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yepthatsmetimesthree - :DDD

I have been a Mraz fan for over a year now. I love him & his music more then words can describe. I love everyone of his songs. They can be playful, to meaningful. (Example: 'Butterfly' to 'Live High') All of his songs are simply amazing. Whoever doesn't know of Jason Mraz, have truely not lived. HE. IS. AMRAZING. ;)

LiveYourLife♥ - SOO GOOD..

This album is absolutely amazing. My favourite songs would have to be 'Lucky" and "I'm Yours".

cray oh la - Love it!! <3

I love this album. Jason Mraz has such an amazing voice! My favourite is obviously Im Yours, but lucky is good too. I listen to details in the fabric to fall asleep, it relaxes me :)

Zapp_Brannigan_19 - Mr. A-Z

What is there not to like about this guy? He's got the beat, the lyrics, and the duets all mastered to produce yet another incredible album. Add this to your collection!

GG rocks - Diverse and different in a good way.

I completely agree with the people who placed it in the top ten. I listen to it almost everyday and it never gets old. I like the soft mellow tone but at the same time pop sound to it. It is diverse and different. I recomend that everyone listen to this song! Well done Jason Mraz.

Lemonssa - Amazing (:

One of my favourite albums, what a great artist!

ykratz - Beautiful

This is a definatley must have. I've been a fan of his for quite a while and this is his best album yet. His concert in T.O was amazing. My faves are I'm Yours, Lucky, Butterfly, Detail in the Fabric, Coyotes and A Beautiful Mess.

cathy726 - Wow...soft&beautiful

i just clicked ' I'm Yours ' and it was really soft and romantic! I've just found a treasure :D I love his soft, warm voice!! it makes me feel...kinda dreamy kkk His songs are kind of fantasy and romantic, with charming music. :> YOU MUST LISTEN TO HIS SONGS!!! (especially 'I'm Yours'!! i'm deeeeeep into it recently hahaha)

Calv16 - that was lamo jaso


mrazfan19 - One Of My Favorite Albums Ever

As soon as I heard Mr. Mraz was releasing a new album, I was absolutely ecstatic! Some of my favorites are I'm Yours, If It Kills Me, and Details In The Fabric. I love this album. It is totally worth your money! I highly recommend it.

onother nickname - FAIL

My puny brother said that this al bum is horrible! hate it!!! GRRRRRRRRR

360savroy - Amazing!!

Just a review from 2014 passing through... Amazing album though!! Love it! ❤️

You Don't Say - A -Mraz-ing!

I didn't know about him until I saw the cover art. I loved it, and spontaneously bought the album. I had heard "I'm Yours" maybe once or twice but this blew me away. I love the cutesy kind of feel to it. And his voice is the sexiest male voice ever. Another great thing about his music is that you never have to skip a song. They never get old and they never get boring. I am offically a fan for the rest of my life.

HarmonyLoveGleek - not too shabby...

this album is really good, but "lucky", and "i'm yours" are totally overplayed. other than that its a great album. my favourite song on it is "if it kills me". great track.

Kaili-Connolley.2000 - Great


stephenwashere - One of my favorite albums ever!!

I gotta say, I really enjoyed this album. The only thing better than listening to this album, would be seeing him perform live. Thank you Jason Mraz for making an awesome album!! 'I'm Yours' should be the song of the year - it's that great. My fiance and I are even thinking of using 'Lucky' as the song for our first dance.

soccer-mylife16 - Ick!

Nobody writes a song this bad enless the want revenge or to kill or maybe both!

Maddington Bear13 - Love I'm yours!

I'm yours is one of my favorite songs right now and I listen to it all the time!

laya_storm - Not Bad

There are a few good songs, but I was really hoping this would be one of those albums I could listen to beginning to end...but it wasn't. I found myself liking it, but skipping over quite a few songs... it's too bad, cause I really like this artist

Wandering Burrito - Best of all

So pretty much this is how is works; Jason Mraz is the best, the only one who can pull any of these songs off, and he will always be my favorite artist. Not one of his songs are crap, and thats a first for any album by any artist i've heard. He really stepped it up a notch, and i'd laugh to see someone else have guts to try and beat out his album!

