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The Korean group BTS released the first single from their new album — Map of the Soul: 7 — which explores the group's fear of losing their passion for music and not being able to feel anything from it anymore. They accompanied the release of the song with an art film, in which the MN Dance Company (from Slovenia, not Minnesota) interprets the song's meaning through choreography, shot in what appears to be the bones of an old shopping mall. Opening with a quote from Martha Graham about a dancer's mortality. "A dancer dies twice — once when they stop dancing, and this first death is more painful.” - Martha Graham Map of the Soul: 7 comes out Feb. 21 Download BTS - Black Swan MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Black Swan MP3 file uploaded on January 17th, 2020.

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BTS - Black Swan MP3 Comments & Reviews

• ej - OMG

I love BTS

Ritam1997 - ART

3 songs in and I’m crying, such a beautiful album with beautiful songs. I’m super excited about seeing them in concert this may, BTS never disappoints 💜💜💜💜 #armyforever#Ipurpleyou 💞

apples like corn - TheyPavedTheWay

i love this song so much! there is a lot of meaning behind this song! bangtan is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. when i say i’m in this bangtan s**t for life i mean it!

btslover1234 - bts💜

the best!💜

joyarmymom - Love

Love the song 💜

Yvette Br. - Amazing

I can’t wait for the album!

Deb_JK - Do your THANG


noelle hagen - wow

the 1 star reviews are so childish,, anyway this song is so beautifully written. i’m immensely proud of bts 🕺🏼

MyNameWillBeFoundOutByRoblox - Amazing

It’s just a masterpiece not like American trash music

BTSARMY7💜 - Dead 👌

This is the best also box it’s BTS

Tae's kyal lay - Black Swan

Map of the soul:7 = Album of the decade

🥀Itzel - Bye

I love it

V5.4=Epic Fail - Haunting

This song is haunting and yet still so catchy. Raps are super smooth & rhythmic, especially Suga’s.

Mahajah - Wrecked my life Ot7 💜💜💜

BTS has done it again!!!!! They exceeded what we could ever expect from them. Their vocals and dance moves to this song are above amazing. They even have Jhope, Suga and RM SINGING!!!!!!! I love this concept so much and I hope the rest of their album consists of the rap line doing more singing. I also hope that the entire group gets well rested before their tour!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

yoongiOclock - Amazing

Back at it again with the best song no artist can do it like y’all PERIODT

WhatInXXXTarnation? - Beautiful

Such a beautiful song

Crazy walrus - Absolutely gorgeous🤧🤚

hayazzy subaie - Breathtaking

Blown away by how beautiful and amazing this song is! Its very therapeutic. Bts never disappoint!

yeeeeeeeeeerhae - Best song on the chart.

My body will disintegrate to this song.

YoonMin69 - Beautiful simply stunning

Once again they have taken my heart ripped it apart and put it back together again. They always find ways to amaze me and this time they did not disappoint

bananakitty610 - Masterpiece

tyvm namjoon ily

armybts3435 - Bts is amazing

This song should be so played that it is somehow sold out on iTunes

beauty0090 - Love

I love everything they do!

🍪👌🏻🚨🙂 - BTS

Always has the best songs and this is one of them 💜💜

VictoriaMireles - Life Saving Music

BTS’s music saved me from myself. They saved millions of lives. They stopped me from going deeper into the darkness. I wouldn’t be here without them. People that hate them need to give them a chance. Before hating, look at the lyrics. Somewhere in your heart you are hurting. There are words that let you know you are not alone and there’s always a way out even if you think there isn’t. They are relatable. These 7 men gave me that extra push I needed to keep going. BTS will always have a special place in my heart. They are true heroes.

Kaitymarie98 - Amazing!

I love how emotional this song is, and it actually makes me want to dance!

MACwired - The Single!

