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SuperLuke919 - Good for a Second

This is a good album, but I think 18 Months is still his #1.

256Pi - Not bad.

I've heard all 4 of Calvin Harris's albums, and I think out of all of them this was his strongest. I like how he incorporated a variety of different styles on this, some 80s new wave, some 70s style disco (which ironically wasn't present on his first album, I Created Disco), and some rock tracks as well. For the most part it doesn't leave much of an impression on me, but he really nailed the final track, "5iliconeator", which manages to be both amazingly epic and kinda relaxing as well. I also like the soulful "Burns Night", and "Dance Wiv Me" for incorporating both nice-sounding piano/disco sounds and pumping 80s synths. That being said, Calvin Harris really doesn't bring anything new to the dance scene, and honestly it's entirely skippable, but at least unlike his more recent work, this is actually a pretty enjoyable album overall. Seriously though, stay away from his newer stuff. It can't hold a candle to this stuff, and this wasn't even particularly great to begin with.

Merbugz24 - Yes

Calvin Harris is my favorite artist & I am one of those teens that just wants to go to dance party, then dance to the awesome music of Calvin Harris.

Create Nickname? Why? - The best album

This is the album you need if you liked feel so close. I'm not alone is still his best song after 18 months was released. This is great.

Andrés Robayo - A Masterpiece.


CR640 - Calming vs. Funky

5iliconeator and Burns Night made me feel soothing and relaxing, but Ready for the Weekend, You Used to Hold Me, Relax, Stars Come Out, The Rain, Flashback, and I'm Not Alone makes me want to dance! Great work, Calvin!

JoVinaMarieGreen - Great Album, must buy!

I definitely love this album! It's a must buy if you like EDM

Letsgothriftshopping! - Weird

Dont take this the wrong way, but i love calvin harris, but his album covers never make sense

kenneth ramirez - Best Music Ever

Unbelievably good. I dont know how so little people know about his music. More people have to hear his music and find out what they've been missing for so long.

DeAndre R. - Dance beats are amazing!

Everyone's trying to work with him now, and even Chris Brown's producer copied Yeah 3X from Harris' work...

Oleh Ukrainets - i like it

it is very cooooolllll!!!!!!!!

jacoblundy - Fantastic.

I love Calvin Harris. He's pretty incredible. And the deadmau5 remix is pretty spectacular as well. Great buy!!

Brettly2005 - Absolutely Amazing

I just saw Calvin at EDC instead of Tiesto. This was the best decision of my life. He had the best set out of all 3 days. Amazing.

EzraJones - I'm Not Alone / Yeah 3x

I'm pretty sure Chris Brown stole Calvin's beat. js

Mr waterbong - Eh.

Theres a couple good songs but album not to great. His other album "i created disco" was A LOT better

Daniel Huskey - Beast!

When is he gonna tour the US!?

paulinnium - the sickness.

my brother turned me onto this album. listening through, i didnt want it to end.

legstretch - I only have one thing to say...


XaviousStudios - hey weather man!

GUESS WHAT NIMROD?? CALVIN IS A GUY! THAS NOT HIM ON THE COVER YOU IDIOT. and your rating it 1 star because of the GLASSES that this person that is not CALVIN HARRIS is wearing? Theyre 80s. Its not practical. She is not wearing these in public. Its a photo. Go play with your legos until you can be a man and face the real world

SprinklesGirl - A dance music gem!

Calvin Harris' "Ready for the Weekend" is a must-have album for every dance music lover! Harris artfully incorporates several sub-genres of dance music on this album: from the driving beats and contemporary electronica vibe of "You Used to Hold Me" and "I'm Not Alone" (the Deadmau5 remix of this track is a great bonus!), to the infectiously catchy, electro-funk disco feel of "Rain" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La." Every single track on this album makes you want to get up and groove. Great stuff!


this album is terrific :) he's very talented and i really feel america should really apreciate his music :) i meen if america could see his talent and look abit more deeper in his skills he could pobably collaborate with artists such as akon, some rappers like Lil wayne or other artists like keri hilson. It could be HUGE :D this is sooo music for a fun and pumped up weekend. LOVE IT :D keep it up Calvin Harris :D

Takoboi - simply AMAZING!!!

"You used to hold me"… enough said!

Stephen Gude - What Now!!

Calvin Harris is best at what he does and that is..... be freakin awesome. I thought I Created Disco was a amazing but then bam! he shows us that he is not a one time guy. We need to get him more popularity. Lets Go the US needs to know the excelence of the techno, electric music that is sweeping the nation. Just wait till this guy blows up.

Cut Chip - Very ... good ... album

This album was surprisingly awesome -- even better than Calvin's previous one. My favorite song is The Rain, but pretty much every other song is really good. Blue and I'm Not Alone show Calvin's beautiful singing skills, and Ready for the Weekend actually makes you want to get ready for the weekend. I very much recommend this album!