Lladnas - Pretty Damn Good...

Very Good...though some of the songs sound the same. 2, 3 & 10 are the best tracks. Im Yours really is pretty much the best on the album. The only song i think could potentially overshadow it is Lucky, the duet with Colbie Callait. Good...but its not for someone whos more into britney or Katy kind of music. Overall its a good record.

whiskyrivers - My favourite songs are on this album---and that's saying something!

8 of the songs on my Top 25 Most Played list are by Jason Mraz, and 6 of them are from this album. It sounds corny and overly dramatic to say that this man changes lives, but it's true. This guy will totally change your outlook. His witty lyrics and catchy melodies (he writes it all!) keep you singing along until you know every single word, and then some. The first time I heard this album, or any of his albums for that matter, I had chills running down my spine; he's that good. I love this man!

Rickster11 - Keep an eye on him!!!

All songs on this album are amazing!!! Keep listenin' to them and I can't get enough! That's an album you must have!!!

yours0ng - Terrible

TERRIBLE! I can't stand this record. Mraz is truly irritating. The songs are generally bad, both musically and vocally, but what really makes it so terrible are the lyrics. Lyrically this album is probably one of the worst I have heard all year. Anyone who can call Mraz a lyrical genious, clearly has not been introduced to the great lyrical genious of our time (Lennon/McCartney for instance......). Save your money, and go buy a Beatles album. We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. is NOT worth the $7.99!

MissMusic121 - So lifting!

Okay, usually I'm not big on Jason Mraz, but after I heard "I'm yours" I felt so happy. There's this feeling when you hear a great song, it just take you to a new world. I know this may sound a bit tacky, but it's true. When you listen to a song, close your eyes, and let go of everything else. Only certain sounds can create that feeling, and making a whole song with those wonderfull sounds is hard, but Jason has mastered that. It takes you some where else, and I think that's why we all keep searching for songs anyway we can. So we can be taken away.

AsimMUSIC - Amazing.

This album shows a bit of everything that Mraz can do... especially if you get a hold of the EPs as well.

rocker5678 - Catchy!!

A great and really catchy song!!(i'm yours) i've had this song stuck in my head for weeks!! Good job Jason!

Dirkmyer - AMAZING!!!!!

Gotta love Mr. a-z .... This is the best thing i have heard in some time!!!!!!! All the tracks are CRAZY AWESOME!!! You'll end up in love with each of them!!! I know I have!

ch3v4li3r - Genius

Once again Jason Mraz proved he is an amazing song writer and singer. Worth every penies. Awesome lyrics and great melodies. Perfect album :)

Vampiral - he's got the soothing voice

I like how Jason sings his songs. It's all full of emotion and nothing is forced, it comes out very beautiful and pregnant with melody. This album is amazing. My favorite song is Coyotes. All his songs have a different flavour, and together it's the best candy.


Read the title, it's self-explanitory.

Emonlemon - Not bad

Not bad but some of the songs are kind of interusting.

Jay Sherman-Level Critic - It's okay.

Well written and unique. Nice.

BrazilChickCanada - REALLY GOOD!!!!

I really like this song it's catch and AWSOME!! You should BUY this osng you won't be disappointed!!

Strawberrie! :) - Speechless...

Honestly, Jason can wow you with ANYTHING! Great Job, Jason! I love your album!

Daisylex123 - Amazing

Who wouldn't like this? It is awesome I love I'm yours best ever! I luuuuuuve it

comedacanafornia - I didnt think i'd listen to this

What an awesome CD. Heard I'm Yours, which is now my favorite song and decided to get the album. Worth every penny Soooooooooooo relaxinggggg and different from anything else u've ever heard

Ginga Snapp - Great slow dance song

This is such a good slow dance song. we had it our dance and i almost made out

AppBeaver - Great songs!