This song is soooo good. It is very good to hear it loud and hear it low volume to your sleep, it is soothing. It is that good! Even better with their visual, artistic dance moves. It was shocking good on Late Late Show with their performance. What a group, Go BTS!!!

orangysodaa - BRUHHH


ddustinanderson - OMGGGG


LPS Tacosss - Brilliant as always

So haunting. As always, masterfully done - can not wait for the next album!!

vip3rx - periyat

they really snapped! on a serious level though this song is a masterpiece! from the lyrics to the vocals, i couldn’t imagine the song being sung better by anybody else but our boys! when imaging the time and effort they put into to their music it allows me to appreciate it from a whole other standpoint which is something i really enjoy about this song, along with every other song they,ve put out there. artists can create a good song without pouring a good portion of their time and heart into it, but’s bts doesn’t play like that and i love that about the group. black swan just proves our point yet again that bts is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. keep thriving kings! lots of love!! <3


BTS YOU ARE THE BEST. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😍🙏🏻🖖🏻🤟🏻👏🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻

Brightstonekm - WE STAN TALENT

If you stan talent then you stan BTS, no ifs, ands, or buts about it 🤷‍♀️ KINGS 💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤

96468821 - Beautiful and Poignant

Everything is in the title. Incredibly excited for the whole album.

btssrmy4ever - Army

I love this song black swan and I can’t wait until my fav idols finish the album 😆😆😆


🖤🦢 Was another incredibly talent full song by these 7 masterpieces. I am really proud of them since they debuted. Even though I wasn’t there from the beginning, I will stay until the end. Y’all haters better cop out, there’s more Armys than any of you. From NOBODYS to LEGENDS. 💖💝💞

Swaggy Gal41 - Amazing

BTS out here producing amazing songs as usual like it's not a surprise it's amazing 💜💜💜😤

ashreignbs - Asians Taking Over Now😜

BTS genuinely make me proud to be asian.

elespiaruso - Awesome

Okay first of all qa something the reason you can’t understand it is because it’s in another language that you can’t understand so don’t be hating on how they speak

Tsumaddicted - BTS Black Swan

Dauntingly beautiful. I can’t stop listening. Waiting in anticipation for the full album release.

fuuRAMEN - 💜

Can’t stop listening to it!

Dancer270 - BTS!!

Absolutely amazing! Beautiful.

IAmCeeveecee - Fresh

BTS does it again. Beautiful, complex, it makes you feel he despair, the desperation, and finally the hope. Amazing work of art. I know “artist” carries a different connotation in Korea but these guys are artists in a good sense of the word: they create complex, interconnected masterpieces.

Lissammer - Rawness

Haunting and beautiful with a nice flow that makes me want to dance.

jazmin98 - I don’t care

for bts but their fans are awful🤮

blueivyyx - BEAUTIFUL :((((

this song is so beautiful ever since i started to listen to bts i have never been disappointed into the type of style, rhythm, beats everything they put out is unique they should be recognized more than what they are, they’re words are meaningful and true these are artists i would honestly love to listen to forever.

Audie-Audie - Wow

Having this as BTS’s first prerelease, this B-side doesn’t disappoint. Gives me Fake Love and Ddaeng vibes. Can’t wait for the album to come out!

The best i have ever saw - MY FAVORITE SONG

I love this so much

iiGamerMinty_YuriiiYT - Wow...

Meaningful lyrics and the perfect on-point beats...This is song is the description of PERFECTION. This is why BTS is my favorite band.

bigken27 - Nope

No thanks

Rawskoh - Don’t stop

I hope they keep this stride going ❤️

gamer kid 2.0 - Awesome

OMG I love this song so much it's the best. I love the beat. ❤

3782571817 - 😍

Can’t get enough, the performance also blew me away

KittyPetra - best song ever

army keep supporting!!


💜💜💜💜 this!!!!

I hate the Internet - bts are amazing!!

the concept. the lyrics. the beat. everything. I don’t know why, but every time BTS releases something, it’s just non-stop repeats. I really love their music and they don’t release any bad tracks. Really looking forward to MOTS: 7!!! I just know the entire album will be fantastic and will be my favourite BTS album!

Zgkdjebgdjd - Incredible!

BTS' ability to create so much variety within their discography is seriously amazing. The lyrics are very moving, and can really resonate with those with a strong passion in something and the pain of losing it. I really reccomend that people read it. Also the layers within the chorus part of this song where the members voices are mixed together... wow. I love this version, but I think I might like the orchestra version a little bit better too:)

r-dean-a - Love it!

Beautiful lyrics ♥️

ot7always - artistry at its peak

truly such a phenomenal track. bts never fail to surprise and always put out such diverse and amazing tracks. this song was an experience 💜

ash262636 - ART

I love this song so much, can’t stop listening to it.

purplemist0423 - Excellent!

Astounding arrangement and lyrics! You never go wrong with BTS!🥰👌

josh88894 - Amazing

Looking forward to the full album.

