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theangrygoblin - Beautiful and inspiring

This album may be a few years old but it stands as my all-time favorite music album of any genre. I can’t even say how many times I’ve listened to it at this point and it continues to inspire my art, my writing, and everything in between. Thank you, Mr. Bergersen

Ron.Cooper. - Awesome

Just found this music and it is astonishing. It’s so peaceful.

Fanboy Firerust - Best Album I’ve Ever Bought

And I barely ever buy albums. Almost never. But this was most definitely worth $15+. Every single song on this album is an absolute masterpiece, an epic and emotional journey of music that is too good to be labeled only as “trailer music”. This album is a perfect meld of soundtrack and new age, (though I’m not sure why iTunes classifies it as “classical”). Empire of Angels, Creation of Earth, Fearless, Cassandra, and Dragonland are among my favorite standout tracks, but they are all SO GOOD. Thomas Bergersen is one of my favorite modern composers and, dare I say it, one of the greatest musicians of this day and age. Out of every album and release published by him, including solo projects or Two Steps From Hell albums, this is definitely my favorite of them. A masterpiece among masterpieces. I highly recommend you buy this glorious album. I am willing to guarantee that you will NOT regret it. Every single song here is terrific. Go Thomas!

interstellarpyromaniac - this albums old af but im still rating it

i figure skate and i choreographed a competition program to empire of angels and i won first place (yay) and its been my most popular program so far. bringing it back for another season i love this album so much and also all of this guys work we stan talent

KirbenWT - I am OBSESSED!

I absolutely LOVE this album! I ran across a few songs from it on Pandora and had to buy the album! It inspires me to continue writing on my books and come up with new ideas. Definitely plan on getting Illusions as well!

lappleby - Sun

Stunning, absolutely stunning. No other words.

1crazypenguin - wow.

I first heard a few songs from this album while listening to Pandora. The more I heard, the more I loved this album and had to buy it. I love listening to his music while I work. It makes the day go faster when I can listen to great music

Larzisking - The best music available

Music is to be felt not just noise listened to. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

steam_siege - He has done it again!

This album is very enchanting! The song "Two Hearts" is my favorite one! It's very enchanting! I love singing some of the words to it! "Empire of Angels" is amazing! "Our Destiny" and "Fearless" are great, too!

Francosystems - Simply Awesome

My god, this music touches your soul...... especially Final Frontier, I just can't stop playing that score..... simply the best!!!!!

Psalm53 - This changed my life!!

This album is so incredible and every track on it is awe inspiring! My imagination can run wild with such beauty and magnificence.

swimInLightning - So Beautiful

This music is truly incredible. Words can’t capture how great it is, just listen and be amazed. I didn't think an album could be more beautiful that Illusions, but then Sun came along.

pdporter - Special

Honestly, having listened to Illusions I figured there would be nowhere for Thomas Bergersen to go. Illusions reached a level of composition that I did not think was possible in terms of story telling. Sun may not be 'better' than Illusions, but it achieves a similar level of story telling (though a very different type of story). The main riff of Empire of Angels is just perfect. I don't like to through 'perfect' around, but seriously there is no improving that riff. I could listen to it for hours. There is a true beauty to Thomas' music. Between his work with Nick Pheonix in Two Steps from Hell, and his individual works, Thomas has become a major influence on art of all forms.

percykay03 - Thomas Doesn't fail.

My God, I have never quite heard music comparable to this. I'm a teen guy who makes music and also writes[books], and this music has inspired the plots and characters of my novels. To disagree with somebody down there though, All Is Hell That Ends well is one of Two Steps From Hell's best songs, and the dubstep added to the symbolic message of the song. To try to marginalize them into a specific kind of orchestral sound would be quite silly. Anyway, I'm in a state if trance whenever I listen to any of their songs. The music is legit straight from heaven.

kskidmor - Ten stars for movie & symphony lovers

If you love movies and appreciate the gift and talent of composers, conductors, choirs, and symphonies, you must buy this album. Amazing, epic, beautiful, haunting, uplifting, magnificent. Buy the whole thing! You won't regret this purchase.