This album really has all of Mr A-Z's best songs on it!

smooth criminal - OMG

OMG ....how come it take me sooo long to realize that u r exisiting ??? Your album make me smile .Good JOB dude !!

RealGz23 - Mauvais.

TT est dans le titre. cet album est tt simplement inutile.

fockey17 - over rated

The music lacks a lot of things. It has a simple beat throughout the whole piece, if you like the lyrics then fine, but they are a whole lot of other musicians out there who are just better. Jason uses simplicity, and not much else. Certainly lacks something.

Casual Day - Umm...

Isn't the iTunes Review supposed to promote the album? It makes the album sound like it's crappy cheese. Yeah, I said it. Crappy. Cheese.

JinxJ - The wait was worth it!

I really like this album. Jason Mraz has such an awesome voice. When I first heard "I'm yours" last year, I could hardly wait until this album came out. I especially love "Lucky" with Colbie Caillat. Their voices really compliment each other. I'm not gonna lie, I definitely liked his demos alot better, just because they had a more pure, acoustic kind of feel to them, but this album is still pretty awesome, so I'm not disappointed!

Zezzer - Great Album!

Jason Mraz is a very talented man and this album is worth the money. Very good! Make sure to get I'm Yours and Lucky. (Two best songs.)

pikle boy - bets

This by far the best album i have ever purchesed. Jason Marz is an amazing artist, he is the definition of talent

Scott_Fuller - AMAZING!!!!

This album is so ridiculously amazing... I LOVE IT!! Jason Mraz has such an original sound, what other artist can have ballads, pop, rap and so much more on one album? I love every song on this cd and I want more Mraz!!

Thepublic 011 - The Best Ever

Wow this is such a good album. and it is not just i'm yours its all the other songs to. This is the best album i've ever listened to. Get IT

The Big Stick - Big Fan

Jason Mraz is the real deal. I love this song, and his whole vibe is a refreshing change.

mehoc - Mixture of styles

I really dont think Jason Mraz can be categorized... his styles vary (especially in this cd) from song to song. I must say the heart warming songs like I'm yours, lucky, and details in the fabric.. are songs i can listen to over and over until his next cd is released. GREAT choice for duets!

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Easty2008 - Fantastic Album... Bad, Bad ITunes

I bought this album about 3 weeks ago on ITunes, and it was less than a fiver... a few weeks later and they bump up the price... ITunes Bad... Now, On to Jason Mraz. Awesome. Was surfing YouTube one day and stumbled accross the video for Im Your's, was so impressed that I immediately loaded up ITunes and Downloaded the full album, and I must say I loved it. Reminds me of Jack Johnson, and makes for great road trip music. 5 stars Jason Mraz

Mazphb - Wow...

One Word: Breathtaking By far this is the best albumn I have ever experienced, every song is original and unique but catchy and mellow. I was not a fan of Jason Mraz but I have been hooked on this album for the past week and enjoy it terribly. I would reccomend it to any buyer who is interested in this sort of music. Great pieces of music! This album is for everyone.

nikyb - fantastic

Absolutely fantastic album, good mix of styles, quirky lyrics, well produced! Loved it so much Im going to the gig! Well worth a listen

dinga-15 - Beautiful

I definately recommend 'Details In The Fabric' it's very peaceful and calming; James Morrison's voice is absoutley incredible with Jason Mraz'. They make a perfect song together. 'I'm yours' is another beautiful song definately worth the purchase.

//4ppl3 :) - Great, but...

I'm yours.. Is amazing! However, I haven't played the song for a month or so, and I've just tried to play it but it won't play. For some reason it just stays on the album cover and it will play the next album 😞... Strangeeee x

Ryan Sulley - Wow

Absolutely Brilliant!

MaxKaiser - Amazing

I love this guy, most songs are perfect length, I loove "I'm Yours"

WillClark_ - im yours

I was raving about this song months ago. Finaly it was hit bit n every1 loves it. I bought this album when only £5

Slovenskycigan123palos - Great!