Ygtbkm91 - Totally unexpected - but amazing song

I didn’t know what to expect with this track considering BTS’ past music and tendency to genre hop. But, wow! I was still surprised to hear this. After a couple listens I was totally blown away. The vibe is amazing, the vocal layering, careful and deliberate use of auto tune to distort voices to reflect the lyrics creates an absolute masterful piece of art. Make no mistake - this is art. It is thoughtful, thought provoking, boundary pushing, and a bit uncomfortable. This song stays with you - it haunts actually(especially when you read the lyrics which are translated captioned on the video). Most bands this big would phone it in...they didn’t with this. This is risky and new and so exciting

Kookiemanl01 - 😍

This song is so artistic with amazing lyrics. You need to read the lyrics!

Viiallan - Masterpiece

Such a beautiful song !! I think it became one of my fav songs from all time !! ^^

Hhhh2223 - So beautiful

So well done , such a new sound, love it ! As always never disappointed with BTS!!

Jess-1 - 💜


nicolle~ - 💜

A beautiful song with a beautiful meaning

Choco_robba - Love it

Love the violin and how the voices are blended together.

BTS Alberta - Love it!

Can’t get enough of this song

veronicalee599 - HATERS GO TO HELL

Amazing soundtrack! Excited for the new album!

dinotaex - yes




tappledat - My lord

Replay value is HIGH on this damn

janpeters - Amazing!

So beautiful! They just keep getting better and better. ❤️

Evon80 - This is a masterpiece!!!

This song is amazing, a masterpiece from 7 unique artist.

Izzzy11🍭🍭🍭 - my boysssss

I’ve listened to this song on repeat since it came out I love it so much

Kitwee - A total groove with haunting lyrics

This incredible song was stuck in my head immediately and the words are so poignant, talking about not only the challenges of artists, but really of anyone and their passion. I really love it.

_ARMY_💜💜💜💜 - Pure masterpiece

Amazing and so beautiful

HNExoKM - No words for this! :o


Nituri - DO YO THANG

Yah yah yah yah yah 💜💜

Forest2733 - :)

What do you expect it’s bts 💜

Rose19 🌹 - Amazing!!!


Caaarl1 - Raw and hauntingly beautiful

The song is captivating. I love how honest and raw the lyrics are. Whenever I listen to it, even with its korean lyrics, it feels like it’s telling a story, and it sure is! The art performance mv added to its beauty! Both versions of the song have their own charm. A must-listen!

Army maude - I love this

This is great!! Express all the struggles of an artist loosing interest in music and getting back in track.

HinaPum - 10/10

This is a good song with beautiful lyrics

755blue - Amazing

Such an artistic masterpiece

venessya1 - Amazing as always

What do u expect it’s bts ;)

1800itsme - Art

such a good song, stays on loop

Kdjdjd1 - Amazing

This song is very well made and wonderful lyrics. Something we all go through. Powerful lyrics powerful vocals ! 100% would recommend

shanesgreenshîrt - Amazing

bop bop bop bop this song has such amazing lyrics STAN BTS STAN TALENT ps this was namgis song I don’t make the rules

jiminsshiii - a whole bop

bts world domination

hanehou - Love it!

The video the moves the rhythm the lyrics. I love them all.

ARMYSHAWOL - BTS never dissapoints

beautiful music, gorgeous visuals, legendary masterpiece

choetibyong - BTS <3

I love it!

henrieisbae - SO AMAZING!!!


dean💥 - sexy song

very good song to listen to when you’re working on your final projects at 1:30 am and trying not to freak out over how your grade is probably going to drop by 15%

Hellokitty.Kat - Amazing

Song - amazing, black swan dance/choreo - amazing, BTS - AMAZING

Nessaxxxxo - bangtan sonyeondan WORLD DOMINATION

just sensational.

DydjaOT7 - Beautiful!!

This song is so unique and beautiful! Once again BTS is showing how amazing and talented they are. They never disappoint!💜

*D*82 - Love this so much!

What an amazing tune, can’t get enough of it 🥰

cmcwha2014 - Love the song

The song is really cool👏🏻

Luciferaallthesixes - So good

So good

min soer yeon - Army’s follow @kpop_.editzzzz for kpop content


anonomusq234567i9 - Amazing 💗❤️❤️

This is an amazing song I love it !!!!!!