Bojeez - Awesome

Cannot stop listening to the whole album

Dancing Machine =) - Looking for good music?

So OMG! I just heard of Calvin by browsing iTunes and I love him! He is so cool and I love how his music is different and not another rap song or another pop song that all sound a like. His music is so awesome! I can't wait to tell all my friends!!!!

EnglishScott - Simply Awesome

Best album I have bought all year bar none!

Imperialion - Embarrassingly Good

His first album is good, but this one completely destroys it. Who said anything about a sophomore slump?

Juls424241 - LOVEE

I love CALVIN HARRIS i would marry him; he also did a beast remix of mika's 'we are golden'

HOOOOOOV3N??? - lol

I agree 200 percent with the person below me. what else are you going to buy? a pregnancy test?

MooEx - i Love this album!!

i loved the 1st album and im loving this one, no disappointment here. Buy it, relax urself, just chill :D

A-Chooo - Awesome!!!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

JKtheKid - Calvin at his best

Despite a lot of negative criticism, I love this album. It is Calvin Harris at his best. My favorite track is "The Rain." It just makes we want to hit the dance floor and RAGE.

Andrew Theis - Inconsistancy

Some of the beats are catchy, but I think part of where this album fails is in the inconsistancy. Each song seems to be from a different era and has influences from a plathora different artists. Apart from that the vocals seem to overpower the instramentals, and as such I'd classify this more as Pop or Alternative than Dance/Electronic. It wasn't horrible, but it certainly isn't worth buying either.

Andros744 - discrace to dance

I do better vocals on a kareoke machine and I'm tonedeaf. Get some singing lessons. The music isn't any better either. There are no solid beats to rave to, and the sound altogether is far from harmonious. If this album was put in a club, people would start leaving PRONTO. All and all, this is totally ameutor work.

whoisloganryan - Not Ready for this Album (Bonus Track Version)

I'll keep this plain and simple. Hipster Garbage.

mcnitrs - Ace Album!

I love this album! It's completely exceeded my expectations. I like every song. I find myself singing "The Rain", "Stars Come Out", the title track, and "Worst Day" when I'm not listening. I think that Calvin, who is 25, is superbly talented; I'd like to see American audiences embrace him, and for him to have commercial success here. I'm glad this was released domestically the same time it was released internationally- this is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, and I'm glad to have bought it when I did.

Marto_Z - Incredible album

Seeing him collaborate with artists is awesome, but the biggest treat is simply hearing how much his own vocals have progressed since his last album, and his overall composition for every song is different and extremely fun! I like "Blue" in specific, but "Worst Day" certainly takes its own spot for how incredible it sounds! Lyrically this one also surpasses I Created Disco, which is good! It's nice to see him mature so much from one album to the next! Completely worth every penny, and even more!

bobmarley1746 - I love "ready for the weekend" but my UK version sounds different than this...

Great song! It just doesn't sound the same here as the UK single.... I like the UK version more

snaazzyyy - Yesssss :]

I'm SO happy they put Calvin on the U.S. itunes! He's amazing, and i've known him for years. I definitely wish that they would've put him on here sooner, cause they would've made a lot of money from me! Too late now itunes.

mkoons - Even Better than I Created Disco

The more i listen to this album, the better it gets. This guy is a great producer and DJ. Buy this album, you wont regret it.

Zmendel - Great and not too much like the old album.

Calvin knows how to keep it fresh.

Rosay! - MASSIVE!


128kilo - He's Back Baby!

If you haven't herd Calvin's first album but you have herd Ready for the Weekend, then you will adore all of his songs! Its a nice refresh from what's around today, but not a total wipe-away. Justice is more digital sounds that are put into a track perfectly, while Daft Punk is more of a vocal-friendly form of tecno. What Calvin does is something totally different from what's popular now, which is what makes him a big hit. Calvin mixes beats rather than tones and sounds to create a very base-booming song(s); exactly what I love.

alohalemur - i can't stand it

like all things, not everything is for everybody. wish i could like it, just can't stand the vocals.

Mike C SD - Perfect

This is a change from I Created Disco but it's all I could have asked for. Keep it up, Calvin. This is a must buy for everyone.

S%!T DISCO! - Come to U.S.A

Calvin, you got to many fans in the states that need to see you, live. Tour the U.S!

trance-addict 2 much - awesome

i like him because he's just amazing awesome

ZeMaker - Finally!

iTunes has a European album on time. Run Hell is about to freze over.

tiesto253 - Yes, Finally....I've held my breath for 2 months for this

BRILLIANT....Anyone who can open for Tiesto is doing the right thing and this is a great follow up to I Created Disco....well done Calvin, he'll only get better as time goes on...just wished americans were more into this sort of music :/

Alain Sirois - Good


Modernyeg - Banger

In 2015, "you used to hold me" still hits hard!! Great sneaker track in my sets.

