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Download Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. 10,000 Hours music file uploaded on October 4th, 2019.

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Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours MP3 Comments & Reviews

starbuck$😻 - Really

10,000 thousand hours is only 1,417 days. You realize that right?

si da guy - COPY

Why are dan & shay copying Macklemore

J88776 - Garbage

What the F

16 HORSES - Just ok!

It gets credit for being a ballsy collab but that’s about it! It does seem like Dan & Shay are trying to get pop cred by duetting with Justin Bieber but that doesn’t really work anymore!

LamaRios - Wth

Country? you’re not taylor swift

Magdalene B. - How does this still have 3 stars?

Lyrics are super cliche, below average, and predictable. Spare us all and lets hope the radio forgets about this doozie soon.

PupCup2371 - Not country

I miss the good old days when people actually played music

Tchahattou - Cool!

Chill song, I'm addicted!

amantief28 - Country=Pop


Colleen W G - Love it!

Fireeee !

hhfhhdhhjh - I Love you’re songs

I don’t care what I think I love your songs

Jonelle King - collaboration in music

Bieber is incredibly talented along with the beautiful voices of Dan & Shay - their voices collaborate well together

Trikster1of4 - No. Just no.

The second you put Justin Bieber on a song it is automatically not country. Anything by Dan & Shay isn’t country.

godandanimeonmyside - 💯

better than all the other pop crap out there 😊

Sky_Boy_666 - Wow

It’s garbage that is not country

Soccerdude 7 CU - Okay

Dan + Shay I think it would be a bit better if Justin Bieber wasn’t the other person singing. I like the song though.

Volcrin - 👍🏼👍🏼🎼🎧🎹

This song is awesome!!! I Like It!!!

000999899 - Trash

This is the worst song I have ever herd

霉霉🦋💞 - 🤮

Why Justin Bieber didn’t die yet?

Witherwingslover♥️😋 - COME ONNNN


Elenarose1573 - Hey Dan+Shan

Whyyyy the f u had to make a country song with jusbem blober huh pls tell us why 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿oh and🖕🏽 Justin blober

pankake 1256 - Best song ever

I love this song but Justin was pitchy but he sang good

Arianas mini - Song is amazing

I don’t understand the one star reviews. This song is amazing and has emotion in it. I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber but he sounds good in this song. This is an amazing song and for the people who gave it one star, they need to get their ears checked. Love it!

hsffkskd - Good

It’s a great song just not country...

Cooper2004 - Y’all are the best you should do a consort

Woooo lets gooooooo beat these stupidos up

WalterSwift - Weak

I’m sorry but anything Justin Bieber touches becomes trash

JonLochert - hard pass. not country

and justin bieber is terrible

hbthgjj - Ethan

The best ever 😍🥰👍❤️

gfufuvyxsdydydyf - terrible

furthest thing from country

SkydRman15 - Haters

It’s so funny. No one has haters like JB. JB has fans and then he has like a whole second fan base that pretends to hate him but have to review everything he puts out. Why? Because they claim he’s terrible yet they check everything he’s on lol. Admit it, the biebs is a genius and until the day he stops spitting music out he will be the most popular. To love and to hate

kcolrehs69 - Genre

Seriously? It doesn’t matter what it says on here. Justin Bieber would never do anything actually country. This is pop, and it’s good, and people need to deal with it. We don’t need anymore “THiS iSnT cOuNtRy” comments.

S2579 - Boring


Helljumper0411 - WTH THIS AINT COUNTRY

How is this country it’s almost as bad as old town road being labeled as country

dmoney2020 - Love it people who say this song is trash and they have no taste in good music

Best song ever written

TuckerTV - No

Just no. Bunch of easily made bs lyrics that don’t mean anything. True trash

Ccc00252500 - What happened to country?

Not country

660798 - Logic man

It would be 826 days like what lol. don’t care for song repeats the same word throughout the whole song “ I’d drive 10,000 hours and 10,000 more” and I don’t think that is vary interesting nor creative.

KiliB1 - justin is great!

love this song :)

Abu3o0od - YS


countryforlife26 - So overrated

Only reason I gave it 2 stars is that at least it’s better than yummy

Luv Addict - Boyfriend Country

What a horrible watered down cheesy pop country.

JillCal - 10,000 hours

I love this song and music video! JillC

Lest Common Denomonator - Great

It was good if you don’t like this song you disrespect music

By bailey helm - This is a great song

It was a really good song i’m sure that it Took a long time.

itaintmelover - what happened?

this is not good

❤️❤️kkkkk - AWESOME

I think this song is great I don’t care that u guys don’t like this song. U guys are NOOBIEs if you don’t like this song. And his voice is pretty good and it’s a great song.

Yuuuuuub - LUV IT


amazing I love the soundtrack - Sucky


puppy lover 919 - Best song

Maddison Wells vbou

dheuggsis - Come on you guys.!!😠

What is your problem with the song? Who cares if it’s not country? There are probably people who like this song like me. This song is awesome. Idc what you guys say.

Ale mike! - Bad

Overrated, cliche lyrics and not very expressive, instrumental not doing enough and composition overall is just standard nothing beautiful about it. Just an average song at best.