Kenny Metham - Keeping calm and cool

This album is wonderful I love Mraz and his mellow music. When I just want to lay out and chill I insert my head phones into my ears click on his album close my eyes and relax.

MrAlex327 - Chilled!!

This album is great! Good for just relaxing :) similar relaxed vibe to John mayer, who I listen to a lot!

JamieScott - Best Album of 2008

Without a doubt, this has to be my favourite album of 2008 and indeed, is one of my favourite albums ever. Jason Mraz's vocal and songwriting talent is unprecedented and to be honest, this is more like a 'best of' than an album. Top tracks for me are Coyotes, Dynamo of Volition and of course I'm Yours although frankly the rest of them are only millimeters behind. My only warning is, don't buy the £7.99 version but get the £9.99 one with all of the extra live tracks on, as they are actually even better than the studio recordings. Oh, and if Mr Mraz is playing near you beg, steal or borrow (or buy, I guess) a ticket because that guy can SING.

Ema.xo - Love it!!

Amazing talented singer, great song one of my favourites!

Peace-Love-Damon - Amazing Singer, Amazing Songs, Amazing Album <3

Okay guys, here's the deal: BUY THIS ALBUM! It's great to chill, its great to dance to, is great to play on a long journey, its just great all round. Jason Mraz is an incredibly talented singer/song writer/guitarist and not only do I recommend this album, but I also recommend his earlier 2 albums (not including the live album), "Waiting for my rocket to come" and "Mr A-Z", both which I own and love :) Although all the songs on the album are amazing, my favourites are: Make It Mine I'm Yours (who DOESN'T love that song?!) Lucky ft. Colbie Caillat Butterfly Live High The Dynamo of Volition Seriously, buy the album - I promise you wont regret it.

SimonScallywag - Great vibe!

Just a great album! Great soundtrack for a mellow evening but this is not to suggest that the tracks are all vanilla. Far from it - this album is a great mix of grooves and memorable tunes. 'Live High' is chocolate mousse! Smooth, light & sweeeet....great guitars & vocals - really uplifting. 'Butterfly' - super-funky; 'Beautiful Mess' - a truly bitter-sweet ballad; 'Dynamo of Volition' - grooves hard with the best-of-them. 'Details in the fabric' is the only track I skip..... Haven't heard any of his other music, but this is really a top album

Robinson Crusoe - 'I'm Yours' is the only decent song!

Its not the worst album i have ever bought, however i was very disappointed with it. None of the other songs are anywhere near as good as 'I'm Yours' they are not even very similar in style, do not buy the album expecting it to be of similar style or standard to this song. The whole album seems a half hearted attempt to produce something decent, almost as if he wanted to get an album out quickly after the release of 'I'm Yours' to boost sales of the album so rushed the rest of it.

Maddie Daly - I L-O-V-E it

Best singer ever you need to get this it is REALY addictive. All my friends are listening to him all the time. Jason Mraz is so cool anyone who has NEVER heard of him before will love him I'm telling you get this!

Masterball330 - Exceptional!!!

This is one of my favourite albums of any artist. In my opinion this is his best album. There isn't a song I would skip.

Jane L - Fabulous

I puchased this album only two weeks ago not knowing what to expect, HELLO! where have I been? The whole album is a masterpiece and I adore every single track. Just can't stop listeneing to it.

Mellybean:) - Every note is P.E.R.F.E.C.T!

Ok, so we've all heard of Jason Mraz by now, especially the beautiful ditty, I'm Yours, which I personally adore! But this album is fantastic, in every sense of the word. Undoubtedly the best buy I have made so far this year :D Only Human is almost reminiscent of Newton Faulkner but with Jason's vocals it stands out perfectly! Coyote is a bit different and with the backing vocals as children it is quite cute! And, what more can I say, James Morrison and Jason Mraz...a vocal match made in heaven. Worth every penny, it'll bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step!

Leo Music Lover - Great Album!