Yom ama - Descent

Ok album a couple great songs but definitely 18 months>ready for the weekend

D.A.Y.M. - Great Listen!!

I must admit I would never have heard of this guy unless he featured with Rihanna. I'm glad they worked together. If you're looking for that song in this album you won't find it! This WHOLE ALBUM is listenable. It contains the coherent sound of an artist. Worth the Money!!

mAz fuSionEX - Hello Calvin Harris, Goodbye Calvin Harris

Disappointing. I'm all for artists going off in new directions and not repeating former glories, but this just plays like a thinly veiled attempt at radio friendly dance hit ratings. Gone are the quirky bedroom production values and endearing tongue in cheek indie qualities of "...Disco". Hopefully this is just that awkward transition phase of change and there's another diamond in your future... David Bowie may have a few words of advice on this issue for you mate Either that or I am now just the wrong target market as decided by the bigger better budget and music industry suit that seems to have gotten his greasy paws on your career? ------- However. If you're a fan of every other run of the mill, mildly alternative, dance twaddle cranker you'll LOVE this!

Thatsrightisaidthat - Calvin Harris

This is Beaty dude awesome music

DmitryC - This is like a FLASHBACK!

This is like a dream!! Oh EM GEEEEEEE :D!! This CD is ROCKIN' PUMPIN' And is a MUST have for any of you party goers or if you just really enjoy electro pop, disco and dance. This Album will not disappoint, just like a flashback from his first album which was good. This one- is GREAT!!!!! Last minute party ? You can't go wrong with Calvin Harris! =D BUY IT NAO!!! (Flashback is sooo good haha)

Zoidberg89 - Flashback!

Such an amazing album! I have been nonstop listening to this since it was released in the UK! I like every single song because they all have something special going for them! If you want to get pumped up or simply want to listen to some good electro/dance music, then this is your album!

BrianKelly1 - Calvin Harris = Gold

Amazing, dont even think twice about buying this album. 30 second samples do not show the true genius behind this album. Buy it and you will guranteed love it.

DJWC88 - Amazing

This is an AMAZING CD. The songs are AMAZING...the mood of the CD is really uplifting and puts you in an AMAZING place. if you buy this cd and dont know where to start listening aside from i'm not alone...give "the rain" and "flashback" a listen andfrom there you can enjoy the rest of the cd haha enjoy this amazing CD pleaaaaaaaaaaaase

Neblua - Addicting!

The first time I listened to the album I thought it was okay, until I realized that every song on the album was stuck in my head! Since it came out, thats all I can listen too, so if you liked "I Created Disco" you will LOVE Calvin Harris' new album. He really is a genius, and super talented, my favorite tracks were definetly "I'm not Alone", "Rain", "Blue" and "Ready for the Weekend"... but as I said, the whole CD is worth a listen! :)

ArnaudC. - Calvin Harris is dead for me.

J'étais fan de Calvin Harris. Sa pop électro à tendance disco était délicieuse. Tout comme son accent écossais. Mais sur son second album il a prit ce tournant que plusieurs artistes prennent : celui commercial a.k.a. mainstream. "The Rain" commence bien, un beau solo de saxophone comme je les aimes... puis arrives les paroles extrêmement cheesy à vomir. Et c'est ainsi pour au moins quatorze chansons. Des instrumentaux d'électro-pop et de "bleeps" insipides, génériques, ininspirés, etc. Ajoutés à ça des paroles tellement cheesy qu'elles atteignent Céline Dion côté "radio-friendly". L'unique chanson que je recommenderais serait Ready for the Weekend, mais c'est très subjectif, car le refrain chanté par Mary Pearce me rappelle ces beats des années '90 de Moby, Cassius et d'autres groupes que j'aime, avec de puissantes voix féminines. Bref, si vous aimez David Guetta, Tiësto, Bob Sinclar, et d'autres du genre, je vous recommande cet album, vous allez l'adorer! Si vous détestez ces artistes ou n'avez jamais été fans de Calvin Harris, je vous recommande ne même pas perdre votre temps à écouter les extraits de 30 secondes si "catchy"!

MidnightChronicles - I'm Ready For The Weekend!!!

Calvin is definitely the creator of disco. This album is fantastic. Great start and it keeps on going. I was anticipating this release for a just over a month and please to say, I'm not disappointed.

Justyman - Fantastic!

You really can't go wrong with Calvin Harris, "Ready for the Weekend" does and will not disappoint, the 30 second previews don't do this album justice! for me the best tracks are...I'm Not Alone, The Rain, Ready for the Weekend, and You used to Hold Me, so download one of them and see if you like it, and I'm sure you will!

Claudio Coletta - I'm not alone!

Best song of the album is "I'm Not Alone"! Perfect to dance! Good that's released in Canada! Love British Music! Click yes if you agree!

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