Tim Williford - As GREAT as it gets

I can't imagine more powerful and moving than this. Where was I in October of 2014 when this was released? Oh well...so glad I have it now.

Tito7c - Amazing and Epic!

One of the best albums ever!! The song Final Frontier is my favorite song of all time!

Meh hehs - Mother of Pearl I Was Not Ready

Holy flippin mother of Billy Mays we've reached Nirvana with this album. If you are debating on whether or not you should purchase this album, stop debating and just purchase the darn thing. I guarantee with 100% surety that you will not regret it. This is hands down my favorite album and it really sealed the deal that Thomas Bergersen is the best in the business of music

Joey boss - GOOSEBUMPS!!

Every song hits you hard and it's soo emotional..Excellent

Tweeterhead - Just so good!

I don't write reviews...but had to for this one. I have not been so moved by music like this in years. Thank you for such a fantastic production. Truly fabulous!

Zeron_Chao - Most Beautiful Music Ever Written

This is music you want to change the world to. Never have I been so blown away by an album. Bravo.

Ly nails - Mesmerrizing!

Love all your music.

From Lissa 😄😄😄 - Incredibly outstanding!!!!

I bought the entire album and can't stop listening to it. Each piece is so unique and truly comes from the heart. This music is so amazing words cannot describe it. I love it so much!!!! Thomas, you have true talent, and I look forward to listening to future albums. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!

Foresight5000 - fantastic and beautiful

i have been a fan of Thomas Bergersen for a long time now. everything he does is amazing. this is one of his finest work yet.

(Real)Juris Naturalist - Ultamate Epic Music

The second I saw he came out with this album I bought it immediately without a doubt as to its quality and was not let down. Every song is worth getting. But favorite include Empire of Angeles - Epic Emotional Colors of love - Epic Emotion Starchild - Epic Emotional Sun - Epic Emo...... O what the heck there nearly all that way This album is my favorite in this genre and in my eyes it transcends his previous album only because I like this happy emotion epic music more vs, well illusive emotional epic music which is still awesome. I had just found Two Steps From Hell and been loving there music when I found out about Thomas Bergersen's album illusions. I was critical at first but then I read a review saying that it was the best album ever and that it pretty much was a TSFL album. I got it and it quickly became one of my favorite albums in this genre. Soon after I realized that Thomas Bergersen did all of my favorite songs from TSFL's albums and he became without a doubt my 2nd favorite composer passed only by the most Zimmer-(Most Epic) composer of all time Hans Zimmer.

QueenOfIceDragons - Beautiful music, but repetitive at times

I love Tom Bergersen's music as well as Two Steps From Hell. "Sun" is a beautiful album filled with gorgeously light and angelic songs, but I must admit they do tend to sound alike to one another, which could be a good thing, since they follow a theme. I would have to say that "Sun" isn't the strongest album that's been made by Tom Bergerson, but it is beautiful none the less.

musterion - Great Music; Lousy Engineering

When compared to the material by Two Steps From Hell, the composition is equal, but—to my ears at least—the mixing and sound level are terrible. It mushes together in many of the “epic” crescendos. It sounds like you are listening to AM radio. I do not think it is my equipment.

parvezkose - Simply Awesome!

Excellent, Original tunes, Genius compositions, Grand orchestra and overall simply Awesome!

Iyozi - Simply a masterpiece.

It is nearly impossible to describe how beautiful this music is. It’s heart wrenching, joyful, furious, every emotion imaginable poured into a sonic recreation of creation itself. I know I’m getting sappy and poetic, but even that kind of language only hints at the incredible music on this album. Sun is masterful.

Ryguy828 - Giving Me Life

Two Steps from Hell has been my favorite group/duo for years. I downloaded this album tonight and just sat back on my couch with my eyes closed and headphones on. Starchild was absolutely thrilling, but when Empire of Angels came on I realized I had stopped breathing for a while toward the end because of its beautiful intensity. The whole album is magnificent, and what I love about his/their music is that every song tells its own story; you're the person who just has to make it up. I'm a fantasy author and I will listen to nothing else but their music while I'm working.

foxymama24 - Modern epic

While it is not as epic as their previous albums ,it is by far their most unique ,emotional and modernly epic one . Seriously just listen to final frontier or cry they alone will sell you on this album

Angie MacKenzie - Glorious

I love it! I can’t find the words to express myself on how marvelous this album is!! Empire of Angels and Starchild are magnificent!!!

