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IIIan - times have changed

lol i actually liked these guys when i was in, like, 1st and 2nd grade. but now, im 15 and i listen to inappropriate metal. lol funny how things like that work.

blakee and sydneyy - <3


Jimbo Herfnerder - So sad that music isnt like this anymore...

I miss this music so much when i was younger i would only listen to the good pop 90's music!! I wish that all the singers from the 90's would come back and do an album for their fans!! I miss listening to these guys and just listening right now is making me soo happy!!!

jclover022 - I actually like it

I see alot of people saying it flopped or how it was their worst album, but the more i listen the more i like it. Selfish, the two of us, do your thing, gone, girlfriend. they're all really good songs.

Katnissandpeetaforever - Tell me tell me baby

I love this song (tell me tell me baby) so much and the song girlfriend those are the only songs I love I have to thank my mom for showing me this album ❤️

Abby🌸 - 2013✨

& still listening to them.☺💕

Menthol-Queen - Wow!

I loved this group!! I had memorized every word to every song on this album and now listening to it 12 years later memories star to flood in! I absolutely adored this cd!!!!!

AP333 - BLAH

I can honestly say they did NOT go out with a bang. In my opinion this is their worst work.

Graceful EG - An album of its time...

Man did I remember this album playing songs like Pop overplayed at EVERY SINGLE party I gone to in school and my sister's when I was younger. This didn't age well but I give NSycnh props for putting some good tracks here. Over produced but there are good bops that are not the singles.

greystreetgirl_1983 - Loved it!!

I have to say this album had some of my favorite nsync songs. Fun and great to dance to. My favorite song is Up Against the Wall.

bullhoes - Nice

When I'm in a group band we're going to do something like you cover. Believe it. It's my dream to be in a band.

Jake rees kulbeth - Dude!!!

Wo this is great the the the best!!!! I sing and dance to them they rock my top five are 1.pop 2.gone 3.i wish bye bye bye was on here but it's just don't tell me that 4.tell me tell me baby 5.two of us!! But it ain't no lie baby bye bye bye!! LoL

Borninthe90s=) - Amazing

I'll agree this wasn't their best album, but it most definately was NOT bad. it was pretty amazing even though it wasn't their best. Besides, compared to today's music its like unbelievably awsome lol. I really miss them

myblexican143 - gone:)

ohmigosh i totally love the song gone on this album it drives me crazyy im in love with it:)

Drizzy Chris - Good album

This is one of nsyncs best albums I just cannot believe this was their last I was waiting for a follow up but instead we got jts justified instead the following year which meant the end of a pop era sadly it was bye bye bye nsync hi hi hi cocky think he knows it all clever jt

BrianSwaldi - The worst of an unimpressive career

I was given this album years ago and went through it just because i'm going through all my music and writing reviews of the albums. None of their albums were very impressive, but this is clearly the weakest. There's nothing genuine here. Some of the songs sound pleasant with occasionally competent vocal haromonies, but most of it's too empty to keep on my IPod. There's just no connection between the singers and the songs and it shows. Unlike Rock and Folk and even, sadly, Country artists there's none of them in these songs. And given how shiny and produced it all is, if this is reprensentative of who they actually are, they aren't much emotionally and it's pretty sad. After being handpicked and artificially put together, it's like "Here's the artificial music made entirely of computer generated sounds programmed (not played and written) by someone else and lyrics that you didn't write and we'll touch up your vocals so you don't even have to work too hard to sing and all you have to do is have pretty hair. Oh wait, here's a professional stylist so you don't even have to worry about that. You just have to keep the teen girls swooning, that's all and you can call yourself a musician for that." Their existence and their contemporaries existence marked the beginning of musical prostitution in that they would lower themselves and their integrity as "musicians" for fame and riches and let others decide every single facet of their careers based on marketability. Even their live shows don't feature live vocals. How could they? It's hard to sing that clearly when you're hopping around in syncronized dance stupidity. Seriously, have you ever actually looked at them dancing on stage? Absolutely hilarious. Like trained monkeys. So millions of shallow teenage girls paid through the nose to go to a concert and watch famous people dance to a tape recording of their songs. That's a lot of money just to watch people dance badly for you. It was cheerleaders watching 5 boys do cheerleader routines to music that they (sort of) recorded. Timberlake's vocals are awful and you can hear it on this album. What's his appeal musically? He sings like a nasally girl. Even if he could sing, it would still be these sad and trite excuse for lyrics. Pop is just an awful song. One of my biggest pet peeves in music (other than back-up singers) is boy bands singing about their feelings as a collective group - especially when then sing about, or to, their fans. It's like a standard concept for these groups. The just love telling fans that they are the meaning of their lives and they're back again for them and all that schlock. I don't care how you claim to feel about your fans. Talk about unrelatable lyrics. But since they aren't actually doing or singing anything real anyway, i guess relatability doesnt matter anyway.

nicolemary1118 - Amazing so underrated

This truly was the launch of NSYNCs own sound. can’t wait for the next album.