I only recently found out about Jason's music, and it is brilliant. He does have similarities to Jack Johnson (and that's not a bad thing), his music is still unique and a bit more upbeat than Jack's. As I didn't know much about Mr. Mraz, I decided to buy the cheaper album and I have to say its a great album. He's definitely one to watch this new year.

nath93 - Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is a greatest artist to listen to when yo've had a hard day. His music is calm and soothing.

McMog - Love It!

The genre varies, the quality dosen't! The upbeat, sheer happiness and randomness of The Dynamo Of Volition, followed by the mellow, sobering Details In The Fabric...and everything in between! i don't dislike a single track :)

Bina♫ - I'm Yours

I love Jason Mraz, the whole album is just great, easylistening music - nice one :) I especially like I'm yours, now one of my favourite songs ♫

Debzco - Words fail me................

This is a brlliant album. The songs are uplifting and they actualy made me smile. I cant wait to see the man himself when he comes my way. Buy this album for a treat and you wont be disapointed. 5 Stars is not enough. x

Charlie2110 - Wonderful

I would recomend the song 'make it mine' it's such a happy and joyful song all the other songs are good aswell!

footy mad77 - this is soooooooooooooooooo good

i love jason mraz especially i'm yours. that is now one of my favourite songs

SamuelSpratt - Pilkophiles

I find that if you just talk, your mouth comes up with stuff - Karl Pilkington

Big Bad Wolf on Campus - Was really nice and mellow

It was a really nice and mellow album, it usually plays in the van or car when we are going or coming back from a kitesurfing session. Its a perfect album to wind down to, to chill out, reflect and have a laff with mates. Is probably best to ignore Itunes childish ramblings about how Jason Mraz goes on about certain things in his songs, when lets be honest, most music artists sing about the same thing all the time. Mellow out Itunes, and maybe grow up a bit yourself eh haha! Still was a good album, try it, and just chill.

Stefanie - Fantabuloso

This is Jason's most self assured work to date. It is full of jazzy, latino, funky tunes and I think it may be impossible to listen to 'make it mine' without dancing a little - even if it be only on the inside! It has a perfect balance of fun and summery songs whilst maintaining some seriousness with songs like 'love for a child' which, now I know is autobigraphical, breaks my heart. So yeah, basically, have a listen. It's the bee's knees!

6...x - Good but is it good enough

U decide

The Dot Dot Dot - Great album

not a single song i want to skip ,very rare, amazing songs i recommend: Only Human Make It Mine Live High Coyotes I'm Yours haven't heard anything quite this good!

Lisa79 - Love The Album

I bought this album today (bit behind the times, I know) and although all of the songs are fantastic, one song in particular had me reaching for the repeat button. That song is "Butterfly" It's a gorgeous, seductive song (which quite surprised me to be honest!) with a fab groove to it that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Jason Mraz has a lovely, lovely voice and I'm glad I finally bought this album.

ean371 - Genius, Genius and more Genius

This is an unbelievable album and artist, I can't pick out any one song, as they are all outstanding. I never bore of listening to this album and it seems to be on a constant loop in my car or ipod! buy the previous 2 studio albums they are just as good, and if you get a chance see this man live, WOW!. I saw him with my wife at the Royal Albert Hall, and was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Jason Mraz has made me dust down my acoustic guitar and start playing again!!!!!

Dan Greenwood, UK - Awesome

This album is awesome! From the very first song I was hooked. I'm totally in love with "Lucky ft. Colbie Caillat". It's a great album for the summer. :)


this album is actully amazing jason mraz is amazing and this album reflects that well although the song buuterfly is weirdly perverted... but...every song on this album is majoly listenible and amzing like mrazz so buy this and every other of his u wont regret

GingeNinga - What

The songs r good but there was 25 songs when i bought it s where r the others?

westwood14 - nice!!!!

this is THE best album ever i love all the soongs.they are all so nice and carm its good that someone is makein stuff like this .the only other person like jason is jack joshson and jason is so much better than him jason u rock 1 of my fav artists ever P.S. love the name

MCObsessed93 - For Ellie

I Rate 5 Stars For my friend Ellie who died at 16, "Im yours" was played at her funeral. R.i.p honey :)

elliottaps - My favourite album!