Ash2074 - AMAZING

loved it sm!!

aeraaa - Wowww

This is amazingggg

lisa blinx💜 - Shadow 💜

Sooo happy lyrics are amazing love them sooo much

justin flop - AMAZING

amazing song amazing track amazing lyrics, bts are lyrical geniuses therefore you should definitely buy this track it will increase your lifespan and bless your ears <3

Starry Sky10 - Amazing

This is so amazing and I’m at such a loss for words right now!!

katkat7382 - Bangtan

*Chef’s kiss* 😘👌🏻

shaniejae - Emotional bop

Beautiful but also feels like a punch in the face when you read the lyrics Love love love it

mdhdj💜💜 - Mnm💜

Love the beat and the instruments used in the song also the lyrics are deep and raw about being an artist.

Xxhr12 - Beautiful

They have proved once again what real artistry is 💜 thank you bts

interludegloss - One of BTS’ best work to date!

This is definitely one of the more interesting directions they’ve taken in their music. From the unconventional structure to the intentional indistinguishable vocals. BTS have created a piece where they illustrate their relationship with music and their passion for it. Excited to hear more in the upcoming album.

QuincyTwitch - Pleasantly surprised

I don’t know what I was expecting but sure wasn’t expecting this! Wow! Came to see why this song was number one and decided to download because of the reviews but this is actually a banger. Like mate, this song is not just a one time listen. Amazing.

Psymei123456 - Beautiful

This song is so beautiful and I can’t wait for the album. Another amazing track by BTS.

235677svbji - reaching the stars

This song is a work of art. To put simply, you cannot listen to this just once, listening again and again gives you a chance to dissect all the layers. And boy, does it have them. Pop genius, beautiful vocals and hard pressing lyrics leave listeners in awe. Truth us, no other group nor artist can achieve this. No, it’s these seven, only these seven young men from South Korea that can break boundaries and set standards that other artists can never reach. Their vulnerability and relatability never ceases to amaze and that is why BTS will always remain unrivalled.

Fu01223 - Love it!

Amazing music and meaningful lyrics!

BaddieBui playz - On Repeat

Not a big BT’s fan but this song is just great

BTS PAVED THE WAY ! - Black Swan

Your ears will be blessed this I promise you 👌👏💜

mari_404 - talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing,

show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, sh*t on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it

User22001188 - Cannot stop listening to it...., BTS have done it again!.....or maybe not, as this feels different somehow. I first heard this while watching the dancing performance video and wow, the whole thing is just amazing, the beat, the performance, the lyrics, the rhythm.. Being in the performance arts myself, it just blew my mind. I have had this on repeat for the last i’ll say no more.

sc....19 - Wow

Amazing as always and exceeded my expectations

eimzyxo - Kings!

Another intellectual masterpiece by BTS. Looking forward to receiving my preorder album along with the other 3.4m+ around the world!

BeauTho - Captivating

As always these boys never fail to deliver something so heartfelt and beautiful. This feels extremely personal. It actually made me speechless the first time I heard it. The song has so much meaning behind it, it’s incredibly sad. Everything they do is so incredibly clever, MOTS: 7 is going to be amazing.

nkb123456789 - Black swan🖤

another sad but beautiful song<3

s.moon95 - 🥺💜

this song is a godsend.

Nikkasaurous - More than just a song

They deliver each and every time, catchy and beautiful to listen to, but so much meaning and truth behind it. I have so much respect for these boys!

Curseteexo - AMAZING

bts have done it again! they never disappoint, this song is spectacular.

Georgia1915 - incredible

this song is absolutely beautiful, the idea of being terrified to lose the thing you’re most passionate about and relate it to the idea of that being your first’s very inspiring and the use of voices blending over one another and no clear structure in the song makes it so haunting i love it!!

thisistrashlol - 💩

literally 💩

black star forever - Art

It’s amazing!

ange475478 - Black Swan

As with all BTS songs this has so many layers of complexity. Really beautiful, haunting and multi faceted. The music that BTS create is so unique and ever changing. It’s one of the many reasons they have such a devoted can’t be THAT successful without substance. It’s the quality of the music that drives their success.

