piano Guys

About 2 yrs ago when I first met The Piano Guys, I immediately fall in love with their music especially with the cello guy, Steven Sharp Nelson. So the result, it's my fourth time to buy their finalized album in iTunes with happiness. Thank you for giving me peace and joy while I am listing your music. XOXO

👎On the Facebook app - Wonderful!

I love this album as much as the others. My 14 year old band student and 11 year old chorus student love them as much as I do. Beautiful music and can't wait until the next one.

UsAndThem5150 - Fantastic! Best CD yet!

Love it! Has a lot of my faves! Kung Fu Panda, The Mission/How Great Thou Art, Let It Go... Hope they stick to this music style of mash-ups & some hymn tunes, and don't start singing too much. Background vocals fine, but solos not so much and sort of feel out of place. I'm not hating...just my thoughts.

bazeballfan - Best Music Ever!

I pre-ordered this album several weeks ago, and have been counting the days till it came out. Being a HUGE fan, I was prepared to love it, however, they exceeded my high expectations. Every song is just amazing; I could listen to for hours on end!!! Best 13$ ever spent:)

bandrox - Always uplifting

If there’s one thing I love about The Piano Guys, it’s that their music is always so uplifting! I’ve been listening to Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson since well before they were officially “The Piano Guys,” and I’ve always enjoyed their music. The fusion they create, the intensity with with they play their respective instruments, and their ability to take a song that we may already know and completely transform it is what really makes me admire them. So far, I’d have to say this album is no different. The songs are expertly crafted, and wonderfully played. There’s a great variety as well. Transitioning from “Because of You” with it’s upbeat tempo and feel to “Pictures at an Exhibition”, which is a complete 180 degree turn to something calmer and smoother (at least at first) is just another reminder of the breadth of talent these guys poses. Whenever I’m feeling down, I know I can always count on TPG to provide some uplifting music and videos. Thanks for the hard work you put into this, guys!!

Lanier_USA - You Must get This!

This is an Album of amazing cello and piano. I love these guys and would love it if you got this ablum. It really is a great album.

Tom+z - Truly amazing.

The piano guys are super talented. Every song I hear from them inspires me. Thank you piano guys!!!

T M C C - A Question

I pre ordered but only 2 are downloadable so far. Is there a problem or is this normal? Hoe do I access the others? They are greyed out.

nathanctodd_ - Awesome

These songs just make me want to jump up and shout. They are just awesome.

Snailpie - Love it!!! 😍😍😍😍😀😀😀☺☺☺


@we$0mene$$ - PIANO GUYS = THE BEST

The Piano Guys are the best. This album is going to be fantastic in every way. They are so creative with music. I am definitely looking forward to this album. I especially love the fact that because I have already purchased two or three songs from this album as singles, iTunes is offering the rest of the songs at $6.12 instead of $9.99. This is absolutely fantastic.

JasonGao97 - So Great Classic Music

I love It Can’t Wait

Hoodie Who - Sooo gooooood

I love the piano guys and i can’t wait for sheet music for all these songs!

TeraJo - Anticipation!!!

Just got out of their concert in Cleveland and I cannot wait to add this album to my collection. The music tonight was phenomenal!!!!

Juel Butler - OH MY GOD

The very first song I heard by them!!! Love story !!! I was looking for it somewhere forever and now it's here!

thisisthemostamazingthing349 - Spectacular

The Piano Guys are an extremely talented group of 5 people who put together amazing music. I love and appreciate everything they put out. I promise if you buy their music you will not be disappointed. All of their music is exciting and exhilarating and it's cool to listen to. If you love music, you will love Piano Guys! Thank you so much Piano Guys for everything you do!

ajbball99 - YES!!!!!!!

I check itunes pretty much every day to see if they have a new album. My wish came true! Can't wait!

CoromJones - Amazing People, Amazing Music

The Piano Guys' music is amazing. Their recent albums have contained their released singles, as does this album. This music is amazing, and you should buy the album.

Ctlcc - Can't wait!!

Absolutely can't wait


@badboywolfy i love you so much aryia, thank you for sharing your full story with us, im sure it was not easy at all 💗


@fruitykrueger Beginning of a true love story


@TiyonxChristian: It really means a lot to see all the love for My Story, My Song from Fantasy! #SF9 when I wrote/recording the song, I…


@Princessinme2: May masu-surprise 🙈🙈🙈 I just published "Book Ch. 11: Surprise Visit" of my story "My Protector: I Love Him, It's a Secr…


Unfortunate love story


@ipskabra: An Adorable Story!😍 A #Deer visited a store in #Colorado.😎.Humble store owner offered him chocolate chip cookies.😅 The deer…


So me and my boyfriend binged season1 of Fairy Gone and I'm ready to start season two even though we said we'd watc…


@badboywolfy I’ll never forget that video. I have so much love and respect for you. Your strength is inspiring to s…




@scarysouthpaw: June 7th.The heroine Saritha's birthday.Telugu folk might always remember her for her unforgettable role in Maro Charitr…


@atinyfixtion: Moral of the story: we are a mess but I love her lots. Go follow her for some more craziness and if you stan dongkiz, joh…


@Bakeddeer: Summer love story #Doukyuusei


Vivian Green’s “A Love Story” is seriously a great album. Beautiful piece.


I love them all 😭❤️❤️ Credits to The Rampage IG story


@kvsouls: “if taekook isn’t real then we created the most beautiful love story”

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