Bob 33 - Great buy worth it

totally great to bad they broke up but still timeless

Squigee - You probably won't like it unless you actually listen to it.

I'm a die hard *NSYNC fan and I'll admit that off-the-bat, I did not like this album. I had been picking and choosing from the more popular songs and would skim over the others. Once I actually took a listen, though, this album is FULL of great songs. You just have to give them a chance and listen through them. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

10impala - NSYNC

Love this record!!

tinaec - Ugh

I used to listen to this album as a kid and I always liked Backstreet Boys. Now I can't even believe I used to listen to this crap. Anyways Justin was always my favorite. FYI BACKSTREET BOYS NEVER BROKE UP! I can't believe I used to own almost everything of them. WHO EVEN CARES!

Jesslvslamp - They are amazing.

I miss their work so much, at least we still have their music! This was the first CD I bought with my OWN money. :) Come back, *Nsync!

ACB1296 - 😍 GREAT

This is the only *NSYNC album I'll listen to. I know all the lyrics and everything.

DeepPopliker - Not Dirty Pop At All!!!

THIS IS AN AWESOME BAND! i recomend every albumb. I HOPE THE BAND REGROUPS.justin would sound sooooooooooooooooooo much better. i'm a straight boy and i like this music



Sofia928 - And They Still Got it

I will forever be an *NSYNC girl but that’s because their talents and music are still just as amazing it was when they first started. They’re so very missed and hopefully one day we’ll hear and see them on stage again 💕

princesskj - loved this!!

I Remember i had always had this in my cd player all the time.. =] my faves were tell me baby,pop and see right through u ..back then it was bsb,nsync aaron carter & britney spears

double digit - Alright

This is not the best. I think the first two were the best ones. There are some good songs on this cd. It is a alright buy but not a great one.

Mariaelia - Been a fan since the age of 12

Love love love their music!


I Really Wish NSYNC Could Come Back And Have A Blow Out 2011 Concert! It Would Be So Cool!

Dustin's boo - I still love NSYNC til this day

I love Jc he’s my bae I’ve had a crush on him for so long I’ve never seen him before but he knows I love him

backstreetboysfan - Album-fillers.

Both NSYNC and BSB had their hits that everyone loved. But when it comes to album-fillers, I think BSB's were a little more listenable. I can listen to a BSB album from start to finish.

Got2BJosh - Do Your Thing

Is the best song on the album. Lyrics to live by.

KarMa90 - My only complaint is that it was their last

No one in the world can can top *NSYNC’s buttery-smooth harmonies. It’s time for a comeback, boys!

icouldcarelessforviolence - im going on 24 and im a guy and dont hate but i still like them alot.

with all the other reviews on here. i dont care what anyone says every single song from each of their cds from their debut to nsa to celebrity and greatest hits including remixes and solos like 2 of justins cds from justified down to his futuresex/lovesounds cd and jcs which i think he should get going on releasing his 2nd one which he promised. but oh well. i like everything that involves nsync. even rare songs that i heard on the radio back in the day. lol but i woud say nsync is my number one group still as of today. bye bye bye and pop im out. (pop=bubble popping thats all i need to say) lol

Nsyncfan87 - NSYNC FOREVER!!!

Will always love n sync! The best thing to ever happen (Or so it was back when I was younger!) will keep on jamming till I'm old and grey!

Nsync 4 the win! - Great

Very underrated album.

RaenieG - WOW!!!

I LOVE this album! My favorite song on this album is "POP"!

Professional Opinion - Nostalgia


matt595 - Brings back memories

Ah the days before mp3 and smart phones. Listening to the lyrics I now realize how cheesy this music was, but it's still better than a lot of this new crap that's coming out. Still has that great sound I loved

TheKingOfKings66 - Awesome even in 2011

I loved this song and knew the dance routine by heart. Yes I'm a guy that could do the dance and did it at school dances. Chicks loved it and I got all the attention. This takes me back and NSYNC will always be one of the best pop bands of all time. They had much better lyrics than BSB and better melodies. They're still relavent to this day which is rare for a boyband.

FutureMrsChasez - The final nsync album

What a way to go out! Amazing record

Nsync girl - I miss them!

They're the only boyband That actually made good music! I love them! They were only loved for their looks but for their music!

zrrfvvv - So sad to see the *NSYNC


Jennifer Beltran - Love it!

Love every song

2000wastheyear - Very talented

Nsync was very talented in no strings attached but in celebrity they had some great songs like gone girlfriend and just the two of us.

Aj061128 - Star power

This album shows everything that NSYNC was and could become. The writing, the talent. It never gets old!!!

Tbear512 - NSYNC always and forever!

Love them!!!

Brett II - Pretty decent album

This album is not as good as "No Strings Attached", but it's still not that bad. It has some pretty good songs like: "Pop", "The Game Is Over", "Girlfriend", "The Two of Us" and "Gone", which is in my opinion Justin's best solo. Still got love 4 *NSYNC

iMiniMan - Beautiful

This album is really awesome 😍

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