Tae_jk - ㅂㅌㅅ 💜

to bts, i'd really like to thank you all along with your writers, composers and producers in making this whole thing happen. Bang Pd-nim especially you for having so mich faith in the boys since the beginning. Knowing that times were hard and almost disbanding twice, you guys really did it! You made your dream come true! What you guys do generally make us (Army) really happy, your message through your music, voice, shows that you guys really care and take pride in your work. Don't ever stop being yourselves, you make everyone happy just by smiling, laughing, and make us cry by sharing your hardships and feelings. I hope you guys know that you are an important part of Army's lives and not just your music that saved us... but you. YOU GUYS did 💜 당신은 우리 모두에게 세상을 의미합니다~ 사랑해❤️ 보라해💜

Natalieee.285 - best thing to happen in 2020

am i lying tho

MayM95 - A dancer dies twice - the first death is the hardest

A beautiful song that expresses the band’s relationship with their art & their biggest fear being the loss of that passion for it. The music video is equally inspiring & takes a orchestral take on the song with contemporary dancers. The single takes a deeper look into art, music, passion & fear. All round brilliant release that really sets them apart from the current music releases.

Lycan2965 - 🦢 beautiful

Haunting and sad lyrics of dying (metaphorically) a death when losing passion for music what gives them life and the fight out of it. Accepting your darkest fears and taking control of it. I’m amazed by them and I love them so much

jkbtsjhjanbatsugejiminvjinrm - 🥺💖💖💖💖💖

It is gorgeous and unbelievable

videocollageisbad - Masterpiece

They never fail to impress and this next album is looking to be their best one yet. The cleverness of the musicality, the lyrics that explain feelings that are hard to explain, the rapline’s flows and the vocal line’s blend. Not to mention that it’s paired with a beautiful art film and classical version of the song which brings yet another side to BTS. They are really pouring their heart and honesty out with this single and can’t wait to see what the rest of this comeback brings! 🖤🦢💜

selene jane dusk - Suhreal💜

Such a beautiful yet different song by BTS, if you read the lyrics on the music video you’ll understand the deep meaning of it. They never fail to amaze us💜

milkyteao - pls it’s so good i wanna cry but the beat 😔

yes ^

sazquatchh - Amazing as always

BTS’ music never fails to amaze me, they’re never scared to try something new and I always appreciate that. This song is beautiful aswell as haunting and I feel like a lot of people can relate with the lyrics, loosing a passion can be hard and feel like a ‘death’. They always speak the truth and it’s something I truly love about their music.

serendipityritu - Master piece

Literally the lyrics capture you and is just one of bts’ best piece of lyrics especially them highlighting their passion for music with them saying there are two deaths one when you lose passion and of course death, the song is super catchy 100% recommend🤩🤩🤩 I feel like people just need to open up to foreign music and give it chance and break the excuse of “I don’t understand the language” well it’s not that hard to look up translation and try to understand a message which could literally change your life!

bts army stan - Lovely beat but such a sad song!

💙💙 BTS does it again!! When will people realise they paved the way and are basically expanding themselves into other genres KINGS I LOVE YOU 💜💜

Popz 99 - Amazing

Bts never fail to amaze me with their unique songs 😵 This song SLAPS 🥰 Honestly people who don’t like this song must be on something smh

michaell92 - Love it

The video is cool too

hobiluvr - The autotune has a purpose

The indistinguishable nature of the song and metallic autotune feel portrays how even though it feels like you can hear a few singers, they all feel the same way and the autotune gives a metallic robotic feel to the song, portraying the idea that once you lose your passion for something you love you feel like you have lost your voice. So before you all go hating on the use of autotune, please educate yourself on the purpose of it being used in the song.

PrincessAmyH - Beautiful absolutely mind blowing 🤯💜

This is such a moving and passionate song I can’t stop listening to it thank you BTS 💜 I’m so excited to see what else they have in store for us. I can’t wait roll on February 21 🥰💜💜🥰 OUR LEGENDARY KINGS ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER 💜💜💜 - overrated

this isn’t good... but it will probably free fall next week n e ways

Anukitty💜 - Leading to a new era

OMG!! This took me to a new universe of BTS

kitty cat sasha - Killing me now this is

This song talks to me somehow buuut I’m LoVE tHiS song uwu jimin

twrix - 💖


nzjdhsishs - YeS

Stream Black Swan and Give Australia tour dates

HanaWesty - Amazing

This something completely different from their usual music! Should definitely give it a listen!

Vannydosa11 - BTS’ Artistry at its Finest

BTS music never disappoints its listeners. Every song that they release is always on another level. The message of this song is very deep & inspiring. Losing passion & fighting to still have it.