Beyourselfandshowit - Awesome

I think it really shows how you feel

HandStand yo! - 5/5

Amazing song if you still haven’t listened to it you should right now!!

Jewelsssssssssss - amazing!

one of my favourite songs from 2019!

Pitterpatter84 - No

Sorry Dan + Shay, but you’ve could’ve done better without Justin Bieber. I’m disappointed

dee.brake - Great Song Exceptional

Absolutely love this song, great job all!!!

Jim122122212 - Wow

Great song

Stupid update user 188371781 - Ew, why country?


MaddyBre21 - Amazing!

Love this song! Never expected a collaboration with Justin Bieber but wow amazing!! 😁

brayden46 - very good

i usaully don’t like country but justin bieber got me liking different genres that’s how good he is🔥🔥

medusa & the inked_otter - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Ahhahash - Adorable

Such a sweet song!!! 💕

JE$$36 - Speechless

Dan and Shay really can’t do any wrong. Every song they release is the best 👌

Awogirl - Great

It's pretty good.

Mkeat - Not good

I love dan + shay but this song isn’t it.

Sarafina61 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Best collaboration ever and I missed Justin’s Voice so much.

Kmayspeckewrich - Kinlwts66694

UGH!!! ❤️ I love this

SKMom75 - Literally Perfection

I love everything about this song. The lyrics are everything and I will be playing this song on repeat for the foreseeable future! 👏🏻❤️

Princesslisa5 - I don’t like Country Music but this is Amazing

I usually change the song as soon as I hear Country Music but this song I have on repeat already. It’s amazing.

7477282 - I love this song


Willer Vision - Love the song but...

JB just isn’t cut out for this kind of music. D&S were better off leaving JB out of this one. Other than that, it’s a great tune.

bilianae - Amazing

Love the song and this collaboration 💕

Bexwwwww - yes

justin legend snapped as always

BanterMaster69 - Trash


Evan Farr. - Love

I really love this song only for the fact that I knew all the words after a few times of hearing it because of how much it relates to my life. On repeat.

1uk3 8urn5 - Trash

Terrible as always when Justin is on a track the little neek

I dont like most app - I love this song.....but...............

I love this song but I just think it just sounds a bit cheesy and who are Dan+Shay?

Neatsy - Beautiful song!

This is a lovely song!! Video is sweet too!

Kal7702 - Love it

Not usually a fan of Justin at all. However, I do really like and enjoy this song.

Acousticfall - Amazing!! So talented👏

I get goosebumps every time I hear jb voice. 😍😍😍 Belieber since 2010.

Tianthomo91 - Love love love love

😍😍😍😍😍😍 Anyone that has anything negative to say about this song or Justin are pathetic. This is a beautiful song, Dan & Shay killin it as always 💕 ignore the haters boys! 😘

GemzRose - Love it

Listened to it about 10,000 times today 😂❤️

Bilboey - Awful

Go away Bieber, you ruin everything you touch

megrosepxo - 😍

Justin sounds absolutely beautiful on this tune ❤️ obsessed

Phones12345 - Love it!!

The song is so beautiful🥰

Ellie_C_15 - 🔥🔥


BradSkidzy - Clearly using Justin's name for clout

This is way below Justin's level. Such a generic song I bet it was made in less than a day. 👎

ChloeZara94 - ❤️

Such a beautiful song... Completely love it ❤️

ZeddxHarmony - why

justin just no...country music isn’t for you at all🤮

Willsx7 - Cringe


Jack-Torrence - Sell outs

Losing respect after this insult to the ears Dan + Shay are great country musicians but doing a duet with Justin Bieber I mean really what the hell were they thinking Sorry guys but you’ve dropped the ball on this one

Respectrauhl - Amazing


CJ loves tattoos - Beautiful

Pure class

kayahmia - Absolutely amazing

I think this song is Absolutely amazing coming from a 12 year old

Pusheen_Queen24😼 - Oooooooof

This is horrible🤮



kalan🍔 - Worst song

I honestly really think this is the worst song of 2019

Blue seeker - Def a love song

Glad Justin Bieber is showing is softer side with this song and the video to match. Nice soppy song if you are into that..

NICKIIKCIN - You are better than this Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay you have more dignity and talent than this clout chasing guy. Why did you collaborate man???

Bec1970 - Basic

Kind of cool at the start but got repetitive and boring. No replay value. Instead, buy and stream the LOVER album by the queen TAYLOR SWIFT.

Detectivesnr1 - ❤️

Brilliant ❤️❤️❤️❤️

nbmit - Muito boa

Música excelente, amei

Juliaacorreiaa - muito perfeita😍

boa de verdade

@_juuuzs - Muito boa

É uma ótima música ainda mais por ser um gênero distinto dos que o Justin faz normalmente

272626$hhg - Perfeita

Hit certo

Em test - ❤️


Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



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10,000 hours


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i been missing you for 10,000 hours, i cannot let go 10,000 memories


If u spend 10,000 hours on something its safe to say u have it mastered.. put in your hours!


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