This beats my old fav album "Back to Bedlam" by James Blunt by loads. Every single song is fantastic as the melody, rhythm and vocals are stunning! You should be proud of yourself Jason Mraz!

annnnnniiiiiiiiiii - GREAT

This album is absolutely great!!! A must buy for sure. Heard so many covers of i'm yours and I must say none of them can beat the original. But Lloyd Daniels' cover is great!!! Someone needs to give him a record deal..... Anyway, an absolutely fabulous album! Buy it!!!

RAHarrison - Brillant songs, Brilliant Album

Absolutley love this album, not stopped singing 'im yours' since i first heard it i would recommend this to all my friends

133255426 - Fantastic!

i love jason mraz and i think this is his best album yet. it is a slight change of stlye compared to his earlier albums but still very good. it's deffinately worth buying! (:

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cameron,,sencay - yeah

my friends natasha and marcus LOVE you and so do i you nut head i will kill you tomorrow so watch out NUT HEAD CRACKER

Chippy #1 - HOLY MOLY

JASON MRAZ U ABSOLUTE LEGEND IN THE MAKING i have only listen to 1 song i'm yours but i can tell u i reckon it is song of the decade my golly golly gosh that song is freaky i am sure that all of his other songs are red hot but to all i-tune viewers GET THIS SONG OR ATLEAST WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE it is 100/10. I reckon that song is great but maybe only good song on album OVERALL ALBUM 9/10

sam965 - chill to the max

def rate this. Good chill out beats

Atinder - I m yours now

Haha,,, just heard this song on my frnds laptop.i fell so in love with it that i ended up buying whole album to check more of his music,, i love when he sings the first line of song'I'm yours',,,,,, so far m still in middle of download . Ll let you know .... Oh and 'live high', n 'beautifull mess' are good too. I like the whole climax,, they all seems to b pretty relaxing song....:)....... ^_^

timkeba - Overit

I loved I'm yours when it first came out..but now it's just really annoying...they play it heaps on channel 7 now cause of the show packed to the rafters...you hear it at least 5 times a day on radio stations. This song was really good at first but now just really annoying.

Langsworths - LOVE IT!!!

this song is fantabulosicated! congrats jason mraz u have made one of the best songs evaa!!! love it; its upbeat, optimistic, and really really good!

Peter Carolche - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole should get royalties for I'm Yours?

I think Jason was listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Somewhere over the rainbow when he recorded I'm Yours. What a rip off!

Carl Joseph - Exception album with an awesome vibe

This is an absolutely amazing album. I love the vibe of pretty much every song. "Lucky" is absolutely adorable and I listen to it over and over again. Butterfly is completely opposite in feeling and meaning but I love it just as much for very different reasons. The entire album is well produced and the songwriting by Mraz is fantastic. Definitely a good purchase.


I love this song so much... wat great music... I'm not into this sort of music but I love this song... and who was that perosn that said Jason's a Justin Timberlake wanna be? Seriously? What are you smoking, crack???

zozo.zoeee - Im Yours

I'm yours is an amazing hit of his... actually, i just heard the remedy by him and i must say its a beautiful song...

jacksplanet - Just Brilliant!

I stumbled across this album whilst surfing iTunes the other day and decided to buy it. So glad I did! Melodic tunes, quirky key changes and a powerful voice with great range. This album suits warm summer days just lazing around. Well worth the purchase. A Beautiful Mess is such a great finishing song too. This is an album you will listen to again and again and again and.......

heeey1234 - seriously......

whats with the song the Dynamo of Volition???????? hey TRYING 2 rap not suceeding!

lozzziii - lozzz (L)

this is a brilliant CD, every song is interesting and has Fantastic results. BEST CD EVA!!!