Hunz81 - BTS - Black Swan 👑

Couldn’t expect anything less than amazing 😉 from these Legends. Army’s and non Army’s I hope you’s will enjoy this song as much as I do 💜 사랑해 🤟

Klouise01 - Masterpiece

I am loving the new direction the boys have taken musically and artistically.. they never fail to amaze me on all levels.. well done 👏💜

Kit Gemini - Masterpiece

A really well created blend of Hiphop with undertones of classical music 💗

jeonjungkookyessir - black swan superior

mark my words when i say that bts really here to take their place on the throne ONCE AGAIN.

suga+flower=kookie - Masterpiece !

Ah the music blends so well and the dancers, it’s AMAZING! Music, dancing and the meaning behind it 👏👏

Fifi1408 - Artistic

Beautiful lyrics, and extremely artistically soulful. A masterpiece.

uglymfgg - Yaaas


bngtnz - slaps

they always make music that never disappoints, i actually do not wanna think about how the lead single is gonna better this

havana oo naannaaaaaa - Wow

Already beautiful, once u read the lyrics and understand the message behind.. even more beautiful

yoit.emma - so amazing!

this song is different and utterly beautiful, wow

expensivegirl - masterpiece

this is song is so good I’ve been playing it so many times 💓💓


This hurts in a different way💜💜

ParniRules - bts never disappoints


Alext2205 - Masterpiece

Straight art ✋😌

*+&$#();/* - Just beyond amazing......

It’s just fantastic. The mix of music is something new and different. Can’t stop listening to it. Was the last done I listened to last night and the fist one I wanted to hear when I woke up. It’s just beyond amazing......

TaeCypher3 - What happens to passion

That’s the story here. I think it resonates with those who wonder about the future; will I always love and be passionate what I’m doing -or- will I every find something to passionate about at all.

v.f.f.f - :*)


Seraena - Beautiful

I can’t stop listening, such an earworm. I love this

Shaniah.Leigh - BTS


Zarpasuave - Deep

Can’t describe with words

Em.Ma.Bl - A New, Darker Path for BTS

A different track that adds another fascinating feather to our boys’ cap. Very interested to see the direction the rest of the album goes in, as a long time and loyal fan. #fighting

Allypotato - legends!

amazing, incredible, spectacular, show-stopping, and a mega bop! love you bts, im so proud of you boys! 🥺💜

baetannie - Overwhelming

This music is soo good 😍😍👍

CherryShephard - Absolutely gorgeous

BTS never fail to impress, and this brand-new, artistic approach they’ve taken with their music is thought-provoking, fresh and so exciting.

TALYTUBBY - Masterpiece!

As always, BTS produce absolute masterpieces. This is ART. I’m so proud. 🖤🤟🏼

sharoon._. - A Masterpiece

simply perfect. that’s all.

kate.w1995 - bts

Loving this song so much!!!!!

Thesazzy84 - This is true artistry

BTS take listeners on an another amazing musical journey.

p.phan98 - Gorgeous and stunning

Beautiful song.

inanesky - Masterpiece

Well this was heart wrenching “If this can no longer resonate, no longer make my heart vibrate. Then this may be how I die my first death but what if that moment’s right now”

Icky❕❕❕✨✨✨ - Beautiful

The song is absolutely beautiful. So raw and emotional. BTS never disappoint when it comes to their music. I can’t wait for 7 to be released!!!

miaatthemoon - Such a beautiful song

Cannot stop listening to this song

emmaswanx - incredible

do yourself a favour and check out bts and their songs !!! they’re absolutely amazing🥰

AriadneNZ - Beautiful song

This track from BTS’ upcoming Map of the Soul: 7 album is so beautiful and haunting. I love the calming melody and reading the Korean lyrics really brings home the message of the song.

SugaDaddyTae - A song that hurts but needs to be said

Black Swan in my own interpretation shows the pain that comes with the disinterest in the craft that you’ve dedicated your life too. It shows the doubts one might feel, it shows the doubts the listener could be feeling. It’s a song that is hard to explain but personally easy to connect with and understand, for others it might be easy to explain but hard to understand. With every comeback BTS truly get better and better 🥺💜

Mikixixi - LOVEIT

Can’t wait for the new album 💕

Trevor grandtheftautoihateron - BTS


Ange Manuel - FASCINATING (7isComing)

