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Walk On WaterThirty Seconds to Mars 3:05USD 1.29
Dangerous NightThirty Seconds to Mars 3:19USD 1.29
Rescue MeThirty Seconds to Mars 3:37USD 1.29
One Track Mind (feat. A$AP RocThirty Seconds to Mars 4:20USD 1.29
MonolithThirty Seconds to Mars 1:38USD 1.29
Love Is Madness (feat. Halsey)Thirty Seconds to Mars 3:54USD 1.29
Great Wide OpenThirty Seconds to Mars 4:49USD 1.29
Hail To the VictorThirty Seconds to Mars 3:21USD 1.29
Dawn Will RiseThirty Seconds to Mars 3:56USD 1.29
RemedyThirty Seconds to Mars 3:17USD 1.29
Live Like a DreamThirty Seconds to Mars 4:06USD 1.29
RiderThirty Seconds to Mars 2:57USD 1.29

AMERICA Album Reviews


I think we’ve grown apart. It’s you, not me.  vonswaego  1 star

I’ve been a fan for a very long time. I saw 30STM at clutch cargo in Detroit playing to a room of maybe 100 people, and we talked after the show for hours and just hung out. That was the night I became a fan and not just someone that was curious about what Jordan Catalano was up to these days. The music felt genuine and they put out some really good albums after the debut. I’ll be completely honest and say that I defended the band to other people and have seen these guys nearly 30 times over the years. But this album? I think they lost something over the last few albums. It’s trendy. I just don’t feel the substance anymore. Maybe it’s just because I’m older and I’m not into what the kids are, but I just can’t listen to it anymore. I feel 25 times through is enough to form a solid opinion. I really wish these guys the best and keep making music.


L  brap51  1 star

Went from The Kill to The Dead


Excellent album  Joshuascnan  5 star

All around great album, classic Thirty Seconds. Would definitely recommend.

bry with y

Agh  bry with y  2 star

These guys used to play on the taste of chaos 🤦🏼‍♂️ Man ...

JJ 814

Make way for new rock  JJ 814  1 star

Its a sad day that i have to say that, but this is who tstm has become :(


Capricorn ATTACK The Kill Kings + Queens Alibi  Jibby2574k  1 star

Your music has had a thread of similarity that bleeds through each albums music - connecting your sound, where we hear the evolution. This latest album is missing the sound that was sewn through the other records. I wish you the best with this album, - but to me, and I'm sure to the other deep followers who were there since the Forever Night Never Day tour, this simply is another album from a basic band - not 30 Seconds To Mars. Hoping for their return soon. PROVEHITO IN ALTUM


This grew on me.  sicstick666  5 star

I have been a fan of their music since the beginning. While this album is missing several elements that made them successful, they are essentially creating a new sound that is still pretty good. This album has some darker elements and delivers pretty powerful vocals. The first time I listened to the entire album I probably would give it 2 stars. But this album grew on me over time. It is much better then their last album. This album defines who Thirty Seconds to Mars can be. They have created their own genre - not too many bands can pull off eliminating drums and electric guitars the way they did. Good quality album.


A New Birth of TSTM  CrewsOnRadio  4 star

I have been a fan of this band since the self titled debut. I’ve been there from the guitar riffs of Capricorn to now the electronic beats of Walk on Water. My first listen of America I honestly was confused and a little disappointed. The reviews from many on this album shared my feels of what could have been and what was. I decided to give the album a listen again with my full attention, and I’m honestly glad that I did. After listening again I love this album. It’s catchy, it’s fun and it’s a new direction for the guys. I caught myself singing a bunch of the songs randomly and wanting to listen to the album over and over. My only major beef with this album is the cover work. I’m not a big fan of it. I understand why they went this direction, but for me given the past album covers I was expecting more. Just looking at the current batch of random polls placed on the cover I’m just not impressed. This is a new rebirth of Thirty Seconds to Mars and I’m a fan and look forward to their future. Fav Tracks: Rescue Me Walk On Water One Track Mind


Saying goodbye is always hard...  helllord  1 star

A beautiful lie will always hold a special place in my heart growing up it was everything to me. If it was up to me they would have made that same music for decades but they didn’t. This is war wasn’t bad but they have changed and while some of it isn’t bad it’s not something I want to listen too. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw there was a new album. I got so excited like a kid all over again but then after listening to 3 song they aren’t the same 30 seconds to mars that I remember so I’m not gonna waste my money and support them. I hope some day they go back but at this point I doubt they ever will.


I love Jared Leto but......  Crysb24  1 star

The whole techno/pop/electronica is played out and it’s just not that good. When I think of 30 Seconds to Mars I think of A Beautiful Lie, that album was amazing! That’s what they need to go back to because this sound isn’t working for them or me.