Chuckles6911 - Jason Mraz - WOW

Absolutely Awesome - loved the whole album and can't wait for more !!!!

braydo - great jason mraz is realy good

jason mraz is realy good i especially like ''i`m yours'' and ''love for a child'' and ''make it mine'' '' live high'' butterfly all of them good its just coyotes that i`m not shore i like.

JayLaff - No Disappointment

I'll admit that the first song I heard from Jason was I'm Yours. I fell in love with it immediately and decided to check out more of his music. His three albums seem to be a transformation for him. Waiting For My Rocket To Come was more on the pop side (Still love it) but MR. A-Z seems to be like he's caught between two genres. This album completes the transformation out of the pop and would be no disappointment for life long fans of Mraz. He's just gotten better and better and I wish I could see him live! I'm definitely looking out for his next album.

Bianca Noka - Genius!

Beautifully written and executed! Love it

Begoli - Fantastic

I've only just really gotten into his music, despite having listened to it many times before. Really smooth, refreshing and uplifting. if you're feeling a bit down this music will pick you up. Type of music that you can listen to again and again. Worth a look if you have'nt listen to Jason before!!

lu~lucy~la~mei - Good

I like the album cover...He has a funny face.

i luv pie 4 lyf - luv it

i dont own the album yet but a frend let me borrow it and i wont giv it bak. its just soooo good. ILY JASON MRAZ!!!

xx_briah_xx - best. song. ever.

im yours is a great song but the others ssuck

--------->♫I LOVE MUSIC♫<--------- - Worth the Buy

Jason is a very relaxing artsit almost like Jack Johnson in the style that it is a very laid back tone album. i think it is a very worth the buy album. The song structure follow a melody and lyrics also. Buy it i recommend 5/5!!

nikstar12345 - Love this album!

This is one of my favorite albums, because i love all the songs. Jason Mraz really is an amazing singer/rapper. People are saying that they don't like the other songs on this album, but i disagree. Yes, many of the songs take a little getting used to, but once you've heard them a few times you can appreciate their beauty. For example, 'Coyotes' took a long time for me to like because it's so unusual. That's what i love about Jason Mraz - he really stretches the boundaries of songs. And yes, there is some offensive language, but i personally think that the clever rhythms and melodies outdo the sometimes 'wrong' themes. This album won't appeal to everyone, but it certainly appealed to me. As for 'I'm Yours', it's a song that you can never get tired of! A few other gems on this album apart from 'I'm Yours' are 'Butterfly', 'Lucky', 'Live High', 'If it kills me' and 'A beautiful mess'.

I LOVE APPLE!!98 - bad!

this is just plan dom! the only song i like is im yours but after about 10 times of hearing it you will want to destroy it for life!!!

piano.man - A sight for sore eyes, a sound for sore ears.

Jason Mraz's third album is incredible. As the album begins, you know you are in for a treat. "We Sing..." is a sight for sore eyes, and a sound for sore ears. From the gospel-like "Live High" to the infectious "I'm Yours", from the deliciously difficult "The Dynamo of Volition" to the slightly scandalous "Butterfly", this album has everything you need for an hour's-worth of enjoyment. Especially recommended for a slow Sunday morning, as you're drinking your morning coffee and reading the paper. Kudos to you, Mr. A-Z, you've done it again. Excellent work.

blah-blah-blah. - LOV this song

this song is a great up beat song!!!

