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Avril Lavigne - It Was in Me MP3 Comments & Reviews

9strawberry9 - Number 1 fan

I’ve listened to you since I was 2 and you are my childhood

Sullytheboss - Amazing!

I’ve seen some reviews on ‘missing the old avril’ She is 34. She’s not really going to be the same woman she was a decade back, this album shows much much she’s grown emotionally, mentally and physically. This is pure music that should be even more popular. Well done Avril, as a fan I’m so proud.

tvilaca - No longer the Avril we love?

I love Avril Lavigne, i mean, i love the old Avril. Her voice is fabulous, and all her past work was that of an unruly challenger of the status quo, being a rebel, showing that you can have your own opinion and be happy. I understand that being ill (Lyme Disease) can change a person, but I truly believe that the real Avril is not in this album! "Head above water" is the one song that is nearly there. I hope this wonderful singer will return to the path of her best music soon! I just kow she can, and I know that it's what she herself wants

ReJa1977 - Superb Album!

Great tracks from a great artist! Long time coming but well worth it!

Fahwnoapakabshjsdb - Beautiful album

The songs are so beautiful just like the singer you can really tell that her music has matured with her especially after the stuff this powerful and strong women has been though

Jackdavidg - Beautiful

Such a beautiful album. Worth the wait, the maturity in the music and lyrics hopefully shows the beginning of a new era for Avril.

ScottDovey - Heyyyy

Okay this album is like everything... buy this album now thanks.

Bezzka - A mix of song to keep you on the edge.

Keeps you wanting more. Beautiful range of songs for anybody to listen too. Just glad she’s back and done herself proud with this album. Worth the purchase!

Timo tai - Another great album of real music

Good food for the mind 😊

84micky - Mr.C

Avril genuinely does know how to mix the perfect ingredients to make a perfect musical mixture of greatness! This alum is actually a gorgeous piece of artistry! No gimmicks, No rip-offs, just DAMN good honest original music! 👏

SophH123 - Please come to the UK Avril with this album

Im 26 and I've been a fan of Avril since day 1. This album just shows how much she's grown as an artist! Shows how she's matured too! Just love Avril and her music! Hope to see you in the UK this year! 😁😁

r1ich - Just as good

Just as good as her second album :) it’s nice to have the old Avril back

DustyRecord - Amazing

I wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from Avril

s_d_m1193 - Avril's comeback

Head Above Water really demonstrates Avril's growth as a songwriter and a vocalist. Sonically, the album is a continuation of what she did in 2011 with Goodbye Lullaby, but with greater diversity and deeper lyrics. The album really tells a story, and the album feels very genuine and raw. The highlights are: 'I Fell In Love With The Devil', a moody ballad about a toxic relationship; 'Souvenir', a brilliantly produced pop song and ode to a summer romance; and 'Warrior', an Adele-esque piano ballad about inner strength and fighting through hard times. A stellar album and it's great to see Avril doing what she loves - hopefully we'll see a Head Above Water Tour.

James18uk - Come to the UK again 🙏🏻

THE FACT THIS IS DROPPING OUT THE CHARTS JUST SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT THE UK’s TASTE IN MUSIC THESE DAYS. THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING - updated 16/2/19 - Really cant wait for this. I’m 26 been a huge fan from day 1. Seen her live 3 times. Hope she tours the UK with this because she didn’t with the last one and people here would still go see her for sure. Come to the UK Avril!!!

Davenobby - The girl is back!

This is what has been missing from music for way too long. Breath of fresh air

26sexylikeavril❤️ - Avril

One of the best albums Iv heard in a long time, thank you, Avril 🖤

RachLCMG - Fan since day one

& this is incredible. Thank you Queen Lavigne

meg_h96 - AMAZING!

Have waited so long for this album! And it certainly does not disappoint! Welcome back Avril! - Umm

I love her but this comeback is disappointing, she’s had over half a decade to make this, and most of the songs are fillers

iJosh89 - Wow!

If you think the three singles are amazing, just check out the rest of this masterpiece!

KawaiiSteffu - Fantastic!

