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Download Anderson .Paak - Might Be MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Might Be music file uploaded on October 28th, 2014.

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Trust and Us - ❤️


Music_Bizz - I like this music!

I am a new fan and I like his music.

ridnearth - Dude jams!

I’m impressed with his creative lyrics and beautiful voice over perfectly laid out melodic tracks. Very well produced music! Thanks bro

mikescv - Repeat and Relax

The first time I heard him was with Dumbfounded on The HotBox, and he just keeps getting better!

AnniB-youTful - You Gonna learn today!!!!!

This album is fire. Unique artist. The whole album is super dope. Purchase and forget about it- you will fall for him. 'Your heart don't stand a chance...' Songs: miss that whip, might be, miss right, drugs, the city...you smell my drift;)

KrisRose85 - Dope

This album can only be described as DOPE! I'm slightly overtly obsessed.

Deyen - Straight fire

Don't sleep on this guy

Dick in the hole - Amazing 💿🔥

Love this so much 😍

Ajsc 1004 - Wow

Excellent album sir. On a side note there's a thief named Luke Nasty who has a song called Might Be who basically copied and pasted the song but just put his name on it.

Hisham Alkooheji - Get it, now..

This album is brilliant.. What an artist.. Can't believe it took him so long to get this famous.. He was actually homeless only a few years ago after being fired from his job.. So glad he is back on his feet and giving us this music to listen to..


Anderson paak is changing the game with his distinct sound and production. This is the most new and refreshing a "hip hop" album has been in years. It's like nothing I've ever heard

MegaMitchellM - Genuine creativity and talent - Anderson is the Man

Singing and rapping Anderson is keeps it fresh whole album through. In the morning evening and especially late night this album will have you singing hooks 2 days later.

LDthug - THis album

is like taking items to the goodwill and the person helping you with them is so stoked on everything you donated. What a feeling.

Dj Brazilia - Album of the year!

An intricate work of art! All the songs are so different and multi-faceted with interesting key changes and chord progressions, and so complimentary to one another making the whole album something you want to listen to from top to bottom! It's dirty and it's love. It's raw and polished! I wanna hear it at the club and I want to listen to it at home, and in my car, and when I run, and in the shower…

gilisnkybae_ - Amazing

Super talented! Great album

GrecianG - Magic

This album is crazy for so many reasons, It’s cohesive, musical, and goes extremely hard. Bump this in the whip. Anderson Paak has some serious artistry. LoDef steals the show production wise, but check out that Tokimonsta feature.

Decent but - Amazing

Just what I needed this week. Him & Lo Def give me something to appreciate from this album during each listen. Can't wait to see another live show.

clynolyn - Miguel meets Alien 🙈🙉🙊

Anderson Paak exposes his diversity & ability to cross different musical styles. I'd love to hear and see more of him on the drums.

xHotline - What can I say

This album just goes in hard.

Brandflakes96 - Glad I know about Anderson Paak

I remember first hearing him Anderson Paak as Breezy Lovejoy on DFD's album in 2011, and instantly fell in love with him as an artist. This album is amazing to say the least.

EllChino94 - Drugs

Always delivers music that is original with his own spin on it

Augustus Beardsley - Instant Classic

Anderson .Paak is an incredible talent and a dual threat as a drummer and an amazing vocalist. Venice is an instant classic, existing in many genres but firmly rooted in R&B/Soul with a hip hop backbone. There is a definite void in the industry for this kind of honest songwriting and top notch musicianship. Anderson is the truth. Buy this album NOW

DontFeint - Breezy Lovejoy

Done blew my speakers. Honestly heard him threw the features on DFD. Drugs made me a believer. Saw him live at low end theory. Just copped the album. Plan to blow every speaker I own bumping the magic that is Venice. Every track makes me wanna throw a female into my mattress and kindly, sweetly, ufck her brains onto the stain of the previous women who couldn't survive the beauty of Venice. I think I'm drunk.

Kyntron - Anderson .Paak Saves Music

This will be the best...This IS the best album ever and I've only heard 2 songs from it.


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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Anderson .Paak, album Venice, song Might Be, released date 28 October 2014. Listening and fast downloading online to Might Be - Anderson .Paak mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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