3nvii - good album

totally worth buying the whole album

LOLBoy - ok, but not the best

this song is great, but it shouldn't be number 1. enough said

Sillybillysam - WOW

im a child of 12 years old. when my mum heard the song "im yours" we loved it so we ended up buying the album. after a while a got sick of listening to "im yours" so i started playing "make it mine" loved it !!!!!! then my dad seemed to play butterfly in the car all the time and loved it. in the end i liked every song this album so we ended up buying one of his older albums which was waiting for my rocket to come. my most favourite song the album would have to be "a beautiful mess" the song always gets me daydreaming and thinking of god this would have to be the best even better then supertramp, Cold Chisel and dire straights. And in my words the BEST ALBUM OF 2008

Sick Lad 1001 - jkkjkfjk

this song is fully sick

Johnietwin - Just don't buy it from a CD shop

This is a good album, my favourite songs are "lucky" and "I'm yours". Make sure you buy it from itunes because if you get it from a CD shop you won't be able to import it on to your computer.

timor233 - nice and happy


Jahanarnara - Great (:

this is such a fab cd must get I'm yours

Guitar Buzz - What An Artist

I'm yours is the best song on the album. Pop is not really my taste i'm more of a Rock Rap person but Jason Maraz is just such a good singer and song writer you just have to love his music. But if pop is not your taste then you should just buy i'm yours its an awesome song. I think that Jason Maraz rules

JackWAGreen - not the best song

Im sorry but i would have to disagree about it being a good song. Sure he has a good voice but the song is definitley not for me. I find it very young.

bec7716 - SWEET AS

Jason Mraz's song im yours is the best...when i first heard it i was like..yeah its ok....but the song is so great i got addicted to it....its a sweet as song! i love it!

pskmadog - dudes

good he makes up random thing dush dush and stuff

Izi4eva - Ooh My Goooosshhhhh

JASON MRAZ...... Just amazing. I love it. Why didn't I know about this album earlier? Incredible!!

Tahlzz - Only like 'I'm Yours'

None of the other songs really get me. The only song I like is I'm Yours. It's really catchy and different. But none of the others I have heard are any good.

Talii - =]

Best song of all time.

Average Consumer97 - One Hit Wonder

I think I'm yours is the best 1 hit wonder we've ever seen!!!!!

Boeing747 - 1 hit wonder

He wiill be the next 1 hit wonder unless the other songs on his albums are good not just one.

chimpy bean - AWSM

Very good song Best song: im yours

Nathan7777 - Well Done Mate

How could you not like this song

band_geek13 - revolting

make up your mind jason mraz! over the course of this album, he attempts at indie/acoustic which works nicely in I'm Yours and Lucky. but mucks it all up with the sleazy suggestive lyrics and try hard comercial jazz/groove in the rest of it.i quote. "you make my slacks a little tight??" degradeing, repulsive and idiotic. I like I'm Yours, but the rest of it is rubbish

llozza - THIS IS GREAT!!!

Jason has pure talent.. having 'I'm Yours' on PACKED TO THE RAFTERS. of course its going to be a hit song!!!! I could listen to the songs for ever!!!! Hes just great!!!! KEEP SINGING JASON!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

kikinopo - Thumbs Down

I'm yours is my least fave song ever! its soo annoying. i don't wanna here the rest of the album and im not gonna, i would rather DIE! actually i dont wanna die

YnattirbrittanY - Pleasant to listen to

This is an album to bikeride to on a warm spring/summer day, or to listen to while curling up with a good book. I originally bought this album because of 'I'm Yours'- I mean, with lyrics like the mirror line, who wouldn't like it? It reminded me of something I would do. I also bought it because of the title... I found it amusing, though it may be a bit juvenile. Some songs on this album are also quite childlike in lyrics, but that just makes it all the more fun. I immediately became attracted to the songs 'Details in the Fabric' and 'Butterfly' and they are on constant repeat on my iPod. The album is pleasant to listen to, and a mood improver with it's upbeat tunes, but not much more to me.

Jimmy the roxor - Pretty damn good

Sister gave me this CD, liked it. Good for chillin out in bed on a sunday morning with the missus. 'Detail in the Fabric', 'I'm Yours' and 'A beautiful mess' are winners. Listen if you need some cheerin up, thats for sure.

Curdey - Some catchy tunes but otherwise very overrated...

The guy's got a smooth sound, and some cutesy tunes, but I think the hype surrounding this guy is very overrated - he pretty much sounds like another John Mayer, albeit a better version...

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I'm dying to have my lips on yours

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