Spiritually beautiful, personal and full of heart. This is truly the best comeback in a long time. Album of the year, here you come, Avril

kindeerquk - Well worth

I’ve been waiting long time for her return. Amazing album

JessPrecious - Absolutely amazing comeback 😍

This album is amazing, I love every single song, Avril is back!🥰


This album of hers truly represents who she is a a female artist who has been through so much in her life. Every song shows cases a side of her most inner deep emotions that have come out to the world. My favourite song from the entire album is Head Above Water because although the music video is captivating and unique, the particular lyrics used in this song reveals certain aspects of her life and paints a picture of her feelings all in one. Not only is she my one of my all time favourite singers, but also has never failed to amaze her fans and keep on doing what she loves since day one. Lastly all her albums from the beginning of time till now have truly made changes in the music industry, not only are her songs relatable but also meaningful and from the heart which shows she’s always been an honest woman who is aware of the success she’s made throughout her lifetime of dedicating herself through music itself.

KallumLavigne - Perfect follow up

This album is a perfect follow up to the self titled a more toned down ballad album is just what we needed.

black star forever - So powerful


Complicated Torren - Incredible

A powerful album that really represents her growth as both an artist and human being. I love the overall sound as a mix of her previous works and never been prouder to say hey Avril Lavigne is my icon and favourite artist. She inspires me everyday. Hope to see her in the UK this year ❤️❤️

Trackz198 - Fantastic

After so many years away, Avril Lavigne returns with what is one of my favourite albums she has delivered. Must listen for any fan!

ćølstøn - Missed You & Your Music


Hshysscjkss - Best

The best thing in the album that the queen of Rap is in it <3

rosslune - Best Rollout <3

Not one of the three singles released is weak, and that's a rarity. Even if these are the best on the entire album, the project will still be one of her best. Can't wait for the 15th!

Cat. boom - YAY! Queen Lavigne is BACK

Sooo excited for the new album, loving the new style of singing ❤️👌👌🖤

Rater 🤣🤣🤣🤣 - Avril Is Back!

Still Making Her Ace Albums!!!

Teeeeeeeeheeeeeheeeeee - This album will be one of her best!

This album is guaranteed to be one of her best albums with it being the most personal to her! Ensure to pre order this masterpiece! I hope she tours with this album I’d love to her here in the UK again!

steven3012 - Avril’s return

Been waiting a long time for Avril Lavigne to return this album is coming to epic and a masterpiece been a fan since the very beginning 2002 seen you live 4 time and I can’t wait to see you live again

Mattystuart - Delighted to see the return of Avril

Having been an Avril fan for 15 years, it’s great to see a comeback album.

DazM33 - Avril is back yay 😊

Glad she is fine now after what must have been a nightmare, I can hear stress in her voice with a fair bit of over singing, with lots of “Urrrrrr” sounds which ruins it for me.

KellycTaySwift26 - Masterpiece!!

Loving the two song already out 😍 can’t wait for the album!!

Danny126793 - Pop Princess is back

Amazing return, really reinvented herself this time!!

CJ loves tattoos - Underrated


CB👌🏼 - Brilliant

Both tracks released so far have been a spectacular return for Avril into music 🔥

Gail Platt - BUY BUY BUY!

Absolutely beautiful! Comeback of the century. 💙

Movie Mad - She’s back better than ever!!

With only two released songs so far, they’re by far a more grown up Avril but catchy as hell! Practically had the two songs on repeat since their releases ❤️👏🏼 Avril’s back!!

Eagles1976 - So excited!

I've really missed Avril's Music, and if Head Above Water is anything to go off of, this will be yet another amazing album by her. Really looking forward to it!

iiswhoiis7 - Amazing so far!

This should be a good start to 2019🖤🌈

Ryan 333 - Avril lavigne

welcome back Avril its been to long!

Sonicj21 - Omg Can't Wait

Avril is back and i'm soo excited for new music. The 2 new tracks sound amazing and can't wait to hear the rest. Hoping there will be a few upbeat songs on the album aswell. Let's get this album to number 1 for her 4th number 1 UK album


Been waiting so long for this comeback


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