Once again the artistry and musicality jump out! Both in the studio version and the art film version by MN Dance Company - such an amazing blend of genres and instruments and movements along with powerful lyrics that detail the shadows that come with being an artist. The genre is described as ‘Cloud Rap & Emo Hiphop with the trap drum beat, emotional Lo-fi guitar and catch hook together with Singing Rap format.’ Seriously how does anyone bring together these sounds and make it work?!! Well this is definitely IT. The YouTube Art Film version has more of a classical feel to it that evokes a new feeling when combined with expressive dance and highlights not only the beauty of but also the dark and desperate side of being an artist which can easily swallow them up. Cannot wait for the full album to drop on Feb 21st!!! Until then I highly recommend watching both the Black Swan Art Film and Interlude: Shadow on YouTube to get a taste (a very varied taste) of what BTS is bringing with their next album “7”.

ms_nsammy - Raw and emotional

Anyone dismissing BTS as "kpop" is missing out of what these 7 young men have become. They are indeed the worlds most popular band, but its completely with merit. Black Swan is a small taste of what MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 will bring. Its raw, emotiona, powerful and oh so good. Its a perfect song from a group that keeps changing and evolving their style as they experiment and find new avenues to express their artistry. Brilliant.

Multi stan - Too fricken good

I just love this... and the VOCALS. It’s a nice dark mood plus the lyrics are just so amazing. It’s a big difference from their other songs, in my opinion, but somehow they make it work despite the diversity. I never heard a song like this, it’s really unique. I like it.

NOMAD_TAN - Black Swan - Emotional

This song and it's accompanying music video has the ability to grip your ears and your heart all at once. The connections it has to different works of art is remarkable and it takes you a journey into the mind of an artist. It's beautiful. Please check out the video and the song. They're amazing.


We cannot thank BTS enough again, the beautiful images they make with their voice, a feeling of freedom they bring. I’m in love once again! As usual!! Keep streaming army!! The music video was spectacular too👑

EvaTheDreamer - It’s BTS, of course it’s amazing 😍

This song really showcases their talent and how their music varies. Really an amazing song that had me hooked from the start!

rarejmn - .

é 100% viciante, um single maravilhoso, e eu não canso de ouvir

12allkill - A mais pura arte

Por mais que não goste de músicas com esse tipo de batida, eu estou apaixonada por essa música, a cada dia o BTS me surpreende mais e mais

trajanoy - BTS

é viciante!!! simplesmente perfeito

Fe_M - Viciante


Hoshi Utted - Amei

A música tá muito boa, viciei nela

Jessicacrl - HIIIIIIINO

Como sempre BTS nunca decepciona !!!

@n@ferr - Perfeita 😍

BTS sempre se superando a cada retorno!

temistocleia - Art

Isto é arte pura.

gguklipse - incrível 🤩

bts é arte.

hobienana - eles se superaram!!!!

Bts provando de novo que são o melhor grupo do mundo! Black Swan é HINO!!!!

dudadudas - :)

Muito bom

daii 🥰 - Essência!!

A essência deles é única, esse single é uma pequena amostra do que está por vim no próximo mês. Não é menosprezando outros artistas, mas tudo que o BTS faz é mto especial, único e totalmente encantador. É um prazer ser fã dessas lendas! 🖤🦢 #BlackSwan

Elisa M. Souza - Maravilhoso!

Mesmo quem não curte a indústria do k-pop deveria dar uma chance a música. Além do art film que saiu no YouTube com arranjos totalmente diferentes. Eu amei ambas versões

Bangtan_7 - BTS 💜

Bangtan traz filosofia, psicologia, arte e poesia em seu trabalho! Sensacional!

mirandinha1496 - Perfeito

Não consigo parar de ouvir, essa música deixa tudo mais leve

H. Halfeld - O lixo

Não aguentamos mais essa batida em todas as músicas recentemente pelo amor do senhor...

Anna Karla Ramos - Maravilhosa!

Música incrível, como todas as demais do BTS!

bibi_lime - art. stan talent, stan bts.

bts mais uma vez mostrando os verdadeiros artistas que são, essa música é uma verdadeira arte, tem que ser muito bem apreciada.

fairyshine - Arte

Muito abrangente e instiga a curiosidade. Perfeita

Luisa do Amaral - excellent

I’m glad that this album seems to be coming together so well!

wangelajordao - melhor single



Isso se chama talento e pura arte

btsbsc7 - Perfeição define

Esse single veio para inovar, sempre um novo conceito e sempre surpreendendo. Aclamação mundial que chama