Owllett - I See Movies

This music is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. There's nothing like it. Whenever I listen to this music I can easily imagine the situation and emotions in the music and easily turn it into a film. I love music like this and Thomas Bergersen deserves to produce music in more movies, because lately I am a disappointed in the music choice in some movies these days. Can't wait to see you write some more amazing and dramatic pieces!

Kenny323 - Wow!

The final trailer for "Interstellar" brought me here. :O omg it's so epic!

deejay2co - TSFH has done better

I love you guys Nick and Thomas, but I have to be honest. I have bought every album you have put here on itunes, and I must say that this isn't your best one. While I do have some favorites from this album, I've noticed something that you guys are starting to do. You are starting to make the songs a little bit different than you used to. Even in Skyworld, I noticed it. One example is "All is Hell that Ends Well" where you added a dubstep feel to it halfway through (it was still a great song by the way.) While creative, it draws away from the elements that made me a huge fan of yours. The first song I ever heard from TSFH was "Undying Love." To this day I still love that song because it had that classic feel and epicness to it. I am a writer, and your music inspires my work and sometimes my life. I want to keep hearing the TSFH that I've grown to love.

Drewkln - Tom Bergesen

This album and any other music from Tom Bergesen deserves every dime and penny. He has poured his heart and soul into every piece music he has made. This is a truly a one of a kind artist.

deanwaterman - Amazingly Beautiful

It's catapulted into my 5 most-listened to albums in 2 weeks. Every track is amazing, stirring emotions, and perfect for reflecting on the promise of the future.

Seattle Shadow - Absolutely beautiful!

My favorite is the haunting Cry, with Dragonland a very close second. I always find Thomas Bergersen's music so creative and the insturmentals just beautiful. I've followed him from Two Steps From Hell to this newest work. I can hardly wait for more.

VelocityStrikes - Phenomenal!

Listened to 3 samples and immediately started downloading.. The music synced with my thoughts and what I am going through. So glad I found this. Who wouldn't appreciate this wonderful music except one person I guess.

N.Jun - Lovely

My heart crying...

thepizzaslut - Wow.

Every song on this album makes me have goosebumps. These are incredible.

TsuriaDragon - Sun Album

This is an amazing work of music I love every single song on this album it is a must buy :D

Brookey girl - The most talented composer of our time!

Wow! Thomas brings “Sun” to a whole new level. His artistry throughout the entire album is unreal. If you love music and want to hear a beautiful story of music, you must buy the entire album!!! It is beautiful and unlike anything I have heard from him and the industry in general. Whenever I need motivation and want to feel emotion, I turn on his album. Highly, highly recommended… especially for those who are more musically inclined!! Enjoy :) !!

Miseryndeath - He only gets better!

Illusions was a good album, in that Illusions, as an album, was nice to listen to. All songs were skillfully made and provoked a kind of meditative atmosphere. But Sun is something else. Sun evokes the emotions, the tranquility and thoughtfulness of Illusions, and the exciting energy of Invincible and Archangel. How Thomas combined these aspects into this album and the songs it contains, I do not know. But he did it. And he did it masterfully.

Daia :) - Super Excited!

I always get immesurably happy whenever a new album Thomas Bergersen has written or helped written comes out. The sound on this album is huge - that's the only way to describe it. There are so many layers and intricacies that can only be rooted out by hours upon hours of listening to everything, which I plan to do, and I hope that others will too. So far, the songs have all been incredibly happy and upbeat (I'm halfway through the album) and are fast paced. Great for getting yourself revved up if you're tired or stressed.