Pop  Peanuts&grahams  1 star

What’s with the pop music.


♥️  Muddafugaz  5 star



Leto & Co(writes)mpany  Architechnology  4 star

This album has "Let's make a massively produced, super radio-friendly album" written all over it. If you're into that, like me, you'll love this album. If you're searching for them to return to their post-hardcore influenced roots, you are going to be rioting in the streets.


Very sad!  middleagedmetalguy  1 star

I absolutely loved their first album. I thought it was unique and filled with great heavy prog rock songs. I had really never heard anything quite like it and I still play it on a regular basis. I also enjoyed the second album even though it started moving in a more commercial direction. Great songs are great songs regardless of genre. From their third album to this one they have been virtually unlistenable. It’s one thing to go from borderline metal to pure pop. If the songs are good, sign me up. The problem is that the songs just aren’t good. Very generic and soulless in my opinion. It seems like they are just trying to make money. A real shame because that first one was phenomenal.


Welcome back TSTM, Welcome Back Jared Leto!  SchroederRock  4 star

AMERICA isn't going to sit as well with the fans of Thirty Seconds to Mars' rock edge of the band's earlier work. It stands more in line with their previous "LUST" album with an attempt to curb the aggression and use emotive samples and vocals to generate the energy. Jared Leto is still a powerhouse vocalist and it's evidenced numerous times on AMERICA. "Walk On Water" is an instant hit with a lot of drive using electronic recordings to fill the spaces behind Leto. Dig further into the album and you'll find excellent collaborations with A$AP Rocky and Halsey that hold the notion that TSTM isn't afraid to bring a talent or two on board to make a song what it should be. Don't forget about "Rescue Me", a catchy mid-tempo groove that makes me think the band listened to Linkin Park's last record (One More Light) and took some cues in building a strong body of production behind the otherwise simple band approach. The band never really drives anything with core instrument play as the album is mostly driven by electronic recordings with acoustic instruments dropped in here and there for flavor. I don't know if all fans will embrace this version of Thirty Seconds to Mars but it'll be a shame if that's the case. There may be dubstep, trap and pop elements throughout AMERICA but there's some good writing and great songs to be heard here.


Anthem Album  Efplsu  5 star

I can see every song on tv or in movie somewhere in the future


So much more  Haligancfd  2 star

Lose the beard, and go back to the mohawk. You guys are capable of soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more!


Perfection 💞💞💞  MsKrinkle  5 star

Every song is amazing!!! Every melody is so catchy!!! And Jared and Shannon's voices are beautiful!!! I can't stop listening and singing... even my 5 year old daughter is singing Walk on Water 😂 thank you for making a record where I don't have to hit skip on any of the songs... that's a rarity for me as my ears have very high standards since I come from a family of generations of musicians 🤣 and for those that are complaining it's not rock, all bands evolve over the years, that's a good thing! Wiki says it's electronic and art pop... those genres do classify the music better. We are all made new every day and the reason is to become better, to be more of who we really are... I love who they've become... the music is such a treat for my ears 😍


Whaaaaaa?!  ChihuahuaAndrew13  1 star

What happened to the rock guys?? Sheesh this is crap.


More Edgy Urban Alternative than Normal but...  Maskaluna  4 star

From listening to this entire album once, I believe Jared Leto was careful not to step up on a soapbox and bash either side of the political spectrum. He presents themes in a general sense, like he did for This Is War, and it was artfully done. He IS an artist and he wants to explore different styles through what inspires him, or what he works hard for to achieve. While it is not my favorite album, it has some new favorite songs, and I know the longer I listen to the album, more songs will grow on me, just like all his other albums. My favorite is Hail to the Victor, and I put it in one of my character playlists for when I need inspirated to write a specific chapter. I've always used Leto's work for a specific book and set of characters because his stuff mirrors their personalities and morals so well it's almost scary. I do NOT like that auto-tone sound though I do like the song One Track Mind (another character song to me). But he doesn't overdo it so I can tolerate it. Like chromatic aberration. Can be easily overused or abused but with the right touch, it can be amazing for digital painting. The cover is horrid and as I grow older, so do my morals. A decade ago I would've thought it was awesome. But I'm a mom now so I find it opposite of his usual creativity, and classless. The album name is also off-putting, as a lot of the songs do not truly represent the title. A couple songs, maybe, but I would have just slapped on a song title for the album instead than pull another AmericathisAmericathat title like many artists are doing these days (mainly cuz they're bumhurt and feel they're expressing themselves). Thought I suppose Live Like A Dream is like Living the American Dream, so maybe that's what Leto was going for. Overall, good but not great. Enjoyable but not mind-blowing.

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