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Ain't No ManThe Avett Brothers 3:32USD 1.29
Mama, I Don't BelieveThe Avett Brothers 4:16USD 1.29
No Hard FeelingsThe Avett Brothers 5:14USD 1.29
SmithsonianThe Avett Brothers 4:33USD 1.29
You Are MineThe Avett Brothers 3:28USD 1.29
Satan Pulls the StringsThe Avett Brothers 3:08USD 1.29
True SadnessThe Avett Brothers 4:35USD 1.29
I Wish I WasThe Avett Brothers 5:16USD 1.29
Fisher Road to HollywoodThe Avett Brothers 4:23USD 1.29
Victims of LifeThe Avett Brothers 2:59USD 1.29
Divorce Separation BluesThe Avett Brothers 4:56USD 1.29
May It LastThe Avett Brothers 4:39USD 1.29

True Sadness Album Reviews


Why?  Hillsilly  2 star

I was not impressed to be honest. As a huge avett brothers fan, I was rather disappointed. "I wish I was" is a great song and probably the best on this album. Music evolves, yes. I just wish it was more folkie bluegrassie.

Josh Hepperly

At First Jarring  Josh Hepperly  5 star any great art, I didn't understand it at first. It was unfamiliar, like a betrayal; yet it wasn't a selling out. It was going further away from the mainstream. To a place where banjos and synths coexist without complaint. I put it down after first listen and wasn't thrilled. What were these two electronic center pieces midway through the album? The orchestral touches were nice, I thought. Then I came back to my second play through. I thought back to the first time I heard Kid A, or The Suburbs, albums I didn't initially appreciate that only grew to be my favorite albums. I feel this may be a similar situation a few years from now. For the time being, I'll settle on this being great. All while knowing it may grow into an all-timer.



Whatever type of music they put out will be amazing. This album tells a story with not just one style. Can't wait to see what they have next!!


Amazing!  G-rant03  5 star

All I've got to say is the first day their album was released the have their first number one billboard hit.


Album art  Jimmy_garwood  1 star

Is it me or does the album art reminds you of the clashes album: give em enough rope


Best Avett Album Yet  Hdbdbxhajkzksooa  5 star

To all of you who are critical of the change in sound, you are obviously not true Avett Brothers’ fans. This is an amazing album and has replaced, I and Love and You as my favorite Avett Brothers album. Rick Rubin is a genius and made a great decision to push the Avetts towards trying something new since that’s what The Avett Brothers have always been about. Everyone who doesn’t like the new album because you think the Avett Brothers are selling out, you are WRONG. The Avett Brothers are using new elements to expand their musicality it would be a shame for them to lose fans because some people are not willing to listen to something that’s a little different from the norm. I hope that everyone gives this album a chance with an open mind because it really is a brilliant work of art.


Gotta give it a chance!  Rootdawg  5 star

As a long time Avett fan, I will admit that upon first listen I was a bit confused. But as I've had a chance to relax, have a glass of Four Roses and run through this album, I'm hooked! This is pure Avett. Yes, it's not exactly the same as Emotionalism or Mignonette ect..., but lyrically it hits home, and musically it's genius. I love the old stuff as much as anything else, but I truly appreciate and enjoy the honesty and development of their new music. Keep it up Avetts!


Amazing  Kodi1996  5 star

I love that some of the songs still sound like the Avetts I know and love but I'm also loving their new upbeat sound! ❤️


Excellent Album!  MPabroad  5 star

I haven't been this excited about a new TAB album since I first heard Mignonette a decade ago. These guys continue to grow musically and after 15 years together they still produce music that is inspired and innovative.


I applaud the Avetts for pushing boundaries  spydersurfer9  5 star

I love this band and how sincere and transparent they are with their fans. I also love that they aren't afraid to experiment with their music and grow sonically. While I am a huge fan of their early work (Emotionalism is probably my favorite album...ever), I understand that they can't just keep replicating that sound because it would be unfulfilling for anyone who actually wants to grow as an artist (instead of just making money) and I have great respect for that kind of integrity. You can tell they absolutely love what they're doing and, at the end of the day, that's what matters most. I've highly enjoyed this album so far and keep liking it more and more with each listen. And I can't wait to see these new tracks live!


Eh  Cincycoots  2 star

I miss the old Avett Brothers


Overproduced :(  Fzaw  2 star

Canned clapping in Ain't no Man ruins the tune. So far not so impressed. Maybe I'm spoiled after so many great albums. It's not that the songs are not good just how they sound...Have the Avetts been kidnapped by mind controlling 1970s glam rock producers! Help! Queue the hand clapping, drop in the beats and harmonize!


Ditch Rick Ruben  Tayy220  1 star

Just get rid of him already. The music just continues to get worse under his direction. Go back to your roots.


It grows on you  SilverSpoonBoys  4 star

I was really standoffish when I first heard "Ain't No Man", but it really grows on you (or at least grew on me) with each listen. Look forward to the rest of the album.



All songs have different themes and thats okay!!!! Some of the unreleased songs on this album are on YouTube


Quit hating! It's great!  Ashleypomper  5 star

I love the Avetts, always have. And it really annoys me that Aint No Man is being labeled a "sell out" on their part, it's a good single. So what if it's extra catchy? Also, I've recently had the pleasure of seeing them play this live and it is SO good. YouTube it, because the live version I think would change your mind on the caliber of this song. I'm so looking forward to this album, espeically a studio version of Satan Pulls the Strings.


Sold out  HollyWally  1 star

I'm sorry my friends. We have lost the Avett Brothers. I truly hope they find their way home.


Growth is a good thing.  victoriao93  5 star

It's amazing how the Avett Brothers can change their sound as they so often do, but still maintain quality. It's amazing how with every album they grow and create some very wonderful sound. Maybe not everyone will like this new sound; it is very different from their old stuff, but it is still the Avett Brothers doing what they do best: making art. It's not the job of an artist to stay the same and produce the same sound album after album, it's the job of an artist to change and give listeners something new to think about and love. The Avett Brothers are true artists.


For the "fans" who are already hating...  gazell2411  5 star

Seriously? You're giving this album 1-3 stars because there's a clap track or a more electric sound? You're probably the same people who hated Mumford and Sons new album because there wasn't a kick drum in sight. You can't keep these artist pigeon holed in a certain box or genre. When have the Avett Brothers not given us wonderful music? Every single album they've ever put out has been slightly different then the one before. Have some faith and get over yourselves.

UA student

Yes.....Yes.....YES!  UA student  5 star

This band has been the background soundtrack to a lot of important events in my life. Scott and Seth introduced me to a way of playing music that I actually bought a guitar and haven't put it down since. I owe this band a lot because of the gift they've shared with me. This band hasn't followed trends or gimmicks to get them in the spotlight. Their early growth has been slow, but now we see that their authenticity and raw delivery of music is pure at its core and always has been. I trust this band. This new album is where they are in their journey and it's right on point. Ain't No Man and True Sadness are just perfect. I can't wait to hear the rest of their journey in June!

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