Juseok1234 - BTS

BTS inova suas músicas a cada dia, é um artista que não faz por fama, e sim por amor, é por isso que suas músicas são tão boas e estão conquistando cada vez mais seu espaço, que é gigante comparado a outros artistas coreanos e até mesmo estadunidenses, só orgulho

meunomeéesse - MARAVILHOSOOOOO

Gente eu amei e como sempre eles arrasaram, melhor música que ouvi na minha vida


Vão dar view no YouTube

Danjikook - BTS

Impecável como sempre. O grupo sempre superando. Parabéns!

tkvante - Tkvante

Muito boa

rebECA xoxo - SOTY


sunshinekty - 💞

A música é perfeita e fala sobre ósseos dos BTS enquanto idols

thaixpjmm - arte, aclamação e conceito

mais uma vez mostrando a população mundial os artistas completos que são! reis do kpop e não tem ninguém acima deles nessa indústria. e vamos de dominação mundial!

Gleyhope - Sinônimo de perfeição

Não consigo parar de escutar essa música.

larysignorelli - Incrível

A letra muito tocante as vozes super armonicas

armyblink12 - A A A A

muito bom,como sempre os meninos se superaram. amei de mais💜

luisF.A - Perfeito

Bom de mais

layzcast - amazing


fabreuzinho - amazing majestic


Directioner1809 - masterpiece

bts não decepciona nunca mas dessa vez eu tenho que reconhecer mano que música é essa perfeita, sem contar o arte film do YouTube que eles lançaram com dança e sons de música contemporânea, não há dúvidas que bts é um dos artistas da década e tem tudo pra ser os novos líderes da nova década! trabalho perfeito demais como sempre o bts faz!

gabi.shadow - black swan

0 defeitos

sasaonie - perfeitoh.

bts eh talento, aclamação, legado e sucesso. em outra qpalavra: lendas.

Serena_1316 - Perfeita!! Sem defeitos!!

E mais uma vez os meninos mostram uma outra versão deles!! Linda e poderosa, pode vir MOTS7 estamos esperando!!

llievaila - incrível sem defeitos

perfeita sem defeitos

Se não vão perder clientes - perfeita

aclamação mundial, inovaram e vieram com um novo conceito.

giujm - PERFEITO

É simplesmente uma obra prima!!! Tudo se encaixou, ficou tudo muito lindo, EU AMO ESSES MENINOS 😻😻😻👏🏻👏🏻

Dordete - Perfeita

Perfeição é a palavra para essa música

brucons - Perfeito

eu amei

Thay Foreman - PERFEIÇÃO


idimarco - Arte pura

A música é linda, o ritmo, a batida, a letra, o clipe e, principalmente, o conceito todo! BTS são artistas preocupados com a arte e em fornecer conteúdo de qualidade! É lindo demais!

harummi - a verdadeira ARTE

maravilha de música!!!!!!! Amo muito 😭

mileninhahjs - Perfeito

É tão artístico é lindo


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@BB_Votaciones: [INFO📈] @BTS_twt ¡La actuación de "Black Swan" en The Late Late Show con James Corden superó los 40M de vistas en YouT…


@BB_Votaciones: [INFO📈] @BTS_twt ¡La actuación de "Black Swan" en The Late Late Show con James Corden superó los 40M de vistas en YouT…


"The greatest risk to #Trump's re-election is a black swan event like this, which could drag down global economic g…


@BB_Votaciones: [INFO📈] @BTS_twt ¡La actuación de "Black Swan" en The Late Late Show con James Corden superó los 40M de vistas en YouT…


@BB_Votaciones: [INFO📈] @BTS_twt ¡La actuación de "Black Swan" en The Late Late Show con James Corden superó los 40M de vistas en YouT…


@Ekoyh62 Ah bah c’est sûr que tu vas pecho tu sais qui comme ça... 😅


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@BigHitEnt: Black Swan Release #BTS #방탄소년단 #BlackSwan #1stSingle ▶멜론: ▶FLO: ▶지니: https:…


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@OT7wrecked: WHAT YOU MISSED: -Tae on Weverse -BTS Twitter update -BTS x Jimmy Fallon content on YT -Younha ‘Winter Flower’ ft. RM MV -B…


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@BB_Votaciones: [INFO📈] @BTS_twt ¡La actuación de "Black Swan" en The Late Late Show con James Corden superó los 40M de vistas en YouT…


@we_fightt: [SHAZAM] 🇧🇷 #4. ON 🔺 #49. ON ft. Sia 🔺 #119. Filter 🔺 #129. Black Swan 🔺 #168. My Time (NE) #175. Make It Right 🔺 #176. WAB…

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