DreamsAreMemories - The Crucible

It's been a long time coming. I've waited for this album since I heard about its making almost three years ago now. With the many different soundtrack artists emerging, from TSFH, Immediate, Future World Music, and Audiomachine, Thomas Bergersen stands among the finest. There's plenty of other great artists out there, but Thomas Bergersen by far has made it through the test of time and has stood out among the rest! Definitely worth the wait for this album. All of the tracks flow super well together and sound great. My particular favorites are Cassandra and Colors of Love. If you enjoy beautiful soundtrack with a kick of pure epicness, consider Thomas Bergersen's album SUN.

Glacyish - If you liked Illusions, you'll love this!

I bought this without hesitation, as I've been waiting for Sun forever. Since I've gotten it, I've been listening to it on repeat again and again. The songs are just so fantastic that my mind plays along with them. Listing my favorites is pointless, because I'd literally just be writing down the whole album.

ilovebeads - One of the best composers on the planet!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bergersen's music. Wish I could own every piece of music he has ever written.

Aixja - Best Trailer Music Composer

Thomas Bergersen is just Beasty! My favorite artist actually! Worth the wait for part 2 of an epic journey in the world of God Crafted music. 😚 Um...nothing weird just a kiss for being the best! 😊

weinertucky - “Final Frontier” stole the show on the Interstellar Trailer.

I’ve only known of Thomas from his work on East/West demos. Even those were amazing.. Today when I watched the final trailer for Interstellar, (the only film I’ve wanted to see this year, period) - The music owned the whole experience. Absolutely inspiring

Arcquizitorh - Ridiculously Beautiful and Masterful Album

I wish Thomas Bergerson was a movie composer because I think he’s unreal. His music is very memorable and just gets stuck in your head like a minivan in a mud hole. This album is just so good. Favourite track is Destiny - very underrated based on the popularity thingamajig indicator.

Dontbuyumayaswellcry - Outlier

In math class we call them outliers. Things that don't fit in. There is a review here that doesn't fit in. In math class we don't count those. In math class we call them outliers. On the internet I call them outliars.

VancouverDoug - A Fantastic Discovery!

I've bumped into Thomas Bergersen's music over the years but with this new album Sun I was finally hooked. Rich. Melodic. Atmospheric. Inspirational. Cosmic. Modern. Classical. It's easy to describe his music because, for me, it totally resonnated. Best music money I've spent this year.

quoxide - Another evolution in Bergensen's style

Thomas Bergensen has come a long way from the encouraging but somewhat uninspired early releases in 2Steps. Sun is a demonstration of his evolving genius and continuous development of new sounds and rhythms. Unlike standard-fare production releases that try to be the most epic thing you've ever heard, Bergensen focusses on specific themes and emotions often found in cinema releases, and the grandeur is spread across this entire range. There is your typical aggressive battleground music in "Fearless", a sense of eminence in "Empire of Angels", and a ceremonial sort of tenderness and joy found in "Colors of Love". Thomas Bergensen continues to impress, and there's no signs of stagnating style or fatigue in his work. I look forward to any further releases - public or not (Keep an eye out for Amaria).

Star Warp - Wow

Love these songs! Especially Empire of Angels and Final Frontier! :D

mimi mei ling - love it..

Overall, it’s an amazing album. I was looking forward for a little more in “before time”. I found it a little short. Im craving more!…..give me more please!!

nukedkaltak - Phenomenal

It turns out you can get something truly perfect for twelve bucks. This is as much of an epic journey as the first album, Illusions. Every single track is such a treat for your senses, you'll never need to skip any one. People who are acquainted with Two Steps from Hell know what I'm talking about.

Jlf8 - Spectacular!!!

I loved Thomas Bergersen’s Illusions, and have been looking forward to this release for some time. I was not disappointed. The tracks are emotional. Many are uplifting. I own something like 2 full days worth of “trailer music” (I call it “cinematic orchestral” music), and nearly every track in this release has made it to my "epically emotional" playlist.

SoupRisingly Evasive Bacon - Already loving it, look forward to release!

Title says it all. Of the tracks that have been released so far, I'm already loving this album and am looking forward to the eventual release. There's a different sense gained from each track though each song still ties together into a cohesive collection of songs. Beautiful musical compositions. Brilliant work, that's all that can really be said.


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Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels (Sun)


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